Rafiki writer-director Wanuri Kahiu sings with Gotham Group

Is she gearing up to go worldwide? Kenyan movie producer Wanuri Kahiu has caught the eye of a top Hollywood management, film and television company.

Wanuri Kahiu is the brains behind Rafiki, a movie about a lesbian encounter, that has been banned by KFCB.

Rafiki (which means “friend” in Swahili), tells the story of Kena and Ziki — both considered “good” Kenyan girls destined to become “good” Kenyan wives who both long for something more. Despite the political rivalry between their families, the girls resist and remain close friends, supporting each other to pursue their dreams in a conservative society. When love blossoms between them, they are forced to choose between happiness and safety.

When it was banned in Kenya, KFCB tweeted: “Anyone found in its possession will be in breach of law.” Under national law there, gay sex carries a 14-year jail sentence. Despite the ban, it found international distribution through Orange Studios and MPM Premium.

“Wanuri Kahiu is a prodigiously talented and brilliant woman,” said Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, founder and CEO of The Gotham Group. “As an advocate for Africans, especially young women, Wanuri has established herself as a major cultural force. That she refused to edit Rafiki in any way to avoid the Kenyan ban is a testament to Wanuri’s courage and commitment to her creative vision.”

Her short sci-fi film, Pumzi, which she wrote and produced, is a haunting parable about a world without water, It screened at Sundance in 2010, won the Venice Film Festival’s “Award of the City of Venice,” and was named best short film at Cannes in 2010.

“In our difficult times, and I say this despite the serious themes in much of my work, I also believe film – and television – needs images of joy and frivolity as well,” said Kahiu. “My hope is that the whole dimension of the human spirit, in Africa and around the world, be reflected in my work.”

Kahiu is also the co-founder of Afrobubblegun, a media company that supports, creates and commissions fun, fierce and playful African art.

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Lupita Nyongo shares her experience of assault by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and why she was afraid to speak out

A top hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein is the subject of national debate in the US, where many hollywood actresses have accused him of sexual harassment. Actress Lupita Nyongo has now joined the list of those speaking out, and sharing their encounter with him.

The 12 years a slave actress in an open ed column on New York times,shares how, ‘For the first time since I met him, I felt unsafe’.

Lupita goes further to describe the chilling moment Harvey Weinstein invited her to his bedroom, and how he tried to undress infront of her.

Lupita Nyongo writes;

‘Not long after we met in Berlin, Harvey wrote to me inviting me to attend a screening of a film — a competitor’s film similar to one he had produced. He said we would be watching it with his family at his home in Westport, Conn., which was not far away from New Haven, where I was living at the time. He would send a car to pick me up. I accepted the invitation.

The driver and I met Harvey in the little town of Westport, where he informed me that we would be having lunch at a restaurant before getting to his home. I did not think much of this. It was a busy restaurant, and as soon as we sat down he ordered a vodka and diet soda for himself. I asked for a juice. Harvey was unimpressed with my choice and told the waiter to bring me a vodka and diet soda instead. I declined and said I wanted the juice. We went back and forth until finally he turned to the waiter and said, “Get her what I tell you to get her. I’m the one paying the bill.” I smiled and remained silent. The waiter left and returned with a vodka and diet soda for me. He placed it on the table beside my water. I drank the water. Harvey told me that I needed to drink the vodka and diet soda. I informed him that I would not.

“Why not?” I remember him asking. “Because I don’t like vodka, and I don’t like diet soda, and I don’t like them together,” I said. “You are going to drink that,” he insisted. I smiled again and said that I wouldn’t. He gave up and called me stubborn. I said, “I know.” And the meal proceeded without much further ado. In this second encounter with Harvey, I found him to be pushy and idiosyncratic more than anything.

We got to his home after lunch and I met his domestic staff and his young children. He took me on a brief tour of the house before he rounded us all up in the screening room to watch the film. He had just produced a similar film of his own, but everyone was raving about this rival version.

I settled in for the film, but about 15 minutes in, Harvey came for me, saying he wanted to show me something. I protested that I wanted to finish the film first, but he insisted I go with him, laying down the law as though I too was one of his children. I did not want another back-and-forth in front of his kids, so I complied and left the room with him. I explained that I really wanted to see the film. He said we’d go back shortly.

Harvey led me into a bedroom — his bedroom — and announced that he wanted to give me a massage. I thought he was joking at first. He was not.

I began to massage his back to buy myself time to figure out how to extricate myself from this undesirable situation. Before long he said he wanted to take off his pants. I told him not to do that and informed him that it would make me extremely uncomfortable. He got up anyway to do so and I headed for the door, saying that I was not at all comfortable with that’.

Read the enitre op-ed here.

Other actresses who’ve spoken out against the film moguls alleged misconduct have sent shock waves around the world, and also inspired a hashtag #MeToo, to go viral on social media.

Harvey Weinsten is an American film producer and former film studio executive. He and his brother Bob Weinstein co-founded Miramax, which produced several popular independent films including Pulp Fiction, Clerks, The Crying Game, and Sex, Lies, and Videotape.



Who Knew She Smokes? Sexy Hollywood Actress Salma Hayek Indulges In a Cigarette Break During Shoot

Salma Hayek was spotted on the set of her new comedy on Wednesday.

The 49-year-old actress appeared to be in high spirits as she sauntered around the Los Angeles set of How to be a Latin Lover.

Taking advantage of a break between filming, Salma puffed away on a cigarette as she cheerfully smiled at crew members.

Nicotine fix! Salma Hayek enjoyed a smoke break on Wednesday as she filmed her latest movie How to be a Latin Lover

The Mexican-born beauty wore a pretty floral top and black sweatpants, with her brunette locks styled neatly around her shoulders.

When it was time for dinner later on the star perched on a nearby bench and chatted on her phone while wearing a LA Dodgers baseball cap.

The film, to be released in April 2017, also stars Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell, and Michael Cera.

Bad habit: The 49-year-old actress puffed away wearing a floral blouse and black trousers

The brunette beauty has also just finished filming Hitman’s Bodyguard opposite Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gary Oldman.

In an interview with, InStyle UK on Tuesday, the mother-of-one spoke straightforwardly about her confidence with body image and how it’s ‘up and down all the time.’

‘Well I am entering my fifties, so your body confidence isn’t that good,’ admitted the brunette beauty.

'Up and down': The Mexican-born beauty - pictured May 15 - said her feelings about how she looks changes, adding, 'Some days you say, "this is it," and you love it. Then there are days when you go, "this can not be it"'










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Hot American Singer Tyrese Gibson Reveals His Requirements For A Woman. You Will Be Surprised!

American singer, songwriter, actor, author, television producer and former fashion model Tyrese Gibson is best known for his role as Roman Pearce in The Fast and the Furious series.

Tyrese is known for unapologetically saying exactly how he feels on social media and while his latest comments are definitely honest, they’re borderline offensive.

The singer took to Instagram to say he’s no longer attracted to “loud and aggressive” women. Check out what he had to say to his future wife, below:

All white fleet with beige guts…………. I was just asked today what qualities attract me at this point in a women…. I love a woman that's smart, confident, educated, self sufficient, (( available to be as spontaneous as this lifestyle I live.) I use to be attracted to women with HUGE personalities LOUD and AGGRESSIVE and I would always it a wall…. Now I'm in a zone where I am ONLY attracted to women who's voice is so soft and she has the energy and presence of grace and regal sophistication….. Not subservient REGAL!!! As sexy as my small collection is I never leave home I'm too grown for clubs and turn up every night….. Although I make moves sometimes…. I'm on my #GrownManShit heavy……. I can't wait to get home…….. I don't remember the last time I lost sleep over a hater….. This is a life and lifestyle that I've earned… I use to feel bad about being so blessed and allowed people to play me, use me, take advantage of me… Play on my emotions to get shit out of me cause I had more….. That ATM is shut all the way down…… I'm 3,500 flights, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of stages and political warfare into this life and lifestyle if you want it get off your ass and GO GET IT!!!!!!! Message to my future wife…… Hello!

A photo posted by TYRESE (@tyrese) on

Wow, there you have it ladies, those are the qualities you must posses if you would like to have a chance with the sexy actor.






Lupita Nyongo’s Secret Star Wars Character Revealed

Lupita Nyong’o’s secret role in Star Wars has finally being revealed putting to rest the rumors that from as back as October last year that she was playing digital character.

The announcement made through the June issue of Vanity Fair says Lupita will play the motion-capture character named Maz Kanata in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lupita also made the announcement on her Instagram page.

Below is the photo and post from her IG.

lupistar was

Screenshot from 2015-05-05 07:05:55

Watch a behind the scene Star Wars shoot courtesy of Vanity Fair

The most valuable body parts in Hollywood

What part of your body would you say is the most valuable? For Taylor Swift the answer is apparently her legs, which she has reportedly insured for a cool sh3.6 billion.

According to the National Enquirer, the singer and her team have taken the precaution of insuring her pins ahead of her world tour, which kicks off in May. The star is said to be “embarrassed” by the large sum, but she is far from alone in erring on the side of caution when it comes to insuring body parts. Here are a few famous attributes in the history of show business:

1. Pearly whites
“Ugly Betty” actress America Ferrara, is, of course, anything but unattractive — as demonstrated by her lovely smile. The star’s partner AquaFresh clearly agrees, having insured it for $10 million back in 2007.

ugly betty

Julia Roberts is another actress known for her gleaming grin, which she has allegedly insured to the tune of $30 million.


2. Breasts
Dolly Parton paid a fortune for her breasts, so it was only natural that the star would insure them — for $600,000.


The Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, is reported to have protected her breasts for $2 million.


3. Derriere
J-Lo started it when she reportedly secured a huge insurance policy (which reports put at varying amounts between $27 million and $300 million) against her booty — arguably the singer’s most famous asset.


Kylie Minogue is also in this camp, having allegedly insured her glutes for $5 million.


4. Legs
Leggy stars eager to protect their pins have included Mariah Carey, who reportedly once took out a whopping $1 billion policy when she was the face of Gillette.



Football player Cristiano Ronaldo took out a $144 million policy for his star shins, although we can see the logic in this.


Similarly, David Beckham once insured his legs for $70 million.

david beckham


Rihanna has ‘practically moved in’ with Leonardo DiCaprio

Rihanna has ”practically moved in” with Leonardo DiCaprio in his Los Angeles home, and the fledgling couple are already planning holidays together.

Rihanna’s relationship with DiCaprio is believed to be hotting up as they are spending more and more time together in the 40-year-old star’s home. A source revealed: ”It’s like she’s practically moved in.”

The 27-year-old musician – who is currently in France for Paris Fashion Week – has been made to feel at home in the Hollywood star’s Los Angeles home, being treated to her own special areas including a room specifically for her to smoke in.

The source continued: ”It’s like she’s practically moved in. Leo has been sweet and cordoned off little areas for her in the home that are just for her, like a smoke room.”

The couple were first rumoured to be dating shortly before Christmas, but their relationship has quickly gone from strength to strength and the Bajan beauty has already promised to take DiCaprio back to Barbados next month, where he will be a guest at her cousin’s wedding.

And the pair will use their trip to the tiny island to also enjoy a romantic getaway together, planning to escape for some alone time on a nearby yacht. The insider told The Sun newspaper: ”Afterwards Rihanna and Leo are going to spend a few days by themselves on a yacht.”


Gerrard appears set for Hollywood ending

A Hollywood ending for Steven Gerrard’s storied career seemed all but set Tuesday, with the Liverpool captain’s move to the Los Angeles Galaxy widely reported to be an all-but-done deal.

The Galaxy emerged as the front-runner for Gerrard’s services almost as soon as the 34-year-old confirmed that he would be heading to America when he leaves Liverpool at the end of the English Premiership season.

Gerrard will be ending a 25-year association with Liverpool.

Although details of a deal with the Galaxy reported by media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic differ slightly, most predict an 18-month contract.

A BBC report, which did not cite any sources, said the former England captain would sign a contract worth some £6 million ($9.1 million, 7.6 million euros) with the Galaxy.

The Guardian reported that Gerrard would likely receive a basic salary of £4 million with merchandising rights raising the figure.

ESPN and the Washington Post had reported at the weekend that such a deal was in the works, even as MLS and Galaxy officials declined to comment.

A move to the Galaxy would reunite Gerrard with his old Liverpool team-mate Robbie Keane and see him follow in the footsteps of former England colleague David Beckham, who spent five years at the California club.

The Galaxy won their fifth MLS title in December, and have a vacancy to fill thanks to the retirement of longtime star Landon Donovan.

Donovan’s departure left the Galaxy with a vacant designated player berth, which they can use to ink high-priced stars with relief from salary cap constraints.

Other MLS clubs with designated player spots available include New York Red Bulls, with the departure of France’s Thierry Henry, and Orlando City, who have signed Brazilian star Kaka and Honduran striker Bryan Rochez for their inaugural season but haven’t filled their third designated player spot.

A report in the Daily Telegraph that the New York Cosmos were interested in Gerrard seems nothing more than a red-herring.

The Cosmos are a glamorous name in US football thanks to their heyday in the 1970s, when they lured such global icons as Pele.

But the North American Soccer League in which they operate is a second-tier league.

Such a move by a player of Gerrard’s stature would certainly be a slap in the face to MLS, already stung by the decision of Manchester City owners to keep Frank Lampard in England until May rather than having him arrive for duty with MLS’s New York City FC for it’s first season starting in March.

Manchester City are part-owners of NYCFC and the move was widely interpreted as a sign that their fledgling MLS venture is a low priority.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber told Sports Illustrated that NYCFC will need to work to rebuild trust with New York Sports Fans who were expecting Lampard to play the full season.

But he noted that it’s nothing new for European stars coming into MLS to make their debuts in mid-season — as Gerrard will do and as Beckham, Keane and Henry did before him.

Kenyan actors turn up in large numbers to meet hollywood stars

Kenyan actors were treated to a rare meet and greet cocktail with top hollywood stars at the weekend. The star studded affair including Ron Perlman, Michael Jai White, Tony Jaa are on an African tour as they publicize their new movie Skin Trade.


Lights! Camera! Jesus! How Christians Are Building Their Own Hollywood

Nicolas Cage, panicked and bug-eyed, is once again fighting to avert disaster on the big screen, this time as airline pilot Rayford Steele. Fire spews out of a gash in the plane’s wing; a chisel-jawed young man attempts to subdue an unruly mob of passengers as a blonde flight attendant is tossed about in her seat. On the ground, cars crash, explosions rock the sky and civilization is engulfed in a wave of panic and anarchy.

“Looks like the end of the world,” a man remarks.

What it looks like is typical Hollywood apocalypse porn in the vein of “Deep Impact,” “The Day After Tomorrow” or “2012.” In this case, however, the end-times event isn’t a giant asteroid, catastrophic climate change or a Mayan prophecy come true, but the Rapture, with non-believers abandoned to fend for themselves after Christ’s true followers are beamed up to heaven. Based on the series of books by the same name, which were written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and have sold over 65 million copies since 1995, “Left Behind” delivers all the titillation and destruction we’ve come to expect from a Hollywood blockbuster.

hollywood embracing christianity
hollywood embracing christianity

Yet, despite its A-list razzle dazzle, “Left Behind” was produced outside of Hollywood’s traditional orbit. The man primarily responsible for bringing it to the big screen is Paul Lalonde, a Canadian filmmaker who co-produced and co-wrote it. His Ontario-based production company, Stoney Lake Entertainment, is part of an emerging nexus of movie studios that are devoted to creating Christian films.

Full story:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/02/christian-film-left-behind-nicolas-cage_n_5901280.html