Exclusive: Classic 105’s Harriet Kinga reveals juicy details about herself

Harriet is now one year old in marriage and a mother to a baby girl.
Well, in an interview she shares some of her life lessons.
She said;

“I have grown in terms of friends, where you lose some along the way, striving to be better and I think it comes with age.

I don’t allow small things to stress me and I am more daring now to go for what I want in life.”


Just like Mike Mondo, Harriet pursued medicine for three years at the University of Nairobi, then left it to follow her passion; that is media.
She has been in different media houses before joining Radio Africa, adding that media is competitive and one needs to know and define their niche in order to stand out.

“I hosted a show called Ndoa on NTV for 8mths then worked as tall TV and radio presenter at family media for a year then now.”

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Being married, she says;


“Date and enjoy before getting married adding that marriage is not for you if you are selfish it needs work, patience and respect. It can get crazy if you came to just chill thinking its pure bliss.”

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Happy Birthday: Classic 105’s Harriet Kinga sweeps through the dirty thirties looking like a snack

She is the mellow voice on Classic 105, who keeps us eager to listen to her.

Classic 105 presenter Harriet Kinga this weekend turned a year older. An excited Harriet flaunted her latest look, sending her fans into a frenzy. Kweli the thirties looks good on her.

She wrote;

‘Happy birthday to me. Still growing still learning and 30s suddenly feel so good.✌😘😘

Catch her on Sunday at 10a.m to 2pm, for her show.

Classic 105 Presenter Harriet on her birthday

Her birthday treat included a festive dinner, and if you don’t know she is a foodie. Check out her lavish birthday festivities

The party was lit for Harriets birthday

Other Kenyan celebrities who have turned 30 this year include; Rich kid Anerlisa Muigai, King Kaka’s wife among others.

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Exclusive: 5 things you didn’t know about Classic 105’s Terry Muikamba

Terry Muikamba is not new to radio lovers. She is the gorgeous lass on Classic 105, who hosts the Overdrive show alongside Mike Mondo every Monday to Friday.

Well, despite having worked for several media houses, she says there are things her fans do not know about her. Read through:

1.Terry Muikamba bites her nails so much

“People do not know that I bite my nails a lot, Hence I always wear fake nails, which I do not care about because I bought them.”

Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)


2. She has never had Maziwa mala in her entire life. Isn’t that so odd? Most of us have had it with Ugali or some other combination, many times.

3. She love sweet things, “I am a sweet tooth, my goodness I love sweet things”,

4. She is the first-born in her family and also an aunt, something she is very proud about.

5. She always treats people the way she wants to be treated. This was a piece of advice she was given by her parent.

And finally good news team mafisi. Terry is not yet married. Asked about her ideal man she said; “I do not have a specific thing that I look for in a man, so long as we can connect, however, I have a thing for guys who have an exotic accent.”


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