Hamisa flirts with Zari’s rumored ex boyfriend P-Square’s Peter Okoye


They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Hamisa is in Lagos and having a grand time meeting Nigerian celebrities and other business contacts.

This is after she launched a music label and hinted she will drop new music.

She recently jetted off to Lagos and been living it up. She shared cute moments with Koredo Bello and P Square, gushing over Zari’s rumored ex boyfriend.hamisa and koredo bello (1)

P Square was alleged to have had an affair with Zari while she was with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond in 2019, threw out these allegations as well as with her gym trainer. Zari blasted Diamond as “a liar and a serial cheater whose word cannot be believed.”

hamisa and p square (1)

But besides flirting moments, we hope Hamisa is receiving career tips from these two major musicians and entertainers just like baby daddy Diamond did with Snoop Dog while in the USA for the BET awards ceremony.

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Hamisa does photo shoot for hitting 8 million Instagram followers


Diamonds baby mamas are hitting major milestones on Instagram growing a legion of loyal followers.

Hamisa has shared she hit 8 million followers and did a phot shoot to share the new to the world.

She captioned the achievement “8M..wow..my beautiful fans manmahaba yahatari, upendo manonipaungekuwa ni dawa, hii ni oberdose kwa kweli nakosa hadi maneneo ya kueleza ni namna gani upendo wenu unanipa nguvu ya keuendelea kupambana nguvu ya kufikiria kufika mbali zaidi ili kuwafanya nyinyi mashabiki zangu mendelee kujivunia na lkutamba kila siku hadi siku. Badfo naerndelea kutafuta namna nzuri ya kuwashukuru na kuonesha nilivyoguswa na upendo wenu huu. Asanteni sana. 8 million aint a joke” “8 mil hamisa (1)

Hamisa is gearing up to launch a record label, and disclosed that “DJ, add some volume on Mobetto Music,” she wrote on Instagram.

Hamisa teased a short clip of a song featuring son Dylan.

Shortly after announcing her new followers, Hamisa jetted off to Lagos, Nigeria.

This is the same place that co wife Tanasha frequents to make her music. Is it the same team Hamisa will be working with?

smisa lags (1)

Hamisa has not indicated if she will sign any artistes to her label, but it will be interesting to see how her music career shapes up, with her music label.

Diamonds baby6 mamas are all a force to reckon with, and Tanasha this year hit 3 million Instagram followers and celebrated that fact too. Zari,  on the other hand has almost 12 million followers.

We love to see our babes win.

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Things you should know about Hamisa Mobetto’s crush Rick Ross



Hamisa Mobetto has been heavily writing about her desire to find true love, declaring “I wanna fall in love and never break up”.

Her manifestation of love may possibly be in a new love interest- music mogul Rick Ross.hmidsa fall in llove (1)

Rick Ross openly thirsts for Diamonds baby mama Hamisa Mobetto (screenshot)

The messages of needing and wanting love have been so frequent that we have noticed he is excited about it.

The American entertainer appears to have a crush on her and drops hints under her pictures on Instagram frequently.

Hamisa’s fans have expressed excitement at this. Here’s things you should know about him:

  1. He is a Grammy nominated rapper
  2. He founded Maybach music group in 2009
  3. He was featured on Forbes list of Hip hop cash kings in 2017
  4. Friends call him “Rozay” (pronounced rosé). The name came to him when he was just a young dreamer, admiring VIPs and celebrities and their sparkling bottles while partying at Prince’s Glam Slam Club on Washington Avenue in Miami’s South Beach before Rick “The Boss” Ross could afford rosé champagne.
  5.  Ross has authored two books: “Hurricanes: A Memoir” in 2020 and “The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire”
  6. He is an ambassador for Luc Belaire’s signature rosé premium sparkling wines and champagnes. Some special edition bottles feature an image of his face.
  7. He owns more than 25 restaurant franchises
  8. He partnered with Cookies, an international cannabis brand, to launch three specially curated pot strains.

Rick Ross was recently interviewed by forbes magazine and spoke about his life.

