Diamond finally addresses Harmonize and Rayvanny’s ‘colonial’ contracts

Diamond Platnumz has responded to rumours that he asks for too much money when one of his signees wants to leave the label, hence beef with Harmonize and Rich Mavoko.

Since their departure from the label, the two former signees don’t see eye to eye with Diamond. Rayvanny recently left the label as fans speculated that he left on good terms.

In a recent interview with DW, Diamond said it is business and that he also needs to make a profit as he invested in them.

“When we take in these artists, we make them a business. We teach them different things and when they become big, they want to have the money for themselves yet we invested in them as a business. You can’t just leave the label just like that. It is business. If not, I would have taken the money and gone to buy maize.”

After I had just dropped my first hit and people could recognise my music, I got a feeling that I had to empower more youth and that is why I started the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) record label,” he said.

Asked whether his contracts are colonial, he said;

“There’s nothing like that. We at Wasafi are leading in money. If the contracts are colonial then why do we make the money? When big money comes their way, they want to eat alone. Myself, I don’t eat the money I make by myself, it is shared among other people, it is business.”

Diamond went on to say that the artistes that have been under his wings are superheroes.

“I have introduced many artistes but I have not just introduced artistes but superheroes. So now they are role models to other youths and that is what I want to do. I want to use my platform to empower more so they can also empower other people. As Africans we need to empower others.”

“We have to be very professional. If you see someone unleashing bedroom affairs out at the dining table, they are not well taught,” he said.

“I have been in the industry for many years and when I speak, I speak that which I know and understand, but we are transforming from music to business.”

Diamond is currently in France for a show.

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REVEALED: Why Kajala is madly in love with Harmonize

Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala has for the first time revealed why she is deeply in love with her fiance, Harmonize.
Kajala shared a photo of her and Harmonize from the day she was engaged to the Konde Gang CEO with a caption stating why she loves him.

She wrote, “I love him because the entire world is against us.”

Touched by her sweet words, Harmonize wrote,  “As long as God is with us that’s all that matters.”

While many loved the captioned and wished them long life of love in their relationship, many found the caption a little dramatic.

Some were quick to remind her that the entire world doesn’t know about them and that only Tanzanians would be against their relationship.
Check out some of their reactions,

Bwise TZ:  Sio entire world useme Tanzania tu

Mommy:  Naona hubbaa la kutoka moyoni

Emma Blessed:  Ikawe heri na mema kwenu @kajalafrida na brother @harmonize_tz

Mlela:  Tunawapenda

Mabati:  Kaaaaay wa Rajab

Mgodini:  Time Will tell

Harmonize proposed to Harmonize back in June during an luncheon courtesy of the two lovebirds which took place at Serena hotel in Dar es Salaam.

The ‘Happy birthday’ singer was rocking an all white suit and went down on one knee taking Kajala by surprise.

Kajala promised to love her now fiance ‘today, tomorrow and forever.’ 

“Rajabu… Nitakupenda Leo, Kesho, Hadi Milele(I will love you, today, tomorrow and forever,” Kajala said.

Speculations are rife on what this will mean to them since Kajala is a Christian and Harmonize is a staunch Muslim, but like they say love knows no boundary.

Kajala’s beautiful daughter, Paula was among those present to witness her mom’s special day and she wore a beautiful blue gown which complimented her mom’s blue and orange dress.

The engagement came as a surprise to many given that the two just got back together less than a month ago following a nasty breakup.

Since Kajala came back into Harmonize’s life, he has been making headlines for the number and type of gifts he has been showering Kajala with.

A while ago, Kajala flaunted a number of gifts Harmonize had endowed her with.

The mother of on shared a short video of the gifts Harmonize bought her which she captioned, ‘Thank you, baby, with a love heart emoji’

They included expensive chocolates, designer sunglasses, perfume, a cap, and a Burberry bag which retails for around Ksh 100,000 in online stores.

When Harmonize was working hard in trying to woo his heartthrob back by buying her the two Range Rovers, a very humble Harmonize opened up on how she changed his life revealing that she once housed him for months, something that the public had no clue about.

 “I miss you so please come back and let us pick up from where we left . Don’t be worried by people who’ll say that you took me back because of these gifts. Nobody knows I have lived in your house for months and nobody knows that you have supported me so much and I didn’t even buy you a bicycle,” he said.

Fake love: Harmonize did not buy Kajala a Mercedes

Tanzanian musician Harmonize lied to the online fans that he had acquired expensive Mercedes cars for his now fiance Fridah Kajala.

Harmonize has been showing off a fleet of Range Rovers he acquired for Fridah Kajala, to woo her back in May this year.

A businessman-car dealership owner who spoke to an actor/comedian known as Mr Pimbi said the three Range Rovers- 2 white ones and a black one were borrowed.

The man named Athman said Harmonize was given the Range Rovers to advertise them but has misused them instead.

Mr. Pimbi added that Harmonize only owns a Toyota V8.

“Those cars are not his. It’s not a secret to insiders, we know, only you guys are fooled,” he said.

“He was given the cars to impress that woman – Kajala. He was made to sign a deal. that said I want you to promote those Range Rovers.

Harmonize had told his fans that he chose that Range Rover model since it is Kajala’s dream car. He added that he bought the car as a way to apologise to his ex but not to bribe her.

“Even if it was Kajala 1 to 10, it cannot rub off the hurt I caused you and your family,” he wrote.

“It cannot be a reason enough for you to get back to me. This only goes to show how remorseful I am. All I am asking is for forgiveness from you.”

It is also alleged that he and Kajala started living together early this year, contrary to what the two have been sharing online.


Maina Kageni defends Harmonize’s poor English, says parents speak Portuguese

For years Tanzanian star Harmonize has been trolled over the fact that he cannot speak fluent English.

During the Morning Conversation, Maina Kageni finally revealed why.

Maina says Harmonize’s parents are very close to the border of Mozambique thus they speak Portuguese.

“Harmonize parents speak very fluent Portuguese.

They are close to the Mozambique border, It’s interesting to listen to them speak.” Maina shared

According to Wikipedia Mozambique and Tanzania have had cordial relations since Mozambique got its independence from Portugal. 

After independence, civil war broke out between the ruling party, the Front for Liberation of Mozambique(FRELIMO), and the Mozambique Resistance Movement (RENAMO), which were backed by Rhodesia and South Africa. 

Portuguese is the most popular language among Mozambiqueans.

Harmonize hails from Mtwara which is closest to Mozambique.

In a past interview Harmonize stated that as long as people understand him, he doesn’t care whether his English is fluent or not.

 “I am not a professional when it comes to the English language but when someone speaks I understand them. 

English is not our first language, the most important thing is believing in yourself.”


” I come from the ghetto, I dropped out of school in class 7, and I have not been to any English course.

According to him, his girlfriend has helped him perfect and master his English more than his ex-Italian girlfriend who also struggled with the language.

My girlfriend Briana has been helping me a lot unlike Sarah because her English was also not good)” he said.

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Harmonize not giving up on getting ex-lover Kajala back

Bongo superstar Harmonize has proved to his fans that he is yet to give up on ever getting his ex-lover Kajala back.

A few days ago, Kajala reacted to constant calls by her ex-boyfriend Harmonize to rekindle their lost love.

This is after Harmonize has bought expensive gifts to try and lure her to come back.

In a series of posts, Kajala talked about how people who exited your life will always try to come back to test you or even mess up your life more.

Her sentiments were interpreted by her fans as a direct jibe at her ex-lover Harmonize.

In one post, she advised the importance of people knowing their worth.

“Don’t be someone’s sometimes. First, know your worth, second control your emotions. Third Never settle,” she wrote.

“Don’t get attached remember what happened last time…You can’t change everyone. just move on… Don’t let anybody play with you, even if you love them.

“It’s very easy to find A new one. But it’s hard to find A True one.”

Harmonize first put up a huge billboard with their photos. He spent almost Sh500k on the billboard although Kajala ignored him.

He then shared a long public apology to Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala adding that he has been lonely and even not being able to eat.

Harmonize later bought an expensive chain for the actress and two Range Rovers fully customized with her name in vain.

Well, recently, Harmonize shared a video of himself standing next to Range Rovers with Kajala’s name as the number plate.

In the video, he apologized and begged Kajala to come back.

“Do not be afraid that people will say you came back to me because of all these material things I have bought you all the cars. No one knows us and our relationship, no one knows how we used to live together and all the support that you have shown me, and I did not even buy you a bicycle. You housed me for months.”

Harmonize wanted to see if I was still stupid-Kajala

Fridah Kajala Masanja is an ex-girlfriend to Harmonize. The singer has been begging her relentlessly to take him back but his plea has landed on deaf ears.

The Tanzanian singer even went as far as to put up a billboard written ‘Lovers’ to beg Kajala for forgiveness. But it seems Kajala has been throwing shade at the singer.

In a recent post, she hinted that Harmonize is back to see whether she’s still stupid.

“Sometimes people come back into your life just to check if you are still stupid.”

In another post, she warned people about getting attached.

“Don’t get attached remember what happened last time…..”

She also asked fans to know their worth, control their emotions and never settle.

“Don’t be someone’s ‘sometimes’ …Don’t let nobody play with you, even if you love them…”

Harmonize broke up with Kajalla after being accused of seducing Kajala’s 19-year-old daughter Paula. 

Before Kajala, Harmonize was married to an Italian woman, Sarah Michelotti.

In a past interview, Sarah said she split with the singer over his alleged infidelity. It is not yet clear if the two officially divorced as they have kept quiet over the issue since then.

He later dated Australian woman Briana but split as the singer could not handle long distance relationships.

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Harmonize reveals he will be campaigning for the next Kenyan President

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has revealed he will be campaigning for Kenya’s Next President.

The veteran Tanzanian singer was in Kenya over the weekend but got himself in hot soup after he was arrested for obtaining money under false pretences.

He remained in bars for the better part of Sunday.

After his release, Harmonize addressed the media where he praised his Kenyan fans for their continued support.

In the interview, Harmonize said Kenyans had made him famous by supporting his music and attending his concerts.

It was then that he announced his interest in being involved in the Kenyan campaigns.

“I am part of Kenya’s election this year and I will be supporting the next president. For now, I can’t say who but when the right time comes, I will just show support and prove to you that I am half Kenyan half Tanzania. Kenyans have made me who i am by supporting my music.”

It is not clear whether Harmonize will be supporting Azimio La Umoja or UDA and whether he will be releasing a song for his preferred presidential candidate.

In 2019, Harmonize released a praise song for the late Tanzanian President Magufuli, describing him as a hardworking leader with a rich development record.

After he died, Singer Harmonize tattooed the late Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s face on his leg.

Harmonize released from police custody, denies beating Eric Omondi

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has been released from police custody.

He was arrested today morning for failing to honour paid for performances in various clubs in Kenya. 

Eric Omondi alleged that the artiste also punched him in front of the OCPD in Kileleshwa Police station.

While addressing media people after his release, Harmonize said he will perform in Mombasa tonight. 

He denied beating Eric Omondi in front of Police officers.

“Wewe unaweza kupiga mtu kwenye kituo cha polisi? Kama Polisi wanakuangalia? Can you really punch a person while inside the police station while the cops are present?)”

Eric had accused the Kwangwaru hitmaker of assaulting him at the police station in front of ex-governor Mike Sonko. 

“Harmonize has punched me in front of Kileleshwa OCPD, he has punched my face infront of Mike Mbuvi Sonko, it was inside a police station. I am bleeding,” he said.

“I gave him money and he refused to perform, so we told him to return the money. I told him there is no need to fight…’I have given you money and you have been arrested, I do not want to embarrass you, lets go to Mombasa and do a show because you have been paid, yesterday you refused to go to Kokoriko, yesterday you caused problems at Captains and I covered you,’ While talking, he punched me.


Harmonize arrested in Kenya for missing club performance

Tanzanian star Harmonize was today morning arrested for conning Kenyan their money and failing to perform.

According to reliable reports from Kileleshwa Police Station, Harmonize, was arrested and is currently in custody.

His arrest came a few hours after performing at the Africa Moja concert at KICC.

Harmonize was scheduled to do a series of performances but is alleged to have not honored the contract that he had been paid for.

A close source to Mpasho also alleged that there have been five people who complained leading to his arrest.

He is said to have appeared at Captain’s Lounge for only five minutes instead of the agreed upon 1 hour and 30.

According to the event poster, tickets were retailing at Sh 1,000 for regular, Sh2,000 for VIP and sh 5,000 for VVIP.

Eric Omondi defended him saying he was only paid for appearance and not for performance.

Harmonize was scheduled to perform in other clubs today.

One minute man! Eric Omondi and Harmonize chased from a club

Drama ensued last night at the Mombasa Road-based Captain’s Lounge after comedian Eric Omondi and Tanzanian singer Harmonize reportedly gave a one-minute performance for a show that revellers had paid for.
In a video doing round, attendees of the event got angry and decided to keep the two entertainers from the venue.
A few minutes later, anti-riot police were called to the scene to try to calm down irate party-goers who were demanding value for their money.

According to the event poster, tickets were retailing at Sh 1,000 for regular, Sh2,000 for VIP and sh 5,000 for VVIP.
Harmonize is in the country for the Afrika Moja Concert happening today at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.
The concert will also feature artists such as Lasaara (Kenya), Lesasa Joker (DRC Congo), Maima (Kenya), Emma Jalammo (Kenya), Ben Githae (Kenya) and many other opening acts.

This annual concert will set off a celebration of African culture, and it will bring together artists from Kenya, Congo and Tanzania. There will be cultural activities, food and ornaments available.

It will be an outdoor event and strict Covid protocols will be strictly enforced.
Host MCs will be Eric Omondi.

Here is the video;


Harmonize ‘mocks’ Diamond after only getting one award in Tanzania

Singer Harmonize won three awards at the Tanzanian music Award where AliKiba also won more than two awards among them, including the East Africa best artist

Diamond Platnumz only won the most descent artiste.

Speaking while receiving his award, Harmonize thanked everyone who has supported his music.

“I thank God for the third award. It is not a mistake. This means a lot. We are one as a country. When it comes to music. This one goes to all my brothers and sisters who wished to win this award but did not manage. As you keep pushing there is always the next time.”

The award ceremony was organized by BASATA, the government body that regulates musicians in Tanzania.

He thanked them for bringing all artistes together.

“I want to take the opportunity to dedicate this award to Diamond Platnumz who only got one award.

“It will not be good for such a historic event and it appears that I have won three awards and Diamond just takes home one award. This one is for you my brother. We are taking music to the world,” he said.

The two Diamond and Harmonize are no longer on good terms.

Singer Nandy won the best female artist of the year in Tanzania.


So cute: Actress Wolper Stylish unveils her son’s face (photo)

Tanzanian actress Jacqueline Wolper has for the first time revealed the face and name of her son to the public.

Wolper together with her fiancé Rich Mitindo shared their son Pascal with the public after he was made the brand ambassador for an Apparel and Clothing shop (Kids) in Tanzania.

“Asante Mungu kwakila kitu. Thank u Boss wa p @sweetlorah kwa leo sina Ata Chakuandika sina sina sina ila Nasema Tuu jamani Namshukuru Mungu saana.

Lkn pia asanteni waandishi wote kwakukamilisha jambo la Mtoto wetu Pascal.” shared Wolper.

On the other hand, her baby daddy Rich Mitindo took to social media to congratulate his son on his first endorsement deal.

“Hongera sana mtoto wetu kipenzi. Leo tunajivunia sana wewe.

Tunataka na tunatumahi kuwa siku moja utafikia kilele cha mafanikio ukiwa mkubwa Nakupenda P @mitindojr.” 

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Singer Harmonize replaces his ex girlfriends Kajala’s tattoo

Harmonize and Actress Kajala have affirmed their love for each other in February this year by getting a tattoo of each other.

Harmonize tattooed letter ‘K  with a queen’s crown and a heart emoji while Kajala tatooed ‘H’ with a king’s crown and ace symbol.

This was after the singer and actress announced their relationship late last year after his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti left him.

He took to social media to share photos of his new girlfriend Frida Kajala, who is a renowned Bongo movie actress.

Well, the two have since broken up and the ‘Atarudi’ hitmaker has replaced the tattoo.

Harmoninze replaced the tattoo he had of Kajala’s name initial ‘K’ with ‘Konde Gang’.

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Check out the photo;

Before photo;


After photo;



Singer Harmonize gets a tattoo of Magufuli’s face on his leg (Photo)

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has paid a special tribute to his friend the late Tanzanian president John Magufuli.

Harmonize has gotten a tattoo of the face of  Magufuli on his right leg and captioned;

Mimi nime sacrifice Maisha yangu Kwa ajili ya watu maskini”.

Harmonize got the tattoo in Nigeria where he is working on his second studio album.

The two were great friends and in 2019, Magufuli requested Harmonize to join politics and vie for a Parliamentary seat.

Speaking during a public function in Ruangwa, the late Magufuli endorsed Harmonize stating he is a very hard working person and wishes to see him represent his people in Parliament.

“Lakini nampongeza sana Harmonize sijui anatoka Jimbo gani, anatoka Jimbo gani huyu? Tandaimba? Mbuge wa kule ni nani? Ningetamani kweli Harmonize aende akagombee kule akawe mbunge wa Tandaimba. Kijana anabidii nzuri sana. Ndugu zangu asanteni sana mungu awabariki,” said President Magufuli.

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Check out the photos;

har1 har2 har3 har4

Stay tuned! Harmonize ex-lover Sarah vows to expose the truth on why they broke up

Harmonize ex-girlfriend Sarah is not yet done with the singer after dumping him.

