Major Throwback Song: Enrique Iglesias Hero

Enrique Iglesias is a spanish singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. He is 1 of the best selling spanish artists and has sold more than 100million records worldwide.

The 39-year-old star has often been referred to as The King of Latin Pop and The King of Dance

Hero is a song from his second album Escape written by Paul Barry, Mark Taylor and himself. The song was first released in September 2001.


Mom Shot in the Head By Marine Husband Hid Their Baby in a Toilet Bowl

If anyone needs proof that moms are the real superheroes of the world, this is it. Jessica Arrendale, a 33-year-old mom from Georgia, paid the ultimate price when her former Marine husband attacked and killed her while reportedly drunk. But she didn’t allow their precious 6-month-old daughter Cobie to suffer the same fate and saved her life by hiding her in a toilet bowl so her father couldn’t hurt her.

Arrendale and 30-year-old Antoine Davis reportedly returned home from a dinner date when Jessica’s mother says he became abusive. Jessica, who was holding their baby, got out a baseball bat to try to fend off her husband, but he reportedly took it from her and hit her — and their baby — with it several times.

What happened next was both a nightmare and a miracle.

The woman allegedly ran into their bathroom and locked the door behind her. Davis was able to get an assault rifle and kick down the door. He then reportedly shot his wife in the head one time — but once was enough to end her life.

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