Tips: 5 ways to improve the health of your gut

Problems with your digestive system could suggest your gut is unhealthy. To remedy this, here are some of the ways to maintain its health;

Picha inayohusiana


When the body gets engaged in day to day activities, water is lost. It is therefore necessary for one to take more water to replace the lost water in cases like sweating to prevent dehydration. It also helps in the process of digestion making your gut more healthy.


It is healthy to change your diet once in a while as it helps to regulate the sugar intake. Constantly eating high-calorie foods can tamper with the bloodstream flow. Eat more nutritious foods more often to get the nutrients needed for proper body functioning.

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Any fermented food plays a major role in boosting digestion and the immunity of the body. It is also recommended for people who would like to lose weight, or prevent bloating. Take with warm water or added to food to minimise fat absorption.Tokeo la picha la apple cider vinegar


Detoxing your body once in a while is highly recommended. This is because it helps in eliminating harmful components from sugary foods that can also cause inflammation. It also keeps the gut fresh and healthy.

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Probiotic supplements

These supplements are naturally fermented hence they are highly recommended to support a healthy body system. They also play a major in improving the rate at which nutrients are absorbed from the food eaten.

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Things your fingernails try to alert you about your health

Do you know that your nails tell alot about your overall health?


Tokeo la picha la thick nails

Clubbed nails

If your finger nails have pores and swollen, it shows that they are clubbed. It can be a sign of liver illness or lung illness.

Dry nails

When the nails are dry, chances are that they may also be so brittle. These can be normal to you but if you seek medical attention, you will find out that you either have hormonal imbalance or some bacterial infection.

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This is a sign of you having lupus, iron deficiency or inflammatory arthritis.

Pitted nails

Having pitted nails means that that your nails seem to be having dips or small pores on them. This shows that you may be suffering from a connective tissue dysfunction  or zinc deficiency.

Tokeo la picha la pitted nail

‘ I don’t mind having tons of kids’ Jamaican singer Jah Cure 

Concave nails

These can be signs of some iron deficiency that you may be having or a sign of coronary heart illness.

Thick nails

It is normal for one to have thick nails, but at times it can be due to health issue. It at times can be that your fingers have a fungal infection or you blood circulation has issues and your blood is clotting a lot.

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Discolored nails

Your fingernails can have colors that are wholesome like pink with white moons close to the bottom. When they show some blueish color, it is an implication that your body has low oxygen ranges. It can also be a sign of a bacterial infections or it maybe that you have a coronary heart infection.

Tokeo la picha la discoloured nail

Cut up nails

At times you can blame the nail polish especially for ladies. This can be a sign of malnutrition or even signs of you being infected by a protein deficiency.

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Study finds regular jogging can undo the burden of ‘fat DNA’

Couch potatoes may no longer be able to hide behind the excuse of their genes making them overweight.

Scientists have confirmed even people who are naturally overweight because of their DNA can slim down by exercising.

A study on nearly 20,000 people found regular jogging was the best way to ‘blunt’ the effects of genes which raise the risk of obesity.

Lacing up and going for a jog was effective for reducing people’s height-to-weight ratio (BMI), body fat percentage and the size of their hips.

Scientists at the National Taiwan University studied the impact of exercise on 18,424 Chinese people between the ages of 30 and 70.

The team measured people’s bodies, noted how much exercise they did and looked at their DNA to see if they were naturally more likely to be obese.

More than 400 genes have been linked to being overweight, by affecting people’s appetites, their metabolisms or the way their bodies store fat.

‘Regular jogging mitigated the genetic effects on body mass index, body fat percentage, and hip circumference,’ said Dr Wan-Yu Lin, study author.


‘All is well’ Governor Nanok assures after mild stroke scare

Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok has given an assurance that he is well and recuperating at home.

The governor insisted he was doing fine and was not in the hospital as earlier indicated.

He, however, did not disclose what he was ailing from despite having told his colleagues that he had been unwell.

A message seen by the Star states.

Other sources told the Star that Nanok had complained of abdominal pain and facial weakness before going to the hospital.


“An endoscopy was done and an MRI scan. He was immediately put on physiotherapy as it was suspected to be a mild stroke on the left side of his face,” the source told the Star.

The governor’s communication team did not deny or confirm the reports.

One of his communication directors said he was not aware of the incident, but said he would make inquiries and get back.

However, several attempts to get a confirmation from him thereafter were futile as several calls and text messages went unanswered.

Another source said Nanok’s team had not been notified about what was ailing the governor.

What the brown spots on bananas really mean

Spots dietitian, Ryan Pinto, has revealed the benefits of different bananas.

Australian sports dietitian Ryan Pinto recently shared a graphic about the various benefits – and why eating an over-ripe banana may not be a great idea.

‘The best way to understand how the health of a banana can change is by investigating what really happens to them internally over time,’ he wrote on his page, High Performance Nutrition AU.

Green Bananas 

According to Ryan, green bananas are ‘youthful, low fodmap and full of starch’.

‘Referred to as ‘resistant’ starch, this nutrient makes your digestive system work a little harder. It’s also the reason why green bananas seem to fill you up so quickly,’ he wrote.

However, the starch in green bananas can also ‘make you feel gassy or bloated’ and also ‘contributes to their waxy texture’.

‘If you’re looking for a banana that’s lower GI, go for a green one. Eventually, your body will break this starch down into glucose. This way, green bananas will raise blood sugar levels slowly,’ he said.

‘The trade-off here is taste. Green bananas can be bitter, as they contain less sugar in every bite.’


Yellow Bananas

‘Say goodbye to starch and hello to sugar,’ Ryan said.

According to the sports dietitian, this banana is ‘softer and sweeter’ because it contains more sugar and while higher on the glyecmic index, is easier to digest.

‘With less starch to break down, your digestive system will soak up the nutrients quicker,’ Ryan said.

‘Unfortunately, there is always micronutrient loss as bananas age. To make up for this, yellow bananas are more developed when it comes to antioxidants.’

Spotted Bananas 

‘Not only do brown spots show that a banana has aged, but they also indicate how much starch has been converted to sugar,’ Ryan said.

‘Ultimately, the greater number of brown spots a banana has, the more sugar it contains.’

However, Ryan says brown spots can also be seen as ‘tiny immune system boosters’.

‘Spotted bananas are so rich in antioxidants that they have been linked to cancer prevention. Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) which functions to destroy tumours, is linked to those brown dots,’ he said.

banana size

Brown Bananas  

‘Do you remember all that resistant starch? Well, it’s practically all sugar now,’ Ryan said.

‘Just as the starch has broken down into sugar, chlorophyll has taken a new form as well. 

‘This breakdown of chlorophyll is the reason why antioxidant levels increase as bananas age.

‘All bananas are around 100 calories, low in fat and are rich sources of Potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Fibre.’


‘I wish money could buy life’ cries sick girl on her death bed

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade is a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune.

A young lady who has been suffering for quite a long time with several ailments has penned an emotional letter of hope and fear.

She has been bedridden for quite a long time, praying for recovery, however this was not to be.

The day finally came when she left the bed to the grave.

Tokeo la picha la death bed

‘What did I ever do wrong to get all this suffering in my life. I started getting ill when I was in high-school, while I joined form one. I thought it was something small and I could get well with time. It was later on I discovered that my vein had formed a clot in my leg.

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That went on till I joined campus and it had become part of my lifestyle. I struggled with this and the situation worsened when I joined internship. I never got to finish the program as I became hospitalized immediately I started the session. I lay on that sick bed for weeks hoping to get better someday and maybe walk again on my two feet.’

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The young lady had dreams that she could wish to accomplish after finishing school.

‘I have always wished to be a better person in life and help my parents. All my dreams are now held up within this bed. My family and friends visit me all the time and give me false hope when they know I will not make it. Everyday I sleep I never know if tomorrow will come. It’s time I get to rest for I am fighting a war that I have already lost.’

Study: Taking up exercise in middle age slashes your risk of an early death

Those were the last words she spoke before she slept, never to wake up again.

She left her family and friends asking many unanswered questions. All the efforts they had made were all in vain. They wished that she could have at least tasted the sweetness of a graduation gown. She worked hard for four years to live her dreams and never got to reach the finishing line. We pray for her soul to rest with God.

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Eating AFRICAN ants, grasshoppers and silkworms could protect against CANCER

– Scientists at the University of Rome made drinks out of ground up insects

– They tested them for health-giving antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E

– Some types had five times as many antioxidants as orange juice

– These can prevent DNA damage which may lead to cancerous tumours forming

Eating ants and other bugs could protect people from developing cancer, according to scientists.

Although not an appetising ingredient of a salad or smoothie, the creepy crawlies may be worth stomaching for their health benefits alone.

Research found some types contain more antioxidants than orange juice in a study which saw them ground down to be mixed into a drink.

Antioxidants, such as vitamins, reduce the development of potentially-dangerous free radicals in the body, the scientists said, protecting against DNA damage.

One researcher said nearly a quarter of people in the world already eat bugs and the rest might do well to overcome their squeamishness and follow suit.

Scientists at the University of Rome ground down various insects including ants, grasshoppers, crickets and silkworm.

They then tested the powder to work out how many antioxidants – compounds such as vitamins A, C and E and beta-carotene – were in them.

Only the soluble parts of the insects were used – their wings and stingers were taken off first – with the view of them being consumed as a drink.

The tests revealed silkworm, African caterpillars and giant cicadas had twice as many antioxidants as olive oil.

And powdered cricket, grasshopper and silkworm had five times as many antioxidants as notoriously nutritious orange juice.

‘Edible insects are an excellent source of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and fibre,’ scientist Professor Mauro Serafini said.


A list of recommended snacks for people with diabetes

When you have diabetes, foods with high levels of sugar should not be part of your diet. When you have cravings for something sweet, it is advisable to take healthy snacks.

Tokeo la picha la nuts

They include;


This is the best substitute for a crunchy craving for wheat products like biscuits and cookies. They have calories hence cannot lead to weight increase especially the unsalted nuts. Almonds can also be taken as they also do not have sugars.

Whole grain products

The whole grains also play a role in maintaining the required blood sugar levels and cholesterol. They also prevent cases of getting blood pressure.

Tokeo la picha la whole grains cereals

Pop corns

The natural pop corns are a great source of fiber. This is generally essential in the body as it prevents constipation.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables provide the body with a lot of nutrients and vitamins hence are nutritious to the body. Use them when making salads and spice them with vinegar. Fruits and vegetables are the best ingredients for making smoothies.

Tokeo la picha la vegetables



This is the best snack for proteins production to the body. Studies shows that persons who want to lose weight should consume eggs as part of their diet.

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Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt is recommended at it has no sugars, because of its natural form of energy.

Tokeo la picha la plain yogurt


Salads are essential to the body as they supply it with natural and essential nutrients and vitamins. They help the body in building strong immunity.

Non-fat cheese

This plays a role in stabilizing the levels of body sugars and also reducing the thirst/ hunger more frequently.

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Rice cakes

Rice cakes have low carbs hence the best for diabetic people to eat.

Tokeo la picha la rice cakes

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Stevie Wonder reveals he will undergo a kidney transplant later this year

Stevie Wonder has revealed he will undergo a kidney transplant later this year.

The 69-year-old singer says he has a donor lined up and that he will perform a few more shows before he takes a break ahead of the procedure planned for September.

The chart-topper told fans of his condition as he wrapped up his set at British Summer Time in London’s Hyde Park.

Wonder told the crowd: ‘I’m all good, I’m all good, all good, I have a donor and it’s all good.

‘I want you to know, I came here to give you my love and thank you for your love.

‘I love you and God bless you.’

The news was greeted by cheers of support from fans, who gave him a raucous applause as he was led off stage.

Wonder’s appearance saw him headline the Hyde Park event in the second of five major concerts at the London park.

He had the crowd cheering as he treated them to classics like For Once in My Life, and Master Blaster.

Wonder stopped repeatedly between tracks to thank fans for their support over the years.

Those gathered to watch the multi Grammy Award-winner were treated to the crooner tinkling the ivories as he performed tracks like Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

His show, called The Song Party, was supported by Lionel Richie – who warmed up the crowd – on the Great Oak Stage on Saturday.

In December 2017, Wonder performed a cover of Easy at Richie’s Kennedy Centre Honours ceremony, which left Richie visibly emotional.


He later said: ‘I got into the business because I wanted to be like Stevie Wonder, so for all of a sudden for Stevie to be singing my song, it was surreal.’

His set also featured a tribute to musicians who have died, including songs by Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Prince and Aretha Franklin.

Like Celine Dion the previous night, Wonder, who has amassed worldwide sales of more than 100 million units, sang John Lennon’s Imagine

The rest of the concert series will see Barbra Streisand perform on Sunday, Florence + The Machine on July 13, and Robbie Williams on July 14.


Why you should not put raw onion in your salad according to this expert


– Sarah Vine an expert argues raw onions hidden in salads ruin lunch

– She says no one likes the vegetable as it’s smelly and indigestible

– She discussed the food industry’s efforts to spice up modern salads

Why does it seem like every salad offered in Kenya has raw onions in it?

But there is one ingredient I just cannot stomach: raw onions. Hands up who likes raw onion? No one? Thank you. That’s because it’s smelly, indigestible and extremely anti-social.


What kind of maniac wants to spend the rest of the afternoon sitting at his or her desk, burping up the vegetable equivalent of hot lava and causing colleagues to pass out every time you open your mouth?

Smelly. Indigestible. And extremely anti-social. Lunch is doomed 

And yet they all do it. Hide the raw onion, that is. every sandwich, salad bars and chips place or, the local sandwich shop: it’s like some perverse little game.

There you are, about to tuck into your nice saintly salad, when the faintest whiff of it reaches your nostrils. Lurking beneath the lettuce, cowering next to the cucumber — raw bloody onion!

Healthy Food: Grilled Chicken And Mix Salad Of Chicory, Tomatoes

Of course, then the whole thing is ruined. Raw onion contaminates everything within a five-inch radius, meaning that even if you do painstakingly pick it out, piece by festering piece, everything else will still taste of it.


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What the curious facts your appearance says about you

Sometimes well almost always, your appearance can portray the kind of person you are.

These are some of the features that can describe the kind of person you can be;

Tokeo la picha la appearance


When one has wrinkles on their face it can be due to many reasons. One is a sign of aging, it can also be due to stress from anger.

Tokeo la picha la wrinkles

Prominent cheekbones

A study conducted by scientists at the University of London show that men with a high level of testosterone have broad faces and thick cheekbones. The level of this hormone has a direct connection with dominance and aggressiveness. One look at your cheekbones can make one know the level of your hormones according to that research.

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The face shape 
Scientists have proven the connection between face shapes and dominance. The ratio of the distance between your ears and the distance between the upper line of your eyes and  your upper lip can tell the chances of your success.

A shot tells your profession

One shot of you can give a clear definition of the kind of person you are. Someone can tell the kind of profession you are taking from the way you are dressed or conduct yourself.

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The selfie positions also have a deeper meaning other than that of attraction. One of them is about gender. Women turn their heads to the right showing their left cheek and men vice versa when taking selfies.

Tokeo la picha la selfie


This especially to psychologists is used as a tactic of reading someones mind and behavior. For instance someone can look deep into your eyes and tell whether you are lying or telling the truth. The eyes can also say whether you are using drugs. Especially if they are red in color and it’s not a healthy problem.

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Apple shaped women twice as likely to suffer heart attack

– Storing fat around the stomach significantly raises the risk of heart disease

– Fat is packed around major organs and releases harmful chemicals into blood

– Study tracked 2683 women who were healthy weight over 18-year period

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Women with apple-shaped figures are twice as likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes as pear-shaped women, a major study reveals.

Storing fat around the stomach significantly raises the risk of heart disease, even in women who are a healthy weight, scientists say.


This is because fat is packed around major organs such as the liver and pancreas, and releases harmful chemicals into the blood that can cause heart disease.

The study, published in the European Heart Journal, tracked 2683 postmenopausal women who were a healthy weight over an 18 year period.

Scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York analysed their body fat distribution.

They ranked the women in order of whether they were apple-shaped or pear-shaped – when most fat is stored around the legs or hips.

The top 25 per cent most apple-shaped women were twice as likely to suffer heart disease and stroke as the 25 per cent of women with the least fat around their middle.

And the top quarter of pear-shaped women were 40 per cent less likely to get heart disease than people who store little fat in their legs.

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Overall, the women with the very highest proportion of fat around their middle were three times more likely to get cardiovascular disease than women at the opposite extreme with the most leg fat.

Scientists said having a higher proportion of fat on the legs can protect people from heart disease as it means the fat cannot cause problems elsewhere in the body.

Lead author Dr Qibin Qi said:

‘Our findings suggest that postmenopausal women, despite having normal weight, could have varying risk of cardiovascular disease because of different fat distributions around either their middle or their legs.’

