‘I got rejected in some churches,’ reveals gospel star Hope Kid

Gospel musician Hope Kid revealed in an exclusive interview with classic 105 that he got rejected in some of the churches after the alleged scandal.

In his words, he said,

For me to going to the churches, it was intentional.

There were a lot of churches I went to and got chased away.

Bishops and pastors would go ahead to say that they do not want me in their church.

However, the reason I did this was to understand why a church would chase somebody away.


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He went ahead to say this acted as an eye-opener thus addressing the menace we currently have.

Depression especially among the youth.

He went ahead to say that.

Nowadays there are very many cases of suicide among young people.

Do you know why this happens? He poised a question.

This is because these young people have no one to go to. 

That even the church takes the upper hand in chasing you from the church.

If the church refuses you then the one place you will go to is the bar or the club.


He went ahead to say that the club would accept you more willingly as compared to a church which will easily cast you out for being a sinner.

He continues to says that the church in Kenya would act more as a business rather than a place that accepts souls.

Well as he continues to address this, he insists that young people need guidance and this should be mostly done in the church.

Well, all this comes after the artiste was accused by a college student of luring her into a threesome that also involved DK Kwenye Beat and later she discovered she had an STI from the ménage à trois

Hope Kid later talked about it saying that the lady in question who had accused him was his friend and had been suicidal claiming the allegations were false.

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‘She was suicidal,’ Hope Kid finally addresses threesome allegations

Gospel artiste Hope Kid has finally addressed the sexual allegations that were levelled against him and DK Kwenye Beat by a 20-year-old college student.

Speaking during a recent interview, Hope Kid says he has never raped anyone nor has he ever infected anyone with herpes.

The story is not true, I have known that woman for a very long time and she was going through some suicidal moments.

I knew her emotional status and someone exploited her because she was vulnerable.

She wrote all that to save someone who was trying to commit suicide.

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Hope Kids states that whoever leaked those screenshots mentioned their names intentionally.

According to her she did not disclose any name. Whoever wrote the story decided to mention me and dk for his own reasons.
I never raped her nor infected her because nobody is sick.

Hope Kid adds that the alleged victim had no malicious intentions.

I cannot deny that she is a good friend of mine.

She was not looking for publicity because she did not know things would blow up.

There was somebody behind all these but I cannot mention names.

We sat down with her, my bishop, dk and a lawyer and sorted out our issue.

To date, she keeps sending me messages and texting me asking for forgiveness for what she did.

We are all human so I forgave her.

She is suicidal and if her face is put out there she might commit suicide.


Kenya’s top 10 best dressed male gospel musicians

The Kenyan gospel industry has of late been hit by an endless number of scandals. From sexual scandals to money related issues, the artists seem to always find themselves on the wrong side of the headlines.

However, we give a blind eye on that and focus on their wardrobe.

Most of these artists are smartly dressed and they make a point of being more than presentable. Some may argue that it is a money factor but honestly, without a great fashion sense no money can save that.

So we take a look at some of Kenya’s best dressed gospel artists.

Eko Dydda

eko eko 1




Diana Marua na Bahati

Guardian angel

guardian angel
guardian angel


Willy paul

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

willypaulnewlook willypaulstunners

Daddy Owen

daddy owen

daddy owen daddy owen 1

Dj Mo

dj-mo djmoh

Moji short baba




Reuben Kigame

Reuben Kigame


Hope Kid

Hope KidHope Kid 1

Photo Credits: courtesy/google

‘Saying sorry doesn’t mean you are weak’ Dk Kwenye on Herpes rumor

DK Kwenye Beat has finally addressed the Herpes allegations against him and fellow gospel artiste Hope Kid by an unknown woman weeks ago.

Immediately the leaked audio of him and other guys talking with no remorse about the incident DK apologized to his girlfiend (below) for what he had put her through and also to the public


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dk kwenye beat1

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DK still thinks he did the right thing going on record and apologizing. Speaking to Tuva he explained.

“I apologized not because of a mistake. Because I’m a public figure. I wanted to show the youth it is important to apologize.

Saying sorry doesn’t mean you are weak. Sometimes you fall, sometimes I fall. It is only the right thing to do. To say sorry.”

So, have you resolved the issues with the college student?

DK said, “No comment.”

Asked if FIDA has reached out as legal representatives of the victim or if there is an impending legal battle.

DK evaded that question with a crisp, “No comment.”

He was then asked if there is something going on in the background concerning the case.

DK responded, “The reason I’m here is because of Guardian Angel’s video shoot. Lets focus on that.”

Exclusive: FIDA seeks girl infected with Herpes by two gospel artistes

Women’s lobby group Fida is still trying to reach out to a woman who accused two gospel artistes Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat of infecting her with an STD.

The 20-year-old accused the duo of infecting her with Herpes intentionally, something that has caused her much anguish.

DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid

Speaking to the Star, Fida CEO Teresa Omondi said they are doing all they can to get in touch with the woman for free legal services.

“She has not reached out to us and we have not been able to get her contacts. However, we are still trying to contact her just in case she still wants to get legal assistance,” she said.

We can only proceed with this if she has given us consent. So far, we have no instructions from her to proceed, and that means we have nothing to work with at the moment.

As Fida, we cannot reach out to the gospel artistes to ask them if it is really true they infected the woman or not, given that such investigations are mainly carried out by the DPP.”

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FIDA,CEO Teresa Omondi

Asked how they came to the conclusion they would pick up this case, she said:

“For us what matters is that there is a woman whose rights have been violated and she needs our assistance. In this instance, we had a lot of tags from Kenyans.

We do NOT force or coerce someone to let us offer them legal assistance, it is a personal decision. What we mainly do is show them we are there for them in case they need our help.”

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Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy (photos)

The Gospel industry in Kenya is growing and as days pass, we see more secular celebrities getting saved and investing their time in the gospel industry. Away from that, we have male celebrities in the gospel industry whose look are always looking sharp and are out here driving women crazy.

Some of this celebrities include,

1. Robert Burale

He wears many hats, among which are ministering the Gospel and is the CEO of the RB company.


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2. Holy Dave

He is a gospel Hip hop artist and recently found a new career as a TV presenter in the Citizen TV Kumbamba show.


3. Dj Sadic

He is Kenyan Gospel DJ and Music Executive. He is also part of the genius entertainment group.


4. Kris Erroh

He is an award winning Gospel musician. His talent has seen him win the groove award for 4 years.


5. DJ Mo

He is an award winning Gospel DJ and the DJ/co-host of the Crossover show that airs every Sunday morning on NTV.


6. Hope Kid

He is an award winning Gospel artist. His music is quite unique as his genre is more of dancehall which is the new wave of the music industry in Kenya currently.


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