7 simple yet effective tips for maintaining braids


I can never quite keep my braids on for longer than two weeks, but for those of you who can more power to you sis.

Here’s how you can make them last longer should you choose to:

Keep your scalp moist: Do this at least two to three times a week, using a leave-in conditioner.

Wash braids bi-weekly (This is usually the minimum recommendation)

Reduce up-do’s

Avoid pulling and high manipulation

Redo your edges after 4 to 6 weeks

Don’t wear braids for too long

Protect your hair at night: Wear an extra large silk or satin hair bonnet. While you don’t have to worry about dryness issues if you’re wearing extensions, you can avoid frizz and shortening the life of your braids if you protect them at night.

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9 easy tips to grow your hair long and keep it shiny and healthy

1 Corinthians 11:15 proclaims ‘But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.’ That verse shows the importance of hair on a woman.

African hair can be difficult to maintain, especially making sure it grows steadily and looking bright and soft. What are some of the tips to keep one’s hair grows at a good pace and still look great?

African hair
African hair

Some of the tips are below;
Protect your hair ends
Every three to four months you should trim your hair. This gets rid of any split ends allowing your hair to continue growing properly without further damage.
Be sparse with your hair washes
Washing the hair too frequently strips it of its natural oils, leaving it dry and vulnerable to breakage. If you are washing your hair daily or even every other day, that is too frequent.

African hair
Lady with wonderful hair

Air Dry your hair
After washing your hair, the best way to dry it is by rubbing it gently with a towel or letting it air-dry. Try to avoid using a blow dryer as the excess heat will weaken and damage your hair.
Use a deep conditioner once every week
There are regular conditioners and deep conditioners. A regular conditioner is lighter and designed for use after washing your hair. It mostly touches the surface of the hair. A deep conditioner sinks deep into the hair.
Moisturize your hair
Having adequate moisture encourages fast growth and protects hair from breakage and split ends also keeping the hair looking bright and feeling soft. Moisturizing the natural way starts with drinking enough water before one buys products from the store.
Use a hair oil
When applying hair oil, make sure to massage deeply to ensure that it gets deep inside the hair follicles as well as on the surface of the hair.

African hair
Lady with glorious African hair

Use a pre-shampoo
A pre-shampoo is a type of conditioning treatment that is applied on hair before using the actual shampoo. It’s thick which allows it to form a coat over hair strands. The importance of this is protecting the hair from getting too dry and breaking.
Use the right shampoo
Generally, African hair is brittle and damages easily. You, therefore, need to be extra careful about which shampoo you are using. A rule of thumb is to stick to sulfate-free shampoos.
Use a conditioner after every wash
Washing your hair will still wash away some of its natural oils so leaving it like that risks breakage and split ends. The best way to get it back in shape is by using a conditioner. It helps restore oils and moisture to your hair as well as nourish it.

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4 things you are doing that are preventing excellent hair growth!

Getting long luxurious hair is a dream that most women (and some men) share. The reality, on the other hand, is that getting that type of hair is normally a tall order.

Below are the things you should avoid doing to maximize your hair growth.

Heat treatments
Any treatment that uses heat to style hair is bad for you. Things like blow dryers and flat irons literally cook your hair, making it extremely weak and easy to break.

9 easy tips to grow your hair long and keep it shiny and healthy

Harsh chemicals
Make sure the hair products you buy are not full of harsh chemicals. These days you can get natural and organic hair products that, though may be a bit more expensive, provide a much better alternative to chemical-ridden products.

Extensions and tight styles
Styles that rely on tightly wrapping your hair is not good, especially for your hair ends. When stretched or wrapped too tight, hair tends to get weak and can break easily.

On the other hand, braids and other protective styles actually encourage hair to grow faster by protecting your ends from splitting which means less hair has to be trimmed.

Too much stress
Too much stress has been scientifically proven to be behind hair loss problems such as Telogen effluvium where hair essentially stops growing and begins to fall out and Alopecia areata where hair follicles are attacked by the body’s immune system.

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‘We face pressure from friends wearing Sh80,000 wigs’, confesses woman

Unbeweavable right?

Fact is Kenyan women have a complicated relationships with their hair, and other beauty regimens.

Let’s have a chat about wigs and the lengths women are going to, to own this item.

Wigs and weaves have become the most coveted item for Kenyan women.

Kalenjin singer Olesos Melodies narrates being stabbed by dancer

Be it Indian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and even Malaysian hair the wig business is booming.

And now literally every Kenya woman is willing to do anything to wear these exotic tresses.

wig partline

A woman on Classic 105 confessed that seeing a friend with a wig is enough pressure to make women take money risks to also wear a wig.

Let me tell you something about us women. We are copy cats. competition is real Like I see somebody is wearing a wig worth 80k I want to run there and borrow and we will lose our money and kill friendships and we don’t really care. 

I look good, so what. Personally I have ran into a debt. 

The pressure to look stunning isn’t helped when we log onto social media and see our favorite beauty personalities rocking these expensive wigs.

The beauty endorsements apparently pile pressure on women to take financial risks that they hope their husbands won’t find out about.

Forbes – Jay Z is OFFICIALLY a billionaire and how he created his fortune

So fella’s do you suspect your women could be borrowing to buy that wig?

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Celebrities who’ve rocked short hair and look totally amazing!

If you’ve always wanted to rock short hair, well the time is now. These celebrities are showing us that there is no limitation when it comes to your hair.

Though women are told that their hair is their crown, they are defying these odds and are trying out different shapes, sizes and color with their hair.

Cutting your hair or deciding to keep short hair is a bold decision that most ladies are delving into and some of these celebrities are trying these easy to manage amp short hair styles.

So you need a chop? Here are some of the ladies to look for inspiration from on your next hair adventure.

Here are some celebrities who are rocking short hair and are looking flawless.

1.This is Ess

TV presenter Sharon Mundia in a teeny bunned fro’

2. Joy Kendi

Vlogger Joy Kendi in a blonde hair cut

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3. Patricia Kihoro

39736323_314966059078869_9139597918062247936_n (1)
Radio presenter Patricia in a short Natural hair do

3. Nadia Mukami

Musician Nadia Mukami in a bob hair cut

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4. Maxine Wabosha

Vlogger Maxine Wabosha in a short blonde cut

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5. Joanna Kinuthia

Joanna Kinuthia in a temple fade maroon dyed hair

6. Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe in a natural short hair, hair do

How to rock those head-wraps and look totally flawless!

7. Nyce Wanjeri

Nyce Wanjiru with a natural side fade fro’

‘My case was one of the worst ever seen’ – Njambi Koikai amidst recovery

8. Viviane Kenya

60696355_425935881533503_7529673321976619130_n (1)
Musician Vivianne with a weeny fro’

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Serena William’s husband wants tutorials on doing black girls natural hair


The 36-year-old Reddit co-founder took to Twitter on Thursday, May 16, to reveal he had joined ‘four private natural hair Facebook groups’.

Alexis, who has been married to Serena Williams since 2017, said he joined the groups to get better at doing his one-year-old daughter Olympia’s hair.

He added: ‘I hope they don’t auto-reject my application when they see my profile photo. I told them it was to keep getting better at doing my daughter’s hair’.

Alexis’s tweet captured hearts on Twitter, as it has received over 21,000 likes, almost 3,000 retweets and hundreds of comments.

Serena williams and daughter

Many users have praised his good parenting skills, while others have given him suggestions for other places to get hair tutorials and information.

His tweet read: ‘Just applied to join four private Natural Hair Facebook groups. I hope they don’t auto-reject my application when they see my profile photo.

‘I told them it was to keep getting better at doing my daughter’s hair,’ he added.

The 36-year-old’s effort to be a good hairdresser to his 20-month-old daughter captured thousands of hearts on Twitter.


Gilgil man kills wife over ‘bob cut’ hairstyle


Residents of Gilgil town woke up to a rude shock after a man killed his wife as his children watched in horror, following a domestic quarrel.

The man is said to have stabbed the wife on the neck and stomach using a kitchen knife following a row over her hairstyle which he didn’t like.

The suspect later turned the knife on himself during the bizarre incident in Site estate, but he was rescued by police and rushed to hospital.

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the body of Esther Wambui before rescuing one of the couples children who was covered in blood.

Trouble started after the man questioned the decision by the wife to wear the new hairstyle referred to as ‘Bob-cut’ which he didn’t like.

According to a neighbor Sakina Mohammed, a heated argument ensued between the couple with the man saying that a married woman should not have such a hairstyle.

Sakina, who also doubles as a child activist, said that the man ordered the wife to go back to the salon, a move the deceased refused.

“What followed was a fight as the man attacked the woman trying to shave her but this was met with resistance as neighbors tried to break the door,” she said.

She added that the man went for a kitchen knife and stabbed the wife on the neck and stomach as she pleaded for mercy.

“The woman died holding her one year old daughter who we later rescued covered in blood and we have taken her to a childrens home,” she added.

She noted that after realizing his mistake the suspect used the same knife to stab himself on the lower stomach as members of the public watched in horror.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident adding that the suspect had been treated and was being held at the police station.

He said that the suspect had a wound on his stomach but doctors had attended to it and he was in stable condition waiting to be charged in court.

“There was an incident on Monday evening where a disagreement between a man and the wife ended tragically and we have opened an inquiry file over the same,” he said.

Opuru said that the body of the woman had been taken to Gilgil sub-county hospital mortuary adding that the suspect would be charged in court with murder.

courtesy Anthony Gitonga