The two broke up late last year after the singer announced that he had sired a child with another woman.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Harmonize first apologised to his loved ones, his wife, but most especially his daughter, Zulekha, whom he says he felt compelled to conceal from the rest of the world for fear of being scolded.

“The truth will set you free. It doesn’t matter to what extent, or the timing, but I believe by putting this out there, I will feel liberated. I’m sorry to my Princess for not ever being proud of you for one year and seven months,” he wrote.

Months later, Harmonize has moved on and has been flaunting his new bae, Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala.

In an Instagram post, Sarah vowed to reveal the truth over her break up with Harmonize.

“Hello beautiful people! Please be sure to keep an eye on my page as on this few days I will be doing an interview revealing all the truth about the end of my relationship with Harmonize. Stay tuned for more information! Thank you all for your love and support through this time. Your mind comments and messages keep a smile on my face. 🌍👸.”

Harmonize and girlfriend get tattoos of each other’s names (photos)

Harmonize engaged Sarah in Italy, in the presence of her family in 2018.

The two were rumoured to have gotten married in 2019 but fans believed that it was a music video shoot.

Harmonize and girlfriend get tattoos of each other’s names (photos)

Singer Harmonize and his new girlfriend Kajala have affirmed their love for each other.

Harmonize tattooed letter ‘K  with a queen’s crown and a heart emoji while Kajala tatooed ‘H’ with a king’s crown and ace symbol.

The singer and actress announced their relationship late last year and seem to be self-assured enough of their potential to last.

Harmonize introduced Frida Kajala to the public months after his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti left him.

He took to social media to share photos of his new girlfriend Frida Kajala, who is a renowned Bongo movie actress.

He captioned it;

“Welcome to the United States of Kondegang Kondebeden and Fridakamala. Loyalty, promise to be there for you.” 

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Check out the photos;

harmm harrhar

Diamond’s manager calls out Harmonize a snitch

Diamond Platnumz Manager Sallam SK has called out Harmonize terming him a snitch.

Sallams said that Harmonize has been lobbying for Rayvanny’s arrest and detention, over affair with Paula Kajala.

In a post on Instagram Sallam mentioned that Konde Boy has been pretending he cares about Rayvanny’s well-being, but in real sense he wants him detained.

Kuna Panya mmoja amekesha kituo cha polisi kulazimisha msanii mwenzie awekwe ndani lakini kutokana na sheria ya nchi haipo mkononi mwake, ikabidi akimbilie kwenye media kujifanya anaomba suluhu kuwa yeye anataka amani na anamuombea asipate matatizo, Huyo Panya anahangaika ili msanii mwenzie apate matatizo…. nikupe taarifa NDUGU PANYA dua zako wala maombi yako hatuyahitaji labda uyapeleke Hospital kufanikisha kizazi chako kiwe bora na uweze kulea mtoto wako binafsi na sio mtoto wa kukodi…”

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Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

His comment came at a time Rayvanny had been questioned by Police officers, over allegations of having an affair with a form five student.

Harmonize had put up a long Instagram post questioning Rayvvany over his alleged relationship with the daughter of his new lover Frida Kajala.

‘When they lie to you, they don’t respect you’, Harmonize ex-girlfriend whispers

Harmonize and his Italian girlfriend Sarah Michelloti went separate ways after he announced he had sired a child with a different woman late last year.

“The truth will set you free. It doesn’t matter to what extent, or the timing, but I believe by putting this out there, I will feel liberated. I’m sorry to my Princess for not ever being proud of you for one year and seven months,” he wrote.

“Forgive me for not sparing time to check on you when you were sick for fear of jeopardising my current relationship.

“I kept you hidden from the world and you missed out on all the fame that I, your father, have been blessed with.”

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Harmonize with his daughter
Harmonize with his daughter

The Italian girlfriend later shared what seemed to be a breakup message where she said that because of the disrespect, she will be focusing on her life alone.

“I loved you for the person I thought you were, I gave you all the happiness which you failed to reciprocate. You’ve revealed to me you are a man with no respect, a liar, someone who doesn’t know how to keep a wife like me,” she wrote.

“I’ve been through a lot in this fake relationship/marriage. If I reveal everything, everyone will be shocked. You are two-faced. You didn’t even appreciate what I did for you and now it is too late. Life will teach you the lessons you deserve for what you’ve done and now I will be focusing on my life.

She is still in the healing process and in a recent post she wrote;

‘When someone lies to you, it’s because they don’t respect you enough to be honest , and they think you are too stupid not to know the difference..,WE LEARN , WE HEAL , WE GROW.’