He said what! Why does Harmonize keep viciously attacking his own mentor Diamond?

It seems that singer Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize has a hard time keeping his mentor’s name off his lips. His mentor for those in the know is Diamond Platnumz.

The latest salvo in their lukewarm relationship is the “Uno” singer calling out Diamond for neglecting his biological father.

This happened while he was performing his latest release #Wapo in Zanzibar during the climax of the Mapinduzi Cup, Konde Boy accused Chibu Dangote of only taking care of his mother while ignoring his Dad.

“…Baba na Mama ndio nguzo ya Dunia, watunze!! Sio Baba Dangote Analia, naye Mama Dangote Anacheka Cheka, oooh, kuna watu na vitu duniani,” sings Harmonize during the performance.

This is not the first time Harmonize is throwing shade at his former Boss. In November 2020, via his song “Ushamba” Konde Boy insinuated that the WCB President has a tendency of bragging about women he has slept with, an act he termed as being primitive.

Why are Diamond, Harmonize and Ali Kiba always being involved in cheating scandals?

The interesting thing about this latest diss is that it comes a few weeks after he dedicated a wonderful new year’s message to Diamond.

Harmonize said that everything he has down was to make him proud. He also thanked him for changing his life.

“Speaking this from the bottom of my heart, I love you bro. It’s a new year 2021. Thank you for changing my life. Peke uliona dhahabu kwenye mchanga na giza jingi sanaa.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

You’re the legend one. Stay cool. Konde Boy and all Kondegang team, we love you. Happy New one Chibu (Dangote), big brother.” the post read.

What is going on in Harmonize’s coconut? I have two theories.

Firstly, I think that Harmonize wants Diamond to recognise him and his talents. Hear me out. A back and forth between him and Diamond shows that his opinion/music matters and as such is a recognition from his mentor of his talent and his place in the industry.

This one is all about ego for Konde Boy-Sort of the way an unfulfilled child will always seek validation from a parent.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

Secondly, anyone who disses Diamond in the Bongo scene gets a lot of clout and press as it is a sure-fire way for your song to get the publicity it needs.

Thirdly, maybe Harmonize is just an impulsive and emotional person who can’t maintain a linear course on a decision he had made. His quick turnaround from praising Diamond in his New Year’s message to now attacking him because of the relationship Chibu has for me is highly illogical.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

Lastly, jealousy. That one’s self-explanatory.

But I could be wrong…

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That’s my blood, I love her – Harmonize reiterates that daughter looks like him

Bongo star Harmonize might have been left by his wife Sarah Michelotti but that doesn’t mean that musician is sulking or moaning about that.

In fact, the buff artiste has shifted his affections to his daughter who he revealed to the public last week in a shock announcement.

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The man is now doubling down on his claims that his daughter Zulekha looks like him despite what detractors might be saying.

In an Instagram Live video chat with his fans on Wednesdays, December 16, the singer went against the conversation that his daughter had a different complexion compared to him.

Why are Diamond, Harmonize and Ali Kiba always being involved in cheating scandals?

He added that it would be unfair for her to have the same skin tone as his which would cause her problems, as a woman, in future.

He explained that apart from the complexion that he and his daughter was a copyright of his and wondered why fans could not see that.

“How would you want my daughter to have the same face as mine, you just want her to have issues in future. And what about her taking after my nose or you won’t spot that?” Harmonize said his daughter’s light complexion was just as good as her mother’s so that she does not have any troubles in future.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

He reiterated that Zulekha was his blood and no matter what people said, it was not going to change. “That’s my blood men! People can say whatever they want to say that’s my blood and I love her so much,” he affirmed.

Let’s not forget that Sarah his estranged wife claimed that she had done a DNA test on him and his daughter and found out that he wasn’t the father. She also added that he in fact couldn’t father a child!

Watch the video below of the singer speaking about his daughter’s looks;

Methinks that this story isn’t over yet.

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Why are Diamond, Harmonize and Ali Kiba always being involved in cheating scandals?

The Tanzanian music landscape is littered with so much talent, arguably producing the biggest artistes in East and Central Africa.

Musicians like Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba, Harmonize and Nandi have been the mainstays the last couple of years, dominating the Swahili-speaking nation entertainment industry.

But one common thing among its leading lights of Diamond, Ali Kiba, and Harmonize is that they have all been involved in allegations of philandering.

It seems that a month cannot pass without one of the mentioned foursome being mentioned in a cheating scandal(Some false and others that pass the smell test).

The most recent case involves Kwangwaru singer, Harmonize who has found himself front and center in a cheating scandal this December.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

Harmonize himself admitted that his cheating on his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti happened last year and a result of the infidelity was a baby girl. His wife Michelotti already pulled the plug on their marriage last week calling him out for his callous behaviour.

Ali Kiba is another man who has been the subject of cheating rumours the past two years despite getting married in 2018 in one of the biggest celeb weddings ever.

And it seems that the only reason that Ali’s wife Amina Khalef might be sticking around is their baby boy-but I might be wrong.

And lastly, the man whose cheating antics would make the others blush, Diamond Platnumz. What more can I say about this man that hasn’t already been written. Chibu is an emeritus professor in cheating.

Now onto the thesis of my article. Why don’t these 3 men stay with their wives/significant others? Why are they always straying?

I have a couple of theories:

Firstly because they can;

An old saying goes like this, “A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything.”

They have status, money, and looks-These triumvirate of factors is the winning formula in getting women to desire/want you. Not only that, they will throw themselves at you.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

What do you think men like these who exactly don’t have the self-control of a monk will do?…

Secondly, evolutionary biology theorises that men’s biological imperative is to spread his seed(that’s why men have innumerable sperm). Fun fact-1 in 200 men today is descended from Genghis Khan.

While a woman’s imperative is to secure the best mate(seed) available.

So the trio might just be following those biological impulses now that they can…

But I could be wrong.

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You didn’t even know how to keep a wife like me-Harmonize dumped by Mzungu bae

It seems that Harmonize like his former mentor Diamond Platnumz has just been dumped. Not only that, but the way his wife, Sarah Michelotti did it was also reminiscent of the way Zari Hassan did 2 years ago using her Instagram page to embarrass him.

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Sarah who had claimed a few hours earlier that Harmonize couldn’t sire a child went for the jugular with her break-up message yesterday.

The frustrated Italian woman noted that she has been through a lot with Harmonize but she has decided to end the relationship and walk out of their marriage barely two years in.

Sarah is pregnant! Harmonize proudly admits about Italian wife

Michelotti pointed out that her hubby was a liar who doesn’t appreciate people who help him. Her break-up message featured excellent Kiswahili and was a thorough take-down of the man who had so adored her in the past. A translation of her message into English is below:

I married you cause I loved you, you were everything to me and I chose you just the way you were… I gave you all my love and I did my best for your happiness something that you didn’t do for me at all…. day by day I found you were completely different and you don’t have any respect for anybody … you didn’t even know how to keep a wife like me or to be proud of one person who gave you the good life..and you don’t know how to respect people who really do love you and the ones who are there to support you… most of the time I found out that you just lie and fake it.

I’ve been through a lot in this fake relationship and married if I put it all here everyone will be shocked because you have another face. You always put a mask on your face. I don’t even have more words to say and speak now … you didn’t ever appreciate what I did for you and now is too late … life will teach you the lesson you deserve for what you u did and now I will be focusing on my life … be blessed now u have all the time to be with any women on the way… and I advise you learn to appreciate and respect what people they do for you.🙏🙏🙏.

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Harmonize cannot father a child! Italian wife drops bombshell

Harmonize and his Italian wife, Sarah Michelotti have gotten their fans in a tizzy after their most recent shenanigans this week.

So what’s been happening? It all started with rumours that Sarah’s mother was taking everything back from him that they had given the singer in the past.

