Groom Sues Bride For Trauma After Seeing Her Without Makeup

Have you ever seen the person you want to marry without make-up? Are you satisfied with what they look like? Well that’s not the case for one man.

The new groom got such a shock about the bare-faced appearance of his bride that he is allegedly suing her for fraud.

The anonymous man from Algeria, who married his new wife in all her finery, apparently saw her in his room after the wedding and refused to believe that she was his wife without her make-up on.

Reports from Algeria,  have stated that the bride was never without her make-up before the big day.

He was so stunned when he saw her face her reportedly said he thought she was “thief who came to steal his apartment”.

A court source said“The groom told the judge that he could not recognise his wife after she washed the make-up off her face.

“He said he was deceived by her as she used to fill up her face with make-up before their marriage.

“He said she looked very beautiful and attractive before their marriage, but when he woke up in the morning and found that she had washed the make-up off her face, he was frightened as he thought she was a thief.

The groom is demanding £13,000 damages for “psychological suffering”.

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Bride walks out of nuptials after groom failed a math test

 An Indian bride walked out of her wedding ceremony after the groom failed to solve a simple math problem, police said Friday.

The bride tested the groom on his math skills and when he got the sum wrong, she walked out.

The question she asked: How much is 15 plus six? His reply: 17

The incident took place late Wednesday in Rasoolabad village near the industrial town of Kanpur in northern Uttar Pradesh state, local police officer Rakesh Kumar said Friday.

The groom’s family tried persuading the bride to return, but she refused. She said the groom had misled them about his education.

The bride’s father said groom’s family kept them in the dark about their sons poor education.

Local police mediated between the families and both sides returned all the gifts and jewelry that had been exchanged before the wedding, Kumar said.

Bride marries wedding guest after groom gets an epileptic attack

A bride decided to change her groom and picked a guest to marry her instead after her husband to be had a seizure before they exchanged vows.

Jugal Kishore, 25, reportedly fell to the ground during the traditional exchange of “varmala” flower garlands in the northern town of Rampur.

His illness was a shock to his wife-to-be, 23-year-old Indira, who was apparently furious that she and her family had not been told of Mr Kishore’s epilepsy.

Instead of calling the wedding off, she quickly chose wedding guest Harpal Singh, her sister’s brother-in-law, to replace him.

Casually dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, he accepted, the Times of India reported.

After the swap, the wedding ceremony continued as planned until Mr Kishore returned from hospital.

Shocked at returning to his own wedding to find his fiancée celebrating her marriage to someone else, he and his relatives reportedly pleaded with Indira to reverse her decision.

When diplomacy failed, the family allegedly resorted to violence and entered into a brawl involving plates and cutlery.

Mr Kishore’s family later filed a complaint at the local police station but withdrew it after older relatives intervened.

An official at the station, told the Times of India two wedding guests were briefly arrested.

Both families have amicably resolved the matter and the complaints have since been withdrawn.