Tips: 10 healthy ways to deal with menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps can be very painful and disturbing a lot.

Here are some of the ways that can aid in easing the pain.

Tokeo la picha la how to do away with menstrual cramps



Massaging your abdomen plays a big role in relieving the menstrual pains. This is because it encourages the blood flow in the abdomen. Massaging creams can also be used as they contain oils which are beneficial to the body and skin too. They also soothe the body.

Contraceptive pills

Studies conducted shows that these pills can be of great help in relieving pains. However, they can also have other side effects, especially when taken more than required. You are needed to seek your doctor’s advice before taking any of such pills.


The cramps pains experienced at times become severe especially if you maintain one constant position. It is hence important to engage your body in any sort of exercise to help ease the pain. Core workouts are also of help in easing pains.



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Herbal tea

They are of different types hence you are advised to take one that cannot affect you in cases of ulcers and other diseases. Chamomile can be used. This is because it contains some anti-inflammatory substances that inhibit the cells which leads to the contraction of the uterus causing cramps.  The other herbal tea used for menstrual discomfort is cramp bark, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Boil 2 teaspoons of the bark in a cup of water, simmer for about 15 minutes and drink it three times a day.


Tokeo la picha la how to do away with menstrual cramps



You should ensure that you take a healthy diet. Magnesium is very essential in the body for proper bones building and blood regulation. Other foods like cinnamon and ginger should be added to the foods you take. Junk foods should be avoided during this period as they may stimulate the menstrual pains.


They can serve as pain relievers once taken. They help in easing the pain but it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking these painkillers. This is because if taken in plenty it can also be harmful to one’s health.

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Drink more water

Water helps in reducing bloating which may cause more pains. It helps to replace the fluid lost during that period especially for people that vomit or even diarrhoea.

Apply heat pad

Applying a heat pad or cloth to your abdomen can really help to ease the pain. This is because the heat helps the muscles to relax.

Avoid caffeine

Taking caffeine does not reduce the pain but instead, it may stimulate the pains more. You can substitute this with healthy drinks like warm water with lemon and mint leaves and smoothies. This will help in your health and pain-relieving.

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Fish oil and vitamin B 1

This plays the role of easing menstrual pains.

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A list of recommended snacks for people with diabetes

When you have diabetes, foods with high levels of sugar should not be part of your diet. When you have cravings for something sweet, it is advisable to take healthy snacks.

Tokeo la picha la nuts

They include;


This is the best substitute for a crunchy craving for wheat products like biscuits and cookies. They have calories hence cannot lead to weight increase especially the unsalted nuts. Almonds can also be taken as they also do not have sugars.

Whole grain products

The whole grains also play a role in maintaining the required blood sugar levels and cholesterol. They also prevent cases of getting blood pressure.

Tokeo la picha la whole grains cereals

Pop corns

The natural pop corns are a great source of fiber. This is generally essential in the body as it prevents constipation.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables provide the body with a lot of nutrients and vitamins hence are nutritious to the body. Use them when making salads and spice them with vinegar. Fruits and vegetables are the best ingredients for making smoothies.

Tokeo la picha la vegetables



This is the best snack for proteins production to the body. Studies shows that persons who want to lose weight should consume eggs as part of their diet.

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Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt is recommended at it has no sugars, because of its natural form of energy.

Tokeo la picha la plain yogurt


Salads are essential to the body as they supply it with natural and essential nutrients and vitamins. They help the body in building strong immunity.

Non-fat cheese

This plays a role in stabilizing the levels of body sugars and also reducing the thirst/ hunger more frequently.

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Rice cakes

Rice cakes have low carbs hence the best for diabetic people to eat.

Tokeo la picha la rice cakes

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Tips: 5 ways to improve the health of your gut

Problems with your digestive system could suggest your gut is unhealthy. To remedy this, here are some of the ways to maintain its health;

Picha inayohusiana


When the body gets engaged in day to day activities, water is lost. It is therefore necessary for one to take more water to replace the lost water in cases like sweating to prevent dehydration. It also helps in the process of digestion making your gut more healthy.


It is healthy to change your diet once in a while as it helps to regulate the sugar intake. Constantly eating high-calorie foods can tamper with the bloodstream flow. Eat more nutritious foods more often to get the nutrients needed for proper body functioning.

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Any fermented food plays a major role in boosting digestion and the immunity of the body. It is also recommended for people who would like to lose weight, or prevent bloating. Take with warm water or added to food to minimise fat absorption.Tokeo la picha la apple cider vinegar


Detoxing your body once in a while is highly recommended. This is because it helps in eliminating harmful components from sugary foods that can also cause inflammation. It also keeps the gut fresh and healthy.

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Probiotic supplements

These supplements are naturally fermented hence they are highly recommended to support a healthy body system. They also play a major in improving the rate at which nutrients are absorbed from the food eaten.

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A good massage can really prolong your lifespan

Massage involves the manipulation of body tissues.

It plays a great role in making your muscles to relax after a long day of working. It is done mostly by hands, fingers, and forearms. Olive oil is the most common used as it has a lot of health benefits. 

Tokeo la picha la massage

Massage has a lot of health benefits which include;

Reduces muscles pains

Muscles can hurt especially after a long day of working. This can also lead to joint pains leading to one being tired.

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Headache relief

At times headache can be caused by lack of drinking water or even fatigue. It is not advisable o take painkillers all the time when having one as it may have other health side effects. Visiting the spa can also help in healing the headache especially if it is caused by tiredness.

Reduce fatigue

A times one can feel exhausted after a long week of working. You can give your body a treat by getting a weekend massage to make your body active.


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Boosts flexibility

When you are flexible you can engage in various activities without any challenge. If you find that your body is so still you can be having massages more frequently as it can help you become flexible.

Increases blood circulation

Massages can be done lightly or deep depending on someone’s desires. This will help your vessels to relax and increase the rate of your blood circulation.

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Release stress

When you have a lot of stress visiting the spa can play a great role for your body. This is because your body will be more relaxed and you will be more relieved.

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The best ways to reward yourself for a successful weight loss

It is everyone’s pride and joy to successfully lose weight.

And with that comes an opportunity to celebrate shedding the kilos with family and friends.

Do you indulge one more time or do you carefully think about how to do it in a healthy manner. For instance you can reward yourself with gifts that are of health benefits.

These are some of the best ways to reward yourself;

Models doing different yoga poses

Go to a spa

You can go to a spa and get a massage to help your muscles relax. Any reward you want to give to yourself should be health related.

New hairstyle

During the weight loss program, one tends to feel like they are starting a new journey of healthy living. There’s nothing as confidence boosting as a new hairdo to celebrate weight loss.

Go to a comedy show

The power of laughter cannot be overstated. It is said to increase oxygen flow into the body hence prevents muscle tension. Furthermore, it is also believed that laughter can help prolong your life.

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A wellness treat

Rather than spend your coin elsewhere, a treat in a calm, relaxed environment is better for you.


After losing weight, what better way to celebrate than attending a concert. One thing is you get to dance, thereby cutting calories, it will make you happy and create some good memories in your life.

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Buy flowers

You can always gift yourself such beautiful things without waiting for someone to do it. Decorate your house or your room with such glowing flowers. This will help you keep in mind that you worked hard to get yourself the flowers.

Tokeo la picha la flowers

Buy workout outfits

This will be such a nice gift to yourself especially if you do attend some gym classes. Get yourself some new outfits to see how much your body has changed and admire the new looks.

Buy a blender

This will help you to make more smoothies of vegetables and fruits. The smoothies are really important as they can replace sugary drinks that you take. You can also take them as snacks or substitute the cravings for unhealthy foods and snacks.

Healthy cooking class 

Now that you have lost weight, it is also important to learn to cook healthy meals. Enroll in a cooking class, to know how to prepare the right meals to prepare that won’t have many calories.

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Yoga classes

I have often heard of the benefits of yoga for the body and mind. There are numerous classes offered in Nairobi, where you can join enthusiasts as they stretch their bodies to unimaginable ends.

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Foods to eat that are naturally used in cleansing the liver

Healthy eating is essential as it leads to healthy living. These are some of the natural foods that can help in cleansing the liver;

Picha inayohusiana


Tea and coffee

Coffee is shown to protect the liver from diseases. It lowers the risk of cirrhosis and reduces the damaging inflammations that may occur. Green tea also has some healthy benefits in keeping it healthy.


Grapefruits contain antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation and also protects the liver cells from all sorts of infections. They help the liver in the regulation of the amount of fats being stored there. It also prevents the excessive growth of the connective tissues which can affect the liver.

Tokeo la picha la grapefruit

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Blueberries and Cranberries

They provide the body with antioxidants that help in maintaining the health of the liver. These fruits also help the liver by preventing the growth of unwanted tissues and fibrosis. Blueberries also plays a role in increasing the immune cell response as well as the growth of liver cancer cells.


The grapes prevents the liver from free radicals that may damage it. It also lowers the risk of one getting cancerous cells in the liver.

Tokeo la picha la grapes

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Prickly Pear

This fruit helps in reducing effects of hangovers. Eat it before indulging in alcohol to reduce chances of feeling nausea, dry mouth and vomiting. This protects the liver from harmful effects of alcohol consumption.


The fruit contains some components which are good for reducing oxidation damage and inflammation in the liver. They also increase the detoxifying enzymes that help in keeping the liver healthy and preventing it against the liver-related diseases.

Picha inayohusiana

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Healthy reasons to take salads on a daily basis

Salads normally consists of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contains essential nutrients that are necessary in the human body. The healthy benefits of taking salads on a daily basis include;


Nutrition benefits

It is healthy to take plenty and varieties of these fruits and vegetables. Its combination enables them to be loaded with vitamins and minerals which increases the level of antioxidants in the blood. Salads can also reduce the risk of getting heart diseases, digestive problems and have a positive effect upon blood sugars hence helping you to control your appetite. You can add vinegar to the salads to have a good taste.

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Skin tone improvement

The high levels of water found in salad veggies improves hydration in our bodies, which is necessary for youthful skin tone and various basic bodily functions.


Muscle performance 

The nutrients found in spinach not only help to build strong bones, they also help to improve the performance of the mitochondria – little structures inside our cells that help to produce energy, as well as inform and power our muscles.


Weight control

Eating a fiber-rich salad before your entree will help you to feel full faster, so you’ll consume less calories than you might when a meal is served without this appetizer. The more raw vegetable in the salad, the more positive results you will get. Avocado is also important in the body as they will help the body to absorb all protective compounds.

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Source of fiber

Raw vegetables and fruits are a natural source of fiber. Fiber in the body has a lot of benefit to the body. They include;

1. Reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.

2. It helps in healthy weight maintenance.

3. It helps in controlling the level of blood sugars.

4. It reduces the chances of getting the different types of cancers.

5. It aids in the prevention of bowel diseases and makes the bowel movements to be normal.

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Tip: 7 Healthy benefits for morning workouts

Morning workouts are normally the best more so because the body is active. When you wake up in the morning every part of the body is fresh and ready for the day activities. Here are some of the benefits for morning exercises;

Boost your metabolism. There are two types of metabolism; slow and and those that need to boost their metabolism. The best way to boost ones metabolism is by dong exercises and probably morning workouts are the best. They help your to get ready for the day activity.

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Reduce stress and depression. When someone has stress or is depressed they tend to be dull or bored. When one starts a day with workouts in the morning, it makes the body active and makes one to be positive for the rest of the day. It also makes one to have a relaxed mind for the rest of the day.

Tokeo la picha la sress


Burns fats. This is really important especially when you have a morning run on an empty belly. You are likely to lose more fats than when working out when you have eaten. This is actually more preferred than in the evening because at that time the body is not as active as in the morning.

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More energy in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, the body tends to have more energy. This hence makes it more suitable for one to exercise during that time because the body has more energy to undergo the exercise.

Boost the glowing of the skin. It is scientifically proven that once you start working out, it will have positive effects not only on your metabolism but on your skin as well. People who exercise in the morning are more likely to have a natural skin glow and appear healthier and more beautiful than those who do not work out at all or work out in the evening.

Tokeo la picha la glowing skin

Less interrupted. Early in the morning one is likely to have a peaceful workout without any disturbance. This is because its the time that people are waking up so no one will be bothering you. When working during the day you are likely to be interrupted by calls or texts from people around you.

Improves your sleep. Regular morning exercises helps to improve the quality of their sleep. By working out on a daily basis the body gets to work in a self monitored way without feeling forced or pushed to. You will be able to sleep peacefully.

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Diet Facts: Here are reasons why you should eat dates daily

Dates are fruits that are rich in fiber, nutrients and antioxidants. They are also a good source of energy, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and sodium. The following are some of the benefits for taking dates;

Tokeo la picha la dates

Relieving constipation. Dates are rich in fiber. Foods rich in fiber are essential for promoting healthy bowel movements and ensuring comfortable food passage through intestinal tract. A 2005 study also suggests that these dried fruits have high levels of dietary fiber and insoluble fiber, in particular. The insoluble fiber found in dates promotes healthy digestion by bulking up the stool and may also aid in preventing constipation.

