‘Celebrate with the Heavens Mama’ Diana Marua mourns her mum

Diana Marua took to social media to mourn her mum who passed away 10 years ago.

She says that despite the fact that many years have passed her mum is still missed.

Happy 50th Birthday Mama ❤ I don’t have too many photos of us but the memories of you is what lingers on. It’s been 10 Solid years without you…

Life has given me its share of its own kind and every day I go through it with my head up and a smile that never fades.

Your presence is always felt and I have no doubt in my mind that you are very proud of us @glam_by_varl and @d_eimos of what we’ve turned out to become.

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She goes on to add that the one thing she misses the most is her mothers presence so that she could see her grand kids

How I wish that you were around to see your grandchildren (Morgan, Remy, Blake, Blair and Heaven), be physically in our lives and celebrate this big day with you… but regardless, God is good!

Celebrate with the Heavens Mama, I know they’ve set a Grand Table for you…. Najua watu huko hawapumui 😂 .

heaven bahati 2
Diana Marua and her daughter Heaven bahati

Today, I’m nothing but grateful that you brought me into this world.

Keep praying for us, May you always smile upon us, keep being our guardian angel. We will strive to Always make you Proud!

Enjoy your Big Day! Happy Birthday my Guardian Angel ❤

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Family first! Meet Gospel artiste Bahatis’ daughters Heaven and Mueni

When gospel artiste Bahati alias Mtoto wa mama settled down with the love of his wife Diana Marua, many argued that he was too young.

Many predicted that the relationship between the  two would no work out given the fact that Bahati had a baby from a previous relationship, plus another reason being that Diana is a bit older than Bahati.


Well Bahati has gone ahead to prove his critics wrong by showing them that he is not only a good husband but also a doting father to his two daughters, Mueni Bahati and Heaven Bahati.

Bahati is setting father goals to all dead beats out there who claim to be too busy to create time for their kids.

Here are photos of the artiste and his daughters, isn’t he blessed to have such beautiful kids?

Heaven Bahati



Bahati’s first born daughter Mueni
Diana Marua with hubby Bahati and their daughter Heaven



Daddy-daughter moment as gospel artiste Bahati and his daughter Mueni enjoy some bonding session.



Here are comments from his fans commending him and his beautiful family

maurineroticg:Nice manzee nice family

kevohbainito:  5Beautiful family

beatricebecko Lovely family

mercypesh: Blessed family

veronicahwangarinyambura: So cute,lovely family.

janeth_chumba:I love the family

muscort_hope: Woooow this family akiso gorgeous God bless the bahatis


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Bahati Finally Responds After Claims That He Got A DNA Test On Baby Heaven

Bahati has finally spoken out about claims that he ordered a DNA test to verify the paternity of his daughter.

“The DNA results were dropped at the flats where he stays and left in the custody of the person who was at the gate, because there were explicit instructions not to drop it at his house,” the source said.

The news of the DNA letter got a lot of tongues wagging, as neighbours talked about Bahati’s reaction to the letter. No one knows for sure what the results are.

When called for comment, Bahati rubbished reports of there being a DNA letter, adding that, “Mambo ya kuingilia familia yangu siwezi ongelea.”

Now he has come out on social media to put up a united front together with his wife, Diana Marua.

He posted, “It’s a God- Given Duty of every Man to Protect his Woman and Kids; THEY COME FIRST!!! 👨‍👩‍👧 They’re What God looks before blessing you🙏 I Love You #Diana & #Heaven ❤.”

bahatiIn another rant, Bahati went off on Mpasho, the site that first broke the news.

RESPECT & STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!!! – I know You’re Doing all this gain readership but I think you are going too far with this if You can wake Up Create a Story and Publish Just to make headlines. I have lots of Respect for Mature Media And it’s Okey to Discuss Bahati & My Music in any Forum; but Family is Sacred don’t go there for the Sake of Making headlines. Just to remind you that am Now not just mtoto Wa Mama; but a Man and let this be the last time you’re Riding With my Family on a Blog without proof. Let my Wife #DIANA Recover at Peace and don’t dare write Nonsense about my daughter #HEAVEN again!!!”

Bahati PoseHere are reactions from his fans who follow each and every move the star makes on social media.

Felix Wizil Mung’athia: Acha kiherehere we warned you against parading your barely week old kid & yuh shosh wife on social media but u never heard our advice, now enjoy the results of your boyish behavior.

Noel Keim: Hahaha your family is sacred abi! How sacred when u have already shown us up to your wife’s nudes? Boy just grow up, ur not a man yet, wachana na hio title

Edith Edith: Achana na story ya being a man…forever utakua mtoto Wa mama cry baby…don’t give yourself a “man” title doesn’t suit you anyway…is she us, Are we she, Is she we, Is we she?

Nyams Abelics: useless boy,you advertised your so called wife in social media thinking that you are the first man to impregnant a woman ,youngboy be aman kwaza like Daddy Owen, Mercy Masika, Mwai and Shiro and media will respect you.

Princess Gifted Child: How is your marriage sacred when you showed us your wife’s nudity I even thought I’m raising your family with my bundles if you don’t want media to talk about your family keep them secret you are a Socialite en every eye is on you. .grow up en act like a gospel artist….

Nandwa Thee IceArk: But surely Bahati,yesterday was Women;s Day, you never uploaded a photo of Diana’s leading to myself thinking that it was true you were going for a DNA…I remember when Zari got her kid with Diamond,a secret DNA was carried out just because Zari is 10 years more than Diamond,,when Heaven was born,I just got news that you are carrying a secret DNA then it was like “yes that is not breaking news Diamond dd it”….anyway #BitterTruth hurts,and Mpasho is just a blogging news that is struggling to survive,if its was rumors you would have just kept quiet for world to judge…..

Bahati Gets Lessons On How To Clean And Clothe Baby Heaven In Seconds (VIDEO)

After disappearing from the public eye for a while, gospel artiste, Bahati is back with a bang. All this is thanks to his new born baby girl, baby Heaven Bahati.

Bahati and his partner Diana Marua welcomed baby Heaven Bahati on this year’s Valentine’s day to make it the perfect love story ever.

Since the birth of his second daughter, Bahati has taken social media by storm with dozens of videos and photos of baby Heaven.

The ‘Barua’ hitmaker posted another video of him learning from the nurses on how to clean and clothe his baby girl in a matter of seconds.

Bahati also took the chance to thank his fans, friends and family for the love they have shown him over the last couple days as they welcomed their bundle of joy into the world.

This Morning Getting Lessons from Nurses on how to Wash & Clothe Baby Heaven in Seconds

😃 Thank You all for the Love you’ve Shown during this Season as We Welcomed this Little angel 😍 You Know I Love You All

Check out the video below.


Video Of Sleepy Bahati Rocking Baby Heaven To Sleep Will Warm Your Heart

On Valentine’s day Kenyans woke up to news that gospel artiste, Bahati and his partner, Diana Marua welcomed a beautiful bouncing baby girl, Heaven Bahati.

The news brought to an end months of speculations on whether the celebrity couple were expecting a baby, after it was also reported last year that Diana was expecting her first child with the singer.

Blessings: Bahati and Diana Marua Blessed With A Baby Girl (Photos)

Bahati took to social media to share the news with a beautiful caption that read, “GLORY TO JESUS!!! This Morning this Girl @Diana_Marua has given me the greatest gift of Life #BouncingBabyGirl 3.24kgs ❤ Help Us Welcome @HEAVENBAHATI.”

Heaven Bahti is not the only kid Bahati has as he is also blessed with another angel, Mueni Bahati.

Days later, Bahati can’t get enough of baby Heaven as he has since been pictured holding and cuddling her. Daddy Goals yeah?

Speaking of daddy goals, the singer posted a video of himself baby sitting and bonding with baby Heaven, at around 3 in the morning.

Bahati posted,

Yesterday Night Baby Sitting Duties & Bonding😍 with my New Love at 3am; I Was So Sleepy but #HEAVEN hatambui, 😐Tonight am back at it because I just found my Real #TENoverTEN#HEAVENBAHATI

Check out the video below.


Valentine’s baby! Bahati welcomes second born daughter, Heaven

When Beyonce and Jay Z called their child Blue, Ivy. People raised their eyebrows and shook their heads asking what kind of name if that.

Well, the Kardashians also did the same. Kim and Kanye named their kids, North West, Saint West and Chicago West.

Now, back here in Kenya, gospel singer Bahati has welcomed his second child and named her Heaven. His first born daughter Mueni with Yvette Obura is now over two years old.

‘Treat yourself, mami,’ Grace Msalame advises as she shows off her new love this Valentines Day

He made the announcement today.

“GLORY TO JESUS!!! This Morning this Girl, Diana Marua has given me the greatest gift of Life #BouncingBabyGirl 3.24kgs ❤ Help Us Welcome Heaven Bahati.”



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Check out the moment Heaven was wheeled into the nursery.

VIDEO : @BahatiKenya welcomes New Born Baby. #HeavenBahati #Love #Marriage

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Here are the congratulations from fans.

obenojacky10: U want to kill us bahati lovly

dany_mwanake: Congrats to the both of u

mwania_:  Ukiona mimba ni kubwa…

ogangakhadudu: Wait she was pregnant

mutuku_254: Kumbe ni mimba mlikuwa mnaficha hehehe, congratulations anyway

tishnambala: Congratulations…happy for u. A baby on Valentine’s day..wow

eve_muguongo: Congrats next time punguza kukula chipo upate kijana.

carollemeteki6: Huyu mtoto to be called valentine 😚

reenenolasco: Congratulations new parents.Welcome to the challenge
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