How baking soda can play a great role in your health

Baking soda can be of great use in the house. It can be used in various ways such as in cooking and killing of home weeds. Besides being a household agent, it also has many other health benefits.

They include:

Tokeo la picha la importance of baking soda to the body

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Sunburns are normally caused by the sun rays especially when at the beach. It can be applied before hitting the beach to prevent itching due to the harsh rays from the sun.

Improve your exercise techniques

It is highly recommended for people that engage in exercises and games. It helps in reducing fatigue that can be caused by extensive body workouts. Taking a glass of this with water helps your body to regulate amount of acid produced during working out that can make one tired fast.

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Eliminate bad odor

It can be used as a deodorant to prevent bad odor produced by sweat. It also makes the sweat less acidic to prevent staining of clothes at the armpits.

Teeth whitener

It can be used in replacement of tooth paste. It contains some antibacterial properties in it that plays a role in whitening the teeth and fighting harmful bacteria that can lead to dental diseases.

Mouth wash

It helps in soothing the painful sores that normally form in ones mouth. It is also used as a substitute for the regular mouth wash to freshen ones breath and give your mouth a good odor when breathing. Mix it with warm water and use it on a daily basis to maintain a healthy mouth.

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Heartburn can be very disturbing due to the discomfort it causes. The condition is caused by too much acidity in the stomach or being so stressed. It helps to neutralize the acidity in the stomach that reduces the irritation that runs through the throat.

Food hygiene

It is used in the cleaning of fruits and vegetables before consumption. This reduces the chances of bacterial infections into the body that can lead to illnesses.

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The way you handle food could be risky to your health

The way you handle or mishandle food could be harmful to your health.
Industry experts repeatedly sound warnings to us, on what we must all do in our homes to avoid food poisoning. How many of you listen?
Below are some of the things we most probably do that poses a danger to food safety:
Not washing hands thoroughly before cooking
We all pick up germs throughout the day. This is why the hands need to be thoroughly washed because we pick up bacteria that can be transmitted during food preparation, leading to food poisoning. This was the case years back when Kenya faced a cholera and typhoid outbreak.
Tokeo la picha la hand washing
Ignoring warnings recalling food items
Do you pay attention when authorities recall certain products or do you just ignore it? Always check the sell by date and when it expires to make that they are safe. It is necessary to dispose all recalled foods because it may be related with outbreaks and illness.

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Feeding on cold leftovers
Leftover food can be contaminated with bacteria especially if left uncovered. Therefore it is necessary to warm the food before consumption to kill the potential bacteria. Taking food that has been sitting out for quite a longer period is dangerous. This is because of the temperature changes. It is therefore necessary for the perishable foods be returned to the refrigerator as soon as possible to avoid spoiling.

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Using one chopping board to chop everything
It is advisable to use separate chopping boards especially when it comes to meat and poultry.
Tokeo la picha la chopping board
Refrigerator is not cold enough
If the fridge isn’t set to the recommended temperature, food items may spoil. It is therefore recommended for one to use a thermometer to make sure the food is safe under the correct temperature to avoid food dangers.
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