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Prevent heart disease. Taking these fruits helps in reducing the chances of getting oxidative stress which is the risk factor of heart disease. They are also rich in potassium which aid in reducing the risk of getting stroke as well as other heart related diseases.

Tokeo la picha la heart disease


Prevent night blindness. High intake of dates helps to prevent night blindness and preserve healthy vision. This is because they are rich in carotenoids.

Source of energy. They are rich in natural sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. Many people around the world eat natural low-fat dates for a quick afternoon snack when they are feeling lethargic or sluggish to help bump up energy levels fast.

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Cancer fighting proper. Research conducted by Prof Dr. Jeremy PE Spencer  suggests that eating dates may help improving bowel health and slow down the development and spread of colorectal cancer cells and anti-tumor activity. This helps in decreasing chances of one getting cancer.

Boost brain health. The fruits are rich in fiber and other natural antioxidants. This helps to protect the body against oxidative stress and inflammation of the brain. When taken in plenty aids in the refreshing the mind and how the brain works under normal circumstances.

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Tips: 5 Things you should always have in your kitchen

An organised kitchen should not miss some of the important things. They are as follows;

Virgin olive oil. This is one of the healthy foods that should always be available in your kitchen. Los Angeles-based personal chef Hallie Norvet recommends olive oil for the best flavor. It can be used as a substitute for normal oil in coking, sprinkled on your meals or in dressing your salads. It has less calories hence recommendable for consumption.

Sea salt. Salt is normally used to add flavor to the food eaten. However excessive consumption of sodium found in salt is unhealthy and it’s normally in processed foods and not home made foods. This is the best recommended salt to use to normal salt.

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Eggs. They contain proteins. This is the best food to take in the morning especially when taken in the morning as they also aid in weight loss. They can either be taken boiled or fried and added to salads. A healthy egg diet is recommended for wight loss without any contradiction. They can added to vegetables and taken in plenty for more production of proteins to the bodyEggs TrayHoney. Having this in your kitchen is most important as it has so many functions. It can be used as a substitute for sugar and added drinks. Added to warm lemon water, cinnamon and vinegar taken in the morning before meals can aid in weight loss. It can be used in dressing salads and sweetening smoothies. When added to whole meal wheat flour it makes it tender and moist for better baking.

Vinegar. This is the best food recommended for everybody. It aids in reducing excess fats in foods when added to foods. It can be added to already made foods before eaten, mixed with cooked food when cooking and also taken with warm water in the morning or before meals for weight loss.

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Drinking Could Be The Way To Hit 90-Years-Old (Study)

It’s the sort of health news most would toast with a cheeky tipple – but it may have health fanatics choking on their carrot juice.

Drinking a couple of glasses of wine or beer a night – while adding a few extra pounds in weight – could be the secret to living into your 90s, a major study finds today.

The research, which looked at those who had lived beyond 90, identified modest alcohol consumption as one of five key factors linked to a long life.

It found that those who had around two glasses of beer or wine every day had an 18 per cent reduced risk of premature death compared to those who were teetotal.

Meanwhile, being slightly overweight – but not obese – also appeared to reduce the risk of early death, although only by around 3 per cent.

Common drinking mistakes everyone makes

Professor Claudia Kawas, of the University of California, tracked data on around 1,700 people who were in their nineties in 2003 – called the ‘90+ study’.

She said her work had found that modest drinking and carrying extra pounds were both associated with longevity. She also found that those who spent at least two hours a day on a hobby had a 21 per cent lower risk of premature death, while those who took between 15 and 45 minutes of moderate exercise a day had an 11 per cent lower risk. Drinking about two cups of coffee a day gave a ten per cent lower chance.

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Here Are Tips To Living A Positive Life

Negativity can be hard to eliminate if you keep on having negative thoughts. Although it may seem difficult, this negative feeling is all about one’s mindset. This means that if you think negatively, you will view all the things around you in the same manner. Instead of this, why not try to look for the bright side of any negative situation?

Here’s how you can make life better:

Surround Yourself With Positive People

They say that habits and attitudes can be contagious. For this reason, it is important that you surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you to do your best and help you attain whatever goals you have. It would also help if you start weaving positive activities in your life.


