‘She Brings Me To Tears,’ Grace Msalame Reveals Unknown Facts About One Of Her Daughters

Grace Msalame is a great mother. The former TV girl and single mother of twins has revealed inspiring facts about her children and she’s a proud parent.

One of Grace Msalames twins is spiritual and every time she’s at a place of worship, she goes down on her knees just to speak with her maker.

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Grace Msalame may have just announced future baby plans in this revealing message

Yesterday, they attended Todd Dulaney concert at Citam, Karen. Todd is an American gospel musician and former baseball player. 

Grace Msalame in church with her daughters
Grace Msalame in church with her daughters

The excited mother shared photos of one her daughter on her knees deep in her faith and captioned:

“Train up a child in the way they should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it- Proverbs 22:6

My little Worshiper brings me to tears each time! because it started this young for me as well so to see God do this in her life is just one of the many things that show me how Faithful He is🙌🏾This is what matters most to me🙏🏾 Glory to God🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾All of it! Thank you so much for capturing this @hiram_photography.”

Grace Msalame's daughter on her knees deep in faith
Grace Msalame’s daughter on her knees deep in faith

In another post-Grace called upon parents to bring up their children in Godly ways and they will never regret it.

“Dear Parents your children are watching you! Show them God that is all I can say! Please show them God! I can’t explain the joy I have in my heart at this moment and the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit! I shall be crying for a while… last night was POWERFUL!!

Thank you, Jesus, Thank you!

Psalms 118:22- The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone!

Claim the verse above! Your children will become the cornerstone🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾”

Grace Msalame's daughter on her knees deep in faith
Grace Msalame’s daughter on her knees deep in faith


Recently, photos of a three-year-old baby girl identified as Praise went viral leaving Kenyans wowed.
Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu (the father of her twins) are co-parenting.

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Powerful photos of a three-year-old Kenyan baby girl on her knees praying

Check out comments from Kenyans after Grace Msalame’s daughter’s photos on her knees surfaced:

Leedyah Ndugire: God is truly raising a great generation. So inspiring!!

Meg Ritah: Amidst the storms of this generation God will raise Such souls that worship in spirit and truth,may His will be done in her life, it’s just amazing

Tez Odhiambo: Amen may the Lord remember this day, may he take her to places money can’t take, May this spirit of worship abide in her and with her.

Wambui Njoki: Wow… Beautiful photo…. Speaks more than words themselves.. How beautiful is it to see such a young soul hungry for Jesus…. Thumbs up mama Zara


Grace Msalame may have just announced future baby plans in this revealing message

2108 seems to be the year for celebrities either revealing their baby bumps or surprising us with photos of newborns.Others are also making their future plans clear.

Former Kiss Tv presenter Grace Msalame may have let the cat out of the bag. She revealed that she is planning to have baby number three, and perhaps really soon.

Grace is a mother to twins, and hinted that baby number three is likely. This was after Terryanne Chebet posted a video teaching her newborn how to swim. Grace appears to have had baby fever and wrote:

This so Beautiful Mami❤️😍❤️I’ll most definitely be more brave with my next one🙆🏾love this🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Harusi tunayo! Grace Msalame announces that she is now engaged!

Just this weekend, we learnt that hunk Nick Mutuma, Kymo Thitima are the latest celebrity dads. They dropped the news on social media, sending their fans into a frenzy.

Even Joy Doreen Biira and KTN presenter Michelle Ngele just displayed her baby bump. Who knew she was preggars all along? Former Citizen TB presenter Terryanne Chebet has been spending time with her four month ld daughter bonding, just like all other mums love to do. Terryanne spent the weekend teaching her cute bundle of joy how to swim. She shared a cute video of her daughter and even encouraged new mums to try it, revealing why it helpd newborns. She wrote:

Starting them off early. Finding our own special way to bond❤❤❤. My little swimmer. We’ve had a beautiful morning 🐳🐳🐳 heated pool, swimming diapers, baby friendly clean pool, certified instructors.)

Check out the picture below.

terryanne chebet teaches baby to swim
Former Citizen Tv presenter Terryanne Chebet spends quality time with her daughter

Grace’s comment did not escape the notice of fans.

[email protected] …Key word Next one 😍😍

‘Treat yourself, mami,’ Grace Msalame advises as she shows off her new love this Valentines Day

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Former TV Queen Grace Msalame’s painful life decisions

Grace Msalame has turned a new leaf. When she is not preaching and spreading the good news online, she is being a good mother to her two daughters.

But one thing we know for sure is, Grace Msalame is one secretive lady who does her things in silence. She has mastered this art over the years and it’s clearly worked for her.

She’s one lady who never does things just coz everyone is doing but rather because she’s thought it out and has come to a conclusion.

Who would have known that the media personality has not one but four tattoos on her neck?

Well, she has finally shown off her beautiful tattoos, stating that the pain she went through was excruciating. The 3 stars represent her and her two daughters and the other one is for her love for music.

Grace Msalame's tattoos

Grace Msalame’s tattoos


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Hit Or Miss? Media Personality Grace Msalame Completely Shaves Off Her Hair (PHOTOS)

They say that when a woman shaves off her hair, she is preparing for some serious changes in her life. Perhaps that is why Grace Msalame has shaved everything off.

Earlier in the year, she cut off some of her hair and had faux dreads put in place. This time, she has completely shaved off all her hair and I was caught flatfooted and unprepared for the changes she made. Why? well, because I was scrolling through my IG feed and dropped my phone.

She has decided to go for a short cropped style that I would be remiss if I didn’t share because I want the shock to be received by as many people as possible. Check it out below:

Stunner: Grace Msalame Looks Stunning After Cutting Her Hair To This Beautiful Hairstyle

It is written in the Bible that hair is the glory of a woman and we have all embraced our different hair and we love every bit of it.

Most ladies are always afraid of cutting their hair short because they think that it will take a while for it to grow back, forgetting that hair does grow back and quite fast.

grace 3

Well, Grace Msalame is not afraid to make little changes with her hair now and again. She has rocked the most beautiful weaves, wigs and braids and she’s stunned in them all.

Last year, she decided to make a few changes and cut her hair. Many were surprised as others wept because her hair was pretty long. But that’s the problem with many people. We are afraid of change and hence prefer to just stay in the same position because you are afraid that the change will not be what you wanted or thought about.

Grace 2

Grace took the courage and decided to cut her hair, to have a different feeling and my oh my, isn’t she beautiful in short hair.

Well, even with short hair you can experiment different styles and that’s what the media personality has done.

grace 4

She took to social media to share photos of her new hairstyle, explaining why she opted for that specific style.

She wrote, “I know my hair is my crowing glory but as I grow older shorter hair is just easier to manage😫I knew I wanted to start off the year with a different look so I found @lindamariah254 & she gave me my locs & a cut too😉hair grows back so let’s take another break😁😊you’re a Star Linda😘.”

Check out photos of her new hairstyles;

grace 1

grace 2

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Grace Msalame Shines In Major Awards Alongside Fena Gitu

Sexy media personality Grace Msalame may be off our screens, but the gorgeous public figure is doing well. She has just become a 1st Runners Up in the Creative Category of Women in Business Awards.

The former Kiss TV presenter took to Instagram to share the good news with her fans, who showered her with congratulatory comments.

To God be the Glory🙌🏾🙏🏾 was an honour sharing this category with you @fena_menal 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #WomeninBusiness #Grateful #Humbled #7MonthsIn

The certificate Grace Msalame got
The certificate Grace Msalame got

Fena also took to Instagram to share her elation with her fans, appreciating Grace for sharing the same category with her:

Star Girl. 🌟 2nd Runners Up, Women In Business Award – Creative Arts. Congratulations to the winners, especially a woman I greatly admire… @sowairina It’s an honor to be in a category with you. Here’s to more young women in leadership, level headed and driven, pursuing excellence in your fields. #WIBAwardsKenya.


The Chief Guest at the event was Amb. (Dr.) Amina Mohamed, the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Fena has been riding high with her recent collaboration with King Kaka. Watch “Run Ting” below:

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Grace Msalame Celebrates Her Twins In A Moving Message To The Girls

Grace Msalame seems to be enjoying being a mum to her two beautiful girls who seem to resemble her in every way.


It’s the joy of a mother to see her children grow up to be very respectful, adorable and focused in life, something that will always make her proud.

The former sexy Tv presenter has managed to raise her daughters in the most amazing way being a leading example to other single mothers out there with tips of how to raise their kids well.

Grace Msalame

Being a single mother to twins is difficult, and many have spoken out about it on social media, but Grace has gone through the challenges in the most amazing way.

