8 ways smoking can negatively affect your health

Smoking can occur in two ways which are passive and active. Passive involves taking smoke from the environment while active involves direct inhaling of smoke to your body. However smoke has negative impact to your body especially the lungs.

Picha inayohusiana


Other effects include;

Lung cancer

Smoke is the greatest threat to the lungs. This is because it infects the oxygenated air leading to breathing problems.

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This negatively affects men ability to perform in bed, while it can cause cervical cancer for women.

Blood clotting 

Smoke can cause blood clotting as it invades the blood vessels. This lowers the rate at which blood circulation occurs in the body.

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Blood cancer

Smoke contains some bacterial substances that once they invade the blood, it becomes infected. People who smoke a lot are likely to get leukemia compared to those who don’t smoke.

Dental infection

Most smokers normally have brown or yellow teeth. It can also lead to other tooth related diseases like tooth aches, dental inflammation and tamper with fresh breath.

Tokeo la picha la brown teeth

Severe coughs

Cigarettes contain too much nicotine and many other harmful chemicals. This tampers with the respiratory system causing constant coughs.

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Smoking can lead to low appetite as it affects the loss of sense of taste. This hence makes ones body to become weak due to lack of food. Once the body is not well fed, the immunity lowers making it difficult in fighting diseases.


Smoking while you’re pregnant can cause serious problems, too. Your baby could be born too early, have a birth defect, or die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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5 indicators that you might be having an unhealthy gut

These are some of the signs and symptoms to alert you about an unhealthy gut. They include;

Tokeo la picha la gut


This occurs when you feel tired and sleepy throughout the day. It is normal to have that feeling especially after a long day of working. If you notice that it’s the same case even after having some rest then it can be a result of an unhealthy gut. These problems not only causes fatigue but also lack of concentration in what you do and can lead to low energy levels.

Skin issues

At times the skin can get some irritation that isn’t normal. This includes acne and hair peeling off,caused from the processes taking place inside the body that affects even the skin. It is therefore advisable to take a lot of water to avoid dehydration among other conditions.

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Digestion issues

Sometimes the body can be affected by some bacteria that will tamper with with the normal digestion of the food. Once the food is taken into the body, the gut is in charge of how the whole process takes place. Therefore it is advisable for one to avoid too much consumption of sugary foods as they may tamper with the gut and good bacteria in the intestines.

Frequent diseases

You can easily get sick once your gut is infected. This is because it will weaken the immune system which builds a defense mechanism against diseases in the body. You can also get germs into the body more especially through the food taken in because the gut will be affected hence cannot detect the harmful bacteria.

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Diabetes symptoms

You may notice that you have signs of diabetes when you actually don’t have it when checked. This may be another sign of having an unhealthy gut if not treated.

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Celebrities that battled addiction and made it

Addiction is one thing that most people have found it hard to say goodbye to. These are some of the celebrities that have struggled with addiction and managed to get over it;


Tokeo la picha la robert downey

Angelina Jolie

Angelina suffered from depression which pushed her to drugs hoping to feel better.‘ I did almost every type of drug in existence.’ She said this referring to it as the dark moments in her life. She however managed to fight this by surrounding herself with people that could add value to her life. She changed her way of living and adopted children after she became an actress.

Robert Downey Jr.

He went through a lot as he fought his life through drugs. The actor was sent to prison and forced treatment for quit sometime. He also spent a whole in hospital and he finally made a decision to stop using drugs and since then his life changed.

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She got to do drugs because she was confident enough during her performances on stage. This grew into a habit up to a point that she forgot lines of her own songs on stage. She also noticed that her voice was becoming a mess as days went by. She later on had a surgery that made her to stop doing drugs completely.

Drew Barrymore

Drew became a drug addict at quite a younger age. She was taken to a rehab clinic for 8 months due to the overdose drugs consumption. After she left the clinic her life changed and she became a model and a part-time waitress. She hereafter became a mother and a studio owner.

Kristin Davis

The actress started to take drugs as a solution of gaining courage in her performance. She was helped by a close friend that engaged her in yoga classes and many other more encouraging sessions which helped her leave alcohol.

Tokeo la picha la kristin davis doing drugs

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Steven Tyler

The musician’s life revolved around drugs and sex life. His life changed after he met his second wife who made him see the better part of living a healthy life.