Start Being Different

Instead of contemplating about what can be the possible effects of a certain situation in your life, start thinking about the best ways to prevent the impact of such situation. It is already part of living to take risks. What’s important is that you are prepared for the things that life can bring. Use your negative experiences to make better decisions and build your character.


Share Your Problems

Dealing with your problems on your own can have a detrimental effect on your health. Allowing yourself to struggle can just make things worse. Sharing your hardships with someone you trust allows you to receive some pieces of advice and encouragement that you can use to re-focus on your courage, perseverance, and strength.

Create a Positive Environment

Making developments or changes in your office space, room, or house can make you feel welcome, relaxed, and different.

Do not complain too much.

Be Optimist

Being an optimist does not mean that you have to pretend that nothing bad will happen. This mentality can trigger you to make poor decisions in your life and make matters worse. You have to learn how to prepare for the worst but still hope for the best. You can become an optimist without being an extrovert.


Be The Change You Have Always Wanted.

Do not compete with everyone. Make a difference in your areas of interest.

VERY USEFUL! Check Out This Life-Changing Tips That Will Help You STOP SUGAR Cravings For Good

When it hits 3 pm, office workers around the country are often overcome with an overwhelming desire for sugary sweats.

But what if we could stop these cravings before they hit?

Leading Australian nutritionist, Jessica Sepel, has shared her top ‘life-changing’ tips to help beat those pesky sugar cravings and stop them from coming back.

The two-time best-selling health author revealed her tips in a video on her lifestyle blog.


-A high protein diet is one of the first and most important steps to beating the cravings.

Ms Sepel recommends including one protein and one good fat in every meal – including chicken, fish, beans, meats, avocado and eggs.

‘Ensure every single meal contains a protein and a good fat, as they are the two most satiating macro-nutrients,’ Ms Sepel said.

‘They keep your blood sugar levels nice and stable, and help keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.’


-The next tip is to try and keep your daily caffeine intake to just one coffee per day – and to drink it before 10 am.

‘Be cautious with caffeine, as it does have a direct impact on your blood sugar levels,’ Ms Sepel said.
‘Drink it preferably with something in your stomach as well.’

According to Ms Sepel, those of us who indulge in two to three, or more, coffees per day are more likely to crave a sugar hit later in the afternoon.

The nutritionist suggested using a small amount of cow’s milk or nut milk, if possible, and then sticking to teas – green, chai and dandelion – for the rest of the day.


-Tip number three from the health guru is to add apple cider vinegar to your water bottle and sip it throughout the day.

‘You’ll see that your sugar cravings really go away, it’s magical,’ Ms Sepel said. Add apple cider vinegar to a 1.5 litre bottle of water to those curb sugar cravings.

-Noting that her favorite mineral is magnesium, Ms. Sepel suggested taking a magnesium glycinate supplement to your diet.

‘You’ll find that after taking magnesium glycinate for a few months…your sugar cravings really start to reduce,’ Ms Sepel said.

Lastly, artificial sweeteners have a direct impact on our blood sugar levels so it’s best to be careful when adding them to our diets.

‘You think you’re doing yourself a favour by having a low-calorie sweetener but actually, they can really affect your blood sugar levels and actually trigger further sugar cravings,’ Ms Sepel said.


Daily Mail

Study suggests brain could coach body to burn fat

The brain could be a powerful fat burning tool, say scientists at Monash University in Melbourne who discovered that two naturally occurring hormones interact to convert energy-storing white fat into energy-burning, “good” brown fat.

“Turning white fat into brown fat is a very exciting new approach to developing weight loss agents,” says lead author Professor Tony Tiganis from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. “Eventually, we think we may be able to help people lose weight by targeting these two enzymes.”

One of the enzymes, leptin, is an appetite suppressant that’s generated in fat cells and the other is insulin, which comes from the pancreas when levels of glucose in the blood start to rise.

Professor Tiganis’ research shows that the two hormones act together and persuade a group of neurons — called proopiomelanocortin (POMC) neurons — in the brain to convert the fat from white to brown, thereby igniting the fat-burning process.

“These hormones give the brain a comprehensive picture of the fatness of the body,” says Professor Tiganis. “Because leptin is produced by fat cells, it measures the level of existing fat reserves — the more fat, the more leptin. Whereas insulin provides a measure of future fat reserves because glucose levels rise when we eat.”

If all this has you wondering why you can’t just think your way skinny, chances are enzymes called phosphatases that inhibit the actions of leptin and insulin could be working against you.