Media personality Grace Msalame reveals she delivered her son at home

Media personality Grace Msalame has revealed that she had her third-born child “at the comfort” of her own home.

In a Q and A session with her fans on Instagram, Grace revealed a few things about her life and what her new baby boy means to her.

Grace was asked how she felt to have a normal birth after previously undergoing a caesarean session.

The mother of three said she delivered her 7-month-old baby at home through a water birth and noted only God could have helped her complete it.

“Maybe on his first birthday, it will sink in. I still can’t believe this particular prayer was answered and just how I desired at the comfort of my own home. I had my water baby, all glory to God imagine! I prayed a lot,” she wrote.

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Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame

She also shared that she goes to work only once a fortnight to take care of her son, but the most important thing about spending time with children is quality in how they are together and feel loved, something she learnt from her daughters.

Away from that, she also talked about raising her who is seven months old. she said she is enjoying the whole process and that she feels like she is learning all over again.

Baby Isaiah! Grace Msalame welcomes a bouncing baby boy (photo)

TV personality Grace Msalame alias Sowairina has welcomed her third child, a baby boy called Isaiah.

Grace gave birth on October 14 according to her social media page.

Grace also celebrated that her pregnancy journey saying that is has been a blessing.

The mother of three took to her Instagram and wrote;

“To beautiful new beginnings 14th October forever etched in my heart💙 #BabyIsaiah👶🏽 #GloryToGod🙏🏾”


Ready to pop! Grace Msalame announces she is giving birth this month

Isaiah from the Bible means, “Yahweh is salvation.”

In a past post Grace had hinted she was carrying a baby boy.

She wrote;
“Boy Mums I had no idea boys change your character from the womb! I can’t explain how much more assertive & in charge I’ve been since my litu gift which has always been a trait that I’ve wanted & now here we are! What a beautiful surprise as I pray this new trait stays with me even after he’s here🙏🏾😁.”

Check out the photo;


Ready to pop! Grace Msalame announces she is giving birth this month

Media Personality Grace Msalame has revealed that she is due this month.
The mother of twin girls took to her Instagram to celebrate her pregnancy journey saying that is has been a bliss.
Msalame who is carrying a baby boys says she has enjoyed and that every step made her feel beautiful and easy.

She wrote;
“Can we talk about boy pregnancies for a minute!? Because🤗🤗🤗gosh I’ve loved every part of this journey💙never felt more beautiful & such ease & peace🙏🏾So grateful🙏🏾
Also having children older has its perks! So many lessons learned & still learning that I wish I knew with my girls but either way so grateful to have the blessing to experience both🙏🏾.”

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Grace Msalame

Grace added that her prayer was to experience the whole journey as she gave birth to her twins when they were 37 weeks which is considered a full term for multiples.

“Glory to God as we almost clock 40weeks💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾My prayer was to make it to the very end! Because as expected I had my girls at 37weeks which is considered full term for multiples, but always yearned to have the singleton experience and make it to the very end🙏🏾Won’t He do it🙌🏾

October now added to my list of favorite months💙👶🏽🙏🏾

PS: Boy Mums I had no idea boys change your character from the womb! I can’t explain how much more assertive & in charge I’ve been since my litu gift which has always been a trait that I’ve wanted & now here we are! What a beautiful surprise as I pray this new trait stays with me even after he’s here🙏🏾😁”

Check out her photos;

View this post on Instagram

I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed our dancing funtimes😁Making memories with my nearest & dearest as we eagerly await our special blessing💙 Goodnight from Us✨ Wearing @vivo_woman @hijabeefied kimono over @shopzetu Banduex & #LEACollection for #SowairinaXVivo Maternity tights🤗🧡 Hair- @naturalhairkenya 🙏🏾 Glasses- @theurbantortoise RoomDecor- @caviar_interiors 🤍 Faux Plant- @d_and_t_interiors Carpet- @delikhome Picture Frame- @pictureframes254 Peep @enkatawatches watch boxes😉now make for nice decor as well👌🏾remember to get your #BlackPantherS(Sowairina) Photography- @njeriphotography 👌🏾who currently has an offer for bump shoots Mama’s to be🤗look for her🙏🏾 #39Weeks🤰🏾 #YearOfIsaiah💙 #LEACollection #SowairinaXVivo #SoGrateful🙌🏾 #Blessed🙏🏾

A post shared by Grace Sowairina Msalame🌺 (@sowairina) on

Youthful mum! Grace Msalame shares a photo of her mum (photo)

Media personality Grace Msalame has unveiled a never seen picture of her beautiful mom Pauline Msalame.

The Unscripted with Grace host shared the photos while celebrated her mum’s 60th birthday.

The photos revealed that Grace got her good smile from her mom.

She wrote;

“It’s Queen Mama’s Birthday🤗🎂🎉You don’t look a day over 50 & here you are about to clock the big 60!! You are a blessing to everyone you meet, with a beauty that radiates from within & a heart that makes anyone feel loved.
We all rise up & call you.”

Diamond’s sister Esma gets married as 3rd wife in posh wedding (photos)

Check out the photos;

‘Thank you for shaping the media industry’ Maina Kageni pays tribute to Tony Msalame

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has paid tribute to former media personality Tony Msalame.

Msalame died ten years ago after he collapsed in his then workplace in Mombasa.

His wife, Pauline Msalame, said a medical report indicated that her husband died of a heart attack.

Celebrating Msalame, Maina described him as a legend who shaped the entire media industry.

“Wow. It’s been 10 years since the legend left us. Still have vivid recollections of his outstanding brilliance.

Thank you so much #TonyMsalame for shaping a major part of the media industry in Kenya!!!!!! #Legend #ShineOn #StillAFan #KenyanRadio #Throwback,” he wrote.

M-Pesa ndio nusu ya Kuonana! Sauti Sol’s Savara turns a year older

Tony Msalame

Ahead of his commemoration, His daughter Grace Msalame took to social media to pay tribute to her legendary father who dominated Kenya’s airwaves per-independence.

“Can’t believe it’ll be 10 years next month since you left us… I’m still blown away by all that you accomplished while you were here on Earth & understand even more now, why you were so hard on us growing up, then we didn’t get it but today I remember everything you taught us…” she wrote on Instagram.

Msalame added that her dad Tony Msalame left huge shoes to fill.

“…From the value of hard work & learning the delicate balance of your work putting you in the spotlight but maintaining your privacy oh! how you would constantly remind us of this since we were kids. You left such huge shoes to fill! which can be daunting… but what gives me peace is knowing that only in our Authenticity can we impact in any way! And I’m now passing that on to my kids,” she went on.

Grace Msalame smiling
Grace Msalame smiling


Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

The world has moved to blended family situations.

Blended families are made up of parents and children or a child from previous relationships and these celebrity families have proved to be functioning quite well.

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrity blended families.

1. The Kariuki’s

Fashionable Step mum as she likes to be called is married to Maj Kariuki and have created a beautiful blended family of 4 children with two biological ones.

2. Catherine Kamau(selina) who is married to Philip Karanja

Philip Karanja is the step father to Catherines son Leon. The two walked down the aisle last year in an invite only wedding.

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3. Joan Munyi aka Yummy Mummy and her husband Zach Munyi

Joan Munyi is a YouTube content creator and is famously known as Yummy Mummy. The two have been married for over a year now. Zach Munyi is the step son to Joan’s son.

4. Paul Ndichu and Maureen Momanyi

Maureen Momanyi is the step mother to Paul Ndichu’s twins, Zawadi and Raha whose biological mother is Grace Msalame.

5. Akothee

She has three daughters and two sons from different marriages. Akothee had four daughters from her first marriage and bore three children between the ages of 14 to 16. One of her kids died because she could not afford to take her to hospital. She later gave birth to her fourth daughter in the year 2000. Her sons are from her second marriage with a white man who she claims was only interested in having children with her but not marriage. She is currently in a relationship with her manager Nelly Oaks.

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‘It ruins your self esteem’ Grace Msalame talks on her journey with fibroids

As we mark World Fibroids Awareness Month, media personality Grace Msalame has opened up about her journey with fibroids.

Grace, who is a mother of two, says that she ignored her body even when she knew something was not right.

My fibroid showed 2 years ago so the doctor suggested we just ignore it. He said it would disappear and sure enough it did.

Last year I started having heavy bleeding which lasted for 7-8 days and I would have painful cramps.

I knew something was wrong but I was afraid of going to the doctor because I was afraid of him confirming the worst.

When I went to the doctor, he found my fibroid had grown to 7 cm -10cm and there were little ones surrounding it.

Grace Msalame

Grace adds

I went through open surgery immediately.

I have been through CS before and I thought I would not have had an easy time snapping back to health.

But I think that is the toughest journey I have come out of. I don’t know if it is because I am older.

It was a journey and it affects your esteem. After the surgery it takes time to get back to your former body.


Grace says that at some point people assumed she had fibroids because her uterus was ’empty’ .

This is because her twins are 8 and she has no other kids.

In conclusion she says

They were removed and all we are doing now is to pray and hope that they don’t reoccur as the only solution to fibroids is to have the uterus removed (Hysterectomy).

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Celebrity parents who are turning parenthood into business!

These parents are doing things different. They have taken parenthood to a whole new level, venturing into business as they raise their children.

1. Terry Anne Chebet

TV siren Terry Anne Chebet is doing big things: from opening her own business to becoming brand ambassador for molfix, a diaper brand.

Things have turned around career wise for Terry Anne after losing her job at Citizen TV, to being a CEO of a TV and now as an influencer. The mother of two daughters is showing us the way,


2. Size 8

Ladasha Belle sure came as a blessing in many ways. She is the cute girl seen on TV as a brand ambassador for soft care diaper brand.

This opportunity could not go unnoticed as she bagged the tag at a very young age and the mother of one showed us that motherhood could also mean opportunities.


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3. Grace Msalame

The beautiful gorgeous mother of twins is a household name.

TV personality Grace landed a huge deal with Royco together with her daughters to become the face of Royco Kenya. The endorsement would later see her create awareness on iron deficiency.

42002799_681592268893299_4397729667071606784_n (1)


A list of Kenyan Celebrity TV moms we look up to

4. Dan Sonko

Mombasa based Daniel Kinyajui known as Dan Sonko came to the lime light after he lost his wife during child birth.

Djbril Sonko, his son got an endorsement with Marini and recently he just bagged himself the same endorsement with the same company.

He is definitely serving parenting goals and doing it differently.




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5. King Kaka

Gweth Owiti King Kaka’s daughter is so beautiful, she got an endorsement with Marini as brand ambassador.

Her energy and personality will sure warm your hearts. King Kaka is sure setting standards for all other parents.




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Photos of Grace Msalame’s grown up twins!

Celebrated media personality Grace Msalame has always been one who has shared her moments with her twin bundles of joys on social-media.

Every milestone is a blessing and she always shares with her fans a thing or two about Zawadi and Raha and every little step they take, from school to holidays.

The two adorable twins have previously made headlines with their fashion sense will probably be turning 8 years this year and mahn! are they cute.

image-2019-05-06 (6) (1)

image-2019-05-06 (7) (1)

image-2019-05-06 (8) (1)

6 important ways to know you are falling into depression

Graduation day


‘Alcohol was going to kill me, pancreatitis saved me’ – Journalist Tom Mboya

image-2019-05-06 (5) (1)

image-2019-05-06 (9) (1)




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Celebrities who show us how to rock maxi dresses effortlessly – Photos



Maxi dresses don’t show up to the party. They arrive. This is a statement from fashionistas that proves we should all wear this style.

Maxi dresses are so popular with many Kenyan women. From print to solid colors or shimmery, everyone notices a lady dressed in a maxi.

Maxi dresses can be worn in all sorts of occasions from weddings, to dinner, to vacations, and events such as Koroga.

Here are some of our celebs who show us how to wear maxi’s.

1. Neomi Ng’ang’a

The designer is wearing a floral maxi dresses which not only makes her look gorgeous, it adds class to her personality. This is a dress one should consider in your closet.



2. Sheila Mwanyiga

The renowned media personalty-cum-MC is not only beautiful she is also slaying this amazing look. This look is totally beautiful.


sheila mwanyigha

‘Ivy Wangechi was killed for ignoring Kinuthia’s calls’ – Police

3. Grace Msalame

The beautiful mother of twins is rocking an elegant maxi dress that could be worn to a dinner date with your partner. The dress is elegant and very trendy and all ladies should have one of these.

Grace Msalame


‘My husband’s cousin is in love with me yet he is married’ Cries city woman

4. Janet Mbugua

The renowned journalist and a mother of two is simply stunning in this floral sunny dress. She is definitely one to look out for as her fashion sense is definitely top notch.


image-2019-04-11 (1)


5. Anita Nderu

The talented Tv personality has amazing taste when it comes to fashion and this maxi dress is not an exception. The different shades of blue in this maxi dress is simply divine.



6. Catherine Kamau

The gorgeous actress is definitely giving ladies a run for their money with her fashion statement. This maxi dress is the IT factor as it displays curves giving it a classy touch to the blue glittered dress.

cate actress

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Yummy and curvy! Plus size celebs who are fashionable

We are made to believe that slimmer girls are s3xier while curvy girls are not. Well, these girls have proved us wrong because of their sense of style and how they embrace their bodies.

Most young girls who are big were made uncomfortable by society as they were growing up. This has made a lot of plus size girls have self esteem issues and not be comfortable in their own skin.

1. Grace Msalame

curvy msalame

How comfortable and beautiful does she look in her own skin. Grace is a Kenyan TV siren who is currently hosting a show called ‘unscripted with Grace’. This curvy girl above is a Vivo wear brand ambassador, a cloth line for plus size girls. She is also a mom to two very adorable girls.

2. Yummy Mummy (Joan)

curvy mummy

Joan is a Kenyan you tuber who is all bout lifestyle, family and motherhood. She is a mom of two, one boy and a cute baby girl. This beauty is all about fashion and confidence. She has always been body positive and has modeled for cloth lines including lingerie. She makes plus size girls look so sexy.

3. Kate Actress

curvy kate

This film girl is all about positive vibes and she is definitely body goals. Also a mom to one boy and a wife and most importantly a hardworking hustler. Kate is also about body positivity and wears her skin with so much confidence.

4. Neomi Ng’ang’a

curvy nganga

Neomi Ng’ang’a is a fashion designer and an advocate for plus size girls. She launched a program for plus size girls called Miss plus world Kenya. She is pashionate about inspiring young plus size women to love their bodies.

5. Kalekye Mumo

curcy kalekye

Kalekye Mumo is a whole mood. The ever bubbly TV girl is also very passionate about plus size girls. She has struggled with her weight loss journey in the past but she has been very confident and positive after working on her body.

6. Kamene Goro

curvy kamene

How fabulous and curvy is Kamene. Kamene has been controversial severally but she doesn’t quit loving her body even after being body shamed a few times. She is passionate about fighting for the girl child and has a phobia of not looking fashionable. One thing is for sure, she always expresses what she feels whenever she feels like which shows that her confidence is on point and we love her for that.


Miss Curvy Uganda organisers trolled for ‘stealing’ Grace Msalame’s photo

Curvaceous women as a product are the latest attraction the Tourism ministry in Uganda is looking at to attract more tourists and increase revenue earnings.

Ms Ann Mungoma, the lead organiser for the beauty pageant, is optimistic that when these ladies flaunt their endowments, it will enhance the visibility and appreciation of Ugandan people.

Ms Mungoma also added that only those above 18 and below 35 will be considered.

“Miss Curvy is an event that will bring out the endowment of the real African woman. It is an exceptional event that will see young ladies showcase their beautiful curves and intellect.

Only those aged 18 and below 35 are eligible to participate.”

Mater Hospital ordered to pay woman Sh2.4m over damaged uterus

Grace Msalame

However things have taken a turn for the worst after they used the photo of Kenyan media personality Grace Msalame.

Below are some of the comments some from Ugandans who have expressed their disappointment

@NasasiraArnold Now Uganda   model, is Kenyan, sincerely speaking how can someone foreign promote some thing Ugandan, may be it’s another scum to embezzling funds.
@ddungujoseph7 :This peagant notifies the rest of the entire world how much of a joke we are to the level of degrading ladies to mere tourist attractions. Ladies are dignified persons and the result of this peagant will be thirsty thigh mongers on the hunt for Ugandan ladies.
@albertmuc :I think the most embarrassing news about the campaign is that the model, , is Kenyan.
@WaisAdam  and Uganda be how now that the campaign is for Ugandans or Kenyans cz is a Kenyan why is that our PR and strategists are failing to analyse the game
@TEAMNASA_KE :Ugandans Though, a whole state minister launched Campaigns to promote tourism, what tourism? And went ahead to use a Kenya Curvy lady in their official campaign posters. So Embarrassing, In Uganda there are Many ways of promoting Tourism.

Grace Msalame overcome with joy as she announces comeback on TV

Grace Msalame has announced she is back on our screens and will be hosting a show dubbed ‘Unscripted with Grace’.

Taking to her Instagram, Grace says that the journey has been long but she is finally where she pictured herself.

“Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support Good People🙏🏾All Glory back to God🙌🏾It’s been a loooong journey getting here! So grateful for this Becoming😊it’s an on going process in refining it… journey just begun🙏🏾 Tuonane Hewani😉”

‘My dad can no longer walk, and he deserves every bit of it’ Brags woman

Grace Msalame

Below are some of the congratulatory messages from her fans

bettiemuketha: Happy for you God bless you

stellawambui26.sw: Looking Foward to this. Congratulations 🙌🙌

stacey.faustine: Ewoooooo🙌😍

jamilambugua: Lovely!!! Congrats dear, can’t wait, welcome on board 👏🏾👏🏾😘

Details of how Mwingi Central MP physically abused his wife Doreen Majala

esyd_: You continue inspiring many generations. Thank u God for this woman 🔥

mo_wawira: Wow. Congratulations Grace

raymkombozi: Congratulations mami.. Can’t wait. 😊

milanpradaosano: Yepppyyyy, can’t wait …my Grace come grace my screen

mwalimchurchill: God’s Timing 👏👏 Happy for you Grace.

joey_nish1: This is a must watch. Lots of ❤️❤️ and congratulations

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Kenyan celebrities you didn’t know have twins (photos)

Having a child is one thing, but having two at the same time, some people may call it double blessings or even a sport.

Managing twins can be a big task at times because it means dedicating extra time to the children. However, these Kenyan celebrity parents have successfully managed to raise their little bundles of joy.

Below are some of the celebrities who have been blessed with twins.

1. DJ Kaytrixx

Unique Architecture in the world that will blow your mind(photos)

2. Anne Kiguta

3. Grace Msalame

4. Ivy

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Celebrities who attended First lady Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond zero Campaign 4th Edition Launch

The First Lady has relaunched the 4th edition of the Beyond Zero marathon set to take place in 2019 on 10th March.

She registered as the first participant. The goal of this initiative is having universal health coverage for children and mothers around the country.

Some female celebrities and  government officials were in attendance to support The First lady in this initiative where they also registered and bought t shirts in preparation for this event

Below are some of the celebrities who attended this relaunch.

Congratulations: Eliud Kipchoge named 2018 IAAF Athlete of the Year


1. Catherine Kariuki aka Fashionable step mom

She took to Instagram to say,

”It was my pleasure to attend the first lady’s launch and rebrand of the 4th Beyond Zero marathon happening on the 10th of march 2019. i already register and have my t-shirt, Ready to start training in the new year God willing.”

2. Grace Msalame

She also took to Instagram to encourage her followers to attend the event,

”Some much needed positive energy this morning at state house as the first lady launched her beyond Zero 2019  Marathon slated for 10th March! I got my shirt and ready”

Ladies! Meet the top professional make up artists in Kenya

3. Sheila Mwanyigha

In an Instagram post, she said,

”A pleasure to be part of the beyond zero 2019 marathon launch and stakeholders luncheon at state house hosted by H.E Margaret Kenyatta.”

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Big win for Carol Radul,Janet Mbugua and Grace Msalame as they are nominated in Top 25 Women in Digital 2018

Carol Radul has every reason to smile as the year comes to an end after being name amongst the Top 25 Women in Digital 2018.

Top Women in Digital recognizes women doing great work in digital who have directly or indirectly contributed to the growth and use of digital for personal and societal good.

The women are innovators, entrepreneurs, corporate trendsetters doing big and small things to make the world a better place.

‘I thought we were Brothers? Khaligraph shows displeasure at being left out of Fancy Fingers wedding

Among other celebrities who have been recognized include,Grace Msalame and Janet Mbugua.

 ‘Her sponsor used to send her 500k every month she is now rotting in Langata Women’s’ City man narrates (Audio)

Others in the list include
Liz Njambi-Manager for Uber across East Africa

Elizabeth Costabir-Chief Executive Officer of BuyRent Kenya

Njeri Wangari-a multitalented Kenyan performance poet, writer, marketer and Founding member of Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE

Gladys Warindi-an avid technology enthusiast with a passion for brand storytelling, market research, data analysis

Wavinya Malinda-Wavinya is a strategic planner

Rashmi Chugh-Group Head of Digital at the Nation Media Group in Kenya

Chloe Spoerry– Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HiviSasa

Caroline Mbarire– Digital Marketing Lead at Access Leo Burnett

Among others

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Grace Msalame truly is fashion goals (Photos)

Grace Msalame knows how to work her curves and will turn heads wherever she goes.

The mother of two’s fashion sense and bubbly personality have given her an edge in the media business and has also made her a memorable face on and off screen.

Here are some photos to show she truly is goals when it comes to fashion and showcasing style and finesse in how she carries herself.






Forget Zari meet Rayvanny’s beautiful baby mama Fahyma

Even during this current cold Nairobi weather, she still manages to look on point, be it casual or smart casual.



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Happy Fathers Day! Photos Of Kenyan Celebrities And Their Dads

Today the world marks international fathers day!

Fathers day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society and in line with that we are looking at a number of Kenyan celebrities and their loving dads, who are normally the unsung heroes in the society.

While most wait till they are in dire need of medical assistance or when they are deceased, a few Kenyan celebrities have never shied from celebrating their father figures both on and off social media, with others preferring to show off their mothers.

Below are a number of Kenyan celebrities who have introduced us to their loving fathers and who stand by them through thick and thin.


kambua and professor

Celebrated singer Kambua Mathu lost her father almost four years ago but that has never stopped her from celebrating and honoring him.

Kambua’s father Professor Manundu who used to host a health show on NTV passed away in 2014.

One of her posts reads, I think of you often. Everyday. Sometimes with tears but more with a smile. I will never forget the day your heart stopped beating and mine continued to beat. I wanted mine to stop too. I felt like it did. But God in His wisdom saw it fit that I’d be here creating part of your legacy and more.





Wahu who turned into gospel music is wife to popular African-pop singer Nameless, and the two are the longest married couples in the Kenyan music industry with over a decade together.

Wahu went through the darkest time of her life when she lost her beloved dad, Mr.Kagwi, back in 2013, January 12th, though it was not clear what the cause of the death was.


Well, the singer has since accepted the loss and has been staying positive while taking care of her mother who has been widowed for 5 years now.

Grace Msalame


Media personality, Grace Msalame lost her dad Tony Msalame, on May 28, 2010.

The veteran broadcaster-cum-comedian passed away after collapsing at his Shekki FM studios at his home in Nyali in Mombasa.

Mr. Msalame is fondly remembered for his radio quiz show Zum Zum kipindi cha kuongeza maarifa on KBC that he co-hosted with Tido Mhando. In 1996, Mr Msalame joined Metro FM where he is famed for his Shekki Leggi (shake your leg) show at weekends.

Muhoho Kenyatta


President Uhuru Kenyatta is a celebrity dad to Jaba Kenyatta, Jomo Kenyatta and Ngina Kenyatta. Unlike many top ranked politicians who shy from making public appearances with their children, the Kenyatta’s have become popular figures thanks to their numerous appearances normally during state functions.

Winnie Odinga
Kahawa Tungu
Kahawa Tungu
Speaking of politicians and their children, Rt Honorable Raila Odinga is another seasoned politician who loves to move around with his children in public.
Raila is a celebrity dad to the late Fidel Odinga, Ms Rosemary Odinga, Winnie Odinga and Raila Odinga Jr.
Nick Ruto
On more than one occasion, deputy president William Ruto has publicly paraded his six children insisting on how dear they are to him terming them as the reason behind his hard work in life.
Just like his boss, president Kenyatta, Ruto is often accompanied by his children during state occasions.
Ruth Matete
Gospel artiste and Tusker Project season 5 winner Ruth Matete is the daughter to celebrated Kenyan actor, Abel Amunga.

The multi-talented artiste and the founder of Ruth Matete Music Academy, the only child was raised by a single father, Abel Amunga.

She became a national sensation back in 2012 when she beat other contestants in the TPF competition, to win the much coveted Sh5million cash prize.