Britney Spears

She began her drug life after she became famous and rich. She was even denied her parental custody of her sons because of the drug abuse. This made her change her way of living and did away with drugs.

Tokeo la picha la britiny spears doing drugs before and after

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Elton John

Elton saw drugs to be a way of doing away with his shyness.In the year 1975 he almost lost his life because of an overdose. This made him to go to a rehab clinic and changed his lifestyle completely.

Samuel L. Jackson

He became a drug addict in his youth life. He was taken to a rehabilitation center where his life changed after his wife and daughter visited him at one point and he confessed to them that he was a drug addict. Since then his addiction to drugs came to an end.

Tokeo la picha la samuel l jackson doing drugs before and after

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Health benefits of including Aloe Vera in your diet that you need to know

Aloe Vera is popularly known to be a medical plant for healing multiple diseases. It has many other synonyms such as burn plant and medical aloe. These are some of its benefits;

Tokeo la picha la aloe vera


A weak digestive system can lead to many diseases. The aloe plant will help the digestive tract to be smooth and cleanse it for easier digestion to take place. It also plays a major role in the regulation of excretion processes. Taking the aloe can also help to eliminate bad bacteria inside the gut for healthy digestion to take place.

Wound healing

Aloe Vera is majorly recommended for many medical treatments. It is used in treatment of wounds, burns and even sores by rubbing on the affected area. Once applied the process of healing is effective in the shortest and fastest way.


It contains plenty of water that prevents constipation. It also contains some laxative properties that has the ability to help the intestinal muscles contract thus making it easy for bowel movement.

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Prevent diabetes and high blood sugars

Traditionally this plant has been used as medicine for various treatments. It contains certain supplements that help the body to utilize insulin. It also helps the body to improve the blood sugar levels. It can also be used by diabetics to fight it and lowering the chances of being infected by the same medical condition.

Prevent breast cancer

It can be used to reduce the risk factors that lead to breast cancer, and contains some properties that helps the body fight the cancer bacteria.

Relieve heartburn

This is known to be one of the digestive disorders. It normally affects the muscle that connects the esophagus and the stomach hence affecting the normal digestion. Aloe medicine will reduce the heartburn intensity boosting proper digestion of the food.

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Prevent acne

It is normally used in making moisturizers, face washes, lotions and many other beauty products. It contains antibacterial properties that prevent the infection of the pores. The astringent property in it also helps in removing dirt and oil in the skin. This helps in treating different types of acne preset on the skin.

Prevent and cure hair loss

Hair loss can affect anyone. Using the plant will help prevent the hair loss and keep the scalp firm and healthy. Most of the hair products are made by aloe plant as it boosts hair growth.

Tokeo la picha la hair losss

Keep your food fresh

This can be used in the preservation of your food for a longer period. A 2014 study by Cambridge University sampled tomatoes coated with the gel from Aloe Vera. The research found out that the Aloe Vera coating has helped prevent the growth of many types of harmful bacteria.

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Boost immune system

The plant contains some natural detoxifying components that cleanse the circulatory and digestive system. It also helps to neutralize harmful bacteria and accelerates the absorption level of nutrients by the body, to boost the immunity of the body.


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How to spend a romantic weekend with your spouse

After a long week of working, you need to spend time with your family and rest.

This is how you can spend a romantic weekend with your spouse;

1. Massage

This will help your muscles to relax and improve your body blood flow.

You can go to a spa with your partner or do the massage at the comfort of your home. You can also massage your partner and alternate the procedure.

It prepares your body for the other week of working.


Tokeo la picha la massage

2. Date

Take your partner on a date and have some alone time, just the two of you.

This will help to strengthen your relationship and show your partner how much you love and care for them.

3. Sharing house chores

This may seem menial and almost commonplace but in reality, it is very romantic.

Watching your spouse doing house chores and helping out helps a lot.

This involves teaching your partner to do some of the chores that they know nothing about.

It helps in strengthening your bond.

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4. Watching movie

This will make you relax and relieve all the stress you had throughout the week.

Watch a movie that both of you like and make a great memory out of it.

Tokeo la picha la watching amovies

5. Picnic

Weekends are always known to be resting time.

Take your partner out for a picnic, observe the features and environment and the pastures.

Take pictures of each other, laugh and make great memories.

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6. Fun games

Playing with your partner plays a great role in your marriage.

It will help in creating a greater bond.

Play games that you love and also train your spouse new games that they knew nothing about.

Playing also helps in refreshing your body and mind.

7. Cooking

Take this time and make your spouse the best dishes that they love.

Teach them how to cook for the meals they do not know how to cook.

You can also make it more fun by competing on knowing who is the best cook between the two of you.

8. Sharing past memories

You can take this moment to remember your past moments even before you got married.

You can look at your old pictures together and compare with your current to see if there is a difference and make some comments on each other.

Healthy benefits of taking ginger and lemon as your daily routine

9. Workouts

Take this time to observe your health too.

You can go to the gym and workout or even do some home workouts together.

Do some morning or even runs to maintain your weight.

Tokeo la picha la morning run

10. Walks

Take a walk in the evening with your partner and whisper sweet romantic words to them.

Tell your partner how much you care and love them.

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Healthy benefits of taking ginger and lemon as your daily routine

Your health must come first before anything else. Did you know that taking ginger and lemon have a great role to play to your body?

Here are some of the healthy benefits;

Tokeo la picha la ginger and lemon

Weight maintenance

This can be helpful if you trying to lose weight. Many people prefer taking it on a daily basis before taking any food early in the morning. This is because it will help in decreasing the level of your appetite and hunger all through. It will also aid in the level of metabolism and calories breakdown.

Promotes hair growth

Drinking this will prevent hair falling and other hair related problems like dandruff. It will provide the body with minerals and vitamins that help to maintain your hair to be strong.

Skin glowing

Ginger and lemon provide the body with anti-oxidants which aid in preventing the body from skin diseases and infections. They help to maintain skin health and making it glow.

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Boosts immunity

Lemon and ginger play a great role in fighting infections that can lead to diseases. The anti-oxidants contain the immune boosting properties which helps to keep the body strong to fight all sorts of ailments.

Improves liver functioning

Continuous consumption of this plays a role in maintaining the overall health of the liver. It can also be used to prevent and treat liver disease.

Alkalinity in the body

Lemon is known to be acidic in nature. When mixed with ginger it helps in maintaining the needed body alkalinity. It helps in lowering the amounts of cholesterol and cravings for sugary foods.

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Heart health

Lemon is known to be containing vitamin C. This helps in the blood flow through the veins and also prevents blood clotting.

Improves concentration

Once you take this especially during the morning hours, it will improve the rate of your concentration in the rest of the day. Ginger is also considered to be helping in relieving stress.

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Soothes pain

Lemon and ginger contain antibacterial properties. This helps to sooth the body from all kinds of pain such as cramps, migraines and other sorts of illness. They helping in relaxing the body muscles and keeping it healthy.

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Health benefits of taking pepper in your meals

Adding pepper in your meals boosts your health including prevention from diseases.

Here are some of the benefits;

Tokeo la picha la importance of pepper


Improves metabolism

Pepper generates some processes the help to generate heat to the body. The process helps in utilizing the energy in the body which is used to burn additional calories. It also helps in weight loss. This is because it helps to reducing appetite by destroying the nerve fibers that communicates from the stomach to the brain when hungry. It also breaks down proteins to prevent fat accumulation that may lead to weight gain.

People who work long hours are more likely to suffer a stroke

Prevents cancer risks
It is evident from research done that pepper contains some anti-oxidants that helps to protect cancerous bacteria. They include breast, pancreatic and bladder cancers. It also chances of prostate cancer growth.

Gets rid of bad breathe

It helps to disinfect the air you breathe hence helps in maintaining a good smell of your breath all through.

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Fungal infection cure

The anti-oxidants play a great role in the immune system that aids in fighting diseases like flu and coughs. It also helps in regulating the body temperatures hence reducing the chances of contacting the fungal infections.

Joint pain reliever

This can be used to relieve joint pains once taken into the body as meals. It can also applied on the skin to serve as a media in controlling the pain message being transferred to the brain.

Improve heart health

It also aids the circulatory system and prevents heart disease by lowering blood serum cholesterol and reduces lipid deposits, and therefore, reverses excessive blood clotting. It also dilates the blood vessels to aid in blood flow.

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It helps in proper digestion of food in the digestion tract. It is also help in times of stomach upsets, reducing intestinal gas and also reduces cramps pains to ladies. This can be used by with people with ulcers to spice their food instead of other spices as it is not harmful to their health.

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A list of everything expectant mum’s should eat

Being pregnant is a different whole game, and the most important thing every expectant mum needs to be careful about is what she eats.

Here are the food ever doctor will recommend that mum to be’s eat.


They include dried fruit, avocados, prunes, dates and berries. Berries contain healthy carbs and vitamin C. The vitamin is important to skin health, immune function and also helps the body to absorb iron. Avocados contains vitamins, fiber and healthy fats.

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These fats plays a role in building the brain and tissues for the unborn baby and also prevent leg cramps for the pregnant mother. Prunes are rich in fiber hence help in relieving constipation. Regular consumption of dates may help in cervical dilation and reduce pains during labor.

Tokeo la picha la fruits


Dairy products

These products are packed with proteins and calcium, and play a greater role in the development of the fetus. Yogurt for instance contains probiotic bacteria that aids in digestion and reduces pregnancy related complications such as infections and allergies.

Tokeo la picha la diary products


They include peas, beans, peanuts and many others.They contains proteins, iron and vitamin B 9 which is essential during pregnancy as it reduces the risk of the fetus getting diseases during birth.

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Lean meat

This is the best source of proteins and iron. Iron is important as it is used to deliver oxygen to all cells in the body by red blood calls as part of hemoglobin. This is therefore important because blood volume normally increases during pregnancy. This hence reduces the risks of premature births or anemia disease.

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This is essential to avoid circumstances of being dehydrated or even constipation. It also helps in preventing chances of getting urinary tract infections and increases your blood volumes.


Tokeo la picha la water


Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and a natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a role in bone health and keeping them strong and immune system. This will make the bones of the unborn child strong and prevent born related diseases and disabilities.

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How wearing tight clothes can be harmful to your health

When it comes to anything to do with your health you have to be careful. Fashion is good but it’s necessary to dress in a way that makes you comfortable. These are some of the reasons why you should avoid very tight clothes;

Blood circulation

When dressed in tight clothes the blood circulation gets affected. This is because your blood vessels get pressed together by the garment hence the blood flow does not occur as required. It can also affect also affect the veins and arteries as they are being strained.

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Allergic reactions

It is necessary to wash new garments before wearing them. More especially if the clothes are dyed. When the cloth is holding your skin tightly and it is dyed it can cause allergies to your body because of the chemicals. It can also lead to skin numbness.

Tokeo la picha la skin allergy

Digestion problems

This especially is in connection to tight trousers and underwear. When the stomach s tightly held and you are feeding, the food will not be able to get digested. This can also lead to stomach upsets and bloating.

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Nerve pains

Designed to smooth out flab and bulging tummies, body-shapes like compression undergarments and control-top pantyhose have a downside. “Tight garments on the lower abdominal region and the upper thigh can cause a condition called Meralgia Paresthetica, irritation of the nerves in the front and outer aspects of the thigh,” says Orly Avitzur, MD, a neurologist and medical adviser to Consumer Reports who practices in Carmel, N.Y.

Rashes and Infections

Tight clothes can cause rashes to your skin. This is due to the itching feeling that you will have because of the irritation fro the garment. The tight clothing item can cause bruising of the skin in such a way that bacteria are able to breach that protective layer of tissue and cause infections.

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Natural ways of boosting your fertility

Infertility is really a big threat to relationship especially to married couples. A happy family is complete when there are children in it. There are various natural ways of boosting fertility which includes observing your diet. They include;


It is generally healthy for one to have a healthy nutritious diet. One is required to feed more on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and protein foods. This is because these foods contain antioxidants.

Antioxidants help in deactivating the free radicals that can damage both the sperm and egg cell which can cause infertility. It is also recommended to eat a bigger breakfast before starting the day as it may improve hormonal balance.

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Eating heavy meals in the evening can also lead to overweight. Foods rich in fibre is also important as it helps to keep the blood sugar balanced and also gets rid of excess hormones that can lead to infertility.

It is also important to eat foods with lower carbs as they help to reduce insulin levels and helps in menstrual regularity. This makes your fertility on a safer level.

