The top 6 qualities to look for in a house help

When looking for someone for a house help you there are some of the things you need to consider. Especially anything that deals with your children you need to be extra careful. Therefore these are the qualities to look for when employing one;

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Services offered. You should inquire the kind of that the individual is capable of offering. This is to avoid circumstances when you ask them to do something and they are not comfortable to do it because you probably not agreed on the same. Make sure the person you are hiring can meet all your expectations as for the services you need.

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Bonding. This is important especially when it concerns your children. The person should be able to relate well with you and more especially the children. At times you might be at work hence you have to ensure that the kids will be comfortable in your absence without any problem.

Cost of services. The cost is one of the major issue to have a look at. The amount of the cost should be equal to the quality of the services being offered. If someone is doing a nice job then the payments should be favorable.

Picha inayohusiana


Availability. This depends on whether you will be hosting the house help or they will be commuting. When you find the commuting one, ensure that you time schedule matches like that of your to avoid inconveniences. Especially if you go to work and you have non schooling kids. The time you live the house and come back should be compatible with that of hers. They should also have at-least a day off to rest.

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Reputation. Every one wants to work with people with good reputations. A person with a good reputation is likely to offer good services and be committed with their work.

Reference. The house help you employ should be able to provide solid reference. This is to ensure that they are able to meet the kind of expectations you want and offer the best services.

More qualities: