Signs Your Girls Don’t Like Your Man

We have heard of or even been in situations where we don’t like our friends boyfriend or vice versa. But before we actually discover why that is the case, there are certain behaviors one needs to observe before jumping into conclusion. How do you tell your friends don’t like your man?

Here are some signs:

1. They snub him – They never, ever want to hang out with the two of you together. But if you’re up for a girls’ night they will come around. But to be in your boyfriend’s presence? Well, they typically make excuses. Perhaps you ought to wonder why they never want to see him.

2. They try to convince you to dump him – In a fight with your man? It’s guaranteed your girls will be beside you, rooting for you to dump that dude they cannot stand. But the second things are peaches and cream between you two, they back off a bit.

3. They constantly point out other men – If you’re out or share mutual friends and connections, your girls will point out eligible great guys and talk about great mutual male friends you share together. Why? They’re wishing you would break it off with your guy and find someone else.

4. Your boyfriend doesn’t like your friends, either – If your man doesn’t like your friends, it could be because they share nothing in common. Or he can tell that they just don’t like him.

5. They incite fights with him – Your BFF who likes to pick fights or is quick to stick up for you during a fight between you and your guy? She hates your boyfriend. She’ll also enjoy getting into debates with him and won’t shy away from disagreeing with him, because she isn’t afraid and most likely doesn’t respect him.

6. They tell you, straight-up – If your friends outwardly tell you they don’t think he’s good for you, they don’t approve. Why? Are they being bitchy or are they seeing issues that you’re avoiding or denying? This is something only you know the answer to.

Take your time and find out what the saltiness is all about, it could be genuine and you may need to re-evaluate things.

Single People Hate Being Among These Kinds Of Couples

We all have people or rather couples that we know who are annoying to be around because of the way they behave. It doesn’t mean that we are jealous of them, but we get it that you are in love but some habits are not pleasing to anyone but rather irritating.

If you notice that your friends no longer want to hang around you, then maybe you belong to a certain class of couples that many people avoid. Here is a list:

1. The PDA Couple – Making out is not bad, in fact it’s allowed but you have to consider the environment you are in. Being in love doesn’t give you permission to shove your tongues inside each other’s mouths and be all over each other at the restaurant, coffee shop or the movies etc where other people are. There’s a time and place for everything you can do all that in your house.

2. The show off couple – Whatever happens between the two of you should stay between you. The rest of the world does not need to know where you are going, what you are doing, the food you eat all the time. And yes we are happy for you but we don’t need info that is irrelevant to us. Let’s talk about things we have in common like sports, cars, music or even news. Talking about your relationship all the time bores us to death especially on days that we have issues to deal with, rubbing your happiness on our faces makes us sick.

3. The Putting on a show Couple – You have friends that you talk to when you feel like your man has irritated you or has done something wrong. So technically we know when you are having issues. No one is happy when others are sad or in pain unless you don’t wish them well. But seeing as we know your issues there’s no point pretending to be happy for the cameras when you are clearly not and on that note why are you still together if you keep complaining about them?

4. The On-Again, Off-Again Couple – We are tired and very confused about your relationship status. One minute you are dating the next you are exes. As friends we will take you out for drinks to help you de-stress and cry out the break up. But the moment it turns into a second and third time, we will be done and out. Learn to sort out your mess.

5. The Cupids – Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I want to be hooked up. As a couple you get to enjoy things in twos and as a single I get to enjoy them alone or with a friend. But that doesn’t mean that I am lonely so stop trying to hook me up with your friends, cousins, colleagues etc.

6. The “We” Couple – This is when a couple have grown together into one single human being. You happen to be buddies with the girl but when an invite comes along it’s “we want you to come with us to the park, movies , swimming etc” They come as a pair in everything they do and you will be the third wheel up until you get a partner. While it’s fine to be in love, I want my girls’ time with my girl and that doesn’t include your man.

7. The Drama team – This happens to be the worst of the bunch and you would totally hate to be caught up between them because you will always be the referee. One minute they are in love all happy, chatting and smiling. The next moment their voices are raised while trading insults or worse, exchanging blows and kicks amidst tears. Sort out your mess in private please. It’s not a good look.

Top Five Things Women Hate During Dates

Women can be polite and seat through a boring date only that they will not call you again. You may not have been boring, but you may have asked something that was irritating for lack of a better term.

If that has ever happened then you may have asked or discussed or done one of these things that women hate.

The ‘M’ word:A girl definitely doesn’t want to think or talk about marriage any more than a guy does. Stereotypically girls are portrayed to have marriage on their minds even before they hit puberty. Even if that was true, Just saying that it’s a big turn off when a guy jumps the gun and pops the question before the right time.

2. Assumptions:Guys tend to assume certain things about a girl without any basis whatsoever. It’s hugely disappointing for a girl, when a guy orders a beer for himself and passes across the soft drinks menu to her. Assuming that women don’t enjoy drinking, is a huge judgment and is undoubtedly annoying. A guy who curses excessively is very unpleasant as well.

3. No touching: We just met! What’s with all the hugging? It’s extremely creepy when a guy loses his sense of physical personal space and sits or stands too close and hugs for no reason. Even if it’s harmless and is simply meant to express affection, it can be completely misinterpreted by a girl. So wait for some reciprocation boys. Fidgety and touchy guys are a complete no-no.

4. Fill in the gaps: The dreaded awkward silence. When you run out of the obvious things to talk about; I’ll be honest, you need to work your way out of it. Pick up on anything interesting your date said and take the conversation forward. Guys who are too lazy or disinterested to do that and just sit there waiting for the conversation to lift itself, are boring and ‘boring’ has always been the most decisive turn off. If your date is bored just talking to you, it’s not going to go much further.

5. Foot in mouth: ‘Will you work after marriage?’ ‘How many boyfriends have you had?’ These are relationship questions that a couple arrives at gradually. If you’re a single guy just looking to date a girl and explore the possibility of having a relationship, there’s a lot more to talk to her about. Asking such personal questions upfront during the first few dates is almost always going to backfire and is a giant turn off.


How to deal with a broken heart

Breakups are not easy for anyone especially for those who have dated for a long period of time. But the sooner you accept your state the faster and better it will be for you to get over it.

Managing Your Time – Time heals everything! Its clichéd, but it’s true. Although this varies from person to person, you’ll probably feel better by the time your favorite TV show starts up again.

Psychology of Depression – It’s really all psychological, so the longer you dwell on it, the longer the pain will linger. Mourn and be sad; it’s a natural and healthy way to cope. However, don’t wallow in your misery for too long!

Social Media – Delete your ex from everything. This is hard when you want to keep the memories, but it’s the only way to fully get over him. You don’t want to know when he was “last seen” on WhatsApp or know what new “friends” he’s adding on Facebook. Just don’t do that to yourself!

Project Management – Keep busy. Take this time to focus on you! You can start a new hobby, reconnect with the friends you ditched for your ex or even throw yourself into a new project. One of the many good things about being single is you now have all the time in the world for yourself, and no one has to dictate your time except you!

English Literature – In the words of Ernest Hemingway, “The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special, too.” You’re great, and you will find someone else. (Honestly!)

Introduction to Philosophy – Sometimes, the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. Embrace the good with the bad.

Life – One day, you’ll meet the person who will show you why it never worked out with your ex. You’ll have an, “Oh, I get it now,” kind of moment.

So again, breakups are bad and can get tough, but everything does happen for a reason. Never regret anything that has happened in your life. It cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. So, take it as a lesson and move on.

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, but we do get stronger and more resilient.



Women fight for man they both claimed was their husband

Two middle aged women reportedly fought over a man they both claimed as a husband at Wariruta village, Nyeri county on Monday.

Susan Wambui is said to have gone to Sophie Kinoti’s salon for a hair-do when she heard the familiar voice of a man coming from a back room that also serves as Kinoti’s living quarters.

The man, only identified as Mwaniki, shortly emerged from the room with just a towel around his waist. He is said to have gone for hot water for bathing since he had just woken up.

Wambui confronted the man said to be her husband of five years, Mwaniki apparently was too shocked to respond.

Kinoti came to Mwaniki’s aid slapping Wambui for “insulting my husband” and accusing her of lying about being married to Mwaniki.

Wambui started fighting Kinoti in retaliation and before long the two were pulling each other’s hair and tearing each other’s clothes.

The incident attracted many onlookers who, amused by the incident, cheered the two women on.

Policemen on patrol broke up the fight and arrested Wambui and Kinoti.

Mwaniki escaped amid the fighting and the resulting chaos.

Source: The Star Newspaper



Why you always end up in the rebound zone

Sometimes we meet men who are broken by past relationships and without thinking we start spending  time with them. We may have chemistry enjoy their company, have fun together, like them maybe which is the case with most women.

We think that we are easing their pain and preparing them to “love” us, but in essence we are preparing ourselves for the “rebound zone”.  You may be unaware of that but your presence in his life after a break up will not help him deal with the pain or whatever issues he has from the past relationship.

A woman’s presence will just bring about  a false sense of “comfort” to the man. He will shelf his issues and not deal with them, its also hard for a man to talk about  things that hurt him and make him feel vulnerable. With a female present, he can still maintain his dose of validation and self-esteem, this may eventually devolve into a crippling neediness.

After breakups guys need to work through their emotional issues instead of jumping on to the next person because that is just a rebound which is risky because it will probably end up in another heartbreak. Here’s why :

1) Running back to the ex –  When a guy hasn’t had time to work out his issues, it’s very likely that he’ll go looking for the ex-girlfriend for one or two reasons. As much as he’s distracting himself with a new “relationship”, the unresolved stuff is eating away at him.  He’s not going to bring up those issues with you, but he might feel that if he talks with his ex it might lead to some inner-resolution. That’s a tricky situation.

2) You run the risk of ignoring unresolved issues. Instead of working things out in his mind and making peace with the breakup, he will retreat from thinking about it and hence wrestling with his thoughts and unresolved issues.  As long as you are in the “relationship” with him, it will help him to distract himself from dealing with the issues he needs to work on.

3)  You will be a Shoulder-to-cry-on / Shrink – While he works out his issues especially if he was from a nasty break up, it’s a very good idea to keep off  and let him work it out by himself.  You may offer a listening  ear but do not get  too comfortable and have those daily “checking up on you” texts.

The author Lourraine Chituyi is a 26 year old writer on relationship matters.



“Pistorius acted “negligently” when he shot the girlfriend ” says judge

Oscar Pistorius is in court for sentencing, he was found guilty of the culpable homicide of Ms Steenkamp last month. However, he was cleared of murder – a decision criticised by the victim’s family.

Pistorius faces up to 15 years in jail, although Judge Thokozile Masipa may suspend the sentence or impose a fine. She said the athlete had acted “negligently” when he shot his girlfriend through a toilet door, but had genuinely thought her to be an intruder.

His psychologist who was the first defence witness to speak at the sentencing hearing, told the court hearing that  therapy sessions with Pistorius were often interrupted by his weeping and retching. The sentencing may take a few days to have the final verdict given.

Read more about the ongoing trial here:


An Open letter to my ex

Break ups whether in marriage or while dating really hurt and leave most people very bitter.

Most people often have bitter things to say about their ex’s. Its not surprising that most people are bitter due to the hurt and the investment made into the relationship.

It is rare that you may find someone who speaks well about their ex. Well one man did and in fact he wrote her (his ex wife) a letter.

Read it here: