Grace is everything that I have been looking for – Pascal Tokodi gushes (Exclusive)

Pascal Tokodi confirmed some widely suspected news late last year when he revealed to Kenyans in a video that has since gone viral, that he and TV presenter Grace Ekirapa were an item.

She is the only one I wanted! Grace Ekirapa responds to Pascal Tokodi’s high praise

I recently called Pascal about the wonderful news and asked him whether the video was part of a celebrity stunt or there was something real between he and the Crossover101 host.

The actor and musician said that indeed he and Grace were together but was cagey on the intimate details. He said, “She is my lady, she is my one.”

And how long had the couple been dating? He said that he preferred to keep that a secret but was more forthright about what he found so special about Grace telling me,

“She’s everything that I have been looking for. I started loving the idea of her from a long time ago, even before I met her.”

And had he been praying to get a spouse? Yes was his simple answer with Pascal telling me that it had been a prayer item for him for a while.

Where they married or dating? “I won’t specify and put a name on it but just know that she is the one for me. I am content and I am happy. I am done with this stage, it’s the next chapter.”

Known for his good looks, I asked the singer whether he had decided to settle down after the assumption that a man like him is a player? “Have you ever heard my stories(scandals) online? I have never put a lady on my social media. This is the first time I have done it publicly,” he answered.

And would their different ethnic backgrounds affect them in the long-term? “I am Samburu and she is Teso, with some Indian blood. As I said, before, ‘She is the one!’ It’s that simple,” he re-iterated.

“My prayer is things will work out as God intended,” he concluded.

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‘Your absence will always be missed,’ Grace Ekirapa pays tribute to late mum

Singer Grace Ekirapa lost her mum 20 years ago.

She paid tribute to her revealing how much she loves and misses her no matter how old she gets.

She added that her absence will always be felt. The thought of knowing that someday she will see her again eases the pain a little.

She wrote;

“20 years ago a soldier rested. 20 years ago today she fought a good fight, Won the race and kept the Faith. 20years ago sickness lost its power over her and pain couldn’t put her down anymore. 20 years ago a void was left in this earth but heaven gained an Angel. Mama, no matter how old I get, your absence will always be felt. It’s the thought of knowing that someday I will see you again that eases the pain a little. I miss you everyday and today even more. Fly Mama, Fly😞😞😞😭”

Love lives here! Vanessa Mdee and lover Rotimi get matching tattoos (photo)


Ekirapa first introduced information about her mum last year during her birthday.

She narrated how much she misses her mum who was the love of her life.

Ekirapa celebrated her mum as a strong woman as she marked her birthday with a lovely caption.

”Happy birthday mama. This day continues to remain special in our hearts because heaven introduced a gem. A woman who loved unconditionally served with all her heart and brought three incredible women into this world. Your legacy lives on mama. If you were here, I would have thrown the biggest bash for you because I love you with everything I am. Rest with the angels and happy birthday our guardian angel,” she wrote.





If I was to change something I would probably take it away – Grace Ekirapa on her 2020 wish

I recently spoke to Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa. The well-spoken and cautious media personality spoke about how her 2020 had gone so far.

She said that her year had gone in an unexpected but great fashion although she had also faced a hurdle with her high school ministry.

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She said that the Covid situation had affected her book launch and how she could share it with students.

When Covid-19 happened I had just launched my book in February. I was ready to do a couple of tours in high school, so I had booked a couple of schools. I had to cancel all that and it was quite shaky for me at the time. I would have gone and done more.

How can church help the gospel industry after the scandals? Grace Ekirapa speaks (exclusive)

She added that she could see the effects of the pandemic on the whole country, saying;

It’s no secret what this has done for our economy. In the body of Christ people are losing work. Some have lost their loved ones. It’s definitely not something we saw coming.

If was to change something I would probably take the Corona away. I also wish we were better prepared to deal with the pandemic.

Did she think that the country was ready to deal with kids going back to school? Grace is a firm believer in personal responsibility first telling me;

Before we even take it to the schools or the government, we have a personal responsibility. Of course, that seating at home isn’t helping anyone. You’ll see that many students are not being able to study from home. Some students are having to get up to go and help their parents make money for food at night. This definitely means they don’t have the chance to seat and read. So there are safe spaces in those schools.

Finishing with;

If we can take better measures then we can manage. Everyone just needs to be selfless right now and not be selfish which will be hurting others when we are smiling ourselves.

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How can church help the gospel industry after the scandals? Grace Ekirapa speaks (exclusive)

Gospel singer Grace Ekirapa is one of the most popular figures in the gospel entertainment scene. The star is never in any scandal with her image being spotless in the public arena.

It is something that the born-again host has gone to great lengths to maintain and as such can speak on the current state of affairs in an industry that she not only covers but loves.

Did the petite lady have an idea of what the church could do to help the gospel industry especially after all the scandals that had rocked it?

“I don’t think the responsibility is for the church. Being a Christian is a risk especially being a public figure. It is risking your own life and also you subject yourself to the scrutiny of the public.”


People don’t realise that when you get saved you don’t become Jesus. You still remain human and will still make mistakes. You will still be subjected to everything else that everyone is subjected to. We just need to take personal responsibility. I will work on myself first before I go to the church. It can’t go to every individual Christian and tell them how to live their life.

She is the only one I wanted! Grace Ekirapa responds to Pascal Tokodi’s high praise

And how could people help themselves? They should follow the guidance of the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit, she said,

“As long as you say you are a Christian you are subjected to the laws of the Bible. And of course, you have the Holy Spirit leading you. If there are certain things we are struggling with, you can ask for help.”

She even referenced the famous apostle Paul who had an issue that she had struggled with.

Paul had a thorn he struggled with for many years. We have no idea what that thorn was that affected him fulfilling his potential. But that doesn’t mean Paul didn’t do the will of God, that doesn’t mean he didn’t impact people’s lives. So I don’t think the church is responsible. It should begin with personal responsibility.

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My dad thought that I was in a cult because of my love for church – Grace Ekirapa

NTV presenter Grace Ekirapa has become a feature on our screens as she hosts the popular gospel show Crossover 101 with DJ Mo.

The pretty lady who is rarely ever in the news as she keeps a low profile has been revealing a lot of interesting information about herself.

Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa

One of those is that her father said she was in a cult because of how much she loved to go to church, making him believe that she was doing other things.

“Oh, my dad said I was in a cult. Daddy I’m sorry but you said it. Because I used to go to church all the time, he thought I was doing other things,” said Ekirapa.

Grace Ekirapa finally reveals why she split from fiance’ shortly after traditional wedding

Speaking on Switch TV’s Chat spot, Ekirapa explained that she found comfort in church at a very young age, and would sometimes fall asleep at the church pulpit that they used to frequent.

Grace Ekirapa

Ekirapa who was born of a Muslim mother said that she loved the church environment and knew Jesus lived in Church.

“My mum was Muslim when I was born I went to Madrassa sat and I was hit with chalks on my forehead when I didn’t understand what they were saying. But later on my Mum got born again she was baptized before she died her soul rest in peace and after that we started going to church. I found comfort in the house of God when I was really little. I used to go into the church and fall asleep at the pulpit because I knew Jesus lived in the church, I think I was around 12 or 13. I just really loved that environment,” she said.

Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa

After finishing high school Ekirapa narrated that she joined Bible School, a decision that displeased her father.

“When I was in high school form 4 is when I knew I wanted to go to bible school so guess what I finished in November, January I was in class and that’s how I actually left home because my dad didn’t understand how. I’ve taken you through school to go be a pastor, how? But I didn’t become a pastor, I just wanted to know God more,” she narrated.

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Grace Ekirapa finally reveals why she split from fiance’ shortly after traditional wedding

NTV presenter Grace Ekirapa has finally opened up about her failed wedding in 2018 which happened a few days after she held a traditional wedding attended by more than 400 people.

She said the reason she cancelled the wedding was that she had made a rush decision and was going to hurt someone who had done nothing wrong.

Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa

Grace explained that she had been through a rough breakup with her fiancé of 4 years, whom would have married her in 2017 and then went on the rebound with a new man who she got engaged to in February 2018.

‘I loved a man who never loved me back for so long’ Grace Ekirapa

Her reason for rushing into the engagement was that she wanted to prove to people that she could get married but realised that she had made a mistake a week after her traditional ceremony.

“2017 I went through a very rough breakup, something I was in for four years, heading to marriage and it broke and then the same year I think I was on zombie mode-numb, I got into another relationship and I was heading to marriage. So, 2018 I was supposed to get married on my birthday which was April 27th because I got engaged in February and in March I had my traditional wedding and then in April I was to have the wedding. But I realized I was making a huge mistake, I was going to get into something I hadn’t thought through. It wasn’t God’s idea for me, I knew it. I was going to get into something and hurt someone who didn’t need to be hurt,” narrated Grace Ekirapa.

Grace Ekirapa
Adding that, “The guy was in love, he was my very good friend but we were not good as a married couple, we were good as friends. But because I had been hurt, I jumped into something, it was a rebound out of pain and I was rebelling; God I have waited kept myself all these years and then it doesn’t happen. I wanted to prove to people I can get married.”

Ekirapa said that after she broke up with the new man, people did not treat it kindly and she was called all sorts of names, despite not understanding why she broke off the engagement.

“And then hell broke loose, I got backlash from everything and everyone. I was called all kinds of names. People didn’t understand but they had an opinion,” she said.

Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa

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