Fat in the abdomen is called visceral fat and releases chemicals that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. This type of fat also pumps out fatty acids into the blood and has been linked to high cholesterol and insulin resistance, a cause of diabetes In contrast, extra weight on your hips and thighs is known as subcutaneous fat, which means it sits under the skin and is simply a store of fat.

When women reach the menopause, changes in their body shape and metabolism can cause more to be stored around the organs in the body rather than underneath the skin.

Scientists said that the distribution of fat in somebody’s body is more important predictor of heart problems than measuring their weight. They urged doctors to measure people’s waist circumference to assess their risk of heart disease, rather than just calculating their BMI.

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Dr Qi said:

‘In routine clinical practice, BMI is a common approach to assessing a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

‘As such, some people who are categorised as being a normal weight may not be recognised as being at increased risk of cardiovascular disease due to the distribution of their body fat, and so may not have preventive measures recommended for them.’ The World Health Organisation suggests men with waists bigger than 40in (102cm) and women with waists bigger than 35in (88cm) face a substantially increased risk of conditions such as diabetes.


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5 ways to wake up early and energized every day

For people who are not naturally morning people, then the first few hours of the day may tend to be very long and tiring.
Well if you want to make your day different then maybe you would want to make your mornings more bearable.
Work may need to be put in order to make your mornings more effective and successful and we might have tips to make you want to love your mornings.
Here are 5 ways you you could wake up energized through out your day.

1. Start small 

If you are one to have a work load of schedules and office works, the probably that is why you are that exhausted.

You do not want to complicate your mornings even before they get any better for you.

That aside, if you keep your morning routine simple, then that could make a whole lot of difference through out your morning and day in general.


5 Easy hacks to have breakfast for busy people

2. Set enough time to sleep

Let’s be honest.

If you do not get enough sleep through the night, then what happens? Of course the snooze button will be your answer yeah?

This only means you need to actually get enough sleep through the night so as to have a good day the following day.



3. Have morning routines

Have some work out schedules planned out.

Try out some yoga or dance routines, try out some gym work outs or running.

All this could play an important role in making sure your morning and the rest of the day will be as effective.

Models doing different yoga poses


4. Reduce stress levels

Ways to reduce stress levels may be from all the energy you let in.

Before you sleep, have some positive energy that will prepare your mind for a  good morning.

This may seem like a small thing, but your first thoughts in the morning often reflect the last thoughts you had before falling asleep.


Sleep – the secret of successful slim and healthy body

5. Make waking up fun

Treat every morning like Christmas.

So if you feel sluggish in the morning, try do it differently and also try change your approach every morning.

So you know how every Christmas or every holiday you do not have to go to work, do you feel excited ?

Well that is the kind of excitement you should have on your normal day to work.



Sleeping odd hours raises your risks of obesity and high blood pressure

Irregular sleep and inconsistent bedtimes may raise your risks for metabolic disorders like high blood sugar, obesity, hypertension and high blood sugar, a new study suggests.

We still don’t know exactly why we sleep.

But as scientists attempt to work out the answer to that question, they’ve learned that the body’s clock regulates both our rest and metabolism.

Most of that work has looked at the effects of getting too little sleep, but the new study, conducted by scientists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, suggests that even if we’re getting enough sleep, irregularity can disrupt metabolism.

Keeping to a regular sleep schedule, on the other hand, may prevent not only metabolic problems, but combat depression and encourage heart health, the researchers argue.
The body operates according to an internal clock that can be gauged not by minutes or hours but rhythms.

These circadian rhythms are marked by the ebb and flow of various hormones and biological process and take place over the course of about a 24-hour day.

Circadian rhythms, when functioning properly, tell us when to eat and when to sleep through changing hormone levels.

But the relationship works in both directions. What and when we eat or sleep can throw off those rhythms too.

We know that sleeplessness increases the risk of diabetes, primarily because it alters the release of insulin in the body.

The hormone, insulin, allows our metabolic system to properly process and break down glucose, which the body in turn converts to energy.

But those who don’t sleep enough on a chronic basis tend to produce less insulin, allowing glucose to build up in the blood stream and reach unhealthy levels.

However, you don’t have to go without sleep to disrupt your circadian rhythms – and therefore your metabolism. Even a single hour of variation in when someone goes to sleep and wakes up every day can interfere with circadian rhythms and how the body processes food.

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital team followed a group of over 2,000 men and women between ages 45 and 84 for around six years, and found dramatic differences in metabolic disorders depending on their sleep regularity.

They found that ‘every one-hour night-to-night difference in the time to bed or the duration of a night’s sleep multiplies the adverse metabolic effect,’ said study co-author and epidemiologist Dr Tianyi Huang.

Every hour of inconsistency in a sleep schedule was linked to a 27 percent higher risk of a metabolic problem.

In fact, if someone was tucking themselves in and rising at variable times early on in the study, they were more likely to develop high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity or another disorder down the road.

The researchers say that this is evidence that sleep irregularity may in fact cause metabolic disorders – but doesn’t yet meet the bar to prove that it does.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who had inconsistent sleep schedules were more likely to do shift work with rotating or none-nine-to-five schedules, to eat more, smoke, struggle with depression and sleep less in general.

Shifting sleep schedules were also more common among African Americans, the researchers found.

‘Our results suggest that maintaining a regular sleep schedule has beneficial metabolic effects,’ said study coauthor Dr Susan Redline, who studies sleep and practices sleep medicine.

‘This message may enrich current prevention strategies for metabolic disease that primarily focus on promoting sufficient sleep and other healthy lifestyles.’

Daily Mail

Reasons why you should incorporate smoothies in your meals

Smoothies have been all the rage for some time now.

Are you team smoothie gang? If not you just might want to start.

Creating your own  smoothie gives you the absolute authority to incorporate anything you want.

Well in regards to adding anything to your smoothie, please add greens … Just add them, Thank us later!

Here are 5 reasons why smoothies are important

1. Healthy

You have packed all sorts of fruits to your blender from strawberries, mangoes, bananas, to pineapples.

What could definitely go wrong?

These fruits are already vitamins enriched meaning that they are good for your body and more importantly, very healthy.


image-2019-06-06 (2)


2. Radiant skin 

We often spend a lot of money trying to get those skin care products but what you do not know is that smoothies brings that extra glow to your skin.

Skin care routines are important but so are smoothies. Green smoothies are high in vitamins which work together  to offer you a better complexion and clear skin without using a dime!

Not only that, your hair also glows and grows both in length and in volume. Well we know you like long hair, smoothies is the way to go.

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3. Act as meal replacements

In most cases, out patients are normally advised foods in liquid form.

Fruits which have minerals, vitamins fibers and all things vitamins take the role of doing this for these patients.

In any case when you incorporate full balanced diet in your fruit smoothie, it acts as food for the body.


4. Weight loss

In addition to working out and having healthy meals, smoothies may also be used as a detox.

One thing is important to note down. That smoothies may act as a way to lose of weight but also , steer away from dietary that may be adding weight to your body.

Well you might also need to add a work out schedule as  well if losing weight is your goal.

Diet Facts: Here are reasons why you should eat dates daily

5. Fun

How about a smoothie after that meal!

Healthy meal with a smoothie equals to a healthy body.




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5 Important reasons why you need to start your yoga classes today

Yoga’s gentle yet refreshing moves are some of the reasons why it is so popular and why you need to start you classes as soon as possible.

Here are reasons why you need to  start your classes today.

1. It is a fitness activity

Fitness from yoga starts from both internal and external fitness.

Through breathing techniques, yoga is able to work on your lungs and your cardio-respiratory organs which may include the heart as well.

In addition, physical excises from stretching and moving your body to different techniques that yoga has.


2. Yoga boosts productivity and creativity

We live in a world where a lot of things may hinder us both mentally and physically from being creative ad for giving our best.

No matter how busy you might feel, remember that a state of overwhelm could be a signal that you are over-committed or impatient.

Practicing yoga can help you focus on getting stuff done.

image-2019-06-03 (7) (1)

3. Allow yourself to relax

This is very important. At times we might be very hard on ourselves and at times that goes to our bodies as well.

Stiffening of the nerves may lead to injuries caused from practices that have to do with yoga.

This being both mentally and physical, it is important to relax both your mind and your body to have a good circulation from the activities that come with Yoga.

image-2019-06-03 (8) (1)

4. Do not forget to breathe

If you do not have healthy breathing habits, however, you might find yourself holding your breath at the end of inhalation.

Therefore breathe and let go of excess baggage to relax your body, mind and soul.

This helps you not to have a hard time while practicing and enjoying your yoga routines.

image-2019-06-03 (10) (1)

5. Yoga is for everyone

Though it may seem like a physical activity, yoga can be done by anyone and everyone.

