Girl, 15, wants GSU cop arrested for alleged defilement

Lamu woman representative Ruweida Obbo in Lamu town with the girl who accused a GSU officer of defiling her, February 1, 2018. /Praxides Cheti
Lamu woman representative Ruweida Obbo in Lamu town with the girl who accused a GSU officer of defiling her, February 1, 2018. /Praxides Cheti

“The officer is well known and respected in Kiunga. He used to work here before being posted to Ishakani,” the girl said.

She said the police officer normally helps the needy hence she did not suspect anything when he called and asked her to visit.

“When he called me on my parents phone and asked that I go collect some goods at one Hussein’s house, I couldn’t suspect anything.

“But after he came, he insisted that we go inside of which I was very hesitant. He pounced on me, tied me up with clothes and defiled me repeatedly,” the girl said.

Obo said she received a text message from a concerned resident informing her of a girl who had been raped by a GSU officer.

“The girl’s parents told me they had already resolved the matter locally and that I should not worry,” she said.

“That was when I learned they had accepted Sh20,000 from the officer for them not to pursue the matter.”

“We moved the girl from Kiunga to Lamu for security reasons. The officer must be arrested and prosecuted,” the county MP added.

Lamu East OCPD Gideon Mugambi and county commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo said they have no information regarding the case.

“I have no information. Why don’t you call the GSU’s bosses? I can’t comment about that issue since I have not been informed about it,” Kitiyo said.

The incident comes just a week after a KWS officer was found in a lodge with a 14-year-old school girl in Hindi town. The officer is yet to be taken to court since his arrest last week.

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Kenyan Police Officer Shoots His Girlfriend Dead In Nairobi (Photos)

Cases of love turned sour have become rampant of late. Just a few weeks ago, a Kenyan woman was killed by a man she met on Facebook on their first date. But it seems this is a trend.

On Saturday night, a police officer shot dead his 23-year-old girlfriend Anne Wanjohi at the Braidwood House on Tom Mboya Street opposite the Nairobi Fire Station at around 8.30pm.

The officer, Constable Simon Njoroge Njau, according to police reports, shot Anne Wanjohi five times using his official Jericho firearm after claims she refused to marry him.

Anne, who was an attendant at Web Link Cyber Café is said to have been attending to her customers when her boyfriend walked in and demanded her attention, but she told him that she was busy.

“He wanted to talk to her about their relationship because she had wanted to break up with him over the past two weeks. Anne was attending to a client but he insisted on talking to her. She said she was busy and needed to finish with the client,” said Ms Wanjohi’s  workmate.

The angry officer did not take this well and he vowed to kill Anne before he walked out of the place.

“He left the cyber very angry and told her he would be back in a few minutes. He told her she should know that he had never in his life loved someone the way he loved her,” a workmate said.

He returned to the cyber cafe with a gun and shot Anne, before threatening to shoot the eye witnesses as well.

“When Anne tried to get away, he shot her again and again as he threatened to shoot the other people who were in the cyber café and those who came to see what was happening,” said Wanjohi’s colleague Mr Hinga.

He later attempted suicide by shooting himself 3 times. Mr Njau was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

“He shot her in the chest and let go of her hand but when Anne turned around in pain, he shot her twice in the head and then twice on her back and she fell on the floor dead,” a witness said.


“He was also threatening to shoot all of us and so we escaped from the scene because we could not save Anne anymore; only to come back later to find him on the floor with the pistol he used still on his hand.”

According to sources, Mr Njau had known Anne for three months only and he was forcing her to marry her yet she wasn’t ready. Mary Wangare, Ms Wanjohi’s sister confirmed that the rogue officer had threatened the late several times that he would kill her if she did not agree to marry him.

“He kept insisting that he wanted to marry her immediately. This made Anne uncomfortable and she tried avoiding him. Anne wanted to continue working so that she could save some money to enable her to join university. She was his girlfriend, but he insisted on marriage,” she told Nation.

Adding that;

“I don’t know why he shot her, but I remember he had assaulted her on three occasions.”

Kenyans have condemned this barbaric act and here are the comments

Newton: Suicide incidents in police are currently rampant and nobody bothers to investigate, analyse and come out with a full report.

Joseph: Kama huwezani na dem si uachane nayo utafute mwengine. Why kill, wasichana ni wengi. Kwani what’s wrong with these junior officers.

Victoria: Gosh I fear men in vitenge or blue, green uniform. Why kill? How does someone feel after killing? Men !!!!!!!!!!! Ladies are so many, single, searching and so forth. I can’t believe this.

Moses: Relationships are also poison, they can kill you.

Here are photos of Anne


Anne Wanjohi
Past photo of Anne Wanjohi with a friend


Anne Wanjohi




Source: Nation.

Jilted Cop kills boss, girlfriend and himself in a horrific end to love triangle

A jilted police officer on Sunday night shot dead his boss and girlfriend at Mutuati market in Tigania, before shooting himself in the head.

The killed officers have been identified as a Chief Inspector Benson Mwadime, a GSU officer and constable Sheila Kioko. The killer officer has been identified as constable Joseph Kipng’etich who was attached to Laare police station.

A senior police officer told the Star that Kipngetich attacked his boss and the girlfriend using a ceska pistol at Club Tenax in Mutuati market as they were drinking.

Sources say the cop was angry after finding his estranged lover drinking with his boss.


Baringo County speaker arrested at JKIA

Baringo County Speaker Kasait Kamket was arrested at the JKIA while headed for Qatar Tuesday night. He was being sought by police over last week’s clashes where on 20th October a motor vehicle transporting examination papers for Kapedo mixed secondary school was attacked and burned down. Less than five days later on 25th October three GSU officers, two civilians were killed and 1 officer injured.

Police said he will be taken to Baringo police station for grilling over the matter.

President Kenyatta has also spoken on the matter in a statement released on Monday and advised that responsible criminals will face the full force of the law.

Court rules that firing of GSU officer while responding to Westgate attack was illegal

A Nairobi court has ruled that the dismissal of James Mwaniki who was one of the top officers who responded to an attack by terrorists on the Westgate shopping last year was illegal.

Mwaniki who served as an assistant commissioner of police in charge was kicked out of the force on September 26,2013 while he led a team of GSU officers who took on terrorists during an attack on Westgate in which 67 people were killed.

Mwaniki was actuallly sacked on September 3, but he was not informed of the decision until the day of the attack.

Judge Maureen Onyango ruled that it was illegal to dismiss Mwaniki as the reasons given in his dismissal letter were not substantial while directing that he be allowed to resume his job immediately. She further ordered that the government will meet the cost of the suit.