Hamisa Mobetto bravely tries her hand at rapping

Hamisa Mobetto is making her foray into the world of rapping.

Hamisa held a listening party for her EP on Friday May 20th.

The EP is called Yours Truly.

Her celebrity pals including Juma Jux, Fahyvanny and Wema Sepetu came out to give her the much needed support.

Videos of her performance were shared and fans were not happy. Many criticized her vocals.

Fans said that behind the good beats and the catchy lyrics, Hamisa can’t really sing that well.

In one of the songs below, Hamisa shows off her rap skills, holding Bel Aire sparkling wine. She is an ambassador of Belaire, associated with rumored bae Rick Ross.

Others criticized her saying she has been hiding behind autotune that is used to turn a terrible voice and turn it is not a musical masterpieces. They said her performance at the listening party showed this when she struggled to sing live,

Other s said she never had a good voice to begin with.

In the EP, Hamisa has a collabo with Otile Brown and Koredo Bello.

Here is one song rapping about turning up.

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Hamisa Mobetto in New York for project with Luc Belaire

Hamisa is in New York to shoot content for French wine brand, Luc Belaire

Hamisa Mobetto will feature in the latest commercial for French wine brand, Luc Belaire.

Misa while sharing a sneak peek of the content for the brand told of her excitement.

‘Belaire Barbie 💗Fun day shooting at @officialbelaire Headquarters 💃’

Hamisa also added ‘Good things are happening 🥳’

Rick Ross responded calling her her loving nickname ‘Misa’. He also told ‘SAKS 5th.. @officialbelaire toast 🥂’

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Hamisa Mobetto secretly jets off to New York

Diamonds baby mama Hamisa is in New York.

She shared a picture in a sky scrapper, showing off the stunning views.

Hamisa captioned it tagging the location ‘New York City, N.Y.

Many of her fans are curious if she is with US rapper Rick Ross.

Rick and Hamisa pleasantly surprise us back in November 2021 with cute moments spent in Dubai. That vacation got tongues wagging, as Hamisa was cuddled by Rick several times.

It will be interesting to see if Rick will show up on her timeline.

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Rick Ross celebrates his 46th birthday with his ‘twin brother’ in Miami

Rick Ross partied with friend in Miami to usher in his 46th birthday.

The hip-hop legend celebrated his 46th birthday in Miami, at exclusive club El Tucan.

A-listers from the music and business community joined Rick to party and a moment from the celebration was sharted that went viral. Rick Ross and his lookalike excited partygoers.

His ‘twin’ is businessman Darius Burton.

Rick Ross and Darius Burton

Darius is the Head of Management at the popular underwear and clothing brand, Ethika. Burton was in the house celebrating with Ross who is a ‘value partner’ and brand ambassador of the company.

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Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama’s Tanasha and Hamisa link up in Nairobi

Hamisa Mobetto is in Nairobi and got fans excited after meeting up with Tanasha Donna.

The two baby mama’s shared a video of their cute moment.

Hamisa partied at Gemini club , all dolled up to meet her 254 fans. Hamisa had told Tanasha that they will meet.

Hamisa captioned the meeting with Tanasha Donna ‘Cutesttttt’

Adding ‘see fine fine @tanasha donna’

Hamisa on Friday January 14th was hosted on NTV by Amina Rabar where she opened up about her relationship with Rick Ross. She told that ‘Tuna ukaribu, siezi sema ni relationship as such lakini tuna ukaribu because we work together,’ she said.

Don’t you just love how these two baby mama’s get along, and set an example?

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Still friendly! Co wives Tanasha and Hamisa share adoration for each other

Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama’s Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna are proving they still remember each other and the love is still there in a charmy post on Instagram.

Tanasha shared a photo in jeans and a white shirt that got Hamisa appreciating her beauty.

This moment was not lost on their fans who loved that they still remember each other despite their breakup with Diamond.

Hamisa said ‘you’ with a love emoji to which Tanasha liked adding love emoji as well.

one fan wrote ‘yoou are really strong momies, much love’

Another wrote ‘kumbe mnakumbukana mashemeji zetuu’

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Hamisa Mobetto dressed in head to toe French luxury brand Balmain

In one of her latest promotional photos on Instagram, Hamisa Mobetto is dressed in Balmain and rocking it well.

She showcased the look captioning it ‘Occasionally I give a damn . 💫’

On Monday, January 10th, the model posed in a series of snaps showcasing the matching logo-covered look, captioning another look “I Dress To Impress Myself “-Kanye West.

The show-stopping outfit is made up of high-waisted shorts and a long-sleeve crop top with sharp, structured shoulders. To top it off, she wears with sunglasses and braids.

In a third picture, Hamisa updated that ‘I’m not a fragile like a Flower I’m fragile like a Bomb, Remember that . 💣’

The playful look got her fans excited on her comments section. Go mama

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Hamisa Mobetto: A case study of women being their worst own enemies

Hamisa Mobetto unpacked a lot when she was interviewed by Wasafi media. The mother of two had a lot to speak about but the vignette that stood out for most was her revelation of the trials she had faced having a baby while dating Diamond Platnumz.


Speaking in an interview with Wasafi TV Hamisa confessed that she had suffered three miscarriages before giving birth to her son, Dylan.

“If there’s someone who was 100 percent sure that Dylan was his kid, it was Diamond. I suffered three miscarriages before I gave birth to Dylan. During the pregnancy, we were together until the day I went to give birth.”

While I am happy for Hamisa and Diamond that they were able to finally get a child from their apparently short liaison, I still think the whole affair stinks to high heaven.


My issue

What get’s me is that Miss Mobetto was perfectly OK to date a man that she knew was already dating another woman. At the time of her affair with Diamond, the singer had already had a child with Zari Hassan his first baby mama.

Not only that, his second-born Nillan with Zari would be born a few months before Dylan was born. Tiffah, Diamond’s eldest daughter was born in August 2014, while Nillan was born in December 2016, with Dylan being born in August 2017.

Tanasha’s latest confession proves Diamond can’t have a long-term relationship (opinion)

This means that Diamond was seeing (sleeping with) Miss Mobetto for some time and not as a fling like we were made to understand. The rumours we had had at the time about the affair was that they met on the set of Diamond’s song, “Salome” where Miss Mobetto was the video vixen.

The joke doing the rounds since then was that Diamond would get kids on the first try because his pull-out game was as weak as Genghis Khan’s. But now that story can be put in the trash-bag as Hamisa revealed that she had 3 miscarriages before she got Dylan.


That tells me that the two had had a long-term situationship-one that can successfully fit in 4 pregnancies(I am not a doctor but the period must not be less than 6-8 months).

According to data; women who know they’re pregnant, about 10 to 15 in 100 pregnancies (10 to 15 per cent) end in miscarriage.

Most miscarriages happen in the first trimester before the 12th week of pregnancy. Miscarriage in the second trimester (between 13 and 19 weeks) happens in 1 to 5 in 100 (1 to 5 per cent) pregnancies.


Women are their worst own enemies

This brings me to my point; Miss Mobetto knew that the singer was in a long-term relationship with Zari but that didn’t stop her from still giving away the guava to him.

That Zari was pregnant with Nillan while Hamisa was sleeping with Diamond didn’t matter one bit to her. In fact, she slept with a married man so much so that she had multiple miscarriages during that time.

Dylan was not an oops baby but borne out of premeditated desire. She knew what she was doing with a married man and didn’t care what would happen when the world(Zari) found out. In Miss Mobetto’s world, it was (Me, Myself and I).


Zari would later on dump Diamond in early 2018, attributing his philandering to her decision. Many of her fans blamed Hamisa for the break-down of the relationship, something I didn’t quite understand then as I blamed Diamond solely for not keeping his zip up.

But with this new info, I see Hamisa in an entirely different light, that of women being their worst on enemies.

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Tanzanians hoist Rick Ross’ photo on Mt Kilimanjaro


A group of Tanzanians are showing their approval for US rapper Rick Ross’s relationship with Hamisa Mobetto in the most family way ever.

A team from Tanzania parks climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to hoist his picture.

They tagged Rick Ross, adding that they are excitedly waiting for his arrival.

The singer happily re posted the message.

Hamisa after returning from their Dubai vacation, revealed that he is thinking of visiting Tanzania but didn’t offer more information.

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Hamisa Mobetto ends vacation with Rick Ross, flies home for business awards


The sparks were flying between Tanzanian sweetheart Hamisa Mobetto and Rick Ross in Dubai a few days ago.

We have been treated to their romantic moments in the getaway that had her go viral in Africa.She concluded her cozy vacation with the US singer to return home to attend a big event – The consumer choice awards.

At the airport, Hamisa told that “uhusiano wangu na Rick Ross ni kwasabau nafanya kazi nae, ni mara ya kwanza kumuona he is so amazing, ni Gentleman, sisi kuondoka pamoja Club sio ishu Mwanaume anatakiwa amtake-care Mwanamke”

hamia and rick

Hamisa flew home to announce that  it’s ‘Another day another slay’.

The Consumer Choice Awards Africa (CCAA) is a business awarding event that recognizes, enhances and promotes business excellence through consumers choice.

Kenyan Chris Kirwa won an award for most corporate male emcee



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Aww cute! Hamisa Mobetto and Rick Ross party in Dubai


Hamosa Mobetto and Rick Ross have ignored dating rumors after a video of them dancing in Dubai emerged online.

The two seem pretty loved up and excited the internet with the video.

Hamisa has been in Dubai for several days now and telling haters not to talk about her.

Leaked footage of the dancing couple is courtesy TMZ.

In the video we see Hamisa Mobetto in a beautiful black dress, and her trademark sleek black ponytail. Ross leans in for a kiss, and the model covers her face for the intimate moment before they smile and continue to dance the night away, making the most of their romantic getaway.

“He even got me flowers,” she said on her snapchat

Back in September, Rick Ross in an interview told his situation with Mobetto, that “to be honest, there is a connection but then I’m going to leave it to her to explain the nature of the relationship we share.” He added  “She is such a beautiful person, beautiful spirit and she is a huge entrepreneur and I want to help her take it to the next level.”

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I want a sugar daddy with a yacht in Dubai – Hamisa Mobetto


Hamisa Mobetto jetted off to Dubai for a much needed vacation.

She shared a tiktok video showing her flight to Dubai setting off rumors about it.

She is staying ta a fancy hotel where she shared a video of yacht’s in the ocean. She was so envious of those peoples lifestyles that she joked she now wants a sugar daddy with a yacht.

‘Oh my Gdod this is beautiful from my hotel room. I am looking for a sugar daddy with a yacht. I repeat I am looking for a sugar daddy with a yacthc.

The fashion entreprenuer also blasted rumormongers ‘Punguzeni story za uongo kila kukicha’

She added ‘Niliyokua sipost..nipo likizo mlinibebesha adi mimba humu’, kiona baraka za mtu mwingine zinakuumiza roho…juaushakua mwanga jipige makofi’


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‘They are secretly competing with you’ Hamsa Mobetto speaks toxic friends



The Tanzania digital model of the year winner is sharing some inspiration online. She wants you to begin paying attention to that person who claims to be y our friend but really is jealous and competing with you.

Hamisa. noted that ‘amini usiamini kuna watu wanashindana na wewe kisirsiri na bado wanashindwa’.

She also wrote ‘sio kila anaecheka ana kufurahia’ in yet another caption.

In another she wrote ‘They can steal your recipe, but they sauce wont taste the same’ which Rick Ross replied ‘your future bright’.

Rick and Hamisa have been alleged to be in a relationship, but Ross in an interview admitted they have a connection..

The Maybach music executive addressed the claims in an interview with Lil Ommy. According to him, there is a connection between them but he will leave the explanation of the nature of their relationship to Ms. Mobetto.

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Fally Ipupa surprised as Hamisa Mobetto flirts and throws money on him


Fally Ipupa held an exclusive party in Tanzania Saturday October 9th and among invited VIP’s was Hamisa Mobetto.

Hamisa was invited on stage as Fally Ipupa sang and she showered him with money. as she smiled and looked at him. She danced briefly with him.

The event was dubbed VVIP  experience held in Milimani City and Ali Kiba also entertained the guests.

Fally is holding two shows in Tanzania and will also doa  collabo with Ali Kiba.

Barnabas also hit the stage with Ali Kiba.

The Congolese R&B singer, songwriter, dancer and producer. Fally has received numerous awards and is known for his philanthropic works across the world.

Fally’s next show in Mwanza is on the 13th of October before he jets off to tour West Africa.

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Ali Kiba throws album listening party in Zanzibar for his celebrity friends


The listening party for Ali Kiba’s unreleased album went down in Zanzibar Wednesday night.

Joining him for the event was Nigerian singer Patoranking, who was among the scores of celebrities invited to Ali Kiba’s listening party in Zanzibar.

The two are already shooting a video to a collabo and shared the behind the scenes of the video shoot.

Last night, wearing a bow tie and black suit, he debuted his upcoming album in front of an excited crowd.

We already know that Ali Kiba never disappoints when it comes to features. We already see Patoranking and ahead of the album’s reveal, fans have been speculating as to who would appear on a track.

He kicked things off and played a track that got Nandy excited and dancing, much to the delight of Kiba.

We’re staying tuned for the official drop expected at midnight October 7th.

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Hamisa’ cryptic message about someone jealous of her success


Hamisa Mobetto is a fashion queen and her business selling African style clothes tells us so.

Her passion has seen her expand her Mobetto collection securing materials from Nigeria. She announced the deal saying “Tumeshusha Vitambaa Vya Batiki vya Silk Kutoka Nigeria”

She is also working on an album and has been to Nigeria where she was spotted with music greats Koredo Bello and P Square.

She recently posted a cryptic message about secret jealousy.

Her note read

“Jealousy can hid in compliments. envy can hid in support, and hate can hide in love. So just  because they’re giving it to you , doesn’t mean they have it for you. Trust their energy, not their words”

The businesswoman soldiers on to provide for her two children and has been named a brand ambassador in several deals that tell us she is on her way to the top.


Dear Classic 105 fam, what are some of the telltale signs a friend is jealous of you and your success?

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Hamisa addresses those cosmetic surgery rumors “it’s my genes”


Hamisa Mobettos body has for sometime generated rumors that she did go under the knife and enhance her body.

On Monday August 16, she was interviewed by Tanzanian media about it.

“Those who are talking about me on social media are not my friends. I am not close to them. I don’t know them I’ve never met them. Just because we are in the same circle doesn’t mean we are friends. Bahati mzuri mchaga unanifahamu mtu ananijua miaka mitano misita anajua nilikua vip anajua mimi personal ananijua mimi katika maisha binafsi ndio maana huezi sikia watu wananifahamu wakiongea kitu kama hicho. So hakun, it’s not a bad thing na ukisema nimefanya lakini sijafanya bado uanilazimisha kitu ambalo hakiko and it’s not a big deal pia kila every body does ma celebrities in america wanafanya kwa hiyo it’s the same case siku ikitokea nimefanya definitely I will tell you. Unajua mtu ananzishia rumors ati hamsai anavaa vigodoro you understand, kumbe ni shapu yake

“I am not in charge or in control of rumrs na siku ikitokea nita sema but for now bado.”

She also told her music fans that her album will soon be released.

“nina album inayo karibia kutoka na it’s almost here. It’s almost ready naeza sema imekamilika bado tuu hatujaeka date za kuachia na nina nyimbo na Koredo Bello, yani kila kitu iko tayari nina collabo na wakenya, watanzania na wanigeria so washabiki wangu nyimbo ziko nyingi sana”

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Hamisa flirts with Zari’s rumored ex boyfriend P-Square’s Peter Okoye


They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Hamisa is in Lagos and having a grand time meeting Nigerian celebrities and other business contacts.

This is after she launched a music label and hinted she will drop new music.

She recently jetted off to Lagos and been living it up. She shared cute moments with Koredo Bello and P Square, gushing over Zari’s rumored ex boyfriend.hamisa and koredo bello (1)

P Square was alleged to have had an affair with Zari while she was with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond in 2019, threw out these allegations as well as with her gym trainer. Zari blasted Diamond as “a liar and a serial cheater whose word cannot be believed.”

hamisa and p square (1)

But besides flirting moments, we hope Hamisa is receiving career tips from these two major musicians and entertainers just like baby daddy Diamond did with Snoop Dog while in the USA for the BET awards ceremony.

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