Tokeo la picha la dieting

Healthy weight

Always observe your weight when feeding, you should not be either overweight or underweight. When you are overweight or underweight, you have high chances of having longer cycle lengths hence difficult to get pregnant.

When you are overweight it means that you got a lot of fats in your body and it influences your menstrual function. Studies state that obese women have lower chances of getting pregnant.

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However, it is possible for one to acquire the required health weight. This is by engaging in exercising on a daily basis. When you engage in exercises it makes your body active hence reducing chances of infertility in your body.

Tokeo la picha la workout

Take time to relax

It is important to have time to relax once in a while. When you are stressed, depressed or working under high pressure you are not likely to conceive.

This is due to the hormonal changes that take place in your body when stressed. Have some time to rest once a while and have enough sleep and avoid overworking yourself.


Tokeo la picha la relaxing

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What your monthly cycle say about your health, doctors respond

With so much variation in how many women experience their monthly cycle, it’s difficult for a woman to know what is ‘normal’ and what they should flag with the doctor.

So to help answer some common questions, FEMAIL spoke to Australian general practitioner and owner of Sapphire Family Medical Practice in Bondi Junction, Dr Dasha Fielder.

‘The most important point to make is that women’s menstruation cycles can vary significantly, which is completely normal,’ she said.

‘There is a lot of inaccurate information provided by alternative health practitioners that creates anxiety in women and results in unnecessary tests and treatments that have no evidence behind them.’

Cycle length may vary from person to person

Dr Fielder said that a normal cycle is anywhere between 26 to 35 days with a period that lasts from three to seven days.

Periods normally start with brown discharge and mild cramps and proceed to heavier bleeding for two to three days with stronger cramps.

Then after this the blood becomes lighter before eventually concluding.

‘How women respond to hormonal fluctuations and pain is greatly variable but not in itself abnormal,’ she said.

Oestrogen can result in insomnia and progesterone can make you bloated

Oestrogen is the primary female s3x hormone that is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system, which Dr Fielder said peaks mid cycle.

Then as the days go on progesterone, another s3x hormone involved in the menstrual cycle, begins to rise and oestrogen begins to drop.

‘In general some women can respond to dropping oestrogen with negative side effects such as mood variations, anger and insomnia,’ she said.

‘Progesterone rising can make some women bloated, constipated and prone to water retention.

‘However it is important to note that this is completely normal and should not be presented to women as something that needs changing and investigating.’

Dr Fielder said oestrogen and progesterone are important hormones for women that controls their reproductive cycle and their main function is to assist with reproduction and pregnancy.

Testosterone has an effect on your libido and health

Testosterone is another hormone that plays a part in women’s menstrual cycle and it is produced in both men and women, although it is less significant in women.

Relatively small quantities of testosterone are released into your bloodstream by the ovaries and adrenal glands.

The hormone is part of what drives desire and thoughts about s3x, and even helps provide the energy for s3x in women.

Women’s testosterone levels gradually go down as they age, and lower amounts of the hormone can lower muscle mass, affect skeletal health, and decrease sensitivity in the va*ina and cli*oris.

‘Although the libido is multifactorial  in women and influenced by many things, testosterone is one of the many things that has been linked to the libido,’ she said.

‘When testosterone levels are too high common conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may occur or primary adrenal hyperplasia, which is a rare condition that results in hormonal imbalance may appear,’ she said.

‘These are complex conditions and women should seek medical help.’

The unusual signs to look out for 

Dr Fielder said there are a variety of signs women should pay attention to that may indicate they need professional help.

‘If your cycle is longer then 35 days, if you are experiencing excessive hair growth, voice change or your cycle is prolonged and heavy or you have intermenstrual bleeding, it is worthwhile to discuss this with your doctor,’ she said.

‘And looking at your history and an examination it might be appropriate for your doctor to run some basic tests.’

‘However hormones vary from day to day and even from time of the day which means measuring oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone in women is not always.’

Dr Fielder said her main point is that periods vary and hormones change throughout the cycle.

She said women shouldn’t focus too much on their cycle and focus on managing their symptoms with a healthy diet, regular exercise, good sleep, maintaining a healthy BMI and reducing alcohol consumption.


Parliament to draft a law that regulates drugs and medical care prices in Kenya – Sabina Chege

The Parliamentary committee on Health will formulate a law that will control prices of drugs and medical care in both private and public hospitals.

The committee’s chairperson Sabina Chege has said the exorbitant costs of accessing medical care in the country has locked out many patients who cannot afford it.

Chege said it is unfortunate that some hospitals charge more than Sh. 100,000 for vital health services such as cesarean sections.

“High drugs prices is also a major issue that has been seriously affecting Kenyans who suffer in silence but this will now be controlled by the law,” she said.

The law, she said, will also compel the government to directly provide drugs to the counties through Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa).

Chege noted that this will regulate the drugs being used in hospitals and protect patients from counterfeits.

The MP said some of the diseases that have been on an increase in the country such as cancer have been caused by recklessness in the health sector.

The law will also ensure that funds set aside for health are channeled directly to health facilities to avoid diversion to other functions by county governments.

“What is currently happening is county governments have been using health funds to do other activities without giving special attention to health functions,” she said.

She further pointed out that the law will seal many loopholes that exist in health policies and streamline the sector at the national level while compelling county governments to ensure what is set aside for health is invested in the sector.

Through the law, community health workers will be empowered to treat people in their homes to reduce congestion in hospitals.

Speaking at Rurii stadium in Mathioya during Jamhuri celebrations, Chege however noted that cartels that have controlled the sector for a long time are trying to frustrate the formulation of the law.

She said Murang’a County will benefit in the second phase of the Universal health care coverage that is being piloted in Nyeri, Kisumu, Isiolo and Machakos and is being launched in Kisumu by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Chege also noted that the national government has procured a CT scan machine that is being installed at Murang’a level 5 hospitals and will be launched by the President as a New Year gift to locals, saving them the agony of travelling to Nairobi for the services.

“I have been going round hospitals trying to see how I can work closely with the county government because sometimes I get people who donate equipment that can improve services in health facilities,” she said.

She said she is also partnering with the county leadership to spearhead an NHIF registration drive that will ensure every household is registered.

“NHIF resolves a lot of issues patients face when trying to access medical care especially when its an emergency. We get so many people who get admitted in hospitals an accrue bills amounting to millions that they cannot pay,” she said.


Mother In Law’s, Listen Up! This Is Why Your Son’s Wife Isn’t Reproducing

Women have fewer children if they live with their mother or mother-in-law, a major new study suggests.

Researchers found, on average, females who live just with their spouse have more children than those who share a bathroom with their relatives.

The findings dismiss widely held theories that sharing a house with a mother or mother-in-law would encourage women to have more children.

Austrian scientists made the conclusion after assessing statistics attained from 2.5 million females across the world.

Until now, biologists assumed that a woman who lives with her mother or mother in law would have more children.

But the new study, ‘dubbed interesting’ and published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, discovered the opposite effect.

Writing in the journal, the researchers said: ‘Our data thus point to lower fertility in case of the presence of any mother in the household.

‘This is interesting, as one would expect that both mothers should have “some biological interest” in a higher number of grandchildren. 

Experts blamed reproductive competition behind why many women choose not to have children while living with their own mother or in law.

The University of Vienna team noted how the grandmothers tended to be younger if they were still living with their daughter, or son’s spouse.

They suggested that a younger grandmother may have children on her own which is more important than raising their own grandchildren.

This may cause a woman to avoid becoming pregnant, as they would perhaps feel they wouldn’t receive enough support with their newborn.

How was the study carried out? 

Researchers used census data of 2,478,383 married women between the ages of 15 and 34 from 14 countries, including the US, Iraq and Argentina.

Analysis showed a stark cultural difference between which women tend to live with either their parents or in laws. All of the participants lived with their spouse.

Some 1.47 per cent of American women live with their husband’s mother, compared to 53 per cent in Iraq, the results revealed.

While the amount of those living with their own mother ranged from 0.79 per cent in Malawi to 17 per cent in Thailand.

The analysis bracket included all women still in their reproductive years, in theory, meaning they had yet to complete their family.

Education, where they lived and their partner’s education level were also assessed for any potential effects on the number of children.


Woman,21,who survived suicide receives face transplant in historic 31-hour operation

21 year old Katie Stubblefield became the youngest person in the US to receive a face transplant.

This is due to her botched suicide attempt from 3 years before,March 25 2014.

Katie neither remembers the day she tried to take her life in the bathroom of her brother’s home,nor much from the months after.

face transplant6

Transferred to the local hospital, then to Cleveland,Ohio,they were desperate to save her life.

Later,by start of 2016,Stubblefield was declared stable.

On May 4, 2017 she made history, undergoing 31 hours of surgery at the Cleveland Clinic;

Receiving a face transplant that would restore her face structure, and allow her to chew, swallow and breathe independently for the first time in years.

face transplant

In a National Geographic documentary ‘The Story of a Face‘ that reveals her struggle,she said;

‘I get a second chance at life now.’

face transplant

Furthermore,in the world,Stubblefield is the 40th person to receive a face transplant;

The 3rd at Cleveland Clinic-the pioneer of facial reconstruction in the US.

Nonetheless,this was different than others,in that,she’s the youngest ever and it was the longest face transplant ‘ever’ performed.

face transplant

‘Thank you for reaching out ‘ woman who published suicide note saved

Katie Stubblefield’s relatives told National Geographic,she was a fun girl with a great sense of humour and wit.

Also,she was close with her siblings.Older brother and sister;Robert and Olivia.

face transplant

The day of the botched suicide,earlier in the day she saw texts on her boyfriend’s phone from another girl, and when confronted, he ended their relationship.

She went to her brother’s home distressed,headed to the bathroom;

And shot herself under the chin using his hunting rifle, a .308-caliber.

Robert told National Geographic he rushed upstairs, found Katie on the floor, and ‘her face was gone’.

Surgeons raced to patch up her external and internal wounds and eventually mentioned face transplant to Katie’s family.

face transplant5

The following two years,Stubblefield was being ferried in and out of hospital for a whirlwind of surgeries.

Finally start of May 2017 a donor emerged.

May 4th she was in for the operation-involving 11 surgeons and virtual reality techniques,according to Daily Mail.

face transplant2

For the operation, the surgeons had to replace;

Her scalp, nose, upper cheeks, upper jaw, half of her lower jaw, forehead, eyelids, eye sockets, muscles, skin and most of her facial nerves.

Discharged on August 1, 2017,she is now on a cocktail of immunosuppressant drugs as she continues therapy to re-learn how to walk, move, speak, and read Braille.

face transplant12

Katie hopes to go back to school online, heading towards qualifying as a counselor.

Ultimately,she would like to work with other suicide survivors.

Tina Turner spreads late son Craig’s ashes in California after his suicide

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Do you know what the chemicals in acrylic and gel polish are doing to your nails?

You could be allergic to gel polish or acrylics and not even know it.

Turns out the chemicals used in acrylic and gel nails are causing an allergy epidemic, according to Charity British Association of Dermatologists (BAD).

gel nails

About 2.4% of women are allergic to chemicals, known as methacrylates.

BAD warns they are found in such nail enhancements, which can cause their nails to loosen or their skin to develop a severe, itchy rash.

Even more, such can spread to wherever the nails comes into contact with, which may include a person’s eyelids, face and even their genitals.

gel nails2

In extreme cases, hand swelling and breathing difficulties could also occur.

Previous research suggests 93% of reactions to methacrylates occur in females.

gel nails1

Reactions are worse when people use at-home kits.
gel nails8
BAD adds even professionally applied acrylic and gel nails can cause reactions if technicians are poorly trained.
gel nails7
Methacrylates are not routinely included in allergy patch tests and therefore the number of people who react to such chemicals is thought to be vastly underestimated.

A Dr David Orton from BAD said:

‘It is really important that people know they can develop allergies from artificial nails.’

gel nails5

Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Go Slow On That GEL POLISH And Manicure, It Could Put You In Danger

In an audit of 13 UK and Irish dermatology clinics in 2017, 4,931 patients were tested for methacrylate allergies, of which up to 2.4%suffered a reaction.

Of those who reacted;

60% developed their allergy through ‘recreational exposure’ while having the nail enhancements fitted.

33% of the cases, allergies occurred in nail technicians while working.

gel nails9

Remainder of cases, took place due to methacrylate exposure where the chemicals are also used, according to Daily Mail.

On the other hand, BAD analysed 742 people visiting dermatology clinics.

Results suggest that 19% of people experience side effects from acrylic nails applied in salons while 165 suffer adverse events from gel polish nails.

gel nails6

Complications include; nail damage and allergic dermatitis, such as itching and swelling of the eyelids, cheeks and neck.

Are you one of those ladies who are almost addicted to gel polish or acrylic nails?

Trendy or Tacky? Why women paint one fingernail a different color

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Want to lose weight? Stretching is key to reshaping your body according to experts

There’s  a ot of confusion when it comes to the value – or lack thereof – of muscle stretching to accelerate recovery after exercise.

First of all, it’s important to understand the difference between stretching for recovery and stretching for remodeling.

During exercise, muscles are called upon to work.


During this time, fuel is used up, waste products are created and muscle fiber structure is disrupted.

The process of resetting the muscles to prepare for the next event is called recovery.

And the muscle returns to full function without soreness.

While multiple studies have shown that stretching does not aid significantly in waste removal or serve in any capacity to accelerate muscle recovery in contrast, only massage has been considered consistently effective.

Similarly, most people aren’t training for professional races but for a better health, weight loss and to improve their moods.


For that, we need to focus on our body’s remodeling response to exercise, which is not the same as recovery from exercise.

When one exercises consistently, our bodies adapt to that stressor by changing our muscle structure, metabolism and physiology.

It is that change, that remodeling, that leads to all the positive benefits of exercise.

What’s more, a recent study has clearly shown that stretching over time improves blood flow to the muscles during subsequent exercise.

Former 400M hurdles champion Nicholas Bett dies in a road accident


It is true that studies have shown:

  • Static stretching routines (reach, hold for 30 seconds, release, next stretch) prior to a workout
  • Or competition lead to decreases in strength during that event

And that stretching before activity does not prevent injuries, as was long thought.

To stretch or Not to stretch?

Seems like, if you are an elite athlete trying to decrease injury, increase strength or accelerate muscle recovery right before your next event – then no.


But if you are most people, exercising to lose weight, be well and improve mood – then yes.


It will help with muscle remodeling, connective tissue strengthening, range-of-motion improvement, joint alignment;

And potentially blood flow during subsequent exercise – all beneficial effects in the long run, according to Daily Mail.

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Study finds women with heart problems should see a female doctor compared to a male one

Women who have heart attacks are less likely to die if they see a female doctor, study finds.

In addition, women have harder-to-interpret heart attack symptoms compared to men.


Hence, more women died under male doctors than under female.

A study found that 13.3% died after being treated by a man, against 12% of those treated by a woman.


Meanwhile, male doctors are more likely to miss danger signs in women who are admitted.

For example, when men are having a heart attack, their chest pain tends to make it obvious.

But, a heart attack in women often starts with harder-to-interpret flu-like symptoms along with an aching jaw and spine.

Controversy as Dennis Oliech’s kin publish two contradicting obituaries with different burial dates for his late mum


The US study was carried out by the University of Minnesota, of nearly 582,000 heart attack victims.

The researchers reviewed heart attack cases in Florida from 1991 to 2010, according to Daily Mail.


A female patient is also more likely to survive if a male doctor has recently treated more female patients, who may have had similar symptoms.

The study concluded doctors needed more training in different male and female symptoms.

Daily Mail

Turns out,beer is good for you because it reduces heart risk and improves brain health

Beer in addition to quenching thirst after a hard day at the office,a well-earned pint also contains several nutritional ingredients, which help to reduce heart risk and improve brain health.

That’s according to scientists in Hong Kong, who’ve published new research in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences.


A study says a few beers a week or bottle of wine may help men start a family

The scientists claim beer boasts more protein and B vitamins than wine;

And,is high in antioxidants and can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

‘Beer also includes a range of polyphenols such as flavonoids and phenolic acids that contribute directly to flavour, haze, body and fullness,’ one of the researchers said according to Daily Mail.


Likewise,the polyphenols, she says, have health-boosting properties which, when ingested;

Therefore,can reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, blocked arteries and heart disease, which protecting cognitive function.

Meanwhile, the benefits are only enjoyed when it’s consumed in moderation.


‘Spread your drinking over three or more days if you regularly drink as much as 14 units a week. Ideally, the health limit is up to one pint for men and half a pint for women per day,’one of the main researchers, Sisi Yip said.

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