Video of the day: Mombasa governor Hassan Joho box training

A video of Mombasa governor, Hassan Joho aka 001 in the gym box training has surfaced.

The hunk legislator is known for his drive to always stay fit and is often pictured working out but this time round he took it a notch higher with box training.

Watch the video below.

An inside look at Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s lavish home

Mombasa county Governor Ali Hassan Joho is a classic man.

Governor Joho

From his dress code, the cars he drives to his lifestyle, they speak volumes.

Known for his well-coiffed facial hairs, the flamboyant politician christened Sultan, is living large and just like most of our politicians, he lives like a king.

A video of one of Joho’s plush homes has surfaced and it can be compared to those houses of the top Hollywood celebs.

The compound is neatly kept and has a pool. It provides a scenic view.

For those who didn’t know, this is the same house, where the second-time governor hosted Kenyan international Victor Wanyama and his family just before the last year’s general elections.

Check out the videos.

Other times the Mombasa county boss showed us that he lives large and he’s the best dressed Kenyan politician include:

When he wore Louis Vuitton runaway sneakers in a mix of Monogram canvas, technical lining and a rubber hand-crafted outsole worth $895.00 (Sh92,368.47).

Hassan Joho

Hassan Joho
Hassan Joho. photo credit: file

When he stepped out rocking a watch worth Sh4 Million

When he stole the show at Ali Kiba’s wedding

Governor Joho

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Vindu Vifine! Droves of thirsty men lavish Betty Kyallo with praise and adoration after posting this picture


Do thirst traps work? Hundreds of Kenyan men are weighing in on this picture of KTN presenter Betty Kyallo, with some heaping praise on her for her good looks as others tell her off, suggesting she hook up with her mystery man.

On Betty’s social media pages, you will most certainly read some thirsty comments from team mafisi whenever she updates her feed. Whether genuine or not is not for me to discuss. I think she is pretty.

Well, Betty has upgraded her hair and is spotting faux loc’s. She is also on vacay in the Kenyan mara, and has taken the time to post pics of her time away from the screen. In one such photo, she is seen wearing Masai regalia, and the stunning photo has gotten the attention of her male fans.

See it below;

Without taking too much time, just go through some thirsty comments we have selected for you.

Josphat koech‏…Taken to another level..This girl rocks…. Dare me to hijack a whole aeroplane plus the Passengers and bring it to you..

solomon0760961…You are smashing in that tradition attire

OGOSI GRAND‏…Vile Betty anatesa wanaume Kwa TL

@Egesa‏….Wuehhata mimi nataka nionje hii sauce iko Mo ..

Freaky Mouse‏ …Real sauce. Raw sauce. No ketchup, damn.

Abala Kinyua…..Betty, si unajua tunataka tu

Chop The Money! Betty Kyallo Spends Weekend In 001, Here are Photos Of Her Date? (Photos)

We all love 001, don’t we? Well, it is the only county in Kenya with endless views of the ocean and white sandy beaches. Now thats where Betty Kyallo spent her weekend.

And as always, the screen siren took to social media to show fans how much fun she had at the coast.

Betty was accompanied by her gorgeous daughter Ivanna to a popular resort in Mombasa where they spent the nights bonding.

“My special date for the night and our special ‘mom-romantic’ setting. 😍😍😍 See Ivanna being ushered to the table by the great staff at Diani Reef. She’s wondering why are we having dinner outside in the dark. ☺️☺️.” Betty wrote

In another post,Kyallo captioned,

“Time for some vitamin Sea and Relaxation☀️#VacayMood.”

Check out Betty’s vacay photos;







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Revealed: These Are The People Who Give Willy Paul a Reason To Live

Controversial gospel singer Willy Paul has in the last couple of weeks been keeping a low profile, but that’s because he landed a deal as the official artiste for Hassan Joho campaigns.

The talented young singer is no doubt one of the most celebrated and popular artistes in the Kenyan entertainment industry, and despite his scandals in the past, his music is still a favorite to young and older fans.

Is Willy Paul MISSING His Hot Ex Girlfriend Whom He Was Set MARRY? The ‘Fanya’ Hitmaker Responds After Sharing This Loving Post


Recently, Willy Paul was trolled after he bragged how he had bought his mother a brand new phone, with most of them calling him a show-off, but that didn’t get him down, and he’s still on his grind as usual.

“Don’t let anyone/anything take ur happiness away. Love urself to the fullest.. when troubles come your way…. say NOT AGAIN!!” wrote Willy Paul in one of his recent posts on social media.

Willy Paul Blasted Online After Bragging About Buying His Mum A Phone


The Fanya singer is currently in Mombasa and seems to be living the life, though he put up a piece talking about how marriages are full of lies nowadays, which got many wondering if he had been heartbroken;

It’s a very tricky world we are living in. Even ur wife/husband has that one secret that they’ll never disclose to you.. I wonder why. Don’t trust tooooo much, It’s a tricky world. Our world is full of liars… don’t just trust anyone… your best friend can betray you big time. Ladies, how would you feel if kujua mume wako has sleeping with ur best friend? Gentle men, how would you feel if you found out that the boy you’ve been calling ur son ni actually ur best friends son??? It’s a tricky world we are living in

But away from that, Willy Pozze has people in his life who he really appreciates and loves, and according to him, they are the reason he lives. So who are these people that are very important in his life?


Willy Paul has revealed those people in a recent post, and they happen to be; his mother, his sister and his ‘girl’ though he didn’t reveal if the girl was his daughter or girlfriend.

Goodnight from me and my favorite sister… the following people give me a reason to live.. my mother salome, My sister in the above picture and my beautiful Girl





TUBONGE TUESDAY: Maina Kageni Reaches Out To President Uhuru Following Joho Drama

It’s Tuesday and that means we at Classic 105 start our day with Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone’s popular Tubonge hit.

But aside from that, there is one topic on most Kenyans mouths, after a flurry of activities in Mombasa yesterday.

President Uhuru was in Mombasa to relaunch the Mtongwe ferry, and amidst drama with Governor Joho, the President made some remarks that outraged some, with others coming to the Presidents defense.

The President publicly scolded the Governor saying;

“Tufuatane na yeye tufanye nini? Mimi sio bibi yake, mimi sina haja na yeye (Why should we always engage each other? What for! I am not his wife and I don’t need him),”

Kenyans have taken to twitter to comment under the hashtag #JohoVsUhuru.

This drama has caught the attention of Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i. Maina has asked President Uhuru to call him for a small get together.

Why? You ask.

Maina believes having a ‘dabo dabo’ will help him relax.

Listen to the audio as he and Mwalimu give their hilarious take on the drama.



HILARIOUS: See The Underwear and Boxers Bearing Hassan Joho’s Name

I just love Kenyans! They are great people and very hardworking.

Whenever they get an opportunity to do business, they for sure do not waste the chance. Well, as the 2017 general election nears, people have started campaigning for their respective candidates so that come next year, they will win.

But despite the campaign strategies, where aspirants give out T-shirts, caps, headgear and even wristbands bearing their names and photos, next year’s elections seems to be more than that.

Men might be lucky; they will get an extra “gift”, which is boxers, if the photos of underwear bearing the stylish Mombasa governor’s name is anything to go by.

City hawkers are already selling these underwear, that have left Mombasa residents confused whether the merchandise is legit or not. But sales of the undergarments are booming, a clear indication that come next year, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho may retain his seat. Is the merchandise legit or is someone just trying to make money using Joho’s name?


Check out the photos below.

Hassan JohoHassan_Joho

-Caren Nyota