Shocking video of Kenyan Youths Injecting Themselves With Hard Drugs In Downtown Nairobi

Like with everything, drugs have levels. But for better or for worse, because Kenya hasn’t been caught in the grips of the drug trade, we have managed to escape the throes of drug addiction.

And on this one, I am not talking about marijuana. It is not a drug. Anything that man can consume in its natural state without it being altered in a lab is not a drug. It is a stimulant.
Ofcourse that is my just my opinion. And everyone has a right to my goddamn opinion.

Anyway, it would seem Kenyans can no longer claim not to be drug users if the video I found circulating is anything to go by. In the video, you see youth injecting themselves with some substances and unless this is a diabetic convention, I think the assumption that they are up to no good is a valid one: