Harmonize announces the birth of “AfroEast” album

Tanzanian singer Harmonize will be releasing his album ‘Afro East’ this year.

“I’m bringing all my friends. Trust me this is AfroEast Album. I’m Ready 2020,” he announced on social media.

In another post, he said “I need you to be ready for my album, its too special, I put all my energy in it, because this is my first ever album. I wanted to entertain and catch you”

He announced that the album will debut in February.

This is after he left Diamond Platnumz’s record label WCB over irreconcilable differences.

Harmonize vying for political seat in 2020

Since then, Harmonize has released solo projects, among them ‘Uno’, ‘Kushoto Kulia’ and ‘Hainistui’.

Harmonize vying for political seat in 2020

Harmonize has won the hearts of Tanzanians and he has hinted that he might be vying for a political seat.

He hinted this in a post he shared while with Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli.

“Asante Sanaa Mhedhimiwa DC Tandahimba Nakuombea Mungu Nikikute Katika Madalaka Ili Tuisongeshe Tandahimba Mbali Zaidi Yani Sitamani Upate Uhamisho Ili Kwapamoja Tuitumikie Tandahimba Kuanzia Mwaka 2020 Inshallah.”

Media pundits say he might be vying for an MP seat in Tandahimba. If he does that, he will be following the footsteps of Tanzanian rapper Professor Jay, Uganda’s Bobi Wine and Kenya’s Jaguar.

Previously, the president had endorsed Harmonize to vie for a seat which he might have considered. Harmoniz said in response that;

“Thanks alot…!!!! My president ..!! Doctor John Pombe Magufuli Kama ilivyo Ada Yakwamba Kauli Yako Tukufu Ni Sheria Nikiwa Kama Mwananchi Wa Kawaida Sinabudi Kutii Lakini Pia Wananchi Wenzangu Wa Jimbo La Tandahimba Wameipata Hii Kauli Yako Tukufu 1 Bila Shaka Kwapamoja Tunalifanyia Kazi Mungu Ibariki Tanzania Mungu Ibariki Serikali Ya awamu Ya (5) Mungu Ibariki #Tandahimba Cc #JohnPombeMagufuli #MamaSamiaSuluhu #KassimMajaliwaKassim!!!! KONDEBOY JESHI MBUNGE”

Rumours had it that the reason he left Diamond Platnumz WCB was because he wanted to venture into politics.No matter how true or untrue this is, let Harmonize just do his thing!

He’s not my type! Huddah says as she denies ever kissing Harmonize

Diamond or Ali Kiba: Wema Sepetu reveals whose music she prefers

Wema Sepetu really wants to goad her former boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz. The socialite who is a former Miss Tanzania decided to speak about whose music she likes between her ex and his rival, Ali Kiba.

Ali Kiba is probably the biggest male musician in Tanzania not affiliated to Wasafi and that tends to bring comparisons between the two big kahuna’s.


The beauty queen was recently interviewed by Global publishers this Tuesday an instead of giving a politically correct answer, she dove right in.

Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz’ photos light up the internet

Her answer will not shock anyone who has an ex they wish the worst for in their innermost heart. Wema said that she has always been a fan of Kiba and even Diamond was well aware of the fact when they were still dating.

‘Unajua watu hawaelewi, mimi siwezi kuficha hisia zangu hata kidogo, ni kweli kabisa nauelewa muziki wa Kiba, uzuri hata Diamond mwenyewe anafahamu hilo na kingine ni vyema kujiachia ni wapi unapenda na unapata hisia kali unaposikiliza muziki wake Kiba,’ said Wema.

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu

She added,

‘Ni hivi, nitaendelea kuwa shabiki siku zote wa Kiba, hakuna chochote ambacho kitanifanya nisifanye hivyo maana kizuri kinajiuza na kama kuna mtu atachukia kwa hilo, atakuwa siyo muelewa kwa sababu muziki ni hisia kali zilizopo ndani ya moyo wa mtu,’ she added.

Wema Sepetu

This isn’t the first time that Wema has preferred another artiste over Diamond. Earlier this year, she picked Harmonize over the ‘African Beauty’ singer, saying, ‘Level ya Harmonize inamzidi ya Diamond, siwezi kusema ni kwa kiasi gani lakini inamzidi. Pia bidii zake naona akifika mbali sana,’ she said.

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I am ready for kids! Singer Harmonize tells Italian fiancee’ Sarah

Harmonize has signaled strongly that he wants to start a family with his Italian bae, Sarah Michelotti. The star, who treated Kenyan media like trash, last month has come out to give a clear indication that he has baby fever (I thought it was women alone who felt like this ama ni wote!?)

Harmonize with white tracksuit
Harmonize with white tracksuit

The singer did so while wishing his long-time girlfriend a happy birthday this past weekend. Harmonize shared a photo collage, with a lovely Instagram post wishing his woman all the best and referring to her as a superwoman.

Sarah Michelotti
Sarah Michelotti

‘More life, love you wife, superwoman. Sarah, I got you for life, I’m ready for (babies),’ while adding baby mother emojis sending the message home.


The two began dating at the beginning of 2017. Apparently, Harmonize had cheated on Wolper with Sarah Michelotti who later went on to become his girlfriend and now potential baby mama!

Maina Kageni reveals reason Diamond wasn’t at Harmonize’s wedding (Exclusive)

Konde boy and Sarah have gone through a lot to reach a point where he is wishing she had his babies. It is alleged that the ‘Kwa Ngwaru’ hit-maker left Wasafi Classic record (WCB) because of the ‘Inama’ song by Diamond and Ipupa Fally alleged Sarah Michelotti had cheated on Konde Boy with Mwarabu Fighter.


It seems they have gotten past the nasty allegations.

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Is she spiting Diamond? Wema Sepetu shows deep support for Harmonize

Wema Sepetu really knows how to stir up the hornet’s nest. The Tanzanian socialite has just praised blonde-haired and arrogant musician Harmonize.

Wema Sepetu reveals some tragic news about her getting married

The former model decided to show her support for the recent moves that the singer has been making. In a comment to one of his Instagram posts she wrote,

Hatari sana wewe Mtu…

Harmonize with Wizkid
The singer with Wizkid

So what you might be asking and why should I care? Be patient…

The back story

Before Diamond was the big Kahuna he is in the industry (sleeping with point-5’s), the man had briefly dated Wema, twice to be accurate. They broke up the first time because Diamond cheated with one of Wema’s friends. They would later reconcile, but the relationship ended with the two moving on with their lives.

Diamond-Platnumz-and-with a much plumper Wema

The relationship could not be salvaged because Diamond cheated numerously, prompting Wema to walk out. In fact, there are unsubstantiated reports that Zari sliced Diamond from Wema.

Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past
Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past


So it is interesting that Wema is showing such support for Harmonize who left his mentor’s record label to start his under acrimonious conditions.

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

Just recently while speaking on an interview with Clouds Media; Harmonize revealed that his former label needed him to pay Ksh 22 million in order to get full rights of using the music he recorded under WCB.

Wema Sepetu with blonde hair
Wema Sepetu

So what is her play? Spite her former lover Diamond, or is she just the greatest fan of Harmonizes music? Who knows but I have my suspicions.

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Ight Imma Head Out: Inside Harmonize’s three minute media interview



Not every celebrity interview goes on as planned. We know that. But how it’s handled makes a whole lot of difference.

Kenyan journalists were left bewildered after Harmonize walked out from a press conference on Friday night. He spoke for three minutes, then stood up and walked out. Now let me take you back.

The Tanzanian singer released his new song “Uno” and organized for a media tour in three countries – Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

He granted Tanzanian media all his time and poured his heart about his current situation with WCB on Thursday. Later that night, he threw a bash for the media and celebrities and even gave a stunning performance of his new song.

Friday was Kenya’s turn. He had scheduled a press conference for 11 Am, he then pushed it to 3 pm. Just before the time, it was announced that the singer and his management rescheduled it to 7 pm.

Not minding the time of the event, journalists arrived in good numbers at the Blue Door VIP lounge and at exactly 7pm sharp, we had settled down waiting for the star.

An hour later, the singer arrives with his crew and multiple bodyguards, who pushed people out of the way. He answered two questions and demanded not to be asked about WCB. Harmonize spoke for about three minutes and walked out of the room, ignoring a journalist who was still asking a question.

Asked by the PR organising the interview about the “One on One” interviews he had requested for, the singer gave a big no as his bodyguards pushed the chairs to create way for the singer to get out.

While journalists were left in disbelief at the kind of “madharau’ they were treated with, it was revealed that the singer’s excuse was that he was late for a TV show which was starting at 10pm.