The reason for her alleged actions is that Sarah is rumoured to be planning to divorce him because of his recent attitude. Not only that, the musician’s admission this month that he had cheated on his wife a year ago has added more fuel to the fire.

The singer also added that the result of his cheating was a 1-year-old baby girl, who he allegedly fathered with a side chick back then.

But despite Sarah allegedly wanting to leave her philandering hubbie that doesn’t mean that she isn’t still looking out for him-although in a very cruel way if you ask me.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

Sarah has claimed that her muscly husband is sterile and that he can’t father a child. This is why despite being married for long, they still have no child of their own.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

Added to that she shared evidence of a paternity test that showed that the Konde boy singer was never responsible for the baby.

Harmonize's alleged paternity test

Harmonize's alleged paternity test 1
Harmonize’s alleged paternity test 1

She wrote;

Mungu wangu watu kweli wamevurugwa, mara mbili wamepima DNA ya mtoto bado majibu ni Negative., Ila kwakua umeshindwa kupata mtoto umeamua kujipa mtoto asie wako….hongera kwa adoption, utakua na roho nzuri 🤣🤣hukujua jinsi ya kutunza mke sababu ya maovu yako natumai utajua kutunza mtoto 🤣🤣🤣 UKOME KUONGOPEA MASHABIKI ZAKO. Dah 🙏 I post it in swaili language, so everybody will understand 👌

Wow! Talk about no chills! If this isn’t a stunt by the couple then it signals the end of this ill-fated marriage.

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Tanasha attacked by Zuchu’s fans over song being pulled from Youtube


Diamond and Zuchu’s song has been pulled down from Youtube and fans are outraged at the wrong person.

Zuchu’s Tanzanian fans are outraged blaming Tanasha without proof of her having done so.

Tanasha was minding her own business sharing a picture in a blue outfit when Tananians flooded her IG age to troll her, claiming she had something to do with pulling down the song.

The song was pulled down over copyright claims by one Tony Anthony.

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It’s a blue affair… 💙🧚🏽‍♀️

A post shared by Tanasha Donna (@tanashadonna) on

Even Harmonize has been pulled into the drama and he responded saying these things happen in the music industry, so let it be.

Here are some reactions from the trolls on Tanasha’s page:


Acha roho mbaya Tanasha wew na management yako umefuta video ya zuchu 🤔🤔

@wcbzuchuwasafi acha umbea… Si Tanasha ni nyi wenyewe 😂😂😂😂

@wcbzuchuwasafi Tanasha is not that ordinary girl like Zuchu… she is an exceptional… Toka hapa…chezeeni kwa class ya Zuchu…atse!

We wifi,…mwenzako wimbo umefungiwa kule sijui unatushauri nn sisi ndg za mume😢

Ile ngoma ulosema yako imefutwa kule mjini yutubu now tegemea kupigwa makombora na Dabliyusibi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 …..afu ukitaka kuishi na amani mwambie meneja wako aache vijembe vingi mpige kazi

Msenge wewe unafungia wimbo wadadaetu pumbsvuu shenzi kabisa

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Diamond Platnumz laughs at Harmonize after falling during ‘spiderman’ performance


A video shaming Harmonize for falling while performing infront of 70,000 people at Mkapa stadium on Sunday has upset his fans.

Over the weekend of August 30th in Tanzania, Harmonize among others performed before a highly anticipated match. But things went south for the Konde Boy CEO as he fell while hanging onto a rope sky high.

He was hanging on a rope trying out spiderman skills sliding precariously before swiftly sliding down and landing with a thud as his security attempted to rescue him.

The drop was humiliating, but Diamond fans are celebrating the humiliation and causing a fracas online.


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@harmonize_tz adodoka mpaka chini wakati akijaribu kutua uwanja wa #mkapa jijini #daressalaam #mwananchi kama bado haujafollow account hii, nikutaarifu tu yakuwa hapa ndo sehemu pekee itakayokupatia matukio yote Mapya hapa #tanzania🇹🇿 #kenya🇰🇪 #uganda🇺🇬 Hata nje ya Africa mashariki sasa unaweza ku #FOLLOW account hii yetu ili uendelee kujuzwa zaidi juu ya jambo hili na mengine, kwa habari hii na nyingine ingia kwenye account yetu ya HB_TV kwa kubonyeza Link iliyopo kwa BIO yetu hapo juu, Asante . . . #DIAMOND #Diamondplatnumz #harmonize #kondegang #wasafi #wcb4life #wcb #WEMA #wemasepetu #hamisamobetto #mobetostyless #iamzuchu #iamzuchuep #adammchomvu #mbasha #yangaday #yanga #harmonize

A post shared by HB_TV (@hb_hasbillion) on

Diamonds fans are shaming Harmonize by sharing videos of Simba doing better than him. Diamond also commented on the same saying artistes do have mishaps on stage and we should pray for Harmonize.
Matako yako uhali gan😂😂😂😂😂😂
@__l.a.r.r.y__ 😂😂😂😂 yuko moi anatibiwa
Tuma na ile uliyoanguka kama kiroba

Harmonize performs at Mkapa Stadium August 30th

Harmonize laughed it off saying
‘Dont try this at home’

this is likely to ignite beef between the former WCB artistes who fell out when Harmonize ditched WCB to form his own Konde Gang.

It will be interesting to see what happens going forward.

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Sarah is pregnant! Harmonize proudly admits about Italian wife

Bongo star Harmonize is one happy man today. The “Kwangwaru” singer disclosed that he and his wife, Italian model Sarah Michelotti are expecting.


The two have been dating like since forever and finally has something to show for all that time together. The singer said this during a performance in Dodoma, Tanzania on Saturday, August 8 which was met with widespread support.

“Not long now, we are expecting to have a child because Sarah is pregnant as we speak,” the singer said. This was applauded by many of his fans who had filled up the Jamhuri Stadium.

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Diamond and Sara expecting a baby soon…

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

This comes a few months after it was rumoured that the couple was experiencing difficulties in their relationship with Harmonize’ alleged side chick waging an online war.

The singer’s alleged side chick, Nicole Joy Berry and Sarah engaged in a vicious online battle prompted by Harmonize’s decision to go live on Instagram with Nicole while entertaining his fans and followers during the lockdown.

Harmonize with Nicole Berry
Harmonize with Nicole Berry

Sarah went on to the comments section and called Nicole a lady of the night, prompting her to dare the Italian to repeat it again, something Sarah heeded.

A few weeks later, Sarah unfollowed the singer on Instagram after claims he had slept with the video vixen but would later emerge a week later with the singer in tow.

Diamond was why I broke up with Wolper – Harmonize reveals details

Sarah herself has been the subject of controversy ion the past with claims that she slept with one of Diamond’s bodyguards when Harmonize was still at WCB.

Sarah Michelotti
Sarah Michelotti

I have a nasty prediction that this baby might not be the gel that keeps this marriage alive and kicking but what do I know.

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Harmonize speaks about the scary price fame can have on one’s career

Harmonize became one of East Africa’s biggest musicians after he joined Diamond’s WCB records a few years ago. With the might of Chibu and the backing producer Dj Ayolizer, the man released a series of hits establishing himself as a genuine star in the region.

Since his much-publicised split from his mentor, the singer has not done too badly for himself with the hits UNO and My Boo showing that the man could prosper on his own.

Harmonize with Nicole Berry
Harmonize with Nicole Berry

But even with the hits, I feel that he still hasn’t reached the heights he did when he and Diamond were regularly doing collabos together.

This was confirmed this past weekend when the singer confided in his fans that fame could kill one’s talent. “Fem can Serious…!!!! Kill your talent…!!! Please remember that,” Harmonize wrote on his Instagram page.

Harmonize screenshot

He also added that the lack of music awards in the Tanzanian music industry had crippled it, saying that talent was now judged on YouTube views, with many musicians being forced to promote their songs on the video-sharing platform.

The singer lamented the case that if an artists song didn’t hit the treasured 1 million mark within the span of two days, then the song is considered a failure despite the fact that artistes have put in a lot of energy and efforts in creating the music.

Harmonize on set
Harmonize on set

The artiste proposed that the entertainment industry’s governing agency BASATA should start an awards show that will most likely propel the artistes to make great music.

Harmonize added that without awards, it was also difficult for artistes to know how much reception their works have received out there.

Diamond’s manager declines to greet Harmonize at Babu Tale’s wife’s burial

While I see his point and this makes a lot of sense for the logical mind, I still feel that this request might be a dig at his old comrade Diamond Platnumz.

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

We all know that Chibu is the big Kahuna in Tanzania and anything he touches becomes gold-something he has earned with his hard work and witchcraft (if you believe Tanasha).

How do you beat the unbeatable? You try and make them play by rules you believe you can hack.

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Diamond’s manager declines to greet Harmonize at Babu Tale’s wife’s burial

Babu Tale buried his wife yesterday in a highly emotional affair at Morogoro, his ancestral home. And yes, I am not speaking about the scenes of Diamond’s manager weeping for his late wife, Shamsa Kombo Tale.

Babu Tale with his late wife
Babu Tale with his late wife

That was expected that Tale would be so torn after losing the mother of his children. The thing that left many in shock was the behaviour that Diamond’s manager Sallam SK unleashed on former WCB crew member, Harmonize.

Sallam SK with Diamond at a past date
Sallam SK with Diamond at a past date

This was seen on a video doing the rounds on social media where Sallam seemed to have pulled a petty move on the blonde-haired singer.

Harmonize with white tracksuit
Harmonize with white tracksuit

In the video, Sallam seems to avoid greeting Harmonize when the “Uno” singer extended his hand to greet him. The action received a lot of backlash especially considering that it was happening at a funeral which is considered sacrosanct for most battles.

Juma Lokole, Diamond’s friend decided to support Sallam’s reprehensible behaviour but fans were having none of it and told him as much.

You will be cursed! Harmonize subliminally warns Diamond over “destroying Rich Mavoko’s career”

In fact, his supportive comments unleashed a new torrent of emotion from them with Sallam getting some of the worst hate-mail he has ever gotten.


What the incident also shows is that there is still some ill-feeling left despite the relative indifference shown by the Wasafi crew after Harmonize left them in 2019.

Diamond and his crew have been silent on the issue and have rarely spoken about their former hit-maker. Funny thing is that Harmonize was the one who has thrown the majority of the shade at his former label.

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

He has gone on record complaining about the Sh. 22 million he had to pay WCB in order to break his contract with them. Not only that, but the blonde-haired singer has taken subtle digs at Diamond alleging that he is responsible for Rich Mavoko’s career stalling.

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‘It wasn’t my intention to hurt him’ Bahati clarifies after Harmonize unfollowed him

Bahati started a whole new corridor of beef earlier this month after he went after popular Tanzanian singer Harmonize. The gospel singer who has recently adopted a red hairstyle called out the “Uno” singer for treating his former mentor Diamond poorly, something that caused the blond-haired Harmonize to unfollow him.

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

But it seems it was all a misunderstanding and that the “Mama”singer didn’t mean to offend the singer and that he was only doing his brotherly duty by advising him. Speaking to SnS, the singer said;

“Mimi sijaongea na Diamond kutoka sijui lini. Nilikuwa tu namshauri kama ndugu. The way wewe unaweza pata kitu uone hiki kitu Bahati anapotea unishauri. Nilitaka tu amake peace na atoke na Amani fulani sababu ukitoka na Amani unapata Baraka pia. Sikutarajia atakwazika,” said Bahati.

Bahati with his new hairstyle
The singer in his new hairstyle

He also added that he wasn’t sent by anyone to attack Harmonize and that he did it on his own will.

“Sijatumwa na mtu yeyote kwanza sijaonge na mtu yeyote wa WCB sijui siku ngapi zimepita. Na sijui nani anaweza nilipa mimi anitume. Nina pesa zangu,” he said.

