Shocking video of Kenyan Youths Injecting Themselves With Hard Drugs In Downtown Nairobi

Like with everything, drugs have levels. But for better or for worse, because Kenya hasn’t been caught in the grips of the drug trade, we have managed to escape the throes of drug addiction.

And on this one, I am not talking about marijuana. It is not a drug. Anything that man can consume in its natural state without it being altered in a lab is not a drug. It is a stimulant.
Ofcourse that is my just my opinion. And everyone has a right to my goddamn opinion.

Anyway, it would seem Kenyans can no longer claim not to be drug users if the video I found circulating is anything to go by. In the video, you see youth injecting themselves with some substances and unless this is a diabetic convention, I think the assumption that they are up to no good is a valid one:

Another Nigerian man arrested at JKIA with heroin

A second Nigerian National has been arrested while trying to transport narcotics through Kenya.

The man was arrested on Monday evening at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport just three days after another man was caught in similar fashion at the same airport.

And just like the case with the first arrest, the man arrested on Monday had the drug pellets hidden in his anal system. He was intercepted while on transit from Pakistan to Benin. Police say he has so far emitted 42 pellets of the drug believed to be heroin.

Police believe the two cases are connected and that the drugs could have come from the same source.

The first suspect arrested on Saturday has already appeared in court. He however remains in police custody where he has so far emitted 30 pellets from his body.


Nigerian man nabbed at JKIA with heroin pellets in his body

A Nigerian national was on Saturday arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport trafficking narcotics inside his digestive system.

The man had inserted several pellets, believed to be heroin, drug inside his anal system and was on transit from Pakistan to Guineu Bissau.

He was immediately placed under medical observation and has so far emitted 20 pellets of the drug.

The suspect is expected in court on Monday.

Military destroys heroin ship in Indian Ocean

A ship containing over 370 kg of heroin worth over Sh1 billion was on Friday destroyed in the high seas by Kenyan forces.

The vessel was seized in July by the Kenya Navy off the coast of Mombasa.

President Uhuru Kenyatta witnessed the event aboard an Air force Helicopter.

The destruction went on despite a court order stopping it issued by the High court in Mombasa the same day.

Court stops destruction of Sh1 billion heroin ship

Mombasa High Court on Friday made a ruling to stop the destruction of a vessel seized with Sh1 billion worth of heroin on board.

Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko had Friday afternoon sought a court order to have the ship destroyed.

However lawyer Cliff Ombeta made a submission to stop the destruction on behalf of his client who was not mentioned in court.

Presiding judge Justice Maureen Odero in her ruling refused Tobiko’s prayers to destroy the ship but allowed the state to destroy the drugs which were confiscated inside the ship in July.

By the time the court made its ruling, Kenya Navy officers had finished laying explosives that were to be used to sink the stateless MV Al Noor ship.

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Military to destroy vessel seized with heroin worth billions

Military officers will on Friday destroy and sink a ship containing heroine worth over Sh1 billion which was seized at the port of Mombasa in July.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will lead security agencies in destroying the vessel at the military base in Mombasa.

“We do not care who owns the ship or the drugs but we will destroy them to serve as a lesson to those bent on ruining our children,” the President said.

The destruction of the drugs was ordered by a Mombasa court following an application from the office of the DPP arguing that it was unsafe to continue storing the drug.

Several suspects including three Kenyans are already on trial for trafficking the 377 kg of narcotics currently being held by the military.

Heroin junkies in Britain to be given foil on the State

Drugs paraphernalia will be given to heroin addicts for free by the British government in a bid to deter them from injecting the substance.

Users will be given free foil to help them heat up the class-A drug in an attempt to encourage them to inhale it and thereby avoid the risks of contracting diseases such as HIV.

Aluminium foil is used to warm heroin and breathe in its fumes to get high.

Under current laws health professionals are banned from giving out foil to addicts, but the new rules, thought up by the Home Office, would end this practice.

The scheme is likely to draw criticism from anti-drugs campaigners for fear it could encourage people to take drugs.


Another Nigerian arrested at JKIA with drugs in his rectum

                                                                                                                                       Heroin pellets. File Photo courtesy of

A second Nigerian man in as many weeks has been arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, while concealing narcotics inside his body.

The man who arrived aboard a KQ flight on transit to Abidjan on Monday night was found to have ingested more than 60 pellets of heroine into his body worth more than Sh2 million.

Police placed him under observation and he has so far emitted some of the pellets.

A similar arrest was made last week when another Nigerian man fell ill after some of the drug pellets inside him burst open.