A TV presenter added “Huyu jamaa ako na madharau sana, hutawahi niona kwa event ama press conference yake tena”

In support of the conversation, a writer of a popular newspaper said “This is not the way to treat people, especially the media. Atajua hajui. His ego will take him nowhere. I will never cover anything about him, ever again!” he swore

Hours later, Harmonize went to his anticipated TV show like nothing happened.


In conclusion, Harmonize showed Kenyans the highest order of “Madharau” Did he not learn from Nigerian artistes?

Below are a few screenshots of journalist ranting on Instagram after the humiliation;

Harmonize claims Zari is still crazy for Diamond Platnumz

Harmonize and Diamonds relationship is up in the air with some reports that he left amicably and with others claiming that he and the labels owner Diamond are not on good terms.

But that speculation hasn’t stopped the Konde Boy singer from treating his fans to his first single dubbed Uno. In the song, he takes shots at both Diamond and Zari, with the singer saying the mother of 5 is not yet over her ex-lover.

Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past
Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past

He sang,

‘Basi kata taratibu tibu usije pata ajali. Uno la Chibu Chibu linamkondesha Zari, (Take it slow you don’t get into an accident. Diamond is still driving Zari crazy),’ he sang.

In this song, he is hitting back directly at Diamond revealing that wherever he goes, he leaves his seed as well as people fighting.

The singer with blonde hair
Harmonize with white tracksuit

While the song might seem snarky, it does have a lot of truth in it. Harmonize was publicly embarrassed by Diamond in one of his songs where he revealed that a bodyguard had slept with his fiancee’. Diamond dropped the bombshell in Inama by singing that Michelotti’s affair was the reason he kicked Mwarabu Fighter out.

Is singer Harmonize’s mzungu bae sleeping with Diamond’s bodyguard?

Also, of all of his exes, Zari is the one who keeps on attacking her ex, taking every opportunity she can to either denigrate her former man or his new woman, Tanasha.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

She even said recently that Diamond’s Kenyan lover Tanasha Donna had collected her ex-lover from the gutters, where had she left him. The Wasafi boss has a record of having a couple of women with a snap of a finger. He has three baby mama’s currently, from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Harmonize with white tracksuit
Harmonize with white tracksuit

Harmonize fell out with his former record label after quitting Wasafi, with Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen saying that he betrayed them.

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Harmonize paid Wasafi Sh.24 million to terminate contract

Harmonize has for the first time discussed his departure from Wasafi Records. In a candid interview with Clouds FM yesterday, the star revealed that the contract he signed years ago while joining Wasafi stipulated that he had to pay the label TSh 500 million (Sh 24 million) so as to be allowed out of it.

Harmonize with white tracksuit
Harmonize with white tracksuit

He added that without completing the payment, Wasafi remained with the rights to all the songs he did under them. That wasn’t all, the star added that he cannot perform or use songs he did while at WCB for his own benefits until he clears the payment.

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

He also revealed that he had an amicable split with the Diamond-owned label saying;

Actually, I left peacefully. There was a problem that we could not solve, we tried different mode to find solutions in vain. I asked them to release me so that I can be independent and they agreed,” he revealed. The star added that he did not have the money then but had to sell some of his properties to raise part of it. He said he struggled and paid a bigger part and is almost clearing the payments something that will finally give him the freedom and right to use his songs(sponsored by WCB) again. ”They asked that we stick to what the contract initially stipulated. The contract stated I should pay them KSh 24 million in case I terminate the contract before maturity. I did not have the money so I sold some of my properties, I even sold some houses I was constructing to raise part of the cash. I paid and am still paying but will clear soon because the balance is not that huge.

The singer with blonde hair
Harmonize with white tracksuit

Harmonize wrapped up by stating he struggled to pay up to avoid beefs with the other party as they made him the big star he is today. His revelation came just months after he ditched Diamond’s label citing irreconcilable differences.

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Rose Muhando’s political song sparks reaction from Maina and Kingangi



Rose Muhando is back in the news and causes all sorts of storm in the country.

The singer has released a song praising President Uhuru and Kenyans for standing by her.

‘I don’t know if Rose Muhando is abusing drugs!’ Gospel star Stephen Kasolo confesses

The song dubbed shukran Uhuru is trending and it’s not too shabby according to the Classic 105 hosts.

Maina responded saying

Aki Tanzanian, you know these guys they know how to praise. You know when Harmonize released that cover for Kwangwaru, now he is Magufuli’s favorite artist. Hima nd Sauti Sol. You cannot tell Magufuli anything else, And he is making money like you can’t believe 

I must say I love the melody on this one. Good job Rose Muhando

Mwalimu Kingangi recalled other musicians who have ever sang for politicians including former President Moi saying

Moi ni mwingine, he was sang for all sorts of songs from Primary everyone sang for him 

Maina chimed in with a laugh saying

It must feel so good being praised

KOT have also shared their thoughts on the song with comments below


Atleast Rose Muhando knows what Kenya has done for her, unlike some other people in Somalia filled with greed


Many of us would give anything to up and leave our beloved country, citing many negativities, then comes Rose Muhando singing all praises and gratitude to the president, the country and its folks at large and waa, something to ponder on right there.

Rose Muhando breaks silence to tell fans ‘all is well’



Rose Muhando in her song “Uhuru” joins the long list of foreigners who unconditionally Love Kenya. I wonder where we derive the perennial self-hate. Europeans, Asians, Americans, and even Africans are choosing Kenya as their retirement destination. Lets learn to LOVE our country.



Kenyans after bearing a song by Rose Muhando praising President Uhuru and wishing blessings upon his family. She should have left Uhuru out of that song, otherwise it’s a good song.


People might have divided opinion about that Rose Muhando song, personally, it’s the best song I have heard from her. The execution was just on point 👌👏

Rose Muhando bounces back from rehab



Have you ever taken time to thank and appreciate those who have stood with you and made you who you are today.

Maybe Rose Muhando should be considered for


If Rose Muhando can refix that Uhuru song and remove the name Uhuru, That song will be our second national Anthem #KOTLoyals


So Rose Muhando decided to sing a song in praise of your president….I’m sure religious 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 and their radio stations are very happy.

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Maina Kageni reveals reason Diamond wasn’t at Harmonize’s wedding (Exclusive)

A lot has been said this past month about Harmonize and his relationship with his former record label, Wasafi. Harmonize’s surprise wedding this past weekend shocked many and amplified the rumours of a rift between Harmonize the Diamond-led label.

The rumours claimed that the singer had invited his former Wasafi crew to the wedding but they declined to show up. This was proof to some observers that the ‘Happy Birthday’ singer and his former label had beef.


But that isn’t true. I spoke to Classic105’s Maina Kageni and he reliably informed me that Diamond and Harmonize were still on good terms.

The presenter of Kenya’s most popular radio show told me that that misconception did not stand scrutiny. He explained that both Diamond and Rayvanny wanted to attend but couldn’t as the wedding was held at short notice.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

He said;

They have no beef, they are going to work together again! There is no problem. I don’t know why people are getting this nonsense from! Diamond was at a show in Germany!

But why didn’t the other former label mates from Wasafi attend the wedding? Maina explained that Rayvanny was at an already scheduled appearance in West Africa. ‘Don’t forget it was a quickly planned wedding. I didn’t know until 4 days to the wedding. it was very quickly planned. I went to the wedding on Saturday.’

Maina and Harmonize in studio
Maina and Harmonize in studio in a file photo

Harmonize and Diamond began working together in 2015 after the blonde-headed singer signed for Wasafi Records. His run there featured numerous hits with songs such as Matatizo, Kainama and his collaborative piece (with Diamond) Kwangwaru that ruled the airwaves last year.

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Harmonize reveals the impact his mother played on him getting married

Harmonize shocked many this past weekend when he married his longtime sweetheart, Sarah. The couple was the image of bliss even though the singer had had a horrible break-up with his former record label just some time ago.

Even after leaving Wasafi Records, Harmonize chose to invite his former workmates to his wedding but no one from WCB attended the ceremony.

The singers-wedding

The singer seems to be a romantic at heart and decided to put a ring on it unlike his philandering former leader Diamond Platnumz who has never gotten married.

Why did he take the giant leap of faith and commit to Sarah after their many years of dating?  In a new post shared by the singer on his Instagram page, the young crooner opens up about the importance of loving and respecting one woman.


Through his Instagram page the Harmonize wrote saying;

My mom told me that if you love one woman and respect her then every woman in the world will love and respect you more!!!! Love You @sarah__tz 💍💍 we made it 👫💑👨‍👩‍👧

Harmonize with his mother
Harmonize with his mother

If anything, one would assume Harmonize wrote the message targeting his former boss who is popularly known for jumping from one woman to another.

‘Be ready for anything with him’ Zari warns Tanasha about Diamond

Will Harmonize’s bold move prompt his old friend now someone who has beef with him, Diamond to also put a ring on Tanasha? I don’t think so.

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Why Diamond Platnumz skipped Harmonize’s grand wedding

Alot has been said about Diamond and Harmonize that has to do with a purported beef over switching labels.

This past weekend, photos of Harmonize’s secret wedding were leaked and his fans were surprised.

Bongo sensation Harmonize and his longtime girlfriend Sarah Michelotti exchanged vows in two wedding ceremonies.

The first ceremony was a Muslim wedding which where the couple solemnized their union in accordance with Islamic wedding rites.

Harmonize’s mother in law lavishes praise on singer after nuptials


After the Muslim wedding, Harmonize and Sarah exchanged vows in a colorful white wedding which was also held in Dar es Salaam on Saturday September 7th.

At the wedding none of his WCB pals were present, leaving tongues wagging.

But there is an explanation for Diamonds absence from the nuptials.

Diamond is currently in Germany on tour. He moves to Canada in October for performances mid month.


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Maina Kageni’s message to Harmonize after lavish wedding

Bongo singer Harmonize broke the internet this past weekend, with a secret wedding.

The wedding was a two part series, and the couple looked adorable during their big day.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni is a close pal and attended the wedding.

He revealed in an interview about Harmonize taking the plunge

‘I’m proud of you for taking this big step’


The lovebirds left a lasting impression on Maina who gushed over them adding

‘He is marrying someone he has known for a while, and that’s good’

Harmonize and his Italian girlfriend Sarah Michelotti had been dating for a while and the two have on numerous occasions hang out with Maina.


Congratulations as they begin the next big step of planning a family.

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Harmonize’s mother in law lavishes praise on singer after nuptials

Bongo sensation Harmonize and his longtime girlfriend Sarah Michelotti exchanged vows in two wedding ceremonies.

The first ceremony was a Muslim wedding which where the couple solemnized their union in accordance with Islamic wedding rites.

After the Muslim wedding, Harmonize and Sarah exchanged vows in a colorful white wedding which was also held in Dar es Salaam on Saturday September 7th.

Sarah and her mother


The couple got engaged in Italy a few months ago and Sarah’s family, especially her mother has been very supportive of their relationship.

Harmonize and Sarah

After the wedding, the excited Sarah took to social media to confirm that she was taken.

FOREVER JESHI🖤❤️💍… I LOVE YOU. 07/09/2019,’ she poted accompanied by the photo below.

Harmonize and Sarah
Newlyweds Sarah and her singer hubby

Sarah’s mother, who was among the 100 invited guests, took to social media to wish the newlyweds nothing but the best.

Le grand jour le bonheur [The great day happiness],’ she wrote.

In another post, she wrote

Beautiful couple.

Harmonize and Sarah

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The ugliest hairstyles ever worn by East African celebrities

Celebrities are always trying to widen their spheres, musically and also in the way that the public perceives them.

One of those ways can be in their fashion and style. Hairstyles are a wonderful way for a celeb to show off their uniqueness and individuality to the watching public.

But there are times when the celebs go wrong in the hairstyle that they choose. Some of those celebs are below;

Otile Brown

This singer is the one who has caused me to write this article. The abomination on his head is not only terrible to look at, it is also a crime against humanity!

Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads
Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads


This is another celeb who cannot stick with one style and should be on this list several times as a serial offender. The fake locks epidemic have been popularised by East Africa’s most popular singer but they just don’t work on him.

Diamond with the ugly locks
Diamond with the ugly locks

I don’t get how he has been able to keep them despite the many women he has around him who can advise him against the style!


I think you are noticing a pattern here. Fake dreads are bad! Bahati decided to try out a new style when he went to Dubai with his wife Diana Marua.

Bahatis new look
Bahati’s when he had the ugly hairstyle

The backlash he received was so bad that even his wife Diana campaigned for that ugly mop of hair to be removed. Bahati acquiesced and a toddler somewhere smiled.


The singer put one of most egregious hairstyles I have ever seen with his blonde noodle hairstyle. Again the fake dreads make a comeback.

Rayvanny hairstyle
Rayvanny with the noodle hairstyle


The crooner is often recognised for his blonde hair but there are times that he has tried to forego the style in favour of Ghanaian lines that he wore at the Wasafi festival late last year.

Harmonize donning the hairstyle
Harmonize donning the hairstyle

I am torn on this one I must say.

Willy Paul

The ‘Haleluyia’ singer loves dying his hair, with blonde and white being a favourite for him. The singer also seems to be copying a lot of the styles that Diamond has tried out. It isn’t like Diamond has a stellar record at choosing wonderful hairstyles.

Willy-Paul looking in his ugly style

As you can surmise the common thread among all these hairstyles is that the celebs who are trying them are stitching fake hair onto their sculpts, a result that is not pleasant to the eye.

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Harmonize denies thirsting on Ben Pol’s fiancée Anerlisa Muigai

Harmonize has come out to deny that he tried sliding in Anerlisa Muigai’s DM.

Singer Ben Pol, who recently proposed to Anerlisa said in an interview with Zamaradi that some celebrities like Harmonize and rapper Khaligraph Jones have been thirsting over his woman.

“I’ve seen artistes like Shettah, Harmonize and Khaligraph with a verified blue tick dming her. I understand she is an attractive woman.”

In his defense, Harmonize says Pol was trying to create a buzz for his new song and that he knew Anerlisa even before the Moyo Mashine hitmaker started dating her.

“If you are a gentle, you are not supposed to put things like this on the public eye. He would have told me that ‘bro my wife says this’ and I’d have told him whether its true or not.”

Adding that “Before, I felt bad but I realized we are all human beings, I knew Anerlisa even before they met, like three years ago.”

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing
Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing

The Wasafi singer said there’s no way he can see two people dating and still try to ruin what they have.

“Ben Pol is my brother and I love him so much. I have even collaboratde with him inthe song “Why” He is a humble person and a role model to me. I started hearing his songs back in the day when I was a nobody.”


She Said Yes: Harmonize finally proposes to his mzungu bae – Video


Why Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize will pay more for video vixen wigs


The Kenyan government has been kind to us girls and not added taxes for the beauty industry.

Sadly for our Tanzanian counterparts this is not the case.

They will have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy that wig or hair extension.

Both synthetic and human hair wigs can cost anywhere from $15 to over $1000.

While no Tanzanian celebrity has spoken out about this, we know several who wear wigs. From Wema Sepetu, to Hamisa Mobetto, Vanessa Mdee and Ray C, these are amongst women who will have to break the bank to slay.


The Tanzania government has proposed new taxes on wigs, drivers’ license fees, and sanitary towels in its new budget.

The Tanzanian minister for Planning and Finance Philpo Mpango read the budget in Parliament in a move highly supported by MP’s.

Wigs manufactured locally will now attract a tax of 10 percent while the imported ones will face a 25 per cent tax.

The minister also reinstated tax on sanitary pads because as he argues previous measures to exempt the items from taxes has not been passed down to consumers as businessmen continued to benefit from lower taxes.


Here are several reasons why wigs are expensive

1. The Hair Quality

The quality of hair which was made for human hair wigs determined 80% of the wig cost.

2. Use or no use of a Lace Cap

3. If it’s a frontal, full lace, density of wigs determine cost

Lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs both made by lace frontals (or 360 frontals) and hair bundles, so they are hand tied plus machine made, take less time than full lace wigs. If you want to make a full lace wig, it needs about 40 hours (working all the 40 hours), and also if you want single knot hairline and silk base, it will need more than three times as long. If you want 150% density even 180% density will need long time because the manufacturers must knot more hair on the lace cap.


4. human hair vs synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is much cheaper than human hair, it can be made very straight texture. Synthetic hair is pressed, cut and predesignated, it is very straight, not easy to change the style. But it is not human hair, it is not soft and smooth, even though it has gloss. I just learn about synthetic hair cannot make other styles which you want, it cannot make by hair curler, it is not controlled by heat.

What’s worse, human hair is natural so far than synthetic hair, and the lifespan is longer. Synthetic wigs can only last less than 3 months, but human hair wigs can last more than 1 year with proper care.

Making a human hair wig need to spend lots of money and energy, so the selling price is higher than other hair products.

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