It is a time of reflection and self love and everyone needs this in their lives.

Models doing different yoga poses



Prostate cancer breakthrough: New treatment to destroy tumor cells

A radical ‘seek and destroy’ treatment could extend the lives of thousands of men with advanced prostate cancer, a study shows.

The approach described by experts as ‘game changing’ – uses high-tech molecules to track down tumors anywhere in the body and blast them with a radioactive payload.

The breakthrough ‘PSMA’ radiotherapy treatment became available privately in Britain for the first time last week with two men already treated.

Thousands more are expected to benefit if global trials currently under way come back with positive results, providing the key to NHS approval.

Experts at the American Society of Clinical Oncology congress in Chicago said the treatment provided hope for men for whom all other options had run out.

Without it they are simply referred for palliative end-of-life care.

Australian oncologist Arun Azad, who is testing the treatment on 200 men in one of ten trials taking place around the world, said: ‘It is potentially game changing.

image-2019-06-03 (2) (1)

‘If the results are positive, it really will change the landscape of how we treat prostate cancer.’

The new treatment targets a protein on the surface of prostate cancer cells called PSMA, or ‘prostate-specific membrane antigen’.

The treatment contains a molecule, known as PSMA-617, which seeks out and binds to PSMA.

The molecule also carries a ‘payload’ a nuclear isotope called Lutetium-177 which delivers a powerful blast of radiotherapy.

Crucially, the radiotherapy travels only 1mm ensuring only prostate cells are damaged and healthy tissue is spared.

A pilot study of 50 men in Australia has shown the treatment extends the life expectancy of men with advanced prostate cancer from nine months to an average of 13.3 months.

But a fifth of patients responded extremely well – and were still alive after 33 months.

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Low dose of Aspirin may increase bleeding in the skull

Taking low-dose aspirin could increase the risk of bleeding in the skull, especially among those with no history of heart issues, a new report finds.

Low-dose aspirin has been recommended in the past for older adults as a method to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke by preventing blood clots.

But several recent studies have found this positive benefit is negated by the increased risk of internal bleeding.

Now, a new review finds that taking low-dose aspirin regularly raises the risk of a type of skull bleeding, known as an intracranial hemorrhage.

Among those who had the greatest risk were adults with a body mass index under 25.

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The team, led by Chang Gung University College of Medicine in Taiwan, says the findings show the medication should only be taken by adults who have the highest cardiovascular disease risk such as those who’ve undergone bypass surgery.

A daily low-dose aspirin has been recommended to prevent blood clots that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

An adult low-dose aspirin is defined as such if it’s between 75 and 100 milligrams. One pill of low-dose Bayer, for example, is 81 milligrams.

For the review, published in JAMA Neurology, the team looked at 13 previous studies on the subject.

More than 130,000 people between ages 42 and 74 – none of whom had a history of stroke or heart disease – were given either a low-dose aspirin or a placebo.

Those who were on the placebo had a 0.46 percent risk of bleeding, but those taking a low-dose aspirin had a 0.63 percent risk, roughly two out of every 1,000 people.

People who were either ethnically Asian or had a body mass index under 25 faced the greatest risk.

When a hemorrhage occurs in the skull, oxygen-rich blood can’t reach brain tissue and instead pools around the brain.

This can put pressure on the brain, and lead to permanent damage or even death, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

‘The absolute magnitude of these adverse effects is modest, but clinically relevant,’ said co-author Dr Wen-Yi Huang, a professor of neurology at Chang Gung University College of Medicine.

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‘Given that the many individuals in the general population have a very low risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular events, if low-dose aspirin is given universally, adverse outcomes from intracranial hemorrhage may outweigh the beneficial effects of low-dose aspirin.’

It comes just two months after the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association released new guidelines on low-dose aspirin.

The two organizations recommended that older adults above age 70 not take the medication as a preventive measure due to an increased risk of bleeding.

‘Clinicians should be very selective in prescribing aspirin for people without known cardiovascular disease,’ said Dr Roger Blumenthal, a cardiologist from Johns Hopkins Medicines who co-chaired the guidelines.

‘It’s much more important to optimize lifestyle habits and control blood pressure and cholesterol as opposed to recommending aspirin. Aspirin should be limited to people at the highest risk of cardiovascular disease and a very low risk of



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