‘I was born out of wedlock,’ Guardian Angel reveals

Guardian Angel is one of the few gospel musicians in the country who has been able to keep a squeaky clean image through out his gospel music career.

This not withstanding, we were able however to ask the musician about his child and having the baby outside wedlock and he affirmed it saying that,

I would not hide that.

What is the problem with having a child?

Having a child outside wedlock has happened to many people.

Even my mother had me outside of wedlock and she was born again.

The act of fornication is a vice but once there is a baby involved, its not the baby’s fault.

Guardian Angel reveals reason he reconciled with father after 30 years

Guardian Angel on a white bench


He was however quick to add that it was not a leeway to have children outside wedlock.

In addition, he cited that it would not be right to have a child outside the confines of marriage as it would not be right according to the bible.

The “Kamata” hitmaker also went ahead to say that children are from God and he is living proof of God’s love.

In his words  the Gospel artist said,

This only means that a child is a blessing. I am proof that I am already a blessing.

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Sauti Ya Kutoa Nyoka Pangoni! You Will Cry When You Watch This Acoustic Version Of Guardian Angel’s ‘Nadeka’

They say ‘talanta si dumba!’

Well, Guardian Angel is one of the best vocalists the Kenyan music industry has ever seen. I mean this guy can sing really well.

Angel, who has hit the headlines with his hit song Nadeka has taken the Internet by storm again with the acoustic version of the song. This time around, this talented lad is assisted by this guy identified as Phil, another talent!


Angel, has also released a couple of covers among them Willy Paul’s I Do, Mercy Masika’s Shule Yake, Angel Bernard’s Siteketei among others.

Ladies and gentle, he is just a combination of talent upon talent!

Mafisilets, he just confirmed he is very single. Apewe haki yake, ama namna gani?

‘Sijaanza Kuzinguliwa Na Mbeibi’ Guardian Angel Speaks For The First Time On Relationships

Anyway, to the lovers of good music, here is the acoustic version of Guardian Angel’s Nadeka that will blow your mind away.