Haiya! Fans Reactions To Singer Harry Kimani’s Almost Unrecognizable Transformation After His Long Music Hiatus

Kenyans are shocked at the unrecognizable transformation they are seeing of their popular RnB star, Harry Kimani.

Harry Kimani 1

Harry was a master of serenade music from his hits like African Woman to Haiya, every Kenyan who heard his music fell in love with it instantly.

A music genius.

Harry Kimani appeared on Churchill Live show over the weekend for the Mashujaa edition where they were celebrating music icons.

Many of his fans who had not seen or heard from him since his last single titled, Waithera, were shocked at how different he looked.

Here are some of the reactions.

Wairimu Michengi: Yea. The number of youths who have aged overnight in Central due to alcoholism is concerning.

Sennah Akoi: You have hit the nail…that has been the undoing with this almost music genius. Harry was and is an awesome music talent

Ayot Adhiambo: Nice to see him… Was Harry Kimani really ok? He didn’t seem ok… He seemed troubled… Please msaidie (the ones who are close to him)

Harry Kimani 2

Mwangi Eddith: I still remember him by his song ‘African woman’ It was a great hit, but surely what happened to him? He looked drunk and confused this guy needs some help 😢
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Michael Okinda: Seems Harry is back to ways that almost destroyed him before and earned him a place in a rehab. I pray he does not slip back.

Brendah Kiasi: Wat a surprise n the biggest of all was venye Churchill welcomed him until he realized it was him.. Pwahahahahaha

Catherine Njeri: Was happy to see Harry back even after the rehab he still doesn’t look ok. Hope with time we get back the great guy he was.

Samuel Kariuki: Now Harry has made my night. Surprisingly people didn’t know him at first but knew his song. Now that is good music right there.

Sube Joe: He looked drunk af, ata churchil didn’t recognize him at first.

Lucy Wambui: Umetoa kimani haraka sana whyyy Churchill ??? Nice to cee Harry.

Here are photos of Harry Kimani where many of his fans could barely recognise him.

Harry Kimani7

Harry Kimani 3

Harry Kimani 4

Harry Kimani 5

Harry KImani 6