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Even your baby daddy, Diamond!? Hamisa declares she doesn’t allow men in her house

Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto says men who do not pay her rent are not allowed into her home. She said that when Diamond wants to see his son Dylan, the little one is taken to him.

Speaking to Tanzanian Media, Hamisa said that living with her mum is also another reason why men are not welcomed in her home.

“As long as I pay my own rent, I don’t allow men. I also live with my mother and for someone to come into my house, that person must have a valid reason. but diamond sees his son, the driver drives him to his house,” said Hamisa Mobetto.

The model, cum singer said that Dylan visits his father, but also gets support from him.
Tanasha raised these speculations after a post on Instagram saying;

“Respect to all mothers who do it all for their kids.”

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Rick Ross openly thirsts for Diamonds baby mama Hamisa Mobetto (screenshot)

Hamisa Mobetto might be the mother of two beautiful kids, but most wouldn’t know that just by looking at her wonderful figure and gorgeous skin.

Diamond’s second baby mama has had many admirers in the past and it seems that it will not stop anytime soon as an international celebrity has also joined in.

Hamisa Mobetto with her two kids
Hamisa Mobetto with her two kids

That celebrity is heavy-boned rapper Rick Ross, who was found swooning for the former model on her Instagram comments section.

Rick was not playing around as he commented on her post with multiple emojis, just showing how much he is smitten with her.

Screenshot_2020-03-10 The Boss Rick Ross ( richforever) • Instagram photos and videos

And Hamisa knows how valuable such a comment from the “Hustlin” rapper is, so much so that she pinned the comment on the post.

Rick Ross thirsting ove Hamisa Mobetto
Rick Ross thirsting ove Hamisa Mobetto

All of her fans were amazed and said as much on the comments section. Some wondered whether the flirting could last the distance.

Tanasha and Hamisa ignore Zari in mothers day messages to each other

This isn’t the first time that Rick has openly flirted with Misa. A month ago, the artiste also commented on an Instalive live that featured Miss Mobetto, writing, “We love Misa Too”.

Rick Ross thirsting ove Hamisa Mobetto

What people should remember is that the two are both ambassadors for Belaire which is a luxurious alcohol brand. This is most likely a way of creating publicity for the brand.

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Tanasha and Hamisa ignore Zari in mothers day messages to each other


Diamond Platnumz’ baby mamas may still have frosty relationships, with two of them choosing to honor each other leaving out the third.

Tanasha, the Kenyan baby mama fired off a cute mothers days message to Hamisa on Instagram, paying glowing tribute to her co wife.

Tanasha mothers day message May 9th
Tanasha mothers day message May 9th


The show of appreciation was reciprocated by Hamisa who reposted the message with her own cute words. And that’s where it ended.

Hamisa mothers day notice May 9th
Hamisa mothers day notice May 9th

None of them wished Zari a happy mothers day, and neither did Zari acknowledge any of them.

Zari had her hands full spending time with Diamond who is in South Africa working on finalizing his album.

Diamond in the latest photos has bought Tiffah and Nillan Range Rover toy cars that they drove around their home showing off how proud she is of Diamonds effort at being a present dad.

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You’ll hear from my lawyer! Hamisa threatens Harmonize’s new lover Kajala

Hamisa Mobetto is in the midst of one of the biggest controversies in her short career as a socialite. Diamond’s baby mama is in a war of words with Harmonize’s new girlfriend Kajala Masanja over allegations that she (Hamisa) and singer Rayvanny got her student daughter Paula drunk.

The news comes after a now since-deleted video emerged on social media showing Rayvanny kissing 18-year-old Paula, after  backlash from Tanzanians.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

Kajala said that she had given Hamisa permission to take Paula out for lunch but she took her to Rayvanny’s house instead.

“I am a parent who raises my child in a difficult situation due to one or two differences with the child’s father…,” she wrote in a lengthy post on February 9.

“On the 9th at 6 pm, Hamisa Mobetto asked for permission to take my child for lunch, I didn’t see the need to refuse because I knew she was a parent, who also has a baby girl. But on that day, she took advantage and took her to meet Rayvanny for their personal benefit, they lured a child by giving her alcohol and they recorded a dirty video,” Kajala added.

The actress added: “Even if it was Paula who told her they go and meet Rayvanny, she is a parent and she should have worn my shoes and asked herself what is going to happen…Hamisa has hurt me. My daughter is young and sees the viral videos on social media. I am asking for the government to help me.”

The accusation from Kajala has got Hamisa seething insisting that she took Paula for lunch then dropped her off at her mother’s gym.

“Even if Hamisa Mobetto is the ugly place where you dump your garbage it has to stop. Kajala on the 9th your child asked me to take her for lunch. I told her I had to talk to you first, and I called you and you saw that it was alright,” she said.

“Don’t you see you’re lying publicly without fear? The day I went with Paula, did she have the same hair in the videos?” Hamisa posted.

She further threatened Kajala with legal action for allegedly tarnishing her brand.

“I am a mother, a business person, stakeholder and ambassador for various companies. I have built my brand for a long time, so I would like to be respected and not tarnished by false accusations like these…You’ll hear from my lawyer. Rest assured I will not let this pass just like that.” Hamisa declared.

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Diamond doesn’t love all his children equally although he thinks he does and here’s why

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has been trending this past week after his third baby mama, Tanasha visited him with their son Naseeb Junior.

The two had not seen each other for the past year after Tanasha’s dramatic exit from Tanzania when things were going badly in their relationship.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha

This week, to capiltalise on all the publicity he has been generating, Diamond went for a long-overdue interview with his own Wasafi FM radio.

Don’t forget that Zari had also visited the family with her two children; Tiffah and Nillan late last year.

Subsequently, fans were left wondering why Hamisa has not taken her son Dylan to see his dad, yet she is in Tanzania at least to bond with the family. To clear the air, Diamond revealed that he has been meeting with Hamisa and their son Dylan.

“I meet my son many times just that we do not post on social media. Actually, Dylan was to come and visit my family for a week before Tanasha’s son visited. he would have come and spent sometime with my family.”

Diamond-Platnumz-with-son, Dylan in a very old photo

Diamond added;

“I love all my children and I have respect for all my baby mamas. they go through a lot of hate on social media but I respect them equally.”

Actions speak louder than words

While his answer sounds plausible, I am calling bull on it. Diamond is a man who knows the power of social media in this day and age.

He knows how powerful a single picture of him and his son, Dylan would be. Of all his kids, Dylan is possibly the only child who has not been photographed with his superstar father.

Hamisa Mobetto with her son

While I might be wrong about the above statement, one thing that I am sure about is that Dylan is the one child that Diamond rarely poses with and something about that stinks worse than the politics in our country.

Why wouldn’t you post images of your flesh and blood son on the interwebs? Make that make sense.

Another thing, Dylan is the only child that Diamond has been sued successfully for child support. A few years ago Chibu was dragged to court so he and Hamisa could iron out their issues on co-parenting and supporting their son.

All his other kids have not suffered the same fate despite rumours online that Prince Nillan might not be his biological son.

The two points above, while not many are an indication that his love is shown differently, something that is very problematic for a young boys physche growing up.

And why does Diamond behave the way he does with Dylan? I think this comes down to how his mother feels about Hamisa.

Of all his baby mamas, Hamisa is the only one Mama Dangote has blatantly shown her disregard for. Find a photo of the two together, if you can, if you don’t believe me.

And we all know how important an endorsement from Mama Chibu is to the musician. For now Hamisa is persona non grata for Mama Dangote, something that Diamond follows through with how he treats Hamisa and their son, Dylan.

Mama Dangote has never wished Dylan a happy birthday, unlike all her other grandkids. Talk about rejection.

But I could be wrong…

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Zari and Hamisa react after fellow baby mama Tanasha’s visit to see Diamond

Singer Diamond Platnumz knows how to change the news quickly so as to suit his preferredd narrative. Just a few weeks after his mother revealed the shocking news that Abdul Juma wasn’t his biological father, the Tanzanian singer decided to allow his 3rd baby mama, Tanasha to come and visit him with their son in tow.

That is all everyone is focusing on now as Tanasha who left Tanzania in a huff in early 2020 took their beautiful son, Naseeb Junior to see a father he hadn’t seen for close to a year.

Just like the way Zari’s visit to see Diamond late last year caused a furore, Tanasha’s visit has had pretty much had the same effect.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

And what were her fellow baby mamas reactions to Miss Donna’s visit to see Chibu? Exasperated…This after a great number of fans reached out to them with information that Ms. Donna had landed in Tanzania to see her baby Daddy.

“Zari Tanasha Naye kaleta mtoto, unajiskiaje huko ulipo,” asked a fan. Miss Zarinah wasn’t playing around, telling the fan to learn how to mind his business, with a reminder that Diamond has other kids.

“Asante kwa umbea, wacha nijinyonge…learn to mind your business, Mwanaume si ana watoto wengine. Smh!” read Zari’s response.

And Mobetto wasn’t left out being told by fans that she should be preparing to take her son Dylan to spend time with his father as soon as Tanasha leaves.

Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto
Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto

However, she chose to borrow, Mama Dangote’s saying that “Ukoo Umejaa” as a perfect response to those pressuring her to take her son to Diamond’s mansion.

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Super creative tricks Kenyan celebrities use to hide their pregnancy


So Kenyans have this year been treated to exciting baby reveals by Kambua, and former tv girl Faith Muturi Ngugi. Even Ugandan sweetheart Juliana Kanyomozi shocked us with a baby reveal, while in the hospital bed.


And not one of us could have seen this coming honestly.

While we are happy and glad to see their glowing baby pictures, there is one thing some do as they try to hide the pregnancy from all of us.

If you take note from Kambu and Diana Marua, they post old photos including selfies that deceive us.

Scroll through their social media feed, and I can assure you there are others who are yet to announce their good news, and continue to fool us with old pics.


The second trick celebrities use is to wear loose fitting clothing leaving unsuspecting fans clueless.

Singer Avril often relied on this trick before she shocked us all with a baby bump reveal photo. She kept it under wraps for months before going public with her first child.

While many of them argue that they want to keep the good news from us for as long as possible, their fans argue that the effort is not worth it.

The only downside to that is having to carry random objects to hold in front of their bellies, wearing loose-fitting clothing and even changing the way they work.

Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower
Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower. The couple have now had a baby boy

Covering bellies with huge handbags and wearing only black is another trick employed by celebs.

They tend to wear peplum tops, with belts, and humongous handbags when they are out and about. Next time you hear rumors, pay attention to these tricks, you just might unearth some good news.

You know those celebrities who have always been so adamant about sharing pictures of their killer bodies? Those female celebrities when pregnant will suddenly begin to post throwback pictures and close up selfies, as they keep away from the public.

What other tricks do you think they use to fool us? Drop your comments below.

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Diamond Platnumz’s exes end online war in sweetest way ever

Is there a famous female celeb in Tanzania that Diamond Platnumz hasn’t dated or been linked with? Yeah… I am waiting to hear.

The man has virtually monopolised the Tanzanian dating scene and it has had effects on the women he has been involved with.

They end up becoming enemies with each other. Just ask Tanasha Donna and Zari Hassan or Hamisa Mobetto and Wema Sepetu who have all dated East Africa’s biggest musician.

Also, the subject of Diamond’s mom had been a borne of contention for the two as Wema called out Hamisa for apparently discussing Mama Dangote on national radio, something that Hamisa responded to in a low-key diss at Wema.

The latter two seem to have now settled their differences with each other, saying that there is no bad blood between them.

Infact, Wema on her Instagram account has asked her fans to listen to Hamisa’s Ginger Me song.

“Kama Bado hujaona Ngoma Kali ya Kamdogo mdogo ka mimi ya Ginger Me… Bado Link ipo kwa Bio yake inapumua… Go Check it Out Now…‼️‼️‼️,” she wrote.

To which Hamisa replied, “ Umeamka na Mahaba mazito sanaaa leo …. Thank You sweetheart ❤️.”

On Hamisa’s birthday on December 10, Wema showered her with love and praises through Instagram post.

She wrote: “Happy Birthday to you sweetness…Deep down in my heart kuna mapenzi mengi sana kwako (and u know it)…Enjoy ur Big Day Fabulously kama ulivyo wewe…”

To which Hamisa responded: “Always ❤️”


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Fans roast Diamond about ‘Ninachukua Ninaweka Waah’ lyrics


Music fans are roasting Diamond Platnumz for what they say are appropriate lyrics in his latest song Waah featuring Koffi Olomide.

To be honest it’s pretty funny.

The lyrics in his latest song are nice, but he mentions something that Kenyans say fits him quite well, and it all has to do with his multiple baby mamas.

Diamond Platnumz’s latest hit song ‘Waah’ featuring Congolese music veteran Koffi Olomide has reached 5.6 million views on YouTube.

Some of the lyrics include, ninachukuwa ninaweka waah. Meaning I take, I put and waah here is the result of my work – babies.

Diamond celebrates mom and his baby-mamas in hearty Mother’s Day message

He has two kids with Zari, one with Hamisa and Tanasha Donna. Yeah so I guess anachukua, anaweka, waah!

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put ‘Waah’ on full blast to get enjoy these good vibes.

With the new hit, Tanzania’s Diamond has now broken Davido’s YouTube record for most-viewed video in the first 24 hours.

Tanasha Donna with her son
Tanasha Donna with her son

It garnered over one million views within 8 hours of its release.

With this rare feat, Diamond has broken the record set by Nigerian artiste Davido earlier this year when his song ‘Fem’ attracted one million views within 9 hours of release.

Hamisa Mobetto with her son
Hamisa and son

Diamond took to his Instagram page to thank his fans for always supporting his music.. Rapper Octopizzo has however blasted Kenayns for supporting Diamond at the expense of their own artistes like Otile Brown.


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Hamisa Mobetto’s 4 miscarriages proves how careless Diamond truly is

A few weeks ago, Hamisa Mobetto disclosed how that in her short dalliance and romance with Diamond she had suffered three miscarriages before giving birth.

While speaking about the doubts about the paternity of her son Dylan she told Wasafi TV, “After the controversy surrounding the father of our son, he texted me and told me, ‘I know it’s not right but I would like us to have a DNA test’. We did the DNA and after two to three weeks, the results came back and it was confirmed Dylan was his kid.”

She said

“During the pregnancy, we were together until the day I went to give birth. If there’s someone who was 100 percent sure that Dylan was his kid, it was Diamond.

She then dropped the bombshell saying that she had suffered multiple miscarriages before she got Dylan, “I suffered three miscarriages before I gave birth to Dylan,” she said.

For a long time many people thought that Diamond and Hamisa’s relationship had been a very short one, one where she might have trapped him in order to get his kid.

But her revelation that she and the Tanzanian musician had suffered so many miscarriages during their affair makes the casual observer note that their relationship lasted much longer than met the eye.

And that’s not all, it also shows me how careless and impulsive Diamond is. Not only was he cheating on Zari who was pregnant at the time but he was doing it raw and on numerous occasions!

It is forgivable (the best term I can use for now) that at least if he had cheated he should have used a condom but the star was comfortable going skin on skin with Hamisa despite all the risks associated with that course of action.

For a musician who was ascending the musical echelons, this was a foolish miscalculation. Women can make or break any man and Diamond has more to lose than most men.

But what do I know?

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Has he left Nabayet!? Otile Brown spotted in intimate setting with Diamond’s ex Hamisa

Singer Otile Brown has had a great year, what with his song “Dusuma” which has become arguably the biggest club song in Kenya in 2020.

But it seems that his winning knows no end as he was recently spotted hanging out with Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto.

View this post on Instagram

@otilebrown lands in Tanzanian, welcomed by none other than @diamondplatnumz baby mama @hamisamobetto

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

The two left tongues wagging after they were spotted together yesterday. This information was gleaned off of their respective Instagram pages where they posted videos of them chilling out together.

In the videos, one can see the two arriving at a huge bungalow where he was welcomed by Hamisa and they both shared a warm hug before holding hands as they got into the house.

View this post on Instagram

Pure madness 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Regina .. video loading

A post shared by OB (@otilebrown) on

In the house, the two seemed to relax at a studio where Otile took the opportunity to caress Hamisa’s arm as they engaged in conversation.

Not only that, but the two were also seen dancing rather intimately with each other. In a video that Hamisa posted, the mother of two is seen being kissed on the neck by Otile.

Nabayet responds after Otile revealed that he chokes the monkey to stay faithful to her

While some might suspect a budding romance, the truth is most likely more mundane. They are most likely working on some new music together.

Otile has been in a long-distance relationship with Ethipian ladyn Nabayet who resides in Australia. Even as recently as October the 10th this month, he posted a message celebrating her on his Instagram page. In the post he shared a cute video of him surprising Nabayet with a nice treat at a restaurant and with the waitresses cheering her on.

View this post on Instagram

Kutazama wimbo wangu mpya Bonyeza link kwenye Bio yangu apo Juu 👆🏽 #gingerme #mobettogingerme 🎶

A post shared by HamisaMobetto (@hamisamobetto) on

But I do wonder…How could a relationship between the two develop? I don’t think it would have the legs to go the distance but would most likely be a short relationship, one that would die because of the different stages the two celebs are in their respctive lives.

But I could be wrong.


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The simple reason Mama Diamond should stop her beef with Hamisa Mobetto

It is no secret that Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sandra Kassim and his 2nd baby mama Hamisa Mobetto don’t see eye to eye.

The beef is entirely one-sided according to multiple sources with Sandra never showing the mother of one of her grandchildren any love in the media, unlike Diamond’s other baby mamas Tanasha and Zari.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by SIMBA..!🦁 (@diamondplatnumz) on

Hamisa says she was accused of inviting media people to the hospital so they could take videos of Diamond’s mum when she gave birth to Dylan, a thing she says she did not do.

The last time we had an issue. Ilikua baada mimi niliita wanahabari. Ikasemekana kuwa mimi niliita waandishi wa habari waje kumchukua video na pictures. I have said this many times. There is no mother who has just come out from giving birth who immediately thinks of calling the media. I didn’t know they were coming until they did. Diamond wasn’t able to come and I didn’t expect his mom to come herself.

She went on to explain that she has tried severally to get to talking with Diamond’s mum but she ignores her. Hamisa added that during Mama Diamond’s birthday, she sent her a message to celebrate her but she did not reply yet she read the message.

View this post on Instagram

Na Baba zangu..❤

A post shared by Sandrah…! (@mama_dangote) on

But Mama Diamond ain’t having any of that and recently sent a subtle dig at the socialite who started dating her son after meeting on the set of his song, “Salome”.

She has now claimed that Hamisa is forcing herself into her family, writing, “Ukoo wetu unatutosha jamani! Mtu analazimisha ukoo vipi? Ebu nisaidieni kisheria ukoo unalazimishiwa?”

Mama Diamond has in the past accused Hamisa to have trapped Diamond leading to their break up with Zari. Hamisa was also accused of seeking witchdoctor services in order to secure herself a place in Diamond’s marriage.

Hamisa Mobetto: A case study of women being their worst own enemies

Now that we have the history out of the way, let’s proceed. While Mama Diamond might have a legitimate beef with Hamisa, I believe that the way she is going about it is wrong-She will hurt any type of future relationship that she can/will have with Dylan.

Why? Even if Sandra might hate Hamisa like Satans breathes, her “daughter-in-law” still has her grandson Dylan, Diamond’s second-born son.

While it might be an inconvenient and disturbing fact for her, that doesn’t change the facts on the ground. Dylan will always be Diamond’s son and that will never ever change. A DNA test even proved this.

Another thing-Diamond is an adult male who made the decision to sleep with Hamisa multiple times-so many in fact that she got 3 miscarriages during their time together!

Dylan wasn’t an oops baby. And while Sandra might want to blame Hamisa for the pregnancy and the eventual demise of his marriage with Zari, this doesn’t change the fact that no one forced her son to stick his nether regions into Hamisa.

Some friendly advice, Mama Diamond it doesn’t mean that we can’t get along with people we don’t like. Get along with Hamisa for the sake of your son Diamond and to a lesser extent his son, Dylan.

But what do I know?

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Hamisa Mobetto: A case study of women being their worst own enemies

Hamisa Mobetto unpacked a lot recently when she was interviewed by Wasafi media. The mother of two had a lot to speak about but the vignette that stood out for most was her revelation of the trials she had faced having a baby while dating Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafi TV Hamisa confessed that she had suffered three miscarriages before giving birth to her son, Dylan.

“If there’s someone who was 100 percent sure that Dylan was his kid, it was Diamond. I suffered three miscarriages before I gave birth to Dylan. During the pregnancy, we were together until the day I went to give birth.”

While I am happy for Hamisa and Diamond that they were able to finally get a child from their apparently short liaison, I still think the whole affair stinks to high heaven.

My issue

What get’s me is that Miss Mobetto was perfectly OK to date a man that she knew was already dating another woman. At the time of her affair with Diamond, the singer had already had a child with Zari Hassan his first baby mama.

Not only that, his second-born Nillan with Zari would be born a few months before Dylan was born. Tiffah, Diamond’s eldest daughter was born in August 2014, while Nillan was born in December 2016, with Dylan being born in August 2017.

Tanasha’s latest confession proves Diamond can’t have a long-term relationship (opinion)

This means that Diamond was seeing (sleeping with) Miss Mobetto for some time and not as a fling like we were made to understand. The rumours we had had at the time about the affair was that they met on the set of Diamond’s song, “Salome” where Miss Mobetto was the video vixen.

The joke doing the rounds since then was that Diamond would get kids on the first try because his pull-out game was as weak as Genghis Khan’s. But now that story can be put in the trash-bag as Hamisa revealed that she had 3 miscarriages before she got Dylan.

That tells me that the two had had a long-term situationship-one that can successfully fit in 4 pregnancies(I am not a doctor but the period must not be less than 6-8 months).

According to data; women who know they’re pregnant, about 10 to 15 in 100 pregnancies (10 to 15 per cent) end in miscarriage.

Most miscarriages happen in the first trimester before the 12th week of pregnancy. Miscarriage in the second trimester (between 13 and 19 weeks) happens in 1 to 5 in 100 (1 to 5 per cent) pregnancies.

Women are their worst own enemies

This brings me to my point; Miss Mobetto knew that the singer was in a long-term relationship with Zari but that didn’t stop her from still giving away the guava to him.

That Zari was pregnant with Nillan while Hamisa was sleeping with Diamond didn’t matter one bit to her. In fact, she slept with a married man so much so that she had multiple miscarriages during that time.

Dylan was not an oops baby but borne out of premeditated desire. She knew what she was doing with a married man and didn’t care what would happen when the world(Zari) found out. In Miss Mobetto’s world, it was (Me, Myself and I).

View this post on Instagram

Patience is Beautiful.🥰💫 #ijumaakareem🌙🌃

A post shared by HamisaMobetto (@hamisamobetto) on

Zari would later on dump Diamond in early 2018, attributing his philandering to her decision. Many of her fans blamed Hamisa for the break-down of the relationship, something I didn’t quite understand then as I blamed Diamond solely for not keeping his zip up.

But with this new info, I see Hamisa in an entirely different light, that of women being their worst on enemies.

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I had 3 miscarriages carrying Diamond’s babies before Daylan! – Hamisa

Tanzanian video vixen turned singer, Hamisa Mobetto broke the internet yesterday with one of the most fascinating insights into her life with Diamond.

The model and singer revealed that she had miscarried three of singer Diamond Platnumz’s pregnancies before they had their son Dylan.

Get a girl now – Diamond and Hamisa told after cute video emerges of the two

She disclosed this during her interview on Wasafi FM’s The Switch, confessing that she had lost the first of this pregnancies when she travelled abroad.

But that wouldn’t be the only time. She admitted that she would miscarry 2 more times before she was finally successful at getting Daylan.

She added that during this period she was still with the singer and that he was present when she went to deliver.

“Kabla sijamzaa Dylan niiwai kupata ujauzito, three pregnancies ambapo nilipata ujauzito wa kwanza ulitoka, tulisafiri sijui tunaenda nchi gani mimba ikatoka bahati mbaya. Nikaja nikapata ya pili, ikatoka, ya tatu ikatoka. Ni period ambayo tulikuwa Pamoja. Dylan alikuwa mimba ya nne so tulikuwa wote na ujauzito wote tulikuwa Pamoja mpaka siku ambayo mimi naenda kujifungua. Kwa hiyo I feel like kama kuna binadamu alikuwa na uhakika kwamba ule mtoto ni wa kwake, basi yeye ni number moja,” said Hamisa Mobetto.

But despite her views on the matter, Diamond still wasn’t convinced and asked for a DNA test.

“Tukaenda tukapima DNA nadhani walichukua vipimo vinne kila mtu (mama, baba na mtoto) tukasign pale ivo wakasema tusubirie sijui ni 2 or 3 weeks so tukasubiria majibu yakatoka mtoto akatoka kwa asilimia zote ni mtoto wake na ikaishia hivyo. Na kwa kweli wakati tunaelekea hospitali alikuwa anajiskia vibaya. It was very sad for me to watch as a mother kwa sababu as a mother ni mimi natakiwa nijiskie vibaya,” she narrated.

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Hamisa also wanted to have the test so she could prove the nay-sayers wrong about the parentage of her son.

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Get a girl now – Diamond and Hamisa told after cute video emerges of the two

Diamond Platnumz has had a hell of a life so far. The Tanzanian superstar has not only made himself one of the biggest musicians in Africa, but he has also succeeded in his personal life.

Yes, he might be a father Abraham who has gotten 4 kids with 3 different baby mamas but at least he has passed on his genes with clinical accuracy.

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And it seems that his fans want him to add a fifth child with his second baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto. This came about after a video of the Tanzanian video vixen in the company of her Diamond Platnumz and their son Daylan went viral.

The two have been on excellent terms this past year inevitably got their millions of social media followers talking since the video’s release.

Baby on board? Hamisa responds to claims she is carrying Diamond’s 5th child

In the video which was released in bits, shows Diamond and the son Daylan inside his car before Hamisa later on showed her face, revealing that she was the one taking the videos.

That got fans going gaga with many suggesting that the pair should get another child as they looked so good together, while others took it as an opportunity to attack his other baby mamas,  Tanasha Donna and Zari Hassan.

Below are some of the reactions;

evakeji211 Wow misa we need a baby girl soon❤️❤️ may god bless u all

abdyfatma1 😂😂😂😂 Kina tifa watachezeshwa jeje leo hadi wakome

official_mwalimu_kenyanboy Jamani aka kafamilia nakapenda Sana ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

johynnatz Mungu wanguu zarii atakufaa

katusiime51 Tanasha Donna wea a uuuuu😂😂😂😂😂😂come see

While some might think Tanasha and Hamisa are enemies according to the comments, the women actually get along. Just recently Tanasha celebrated Hamisa’s son Daylan after she posted a video of him. She wrote, “My munchkin jamaniiiii 😍🥰 His lil brother is waiting for him.”

The two are friends, even helping each other on Tanasha’s latest song, “Liar”. The area where fans might have a point is that Zari might not get along with the rest of Diamond’s baby mamas, something all the ladies have been covert about.

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