Kenyans share bittersweet thoughts on remarrying


Losing a partner is so unimaginably hard to go through. The waves of grief and pain must, at times, be completely suffocating.

But what happens when you give yourself time to heal, and find someone else to share your life with?

On Classic 105 morning show, many people recounted their experiences while others told what they would do in the event they suffered such a loss.
Brave Classic 105 also fans flocked to our social media platforms to share their difficult stories and thoughts, each vocalising one consistent truth: it is bittersweet.

Nisha Gohil wrote

Being emotionally and mentally prepared is the right time. But never tie the knot just because you want your child to have a mother/father. Your well-being is of equal importance.

Sylvanus Ndaso added that

Life must continue……let the dead burry the dead and the living ought to seek their happiness. As long as you consider kids, marry and have a companion

Douglas Kiplagat

As soon as you’ve mourned enough and your heart is ready to have another person in your. After all we all have feelings, yes you’ve lost her/him but feelings bado ziko #MainaAndKingangi

Another man spoke passionately of his loss

I’m a widower and she died three years ago. I have not been able to move on, I’ve not been able to move because I want someone good who will take care of this girl, it becomes difficult because some women want to trap you. I’m thinking of remarrying but after some time, probably when my daughter is a little bit older,

Another man who has no time for grief said

Now death has happened, come on bro, lazima tu move on

A woman shocked at her friends death after the widower emerged with a new babe

I have a friend whose wife died in 2017, and the guy already had another woman, immediately after the burial he went home with her, so disgusting, actually the lady has a baby. I don’t know what’s wrong with these men, watuheshimu kidogo even if its for three months.

Have you lost a partner? Let us know your experience in the comments below…

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