Grace Msalame narrates motherhood struggles she is facing with new-born son

Grace Msalame is one of the few female celebs out there who can change your moods, just from the way she smiles heartily (I know that I exaggerate!)

The lady who started out as a fashion journalist transitioned into reporting on national news touching from politics to human interest stories.

Grace not only succeeded in her professional life but also in her private life being blessed with twin baby girls at the height of her fame on TV.

But for those who thought that her baby-making days were over, shock on you as Grace surprised many earlier this year when she dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant.

Ready to pop! Grace Msalame announces she is giving birth this month

A few short months later Miss Msalame was blessed with a cute baby boy. And to say that she was over the moon would be an understatement.

But as she is a mother who has to support her 3 kids, the media personality is already back at work, something that is leaving her with separation anxiety.

In a detailed post on social media, Grace explained how tough it was for her to leave her kids when she heads to work.

When Mama tries a Masterpiece of her own Let’s talk about Separation Anxiety😩can’t believe I’m back here 9yrs later! Leaving my kids whether it’s for a meeting or errands takes ages because you’re simply attached to the hip, then when you finally do, you’re calling to check in every minute yet you know all is well😩

She said that this issue is something all mothers have to deal with-that is mom guilt that often drains or rather haunts a mother every now and then. But she had some encouraging words for mothers who are struggling out there, saying,

Motherhood explained; You can get overwhelmed & just need a little break only to miss them terribly when you do😭& then there’s Mom guilt! It never ends😁 Grateful the time apart comes with extra milk supply & a more re-energized Mama😊.

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She looks so good! Grace Msalame shares first photo of her new-born baby

Grace Msalame is a very happy woman this week. The mother of two baby girls got a new addition to her family last week, a newborn baby boy.

8 years after getting twin daughters with Paul Ndichu, she was blessed with the baby a few days ago. According to the posts shared by the curvaceous Grace, she hinted that the boy’s name is Isaiah.

While we still don’t know the identity of the father, Grace is finally ready to share an image of the boy. From the photos, one can see the boy’s who is fully covered but with the angle obscuring the child’s face.

Tumbo flat kama pasi! Grace Msalame excites many with throwback photo in crop-top

Another facet of the photo that catches the eye is that Grace looks really good judging from the make-up free photo she posted. Her caption read; This season summed up… Gratitude & Love💙Here’s wishing you abundance of both😘🙏🏾#Grateful🙏🏾 #InLove💙 #FaithfulGod🙌🏾

This great news comes a few days after Grace had stoked some interesting baby rumours as far as her friend Kambua is concerned. Grace hinted that Kambua was expecting twins after the singer posted an image on her Instagram revealing that she was heavily pregnant.

She had written; “And she shares the Amazing news🤗🤗🤗Ari ri ri ri🤗💛Congratulations again Mama Twins😉We love you💛” wrote Grace Msalame.

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Blessings! Grace Msalame announces she is pregnant with 3rd child (photo)

Grace Msalame made a heavy announcement today morning-that she is pregnant. The former television news anchor and current NTV host proudly declared this great news on her Instagram page half an hour ago!

Her caption was accompanied by an image of the mother of 2 clutching her tummy;

#2020 6months later… Now quite visible all over my face & obvious belly so hello 👶🏽 Soon to be Mum of 3💖💖💙 Blooming in

Grace Msalame pregnancy
Grace Msalame pregnancy

Her great news was met with unanimous praise from her fans and followers who were giddy about it. Some of those comments are below:
mwanikisheila Congratulations Grace ❤️🎉🎊

katungegrace Wooow,happy for you namesake.

ms_pidius 👏👏😍

gathigia.gladys Eeeeiiiisshhhh congratulations mamaaaa😍😍😍😍😍 you look sooooo awesome

Tumbo flat kama pasi! Grace Msalame excites many with throwback photo in crop-top

While the father of the baby she is expecting is unknown for now, the father of her two beautiful twins, whom she co-parents with is Janet Mbugua’s brother-in-law, Paul Ndichu.

Grace Msalame smiling
Grace Msalame smiling

Her twins are called Raha and Zawadi and she had them out of wedlock. Msalame clarified this about 3 years ago when people claimed that she had gotten married to Ndichu saying;

“3 facts about me… – never been married – always been a single mom– yet god still called me… i have no idea where the story came from that i’ve been married before! let’s just leave the match making to jesus thank you.”

Grace Msalame's daughters
Grace Msalame’s daughters

“I had my children out of wedlock in my mid-twenties & I was gripped with shame for years! because I wasn’t raised like that! but I couldn’t quiet the nudge to still serve him & so I held on to him even tighter & now 6 years later I’m glad I believed in his unconditional love & learned to forgive myself & know that children are a reward from the Lord.”

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10 years later it’s still exceptionally painful – Grace Msalame mourns late father

Grace Msalame, the curvy mother of two is one of the most inspirational and motivational women in Kenya. The woman comes across as very well-put-together but as with everyone in life, she also has things that she struggles with.

Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame

One of them is how much she misses her father, legendary music producer Tony Msalame. The NTV presenter is still grieving about her late dad, even though he died 10 years ago-something most people who have lost a loved one will understand.

Tony Msalame
Tony Msalame

In a post seen by Classic105,  Ms. Msalame said that the gap he left is still being felt, 10 years after he went to be with the lord.

She went on to disclose that the father who was a radio presenter at the time had a cardiac arrest which led to his death.

“28th May 2010 we got the call that no one ever wishes to receive… You went into cardiac arrest & our lives have never been the same. The gap is felt to date! 10years later it’s exceptionally painful. 10 years later I miss you more… May His Grace be sufficient #Papa,” she wrote on Instagram.

Grace Msalame smiling
Grace Msalame smiling

Several of Ms. Msalame’s friends and followers went on to send messages encouraging her. Some are below;

rachkaniaru It is well

kenaikiara May his soul rest in peace. I rem ur dad he was one of our good clients and that morning he was brought into our facility i was devasted bse i had grown up listening to him at Shakey fm. May his Grace comfort you during this time

rachelmbuki I’m so sorry for your loss. He was so young. May he RIP. I lost my dad in 2008 too. 🙏🏾

sir_lwangu What a man this man was

womanwithapurpose1 His grace is sufficient for you and your family.

‘Thank you for shaping the media industry’ Maina Kageni pays tribute to Tony Msalame

yourhealth_ke May he continue resting in peace 🙏🙏🙏

wanjiku.wanja My dad died in 2010 as well… Take heart love…

oscarosirm May this gentleman continue resting in power….I vividly remember “shekky leggy” the show on metro fm together with papa shark! Amazing.

halesshiru hugs love..may he continue to R.i.p

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Tumbo flat kama pasi! Grace Msalame excites many with throwback photo in crop-top

Grace Msalame decided to surprise many of her fans and followers yesterday when she posted images from her past or as we commonly call them nowadays, throwback Thursday photos.

The journalist who has excelled and reached the top ranks of her career in TV reportage showed that she was always destined for great things from the photo she shared.

Grace Msalame smiling
Grace Msalame smiling

Not only was Grace a looker but she was also stylish to boot. Although she didn’t have the beautiful hips we have come to associate with her at the time, one could tell that she had wonderful things ahead of her.

Miss Curvy Uganda organisers trolled for ‘stealing’ Grace Msalame’s photo

In one of the photos that she shared, the mother of two reminded her fans that she was dressed as teenagers do rocking a crop top and tight jeans which were quite fashionable in the mid-2000’s. Fans couldn’t help but notice her flat belly even suggesting that she should get a belly ring!

Grace Msalame throwback
Grace Msalame throwback

One thing I like about the snaps the well-regarded TV personality shared was the relatability one could glean from them. Even though she looked unassuming, that didn’t stop her from becoming a trendsetter for millions of girls and women.

And we see that indefatigable spirit on her weekly NTV show where she shares issues about raising kids as a single parent, career, and a plethora of issues.

Ms Msalame also happens to be a full-time mum who has been raising her twins, who she co-parents with her ex who happens to be Janet Mbugua’s brother in law.

Grace Msalame's daughters
Grace Msalame’s daughters

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I locked myself in a room and cried! Terryanne Chebet speaks about Citizen TV firing

Terryanne Chebet lost her job at Citizen TV back in 2016. The journalist has now admitted that it was one of the lowest points in her life.

The journalist smiling
The journalist smiling

In an interview with NTV’s Grace Msalame, the mother of two narrated that she didn’t see the impending layoff coming as she wasn’t under-performing in her job.

“It was many things. It was very hard in the beginning, just hearing the news crashed me and it crashed from a very personal point, because it is one thing when you lose your job but its another thing when you lose your job so publicly and such a public job. When you have such a strong belief in yourself, I do my work well. So even when there was an announcement that they would be a redundancy, I never imagined it could be me. So when it happened I did not know what to do. I called my friend and I was crying, then I went home, locked myself in a room. And the hardest person to tell was the house-help, because you are just at home, locking yourself in your room. That was so hard because I had lived with her for more than 10 years and she had never seen me cry”.

Terryanne Chebet with Grace Msalame
Terryanne Chebet with Grace Msalame

She added,

“So that was very difficult but I thank God I had a very strong support system. Because one of the people who really came through for me was my business partner at Scarlet Digital (advertising agency). She pushed to focus on the positive. She was like you are not stopping, you can go home and cry later. I didn’t feel woyee for myself because there was no time to feel woyee, I would cry at night but in the morning I have to go to work because there are people in the office and I have to look okay. I was fighting so much internally but then my brain was engaged in so many other things” said Terryanne.

Terryanne Chebet

The Metropol TV General Manager also talked about the importance of having multiple streams of income, instead of just depending on your salary.

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‘Stop torturing your kids!’ Fan blasts Grace Msalame as her followers respond


Grace Msalame is a great mother. The former TV girl and single mother of twins has revealed inspiring facts about her children and she’s a proud parent.

One of Grace Msalame’s twins is spiritual and every time she’s at a place of worship, she goes down on her knees just to speak with her maker.

Grace Msalame with her daughters at Citam, Karen
Grace Msalame with her daughters at Citam, Karen

Over the weekend, they attended Todd Dulaney’s concert at Citam, Karen. Todd is an American gospel musician and former baseball player. 

The excited mother shared photos of one her daughters on her knees, deep in her faith and captioned:

“Train up a child in the way they should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it- Proverbs 22:6

My little Worshiper brings me to tears each time! because it started this young for me as well so to see God do this in her life is just one of the many things that show me how Faithful He is🙌🏾This is what matters most to me🙏🏾 Glory to God🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾All of it! Thank you so much for capturing this @hiram_photography.”

Grace Msalame's daughter

In another post, Grace called upon parents to bring up their children in Godly ways, assuring them they will never regret it.

“Dear Parents your children are watching you! Show them God that is all I can say! Please show them God! I can’t explain the joy I have in my heart at this moment and the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit! I shall be crying for a while… last night was POWERFUL!!

Thank you, Jesus, Thank you!

Psalms 118:22- The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone!

Claim the verse above! Your children will become the cornerstone🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾”

Grace Msalame with her daughters at Citam, Karen

Recently, photos of a three-year-old baby girl identified as Praise went viral leaving Kenyans wowed.

Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu (the father of her twins) are co-parenting.

One of Grace’s followers identified as Real_omentor on Instagram blasted the sexy mother claiming that she was torturing her daughter.


This did not go down well with a section of Msalame’s followers and below are the mixed reactions

Suzanneusain: @real_omentor this has got to be the most retarded comment I’ve seen in a minute! The current generation of kids and teens are out here in the streets shooting sex tapes & snorting crack because they lack proper guidance from their guardians who have left it to social media to raise them! Yet you want to come and recklessly flap your gums on peoples timelines who are doing their best to mentor and raise their kids on the right path…..btw someone needs to say a lil prayer for you sir.

Kambuamuziki: Oh Grace. This is everything. Everything. 💕

Elginkwamboka: Molded in the right manner…. I’m challenged

Mulinge: Teach a child the way they should go and when they grow up they will not depart from it. beautiful picture.

Vicky: You are an amazing mother. God bless you as you mold them…this is powerful

Vanessa Mdee: I’ve been staring at this picture for a while. It’s beautiful, powerful love you are blessed

Leedyah Ndugire: God is truly raising a great generation. So inspiring!!

Meg Ritah: Amidst the storms of this generation God will raise Such souls that worship in spirit and truth,may His will be done in her life, it’s just amazing

Tez Odhiambo: Amen may the Lord remember this day, may he take her to places money can’t take, May this spirit of worship abide in her and with her.

Wambui Njoki: Wow… Beautiful photo. Speaks more than words themselves.. How beautiful is it to see such a young soul hungry for Jesus.Thumbs up mama Zara


Fans Congratulate Grace Msalame For Acquiring New Car

After ages of driving what she once described as a “kadudu”, media personality Grace Msalame has acquired a new sleek car.

The gorgeous mother of two debuted it several days ago and fans have relentlessly showered her with comments of praise.

Urembo Tu! Meet The Elegant And Exquisite Sister To The Wife Of Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy, Evaline Momanyi (PHOTOS)

She had taken to Instagram to share the good news, jokingly saying that she had left the “Kadudu” life:

“My Oh! My! Talk about an experience! Such an exquisite beauty! Sleek & so powerful & if you’ve been following my insta stories you’ve seen how I’m enjoying the sound system & the mood lighting is something else, I think I’m sold is it time to say goodbye to my Kadudu.Lol! #IDriveARenault #NewSeason #HisGrace” Grace gushed about her new ride before adding “It is God’s Grace that has brought us thus far. He is ever so faithful& full of surprises.”

Today, she posted photo of herself posing in front of 4 million bob French machine and her fans went ham with congratulatory comments:

And the Adventure begins… #NewSeason #RenaultMoments #IDriveARenault

grace m

shaibumkonge Nice
bellaopondo congratulations.. I’m so happy for you. I know I’m next on the line 🙂
gospol_atst Beautiful
hannah.sonih Aaaaaaiiiiii
steven_mthunziii_sa Gorgeous
bluesselWow!!!!! so nice
brenda_abigael1 Am daring your God for my own blessing. I know he’s about to do an amazing thing in my life too am tapping into your favour tonight
piusjosephm Love it
albert.juma.7 Nice one, if you might need any car issues repair and interiors cleanings. Let me know
omanijorum Nice legs
he.nry10 Hey beautiful lady
patricluizy Smart dia how are you

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‘Treat yourself, mami,’ Grace Msalame advises as she shows off her new love this Valentines Day

Today being the day of love, we are psyched to show off Grace Msalame’s new love.

Grace is not without love in her life.

She wrote in Instagram, “That moment when you get that text that brightens up your day🤗🙈 Also with all the Valentines hype remember the following;- You have all year long to celebrate Love & appreciate your loved ones! but why not indulge a little extra this Wednesday😉Secondly, Ladies it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t do anything… treat yourself Mami😊though if it’s important to you he should put in some effort & lastly single folk use the occasion to love on yourself a little extra & try a random act of kindness to someone else even if it’s your Mum & make them feel a little extra special❤️ And Ultimately whoever you are remember that God Loves you more than anything or anyone ever could!!! So you could use the opportunity to celebrate Him & draw even closer to Him🙏🏾❤️ .”

City woman tells Maina Kageni, ‘These Kenyan men do not understand the meaning of love!’

Grace msalameThe media personality has decided to treat herself to a magnificent machine, a Renault Megane.

Msalame says this is a season of trying new things, a step that comes days after she shaved her hair.

According to google, the car ranges between Ksh 2.3m and Ksh 2.5m.

Introducing her new bae, Grace Msalame wrote, “In my season of trying out new things Simba Corp said why not try out the Renault Megane & My Oh! My! Talk about an experience! Such an exquisite beauty! Sleek & so powerful & if you’ve been following my insta stories you’ve seen how I’m enjoying the sound system🤗🤗🤗 & the mood lighting is something else😍❤️. I think I’m sold 🙆🏾is it time to say goodbye to my Ka dudu😩 Lol! PS: If your looking to get a starter car they have a really good option or if you’re like me & it’s time for an upgrade the Renault is the car for you especially if you’re not looking to break the bank! They got you covered🙏🏾.”

Is This Timmy Dat’s Car? [Photo]

Grace msalame1Here are reactions to the fans

rouzemmbone: Bless me with the kadudu @sowairina

fab_bcbg: Really can’t advice with French cars. Had bad experience with them and i know lot of people as well who had bad experiences with French cars

smunyi93: Lovely car! Speaks class

sowairina: @fab_bcbg I grew up with French cars! My mum still drives a Peugeot to date😊

vokezzo: Nmekwama kwa kubreak bank.. Anyway nice ride..

thiskenyan: Eheeeeee….. 👏👏👏 i need a test run on this ‘Rey-Nough” 😎

sowairina: @thiskenyan yes you must🤗🙌🏾I come Take you out for lunch now that I’m on the road all the time just to enjoy it😂😁🙆🏾🙈

ririgachuhi: The moment this vehicle came by, we all knew that Ford and Honda would have a run for their money. And their slogan; Drive the change!!! Am proud of you mama 😘😘😘😘

Check out Sowairina’s new shiny baby:


Read more

Stunner: Grace Msalame Looks Stunning After Cutting Her Hair To This Beautiful Hairstyle

It is written in the Bible that hair is the glory of a woman and we have all embraced our different hair and we love every bit of it.

Most ladies are always afraid of cutting their hair short because they think that it will take a while for it to grow back, forgetting that hair does grow back and quite fast.

grace 3

Well, Grace Msalame is not afraid to make little changes with her hair now and again. She has rocked the most beautiful weaves, wigs and braids and she’s stunned in them all.

Last year, she decided to make a few changes and cut her hair. Many were surprised as others wept because her hair was pretty long. But that’s the problem with many people. We are afraid of change and hence prefer to just stay in the same position because you are afraid that the change will not be what you wanted or thought about.

Grace 2

Grace took the courage and decided to cut her hair, to have a different feeling and my oh my, isn’t she beautiful in short hair.

Well, even with short hair you can experiment different styles and that’s what the media personality has done.

grace 4

She took to social media to share photos of her new hairstyle, explaining why she opted for that specific style.

She wrote, “I know my hair is my crowing glory but as I grow older shorter hair is just easier to manage😫I knew I wanted to start off the year with a different look so I found @lindamariah254 & she gave me my locs & a cut too😉hair grows back so let’s take another break😁😊you’re a Star Linda😘.”

Check out photos of her new hairstyles;

grace 1

grace 2

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Harusi tunayo! Grace Msalame announces that she is now engaged!

Grace Msalame may not have had the best of luck in terms of her love life. From a failed marriage to rumours about rumours, the former TV host is now smiling all the way to the altar. The lady with the looks and brains to match has come out to reveal to the world a new and wonderful sight.

Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame. photo credit: sowairina

While others were ushering in a new year with tragedy, others like Grace have experienced joy as one of the hallmarks of a life-well-lived is around the corner; Possible life-long marriage to a mate that lasts forever after. She announced on her social media that she is engaged. She said:

sowairina.Here’s hoping you ushered in the new year with those you Love❤️ Happy & Blessed 2018 to you all🙌🏾 #LoveFeelslikeHome❤️

This was the image that accompanied the caption:


Grace Msalame engaged
Grace Msalame engaged. photo credit: sowairina

Msalame’s love life is not new to the public after she and her baby daddy, Paul Ndichu, broke it off. Ndichu and Grace have twin daughters and have been bringing them up together despite breaking up a few years ago on grounds of irreparable differences.

Grace-Msalame-and-the-father-of-her-children. photo credit: Mpasho

It would be difficult to tell whom the new man in Msalame’s life is considering she’s never unveiled him. Her new man will probably remain a mystery until she decides to reveal it to an ever-eager public.

Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame. photo credit: sowairina

Who can it be? Hmm? Whoever she is we wish her all the best!

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Grace Msalame Celebrates Her Twins In A Moving Message To The Girls

Grace Msalame seems to be enjoying being a mum to her two beautiful girls who seem to resemble her in every way.


It’s the joy of a mother to see her children grow up to be very respectful, adorable and focused in life, something that will always make her proud.

The former sexy Tv presenter has managed to raise her daughters in the most amazing way being a leading example to other single mothers out there with tips of how to raise their kids well.

Grace Msalame

Being a single mother to twins is difficult, and many have spoken out about it on social media, but Grace has gone through the challenges in the most amazing way.

This time, Grace has decided to celebrate her daughters in the most adorable way by writing them a moving and touchy message through her instagram page.


Captioning a picture with the two girls, Grace Msalame said:

Grace Msalame

“So it is or was NationalDaughtersDay somewhere in the world! So celebrating mine today🤗🤗 My Reward in double portion who from day one have blessed & challenged me to better🙏🏾Continually everyday keeping Mama on her toes yet slowing me down to smell the roses & pay attention to what really matters like the little things in life which end up being the Grand things in retrospect❤️ It’s an honour to be chauffeur, chef, nurse, teacher & everything else in between that comes with the Role Mum to my little big girls🙏🏾 Sending Love to all the Moms out there😘❤️ Raise them up in the way that they should go for when they are older they will not depart- Proverbs 22:6”

Checkout some reactions:

Charles: Eh congrats!  Great true double gifts two Angles💕… thy refreshes in their generation💖.. thats one FACT! ur blessed ma’😍🙏

Wanjau: Enjoy your calling and may your babies keep growing in wisdom and in stature; In fear of God and man 😍😍

Kwachua: You make motherhood look sooo easy you such an inspiration🙌😊

Joy: You’re blessed beyond measure  😍😍😍🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Keep going and continue being awesome

Jamat: It’s a great reminder that every blessing comes with a responsibility <mum, chef, chauffeur, teacher,mentor,etc> You are up to the task

New Chapter: Grace Msalame Is Proud Of Her Daughters For Doing This (Photos)

Grace Msalame is a happy mother after watching her daughters graduate from Kindergarten. It has been a journey, watching them learn how to read and grow to become responsible little girls. They sure ain’t getting any younger, and they have proven to her that they learn pretty fast and can do better day by day.

grace 5

Not able to hold the joy to herself, she took to social media to express her joy at watching them get their diplomas and the times she’s keenly noted their different abilities, even though they are twins.

‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight

She said, What an emotional day yesterday😭😭how I held back those tears I don’t even know😱but God is truly Faithful🙏🏾 5years later; Life skills, Confidence, Reading 30 page books with big words which now feature in their sentences like;- “Mum it depends if it’s an emergency then we’ll decide” to reading everything from Mommy’s Magazines so yes we’re now more aware of what reading material is in the house. They also read their own toy instructions😂😂😂assembling is still a team effort though😊To reading billboards, posters! Just name it.”

Grace and daughters

She went ahead to state how different the two girls are.

In fact every free minute Zawadi will be reading or writing or coloring in her corner as Raha works on her dolls braids or follows Mommy around the house narrating stories on end- So already one is an Orator & the other a writer & reader! One more introverted like Mommy & the other a little more extroverted like Daddy & all this realized with the help of a good foundation🙏🏾 Raise Up your Children in the way that they should go, for when they’re older they will not depart- Proverbs 22:6.”

Grace and Daughters

They Grow Up Too Fast! Grace Msalame Gushes Over Her Twins After They Make A Major Milestone

Grace’s baby daddy’s wife was also super proud of them as she went ahead to express her excitement. She said, “Babies got their kindergarten Diploma today!! Don’t joke!! So proud of my love babies and so happy to be part of this day! @mwaurasworld and @sowairina …..great job on the babies!!! Sasa ….twende kazi!”

Grace Msalame Speaks Passionately About Her Late Legendary Dad

The late Tony Msalame was one of the veteran broadcasters in the Kenyan history. Mr Msalame was also famous for a programme called Ongeza Maarifa, Tushauriane TV series and Sheki Legi radio show on Metro FM.

Grace Msalame, his daughter talked passionately about her dad on a recent interview. It is very evident that he is still missed.


Talking during the interview, Grace said Just the other day someone was talking about it  and shared an old clip because he was in advertising and just hearing his voice still gives me chills. I grew up watching him. He was kind of hard to ignore and he was a power house of his own.”

RIP Tony: Grace Msalame Mourns Her Late Legendary Father In The Most MOVING Way

Grace landed a hosting job at the age of 19years, but before that, she sold clothes and did a couple of marketing jobs on the side. She says she worked before going to campus because she wanted to give her dad space because she and the sister were around the same age.


Mr Msalame who passed away, seems to have won his daughter’s heart and not even time can erase that simple fact. Those we love, leave us too soon. But one is for sure, they are not forgotten.

‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight

Renowned media personality Grace Msalame set the record straight regarding her baby daddy being a dead beat dad saying he has been there since day one. She said one needs to grow up especially if kids are involved.


‘Kids need both their father and mother and need to be in a happy environment’.

Grace added she was surprised that people have the time to talk and come to conclusions yet they don’t see what happens behind closed doors.

Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

She clarified that she has never been married to her ex and that she got pregnant out of wed lock after her dad passed on.


‘Children are a reward from God and I felt blessed and in double portions’

She said it was necessary for her to change the narrative of bitterness, hate, dead beat and she felt she had to take the stand.

Grace Msalame Unveils Her Never Before Seen TATTOO. You Won’t Believe Where It’s Located (PHOTO)

Her wishing her baby daddy Paul and Evaline a happy life on their marriage elicited mixed reactions and she even let the twins be flower girls at their father’s wedding.

Judging from the photos both families are happy.





Grace Msalame Unveils Her Never Before Seen TATTOO. You Won’t Believe Where It’s Located (PHOTO)

Grace Msalame is a force to reckon with and there’s no doubt that she’s one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya.

The stunning TV girl has done it all, from being a TV presenter, MC and even blogging and sharing stories with her fans. Last year 2016, Grace Msalame was named as one of the most influential women in Kenya on the annual Top 40 Under 40 Women.

Other than that, she’s also the ambassador for a local clothing company that started out making plus size outfits for women, that’s attributed to her elegant fashion sense and style.


Msalame recently unveiled a new look after she made a decision to cut her hair really  short, and I have to say, the hairstyle brings out her pretty frame and face, making her look years younger.

From the look of things, Grace Msalame is going through a transition in her life, and it seems that things are working out for her pretty well. She quoted a famous fashionista while in the process: A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Uuwi! Grace Msalame’s New Look Makes Her Seem Years YOUNGER And Stunningly Hot

Well, as the mother of two adorable twins flaunted her classy and amazing new hairdo, she also happened to show off her hidden tattoo, which you could rarely see because she used to wear a lot of weaves and wigs before.

The ink is a small music tattoo on the back of her neck, which has been neatly drawn just below her hairline. Who thought Grace Msalame is a lover of tattoos and does she have anymore? I bet time will tell.

Now, introducing Grace Msalame’s cute tattoo below. Simplicity at its best.




Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Marries New Wife In Traditional Wedding (PHOTOS)

This is the year for Kenyan celebrities to settle down. We have seen many so far this year tie the knot and yesterday, another celebrity couple walked down the aisle.

Paul Ndichu and Ms. Momanyi said “Yes I do”, in a traditional Itaara ceremony that was attended by family and close friends.

The ‘Itaara’ ceremony is where the bride’s family visit the home of the groom to see where their daughter shall be staying after the wedding.

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Paul, a twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie, proposed to his longtime girlfriend Ms. Momanyi now Mrs. Ndichu in February after dating for quite a while.

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Mo was once a dancer and featured in Genge rapper, Nonini’s music videos.

Both families are happy. Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua, her husband and those who were present at the wedding shared photos from Paul and Mo’s traditional wedding as a sigh of support. If you weren’t lucky to be invited to the power couple’s traditional wedding ceremony, here are the photos

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