Bahati with his new hairstyle
The singer in his new hairstyle

Bahati pointed out that the last time they spoke (Bahati and Harmonize) was when he was last in Nairobi and he needed something that only the gospel singer could help him get.

“Mara ya mwisho nikizungumza na Harmonize alikuwa Nairobi miezi kadhaa imepita alikuwa anahitaji usaidizi na ni mimi tu ambaye ningemsaidia. Ilikuwa saa tisa usiku akanipigia nikatoka nikaenda hadi studio nikachukua nikaenda hadi Hotelini alikokuwa,” said Bahati in the interview.

Bahati smiling
The singer smiling

Despite Bahati clarifying his statement, I call bull$hit! One does not air their dirty linen in public especially when dealing with someone you call a “brother”. Not only that, why would you add insult to injury by calling that “brother” a coward online.

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Harmonize is a coward! Red-headed singer, Bahati starts war with blonde-haired singer


Gospel musician Bahati is someone who enjoys being in the public eye, be it a bad or a good reason. The father of 4 is no stranger to controversy and is in the news once again. Why? The singer has not only decided to change his hair colour but has also started a one-sided war with East African heavyweight musician Harmonize.

Bahati with his new hairstyle
Bahati with his new hairstyle

On Monday, Bahati threw the first salvo after he called out the Konde Boy for being selfish; and ungrateful towards his former boss, Simba aka Diamond Platnumz. An exerpt is below;

I Believe your Boss is not a Perfect Man; Ata Mimi amenikosea, Aliwachana na Sister Wa Mine but Sahi Niko Kwa Maombi Warudiane. 🙏 BUT MY POINT IS.., his Mistakes Cannot be Compared with the Kind heart that pushed him to pick you Up from the Streets and Made You who You’re Today. God Used him to Introduce you to the World!

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

As one would expect, the post wasn’t well-received by the “My Boo” singer who promptly unfollowed the Kenyan singer-a fact that Bahati was quick to reveal in his subsequent Instagram messages,

He added;

Nikimalizia – Thank you Tanzanians 🇹🇿 for accepting that Bahati Is the Real Elephant #TEMBOHALISI 🐘
Nawaahidi Nikitoa nyimbo yangu Inayofuata hamtawahi Sikiliza Nyimbo za Harmonize Tena!!! GOOD NIGHT 😴

While we all know that Bahati thrives on this type of attention (negative), I think this is a stupid move by the musician. Never entangle yourself in other people’s business.

Bahati with his new hairstyle
Bahati with his new hairstyle

While he might be starting this war with Harmonize to promote a new song he is releasing, I don’t think the long-term results will out-weight the short terms benefits of the increased exposure he is now getting in East Africa.

‘Unakaa Coronavirus’ Bahati mocked after he debuts new daring haircolor

Harmonize might not be as big as Diamond but that doesn’t mean he isn’t loved in East and Central Africa, something that the ‘Mama” singer should have taken into account before he started this fake war. Will this move alienate some of those fans? I think it will…

But what do I know?

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Popular songs you like with hidden meanings in them

In 2018, Harmonize revealed that the meaning of the lyrics behind his massive song “Kwangwaru” were very explicit. While many would have guessed as much, one would be hard-pressed to explain word for word what the singer was saying.

Harmonize on stage during the 23rd Koroga Festival in Nairobi

That brought up the question? Which other popular songs do people enjoy but have very different meanings from what we think they mean?

Some of those songs are below:

Like A Virgin – Madonna

The song shocked many when it was released. Unlike what many may think, the song is not about virginity but about a bad relationship.

Billy Steinberg, the writer of the song was left “emotionally battered” after a failed relationship. The like a virgin reference was him getting into a new one and feeling anew for it.

 TLC – Waterfalls

The song may have a very catchy chorus but the subject matter that it relates to is very deep. The song’s lyrics (particularly the verses) tackle issues such as promiscuity, HIV/AIDS, and the illegal drug trade.

John Lennon – Imagine

One part of the Beatles released this song to near global acclaim. The song which had idealistic lyrics about a better world had an esoteric meaning behind it.

The song itself is an ode to communism. Lennon himself said about the song:

Because it’s sugarcoated it’s accepted. Now I understand what you have to do—put your message across with a little honey.

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

While most may think this song is about the love of a woman, the deeper meaning behind it will show you the The Weeknd’s great song-writing skills.

This song itself is about the singer talking about cocaine. The subject of the song is the artist’s love for the drug.

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Lady Gaga has had many songs that have been long been debated about. Poker Face was definitely one of them. The singer herself clarified the meaning behind the song in an interview.

She admitted that “Poker Face” was written about her personal experience with bisexuality – where she was with a man, but fantasizing about being with a woman, hence the poker face.

There She Goes – Sixpence 

For those of you who like soft rock and this song in particular, the meaning behind it is not about a man chasing a woman but something more sinister.

What could it be? Heroin. If you look closely at the lyrics, the “she” in question is actually heroin and the song tells of the rush of using the drug and how fleeting the high is.

What do you think of the list?

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Beauty and the beast! East African male celebs and the women who date them

There is a great saying in modern lingo. It goes like this “no one is ugly just broke.” And this wise phrase is proven in a very public way as we see ugly East African male celebs marry very attractive women every day. Continue reading “Beauty and the beast! East African male celebs and the women who date them”

‘He didn’t own shoes’ Maina’s encounter with Harmonize’s 16-year old protege


Weeks after Harmonize introduced his new protege to the public, not much is known about Ibraah, the new kid on the block giving artistes a run for their money.

Ibraah joined Harmonizes record label Konde Gang, and released a song with his boss dubbed ‘Nimekubali’.

Details of Tecra Muigai’s private family burial in Naivasha

The two received positive feedback from fans and has been severally used as a dance challenge on TikTok.

And now Ibraah has released his EP album STEPS. He features Harmonize again and Nigerian artiste Joeboy among others.

Ibraah Tz/Pic courtesy Instagram

Classic’s Maina Kageni met Ibraah and revealed little known details about the 16-year-old, who he says is one to watch out for.

Ibraah was dusty and ashy, a young man who didn’t have shoes.

The encounter left a mark on Maina who said

‘I met him when he was delivering jerrycans of water to Harmonize’s house. He didn’t even have shoes. Wah, he looked like something else. I took a picture with him and told him he would one day be someone’.

‘Let me remind you, I’m King Pozze’ Willy Paul responds to Bahati’s shade

Maina added,

‘God he is only 16 years and so poetic’.


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‘You changed my life,’ Harmonize and Italian wife celebrate fourth anniversary

Tanzanian singer Harmonize and his Italian beau Sarah Michelotti are celebrating four years together. The couple got married last year at a private wedding ceremony.

According to Sarah, they made things official as an item in 2016


“HAPPY ANNIVERSAY ❤️🤴🏾… 11/05/2016🔥🔥 the day that changed my life.. ‘WE LOVED WITH A LOVE THAT WAS MORE THAN LOVE’. 👸”

“LOVE YOU 4 EVER 👸” Harmonize responded

The singer then took to his social media to celebrate his bae. He wrote


Well, since Sarah mentioned 2016 as the time they met, coincidentally Harmonize happened to have been dating Tanzanian actress Jacqueline Wolper the same year. In a past interview, Wolper accused Sarah of snatching the singer from her which led him to dump her for Sarah. The two have since never seen eye to eye.

Harmonize’s wife Sarah dedicates love letter to him days after blocking singer

You will be cursed! Harmonize subliminally warns Diamond over “destroying Rich Mavoko’s career”

Harmonize and his former mentor Diamond Platnumz seemed to be on a sort of detente’ since he left the Wasafi label mid-last year.

The blonde-haired singer had made it a point not to speak badly about Chibu with most caustic remarks being that the two weren’t friends anymore.

Now it seems that calm might be a thing of the past as Harmonize has launched a scathing attack on Diamond. Why? The “My Boo” singer feels that Diamond was responsible for killing Rich Mavoko’s career.

Rich Mavoko
Rich Mavoko

Rumour has it that for Rich Mavoko to break his contract with Wasafi, he had to sell all his belongings (his home, car, parents home, land)  like Harmonize after him.

But unlike for the Konde Boy who had to pay Sh. 24 million (and did it after much hardship) Rich Mavoko couldn’t muster the funds.

‘We are not friends anymore’ Harmonize speaks about his relationship with Diamond

As a result, the claim is that the Diamond-owned Wasafi still owns Mavoko’s YouTube channel. This seems to have bothered Harmonize and he decided to take subtle shots at Diamond.

The singer in a pink sweater
The singer in a pink sweater

In his rant, Harmonize wondered whether these people (Dangote) have sympathy for all the families Rich Mavoko was supporting through his music;

The singer also questioned Diamond and his family over whether money had so clouded their heads to the point of not seeing the pain of others – and in this case Rich Mavoko.

Ndoto Ngapi Za Wasani Ambao Wanategemea Kuzifikia Hizo Ndoto Kupitia Mavoco ..?? Na Nyuma Ya Hao Wasanii Kuna Familia NyenginePia ..?? Jeee Maumivu Malala Miko Ya Wazazi Wake Hasa Mama Mzazi Ambae Ndio Kama Roho Yake …!!! Ushajiuliza Ni Kauli Ngapi Za Uchungu Anazitoa Ambazo Zinaweza Kumpata Kila Anaefurahishwa Na Hili Kwa Makusudi ..???

Diamond Platnumz shirtless
Diamond Platnumz shirtless

He finished off by warning Diamond to remember about carrying a curse caused by the tears of those depending on Mavoko i.e his parents. Konde boy wrote;

Mana Mzazi wa Mwenzio Ni wako Pia Laana Yake Haishindwi Kukupata …!! La Mwisho Kabisa Mgeukie Mwenzio Anaefurahia Na Kuifanya


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‘We are not friends anymore’ Harmonize speaks about his relationship with Diamond

We all know that Harmonize left his former mentor Diamond’s Wasafi label mid last year. The two were a juggernaut when they worked together producing hits such as Kwangwaru and Kainama.

But such a dream team couldn’t last forever as Harmonize wanted to explore his own boundaries as an artiste and a man. The singer decided to leave Diamond’s label and went on to start his own, Konde Boy Records.

Harmonize on stage
Harmonize on stage

Leaving Diamond’s Wasafi label wasn’t a cheap affair as the blonde-haired rapper had to pay his mentor sh 24 million (Tsh500 Million) to break the contract – something he did after some struggle.

Diamond’s ex, Wema Sepetu, hosts former mentee and nemesis Harmonize

How has their relationship evolved since then? Are they still friends or on talking terms? Nope! This was confirmed by the Konde Music CEO who said.

“I respect him he is doing a very good job, but we are not friends, I don’t wanna; lie to you. But we are cool, we are from the same Country Tanzania, we used to be friends but now we are not, I don’t want to lie to you, but not in a bad way, we used to work together but we are not working any more, that’s what I’m trying to say, for some business reasons” said Harmonize.

Harmonize with Nicole Berry
Harmonize with Nicole Berry

Since his exit from the Diamond owned label, Konde Boy has been pitted against his former boss Chibu Dangote for the Bongo Flava crown.

In a recent interview with Tanzania’s Clouds FM, Konde Boy also mentioned that his relationship with WCB Wasafi, had changed after exiting.

“Sitaki kusema uongo, Mahusiano yangu na uongozi wangu uliopita sio kama zamani, na kuhusu wao kushindwa kuhudhuria ndoa yangu mimi niliweka nadhiri kuwa siku ya ndoa yangu ningependa wahudhuriaji wawe ni ndugu zangu niloishi nao vizuri kijijini” said Harmonize.

The singer in a pink sweater
The singer in a pink sweater

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