Kenyans go crazy over Naomi Osaka’s company name

Naomi Osaka and LeBron James are partnering in a media company called Hana Kuma which means ‘Flower Bear.’ But the name is trending on Kenyan twitter because in Kiswahili, it translates to a female without private parts.

In a press release, Osaka said,

“There has been an explosion of creators of colour finally being equipped with resources and a huge platform.”

“In the streaming age, content has a more global perspective. You can see this in the popularity of television from Asia, Europe, and Latin America that the unique can also be universal.”

“My story is a testament to that as well. I’m so excited for what we are building at Hana Kuma. We will bring stories to life with this goal in mind: to make unique perspectives feel universal and inspire people along the way.”

Kenyans as is their norm reacted to the ‘interesting company name. Some of those comments are below;

Wahito: My heart goes out to all Kenyan youths who will have the task of convincing their parents “hana Kuma” is also a brand name for a media company

Clutch Brakes: Naomi Osaka is such a clever lady. She researched well. ‘Hana Kuma’ name isn’t a coincidence. She making the most out KOT and is paying off. Marketing strategy 101. Work smart.

Bad Medulala: “Hana Kuma is just a media channel.”

Marcus: Me trying to explain Hana Kuma is a media company to my female besties

Lisomo: I saw “Hana Kuma” trending at night and thought it’s another protest by Kenyan women. Kumbe it’s a company

Juma G: Woke up to Hana Kuma trending, only to realize it is a media station started by tennis star Naomi Osaka…And it is Kenyans who have taken it their global responsibility to spread the world and loudly wonder about it.

Evans Koech: “My name is Tom Bayeye reporting for Hana Kuma TV, based in KaKUMA, near TiMBOROa. Back to you Dick Koinange in Studio”

Tony de la ghetto: me getting ready to clean HANA KUMA TV offices.

Father of Tkla: 4m Kenyans are having a hard time explaining to their Japanese friends, including Naomi Osaka that Hana Kuma in Swahili language, cannot be a company here.

Heinsenberg: Is it coincidence that One Naomi Osaka who Hails from Kumamoto in Japan opens Hana kuma Media house. Bad people like myself will apply to Hana Kuma and Ask”Do you have any Opening “

Wanaume defender: Me looking at Naomi Osaka launching Hana Kuma media company in Kenya. It might be just on time for the bottoms up game.

Darius: Kenyans let’s go easy on Naomi Osaka. Tough times ahead when mentioning that media company, ‘Hana Kuma’, in front of our elders. It won’t sound right to them