From Nameless and Habida here are the Best collabos of all times (List)

They say that when two or more brains are put together we are going to look at some artistes who have worked together to produce bomb songs.

Some of the collaborations are magic and they will live to be loved of due to the chills the artistes gave us for producing marvelous hits together.

 Here are some of the artistes from Kenya that have done incredible work together.

1.Nyashinski and Sauti Sol

The two bigwigs in the Kenyan music industry produced ‘short and sweet’ single that will live long. They recently released their new collaborative song called ‘Tujiangalie

2.Wyre and Nazizi

Back in the day when they were still Necessary Noize they rocked with their music and decided later their music is still dope.

Apart from being a band they are a duo that are legendary and they are so united when it comes to making music together. They have singles like Kenyan boy Kenyan girl, Bless my room and So Ruff among others.

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3.Juacali and Sanaipei Tande

Hip hop legend Juacali from Calif Records joined forces with former member of group SEMA and actress Sanaipei Tande to give us good music and romantic ones in that case.

The two are behind the songs ‘Kwaheri’ and ‘Geti kali’

4.Amani and Nameless

The two are legends in Kenyan music and across East Africa. Nameless and Amani did a song together that is called ‘Ninanoki’ in the early 2000’s. The ‘Ninanoki’ song is a timeless song that is still a club banger today.

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5.Habida and Nameless

They collaborated together to produce the song called ‘Sunshine’  and in this collaboration is where Habida had her breakthrough in the music industry.

The chemistry between the two in the music video can make a single person want to fall in love.

6.Ameelina and Sudi Boy

Their biggest hit was ‘Naona Bado’

Avril and Marya

They gave us one hit that will always be remembered. The title of the song is ‘chokoza’.

The song is basically about women giving men restless time in the club leaving men ‘Wakikula kwa macho’. Hope to see the two beauties doing another song together in the near future.

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Nonini and P. Unit

The legend Nonini discovered the celebrated music group P. Unit and they did ‘si lazima’ song then they later did ‘Hapa Kule’ and ‘Kushoto Kulia’.

The songs are still hits till today. If they could collaborate again together it would be nice for their fans.

Willy Paul and Size 8

Gospel singers Willy Paul and Size 8 did their first collaboration together with the song ‘tam tam’ which was a love gospel song encouraging people to be in love, how to build a long lasting relationship and how to choose the right partner for marriage.

They did another song together called ‘Sijafika’ which they included gospel artist Gloria Muliro and Kambua.

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‘She is ours’ fans declare after video of Keri Hilson eating ugali emerges

Keri Hilson is in Kenya for her much anticipated performance dubbed the Terminal Music concert which will go down this weekend at the KICC

Other artistes performing include Bobby V, Horace Brown, Big Tobz, WSTRN, as well as  Big Shaq, Habida, Sage, June Gachui, Khaligraph Jones, Steph Kapela and Shukid.

Kenyans show their naughty side after teaching Keri Hilson ‘Lamba Lolo’ as a way of greeting

Since her arrival she has visited students at Kibra Creative Arts to engage in bead making, paid a visit to , and Nairobi Park. Her latest appearance at Kiza Lounge is what has left many in awe.

A video (below) of Keri enjoying Ugali at the lounge has left many wondering if she has Kenyan roots. She is clearly enjoying her meal.

Keri Hilson spends time with girls from Kibera Creative Arts making beads

Here are some of the reactions by Kenyans who expressed  their amazement at how Keri ate ugali like a true Luhya
missmbijiwe: And some slayqueens hapa nrb tu imagn i dont do ugali kama keri hilson foreigner mzima anaikula vizuri hivyo who are you na maringo ya kawangware
penny_micha: Wow, Keri sure knows how to squeeze ugali like a typical Kenyan..

missmbijiwe: @eleanor_love_ndirangu woooi me kaugali anytime than rice esp with green and wetfry mbuzi or matumbo dont forget kachumbari uuuuui

njorogecm: Her style of eating ugali is better than mine

mugunjm: : I think she is Kenyan……does she know where she is from….i hate ugali and im Kenyan!

atieno4real: @melissamatalanga huyu ni wetu

missmbijiwe: @eleanor_love_ndirangu woooi me kaugali anytime than rice esp with green and wetfry mbuzi or matumbo dont forget kachumbari uuuuui

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Kenyans show their naughty side after teaching Keri Hilson ‘Lamba Lolo’ as a way of greeting

Talented international female artiste Keri Hilson is in Kenya for a performance in the much hyped Terminal Music concert.

Other International artistes performing at the concert include Bobby Valentino, Horace Brown, Big Toobz, WSTRN, as well as  Big Shaq.


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Local artistes set to also perform in the event include Habida, Sage, June Gachui, Khaligraph Jones, Steph Kapela and Shukid.

Before landing she posted a photo while in a plane with the caption below, that has elicited crazy responses from Kenyans.

“15th trip to the continent, 9th country checked off my list, 1st trip to #Kenya!! All smiles (even after 23 hr travel)! Mambo vipi, Kenya?! Mko poa? 🇰🇪”


Well Kenyans took the chance to welcome the artiste, but here are some of the hilarious things Kenyans had to tell Keri

ray__km…[email protected] lol Jambo works too but Lamba Lolo is the new slang.

misskarenmain…aKaribu Kenya mamiiii ♥️♥️♥️

6_yungin…hope you get to learn to cook some ugali and mutura before you leave

iambonface…Kenya has interesting slang… We got Team mafisi too!! They recently opened a Sacco!… Lamba Lolo is not a greetings… It’s a high breed slang… Avoid it!

kerubo_kophen…@kerihilson guurl! lamba lolo is NOT a greeting don’t let them play witchyu

infamous__ironi…[email protected] We’ll be traveling together many times more together once we get married

sunny____nik…[email protected] lamba lolo means suck dick, don’t let my people fool you….we play too much but mean well. Karibu Kenya bayb

[email protected]__km it’s not funny playing the joke on someone who doesn’t know what it means…what if she actually uses it on people?Style up

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NOT A WALK IN THE PARK! Habida Confesses That It’s Hard Balancing Marriage, Kids And Musical Career (Video)

Habida is known for her heart-warming love song Sunshine featuring Kenya’s veteran singer Nameless, which was one of the biggest songs back in 2012.

The gorgeous and sassy singer and songwriter had taken a music hiatus after she moved with her husband, Daniel Ebo, to South Africa back in 2016 with their daughter.

Habida Moloney would, later on, reveal that she was expecting their second child with the love of her life and in November 2016, she in welcomed her second child – a bouncing baby boy.

Habida (1)

The celebrated singer recently dropped a new song Sweet Love which is a warm poem to her family, her country Kenya and the entire music industry, featuring renowned Ghanian singer J Town.

Habida revealed that she had written the song when she was home sick, back in South Africa, and missing all the little things that make Kenya unique like our Swahili food and culture.

I Have Been Raped Before, Singer Habida Confesses

The sassy singer revealed that she had missed foods like mahamri and pilau, because for her, Kenya is her home, where her heart and roots reside. She also said that there are plans underway to set up a music studio in Nairobi.


But one thing that I couldn’t help fathom is how the stunning artiste balances being a wife, a mother and maintaining her musical career, especially now that her son is only a few months old.We recently sat down with the soft-spoken singer who is currently on a media tour to promote her new track.

While at it, she revealed how she’s coping with the hustle and still managing to be a good mother and loving wife.

One thing I was very curious to know, is how her life has changed after she got married – it’s been 6 years – and then came the babies, more so now that she wants to get back on her feet musically.


Well, Habida did not hesitate to tell us that it’s not easy and that there are times she just wants her time alone, from the children and hubby, just to get some peace of mind and breath.

Watch the short video below as Habida reveals the challenges of being a mother and if she misses being single;



I Have Been Raped Before, Singer Habida Confesses

In an all new campaign seeking to empower the girl child, Habida Maloney has opened up about her painful past including rape and racial profiling. The singer is embracing author Carl Gustav Jung mantra, “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

Speaking to The Star’s Newspaper Word Is, the Sunshine the Kenyan, South African based artist says, “The campaign, Dear Superwoman, is named after my single Superwoman. I released this song right after my dad passed away. It came to me while he was sick, it made me realise how much I had been through up until then. I have been a rape victim, racially profiled, and so much more and I think this was the beginning of some of my real hardships in my life.”

She continued, “I wrote the treatment for the video with several power themes, female godfather, a boxer, riding a motorbike, basically things women wouldn’t typically be known to do. Watching other super women like Oprah or Beyonce, kept me going and kept me dreaming. It allowed me to “keep on walking” which is the title of my next song and the next part of my journey.”

The campaign calls for young girls to write in to #DearSuperwoman detailing their issues and asking to be considered for a meet and great with a woman they consider a superwoman.

“They have to pick someone in the country they are from,” Habida said, “I am doing this because I have had women who have inspired me to keep going and I also want to remind those women who work hard to get where they are. That they are valuable and are making a difference even though they don’t remember it sometimes.”

Habida added, “I have been raped but I over came it. I chose to tell no one but that was wrong. I want to inspire women to speak out so that their attacker will not have a chance to do it too any one else. I look up to Maya Angelou and Oprah, they are rape victim’s and because they overcame even the greatest odds being the colour they are with grace and poise and they do/did not keep it to themselves they share and build those who will listen.”

-The Star