Govi of Machachari gives details of why he loves older women

Malik Lemny aka Govi is a former Machachari actor who made headlines when he came out to say that he prefers dating older women than he is.

The actor has now given details of what exactly he meant.

“Yes, Uh, yes, as long as we have chemistry. In my own life, I have dated older ladies from back then.”


“Kenyan fans are interesting. Old means, someone or something that is overstayed. For me, I meant older. You could be a day older and that is what I meant,” he said.

“I am open to dating any woman but my preference is older, which women which could mean, one day older, two months  or even 50 years older.”

“Love is about two people. You cannot decide for anyone who to love. People have a mentality that I am still a kid they saw on Machachari and that they can dictate what I should do.”

He explained that the far he can go is four years older.

“I think that is the oldest that I have gone. That is my limit. Four years and below is my preference.”

Govi said he had been exposed to mature people when he was very young, something that contributed to his decision.

“If you grow up somewhere seeing older people behaving in a certain way, you might end up liking that and for my case,” he said.

“Being exposed to older people at a young age has made me want to date a woman older than me. Once in school, I pecked a classmate and she started crying, I was like why is she crying? It is normal.”

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Machachari actor Govi tells his fans to accept that he is already a grown up

Machachari actor Malik Lemmy poplularly known as Govi says he is tired of meeting people who still think he is a small child.

Govi grew in our screens while acting on the popular local show Machachari.

Taking it on his Instagram page, Govi shared throwback photos of him saying that he has been in the acting scene for 18 years.

He is now 20 years old and says he is currently doing his things. After leaving the show, Govi and other thespians went different ways.

Check out the post;

‘These pictures take me back to where it all started
Makutano Junction(ABOUT 16 YEARS BACK),MAHIGHSCHOOLERS HAMKUWA MMEZALIWA😂… career is now 18years…literally I’ve grown on screen thats why you guys still say “huyu mtoto amekuwa mkubwa ivi”😂😂 lakini accept the growth nimechoka kuulizwa ati “uko class?”😶🤣
Im a grown man,right now i can’t even sing the machachari song because sauti haiwezi kubali🤣
I cant be cheeky anymore because I’m almost getting to the family man stage, i get asked ati “umewacha wapi akina baha?”😂I cant be with my machachari colleagues everywhere because everyone is doing their own things as adults
Bear in mind that unaweza niita mtoto niwachwe na bibi so pardon me😂😂

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Feel old yet! Here are Machachari kids all grown up (photos)

Machachari is the weekly show that airs on citizen TV since 2014.

A story revolving around a bunch of children’s lives. The beauty about this show is that we have seen the characters played by kids grow. Fans are always glued to the screen waiting for the next episode as it still airs to date.

Here are the Machachari kids all grown up,

1. Tyler Mbaya as Baha

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2. Ian Wainana as Almasi

3. Malik lemmy as Govi

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4. Mathew Owiti as fatso

5. Natasha Wanjiku as Stella

6. Joy Ohon as joy

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‘You are one of God’s most beautiful masterpieces’ Govi’s mum pens to him on his 18th birthday

It is every parents dream to watch their child turn a year older but for Suzanne Njoki mother to Govi of Machachari the joy is unexplainable.

Govi won the hearts of many for his acting skills in a local show since he was a teen along side Kamau Mbaya known to many as Bahati, since then he has remained a darling to many.

Bishop Allan Kiuna celebrates wife with this beautiful message on her birthday

Govi and Baha

He recently turned 18 and his mother could not help but celebrate the young man. After all you only turn 18 once.

She wrote

“TODAY IS A BIG DAY PRAISE THE LORD With ME as I celebrate my son LEMUEL AS HE TURNS 18 , you’re my firstborn, my strength, and the first fruit of my vitality. years have flown by and here you are now, You are one of God’s most beautiful masterpieces. Today is a day to celebrate His works and a gift to us all. Thank you for the warmth you have brought to our lives.

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May the abundance of the Love of Christ fill all the days of your life. I can go on and on ,
I decree and declare May you my son Lemuel walk before God, as King David walked, with integrity of heart and uprightness, doing according to all that You have commanded him, and keeping Your statutes and rules (1 Kings 9:4).”


‘Huwezi potea na roho ya Otile na upotee na kiatu yake’ Vera Sidika told

Like every Kenyan parent Govi’s mother declares this on her son,

“Like Timothy, may you my son Lemuel be an example to believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12).Finally when all is said and done and you have lived and served Christ to the full age may you make it to heaven in Jesus name. so shall it be.
Happy birthday my Prince .welcome to the new era. Glory to God.”

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Photos of Machachari’s Govi’s cute lookalike sister

Family means a lot to us. They’re the only people you’re sure will be with you even at your deathbed.

They deserve to be celebrated every day and Machachari’s Govi is among the few, who value family more than anything else.

Govi, born Malik Lenny is the first born in a family of two. The talented actor who started acting at a tender age, has grown into an amazing lad and recently, he turned 16 and took to social media to thank his fans for the support

Govi went ahead to introduce his all grown up look-alike sister to the online fraternity leaving many amazed by their resemblance.

“Introducing to the world my lovely mom and my lookalike sister. I owe my success to you. May God give you good health,” he wrote accompanied by the photos below.


Govi Machachari


Govi Machachari

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