After Revealing She DOESN’T Have Time For Men And Dating, Could TV Presenter Joey Muthengi Be Engaged?

Joey Muthengi is no doubt one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, and trust me, she’s not your average woman, she’s done it all.

This lass is so talented and such a go-getter. Not only is she a TV host, but is also a radio presenter, a rapper and a talented actress.

Joey Muthengi also teamed up with her popular rapper brother Holy Dave and other siblings to come up with a foundation called ‘Muthengi Foundation’ whose aim is to develop economic empowerment through education and mentorship.

Joey Muthengi

Away from all the cameras and spotlight, Joey is a laid back tomboy who loves to keep her private life off the public radar, and many have wondered who she dates.

The 10 Over 10 presenter recently revealed that she actually doesn’t have time to date because she finds it a lot of work, so she would prefer to chase the paper rather than waste all that energy on a man;

I like myself. I like spending time with myself. I don’t have time to take care of people. I feel like relationships are a job. It’s like work. It’s like you’re putting too much effort and when I put in that much effort, I usually get paid cash or cheques sometimes. I’m happier when I’m like this. I can do my own thing like go home. I don’t have anyone asking me how my day was and I’m like arrgghh, It doesn’t matter.


But Joey recently shocked friends and fans when she shared a cute photo in a white wedding dress and a huge ring on her finger, suggesting that she was married, with this caption:

Early morning question: ‘Gangstas get married too right?’ 😯
Answer: ‘All the time playa, …all the time’ ☺

Turns out that it was only a picture she took during a film shoot, adding that for some reason she always gets these roles, which could be a hint that maybe she may walk down the aisle soon:

J/k. ➡ #OnSet. Early morning shoots and good lighting will be the death of me. For some reason I keep ending up in a wedding dress in these scripts. I’ll take that as a sign. 💍🎉 Praise the Lord.





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