This time, Grace has decided to celebrate her daughters in the most adorable way by writing them a moving and touchy message through her instagram page.


Captioning a picture with the two girls, Grace Msalame said:

Grace Msalame

“So it is or was NationalDaughtersDay somewhere in the world! So celebrating mine today🤗🤗 My Reward in double portion who from day one have blessed & challenged me to better🙏🏾Continually everyday keeping Mama on her toes yet slowing me down to smell the roses & pay attention to what really matters like the little things in life which end up being the Grand things in retrospect❤️ It’s an honour to be chauffeur, chef, nurse, teacher & everything else in between that comes with the Role Mum to my little big girls🙏🏾 Sending Love to all the Moms out there😘❤️ Raise them up in the way that they should go for when they are older they will not depart- Proverbs 22:6”

Checkout some reactions:

Charles: Eh congrats!  Great true double gifts two Angles💕… thy refreshes in their generation💖.. thats one FACT! ur blessed ma’😍🙏

Wanjau: Enjoy your calling and may your babies keep growing in wisdom and in stature; In fear of God and man 😍😍

Kwachua: You make motherhood look sooo easy you such an inspiration🙌😊

Joy: You’re blessed beyond measure  😍😍😍🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Keep going and continue being awesome

Jamat: It’s a great reminder that every blessing comes with a responsibility <mum, chef, chauffeur, teacher,mentor,etc> You are up to the task

Here Are 8 Photos That Prove Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy’s Wife Is A Stunner

Grace Msalame’s baby daddy recently tied the knot to the love of his life, Evaline Momanyi. Their wedding was the talk of town. The two had been dating for a really long time although they weren’t about the public life.

One thing about them is that they are very humble and live a quiet life. Evaline is such a beautiful lass and Mwaura is definitely lucky to have her.


If you follow her on social media, you’ll agree with me that she is definitely a stunner and she’s quite a sight to see.

In case you don’t follow her on social media, here are some photos that prove Evaline is a stunner:









HIPS DON’T LIE! Women With Big Bottoms Will OUTLIVE Us All (Photo EVIDENCE)

If you find yourself asking ‘does my bum look big in this’, it could be good for your health.

A study has found thin people may lower their risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes by carrying a few extra pounds on their hips and thighs.

One in five people of normal weight, who are ‘metabolically unhealthy’, can have an even higher risk than some fat people for the killer diseases.

But those who are pear-shaped tend to escape this group, as the bottom and thighs are safer places to store fat on the body.

A German study suggests the old warning ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ is almost true.

Fat might not spend a lifetime on the hips, but it is stored there for months, which is better than belly fat – released around two hours after a meal.

Some women, like Jennifer Lopez and America Ferrera, naturally carry more weight in their hips and thighs. The researchers said that is safer than other types of weight gain because the fat will be stored there for longer, rather than going straight to the heart.

It means the fat is not transported to the heart and liver, where it can lead to high blood pressure, high blood sugar and a greater risk of illness in later life.

The study’s lead author, Dr Norbert Stefan, from the University of Tübingen, said: ‘It is better for people of normal weight to be pear-shaped rather than apple-shaped, so that weight is carried on the bottom half of their body rather than around the middle.

‘The hips and thighs offer ‘safe storage’ for fat, stopping it from getting into the blood and reaching the organs.’

The study suggests that being pear-shaped is better for lean people, while in overweight people it does little to help. The fat levels in their internal organs may already be too high for this to offer extra protection.

It concludes: ‘Genetic analyses suggest that metabolic risk appears to be determined by different pathways in normal weight and obese subjects.’

Check photos of women who will outlive us all.

Vera Sidika

corazon kwamboka nipples



Aki Ya Mama! Kenyans Go Ham On Grace Msalame After She ‘Ditched’ Raila For Uhuru

Just last week, curvaceous media girl Grace Msalame took to social media to shower NASA Flagbearer Raila Odinga with praises after he said that if elected, his government was going to take care of single mothers. Continue reading “Aki Ya Mama! Kenyans Go Ham On Grace Msalame After She ‘Ditched’ Raila For Uhuru”

Twinning All The Way: Janet Mbugua’s Hubby Eddie Ndichu And His Twin Brother Celebrate Their Birthday In Style (PHOTO)

Janet Mbugua is happily married to the love of her life, Eddie Ndichu and the two are blessed with a cute baby boy, Ethan Ndichu, who will turn two years in October.

The love birds have since been flaunting their love on social media and there’s no doubt that they are happy.

Eddie Ndichu is a banker and is the head of digital financial services and mobile Payments at KCB Bank Group. The hunk also has an identical twin brother by the name Paul Ndichu.


Paul Ndichu is popularly known as Grace Msalame’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her two adorable and sweet twin daughters, Zawadi and Raha, who recently graduated from Kindergarten.

OMG! These Never Before Seen Photos Of Paul Ndichu And His Elegant Wife On Their WEDDING Day Will Blow Your Mind Away

The two are very civil and co-parent well, as Paul Ndichu recently walked down the aisle with his lover and now wife, Evaline Momanyi, in a colourful wedding in May 2017 at the Limuru Gardens.


Evaline and Grace Msalame are good friends and both play the role of mothers to the cuddly and pretty twin girls and take time to appreciate each other.

The family seems to be blessed with the twin DNA, as Janet Mbugua also has a twin brother by the name, Timothy Mbugua, who is currently dating former KTN presenter, Edith Kimani.

“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

Janet Mbugua

Okay, back to the twins, Eddie and Paul Ndichu. The brothers turned a year older and to celebrate the big day, their families came together for a gathering, with a beautiful cake for the two.

“#HappyBirthday,❤” wrote Janet Mbugua alongside a photo of the hubby and the brother.

Earlier, she put this up for her main man; “#HappyBirthday to my lover and friend ❤ God keep you.”


Paul Ndichu also shared a picture with his twin sibling, with this sweet message; “Family made it a great weekend…happy birthday bro 👊🏾🇰🇪😎to many more!”

On the other hand, Eddie Ndichu shared a photo of the cake, with a simple caption that read; “More Cake!!!! #BirthdayWeekend #BirthdayMonth.”

Evaline Momanyi shared this loving message to her hubby on the big day; “It’s my husbands birthday!! 🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊!! Happy birthday @mwaurasworld Love you forever bff 💚💚💚 And happy birthday to bro @de.bank.ed …. we love you all and appreciate you!! May God bless you with many more!”




Urembo Tu! Meet The Elegant And Exquisite Sister To The Wife Of Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy, Evaline Momanyi (PHOTOS)

Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Paul Ndichu married the love of his life, Evaline Momanyi, back in May 2017 at a colourful wedding held in Limuru Gardens.

The colourful and elegant wedding affair was attended by their friends and family, including his twin brother and Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu, as well as Janet’s twin brother Timothy Mbugua.

TOO ROMANTIC! Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Speaks Up After Grand WEDDING To Elegant Wife Evaline

aul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi

There’s no doubt that the family has a history of twins, which is why Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu were blessed with the cutest twin daugters Zawadi and Raha who recently graduated from Kindergaten.

Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

Despite the fact that Grace Msalame and the father of her children are separated, they have managed to co-parent well and have both moved on with their lives.


The best part is how they are able to be so cordial, and mature about everything. Grace Msalame and Paul’s wife, Evaline Momanyi are good friends and respect each other with no drama and complications.

‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight

Babies got their kindergarten Diploma today!! Don’t joke!! So proud of my love babies and so happy to be part of this day! @mwaurasworld and @sowairina …..great job on the babies!!! Sasa ….twende kazi,” wrote Momanyi as she congratulated the twins.


Now, away from that, Evaline Momanyi recently unveiled one of her beautiful sisters as she congratulated her on her Masters Graduation in South Africa, sharing a pretty a photo of her with this sweet caption;

Congratulations my beautiful sister on your Masters Graduation from UCT! Very well deserved!!! For now…..y’all enjoy Capetown!! #Graduation#Vacay# RewardYourself#FolksHoliday#MyFamily

There’s no doubt that cuteness and beauty runs in their family. Check out photos of her stunning sister below. Note the resemblance.






New Chapter: Grace Msalame Is Proud Of Her Daughters For Doing This (Photos)

Grace Msalame is a happy mother after watching her daughters graduate from Kindergarten. It has been a journey, watching them learn how to read and grow to become responsible little girls. They sure ain’t getting any younger, and they have proven to her that they learn pretty fast and can do better day by day.

grace 5

Not able to hold the joy to herself, she took to social media to express her joy at watching them get their diplomas and the times she’s keenly noted their different abilities, even though they are twins.

‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight

She said, What an emotional day yesterday😭😭how I held back those tears I don’t even know😱but God is truly Faithful🙏🏾 5years later; Life skills, Confidence, Reading 30 page books with big words which now feature in their sentences like;- “Mum it depends if it’s an emergency then we’ll decide” to reading everything from Mommy’s Magazines so yes we’re now more aware of what reading material is in the house. They also read their own toy instructions😂😂😂assembling is still a team effort though😊To reading billboards, posters! Just name it.”

Grace and daughters

She went ahead to state how different the two girls are.

In fact every free minute Zawadi will be reading or writing or coloring in her corner as Raha works on her dolls braids or follows Mommy around the house narrating stories on end- So already one is an Orator & the other a writer & reader! One more introverted like Mommy & the other a little more extroverted like Daddy & all this realized with the help of a good foundation🙏🏾 Raise Up your Children in the way that they should go, for when they’re older they will not depart- Proverbs 22:6.”

Grace and Daughters

They Grow Up Too Fast! Grace Msalame Gushes Over Her Twins After They Make A Major Milestone

Grace’s baby daddy’s wife was also super proud of them as she went ahead to express her excitement. She said, “Babies got their kindergarten Diploma today!! Don’t joke!! So proud of my love babies and so happy to be part of this day! @mwaurasworld and @sowairina …..great job on the babies!!! Sasa ….twende kazi!”

These Are The 10 Hottest Celebrity Mothers In Town (Photos)

A woman can have it all; both a successful career and a beautiful family. The following women have had a successful run both as career women and families,

The following women have had a successful run both as career and family women. We all know showbiz can be demanding but these women always find a balance between their work and families.

1. Julie Gichuru

She is one of the influential media personalities in Kenya. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arimus Media Limited, a production house focused on quality African content, and Mimi Holdings LTD, a fashion retail business.


2. Lulu Hassan

She is a mother of two boys and a lovely wife to Rashid Abdalla, a popular Swahili anchor. She loves her family and is never afraid to show it off. Lulu is one of the best Swahili anchors


3. Kanze Dena

Kellen Beatrice popularly refereed to as Kanze Dena is multi-talented. She’s a news anchor and news director. Aside from that, she is a mom to a handsome son.


4.Amina Abdi

The bubbly TV host and radio presenter started her career way back as a musician before getting into media. She has surely spread her wings and has established her brand. Amina is the wife to John Rabar and a mom to son Tumi.


5. Mwalimu Rachel

Rachel Muthoni, popularly refereed to as Mwalimu Rachel by her funs is a popular radio presenter. She is married to Kletta, who is a musician and mom to Jabari.


6. Terryann Chebet

Terryann is jounalist and a business woman with a beautiful baby girl, though she’s not married, but co-parents with the father of her daughter.


7. Grace Msalame

The former TV personality refers herself as ‘mama twins’. She is a proud single mom to girl twins, Zara and Raha.


8. Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko is one of the most celebrated and popular media personalities in Kenya, known for speaking her mind. She is a mum to cute daughter, Theodora Nduku.

Despite having a demanding career, she always finds time to spend with her daughter, because Nduku is her biggest inspiration, joy, and pride.


9. Victoria Rubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri has won us over with her on-air composure, maturity and her ability to deliver news articulately. She became a mum when she was younger. Victoria is a loving mother to daughter Neema.


10. Lilian Muli

She’s one of the prettiest media personality mothers in the country and is blessed with a son, Joshua, whom she got with ex-husband, Moses Kanene.









Grace Msalame Speaks Passionately About Her Late Legendary Dad

The late Tony Msalame was one of the veteran broadcasters in the Kenyan history. Mr Msalame was also famous for a programme called Ongeza Maarifa, Tushauriane TV series and Sheki Legi radio show on Metro FM.

Grace Msalame, his daughter talked passionately about her dad on a recent interview. It is very evident that he is still missed.


Talking during the interview, Grace said Just the other day someone was talking about it  and shared an old clip because he was in advertising and just hearing his voice still gives me chills. I grew up watching him. He was kind of hard to ignore and he was a power house of his own.”

RIP Tony: Grace Msalame Mourns Her Late Legendary Father In The Most MOVING Way

Grace landed a hosting job at the age of 19years, but before that, she sold clothes and did a couple of marketing jobs on the side. She says she worked before going to campus because she wanted to give her dad space because she and the sister were around the same age.


Mr Msalame who passed away, seems to have won his daughter’s heart and not even time can erase that simple fact. Those we love, leave us too soon. But one is for sure, they are not forgotten.

‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight

Renowned media personality Grace Msalame set the record straight regarding her baby daddy being a dead beat dad saying he has been there since day one. She said one needs to grow up especially if kids are involved.


‘Kids need both their father and mother and need to be in a happy environment’.

Grace added she was surprised that people have the time to talk and come to conclusions yet they don’t see what happens behind closed doors.

Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

She clarified that she has never been married to her ex and that she got pregnant out of wed lock after her dad passed on.


‘Children are a reward from God and I felt blessed and in double portions’

She said it was necessary for her to change the narrative of bitterness, hate, dead beat and she felt she had to take the stand.

Grace Msalame Unveils Her Never Before Seen TATTOO. You Won’t Believe Where It’s Located (PHOTO)

Her wishing her baby daddy Paul and Evaline a happy life on their marriage elicited mixed reactions and she even let the twins be flower girls at their father’s wedding.

Judging from the photos both families are happy.





They Grow Up Too Fast! Grace Msalame Gushes Over Her Twins After They Make A Major Milestone

Former TV presenter Grace Msalame has over time won the hearts of Kenyans for bringing up her daughters in a christian way. The curvy beauty regularly shows off her girls, and it’s obvious that spending time with them is the best gift she is giving to them.

Mama Twins as she is referred to by some is marking another milestone in her girls life. Grace has revealed that her twins are moving on from kindergarten to the next level of education.


The proud mama’s girls are all grown up and according to their famous mum, are set to move on to primary school. She took it to social media to share her excitement saying;

My two Perfect Rewards from God- Psalm 127:3 are graduating Kindergarten and we’re off to Primary School next term!!! I’m still in disbelief


A month after leaving full time employment Grace is happy and focusing her energy on other things like full time parenting that includes dropping her kids in school, doing homework and hanging out as a dedicated mum.

She shared the cutest graduation photo you have ever seen.

sowrina baby

Her fans have applauded her for a job well done. Read comments below.

Jenni Jenn Jen Congratulations to your precious little ones! Grace Msalame you are doing such an incredible job. An inspiration to fellow moms. Your reward in Christ is greater! We love you.

qharohOh my the power of a single mama I salute you mama twins……may God’s blessings be upon you and the two Angels

eng.wambuiYou are raising a great generation,congratulations to the little angels….I love the journey you have started and the faith you have in God…bless you Grace and may God grant you more grace and strength to press on.

ndegwa_kugegaThese little ladies are pretty. Good job raising them and showing them the right direction.

matildajoy85Congratulations to Zawadi and Raha. God is faithful




OMG! These Never Before Seen Photos Of Paul Ndichu And His Elegant Wife On Their WEDDING Day Will Blow Your Mind Away

Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Paul Ndichu recently married the love of his life Evaline Momanyi in a colorful private wedding at Limuru Gardens.

The wedding affair was filled with pomp and colour with their friends and family attending the magical ceremony to show support to the love birds who finally became one after years of dating.

TOO ROMANTIC! Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Speaks Up After Grand WEDDING To Elegant Wife Evaline

Paul Ndichu is the father of Grace Msalame’s twin girls, Zara and Raha, who turned 6 years old in April. The two broke up years back but are amicable and have been co-parenting since then.


Paul Ndichu also happens to be the identical twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu. Twin DNA seems to run in the family as Janet Mbugua also has a twin brother by the name Timothy Mbugua, who is dating former KTN news anchor Edith Kimani.

Grace Msalame did not attend the wedding but her adorable daughters happened to be the flower girls, looking all cute in little gowns with a green bow on the waistline.

Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

According to a source, Evaline Momanyi loves and treats the little girls like her own daughters, which explains why she has such a good friendship with Grace Msalame.


Now that the wedding is over and the couple are back from their honeymoon, it’s back to the grind for them, but they are still loved up as usual. I came across a few photos from the wedding that most people haven’t seen.

Evaline looks so elegant and stunning in her wedding gown and evening dress, and there’s no doubt that Paul Ndichu is one happy man for having such an intelligent and stunning beauty in his life.

Check out the breathtaking photos belows: