#Ifikie Zari: Will Zari consider hooking up with Ringtone after he did this? (photo)

Ringtone Apoko has been making headlines for his generosity after he took the term no chills to a whole new level with the outright and blatant acts of desire for the Ugandan socialite.

When people inquired whether his interest was genuine or it was just a publicity stunt, he produced cows that he was going to take to Zari’s parents as bride price and later on bought her a Range Rover.

However, Zari Hassan denied knowing him but promised to Google about him.


Well, seems like he is the most kind person. He met a sick man and offered to help and it is our hope that Zari might change her mind.

Zari’s vicious response to Ringtone will tickle you

Check out the the photo;


“This gentleman is diabetic, he fell down due to low sugar level and people around ran away. I stopped my car came out found sugar in his pocket which I administered to him and then he became well. #tendawema #tendawemanendazako #thisyear”

Well, his fans are having mixed reaction about him.

pizzahmwituWe are living at times when you help someone it can’t go without posting on social media. @ringtoneapoko

fenny_awinoMust you tell us your good deeds? You want us to appreciate you or what?

wanyenjeThat’s called ministry.. As a christian believer, you have shown a good example keep the ministry of God alive very good you

alexgm_ketuMay GOD bless you abundantly ringtone.may HE add favour upon you in jesus mighty name. Alafu sasa si pia mmi nliota nkisukuma range rover yangu iliyokua imekwama kwa matope kuamka najipata nkisukuma kitanda yangu.sasa si pia mmi uniokolee jo.

msaniichipukizi@zarithebosslady Alikataa a real man like u.. A man who can stop a Rangerover na kusaidia. Bro God bless u so much



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Gospel singer Ringtone makes good his promise to Zari and delivers a brand new Range Rover at Classic 105 (Photos)

When Lupita Nyo’ngo said our dreams are valid, Gospel singer Ringtone was surely paying attention.

He has been on his social media, expressing his undying love for Zari Hassan, showing off the animals he will pay as dowry, among other shenanigans.

Ringtone is chasing his dreams of marrying Zari, who is in Kenya for an event on Saturday. In a Friday morning interview with Classic 105’s Maina Kageni, Zari disowned knowing Ringtone.

She said;

“I don’t know Ringtone and I have never met him. This is actually news to me. I have over 3.9 million followers on Instagram and I wouldn’t know who follows me,” she said.

Yesterday, Ringtone posted on his instagram that he has agift for Zari as she lands in Kenya.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I have never met Ringtone’ Zari confesses

Dear Zari,
I know you are coming to Kenya anytime from now. I take this opportunity to welcome you to my beloved country.
I checked and I realised that you were in church ⛪ on Sunday am happy because it’s only in Jesus that you won’t be hurt like Diamond did. Pleaaaase stay in church and in God.

You recently posted on your IG that you wanted a Range Rover OK I took note and I want to let the world know today that I have bought you a brand new Range Rover sport 2017 model. Am sorry I know you wanted white but I only managed a black one in color. Please arrange how to pick your key🔑 b4 you leave. While you in Kenya if you need anything let me know I will make sure it’s done for you.

We reached out to him, to find out if he will deliver the gift when she lands at the Classic 105 studio.

“Kesho asubuhi nitakwambia mahali itakua imepark kama imeandikwa jina ya Zari.”

Well, true to his word, Ringtone drove in with much gusto, and the shiny new Range Rover. He got everyone’s attention, proudly declaring;

“I am very disappointed vile sijapata Zari hapa, nimeambiwa ako huku nikaamua kumletea.”

Ringtone had a message for Zari.

“Zari, I know you love range Rover, si ati hujai panda najua you can even afford anything naeza taka kukupatia. Mtu hakataangi gift so naomba uchukue hii zawadi.”

Check out photos of his grand arrival at our offices;

Photo Document;(1)

Photo Document,

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‘I respected Diamond but I have always loved Zari’, Ringtone explains

Ringtone has a history of making big claims. When news broke on social media that Zari had broken up with her husband Diamond, he made it public on his social media that he is planning to marry Zari.

A few days later he posted a picture of him with a herd of cattle and said that he’s planning to deliver them as payment for Zari’s dowry.

Well, during an interview with this writer, Ringtone sought to explain his intentions saying,.

“We are going to Uganda,with my friends, you know there is no problem with trying out something that your heart wants, many times i have been following what people want but this time I am going to follow what my heart want. So my heart want to go to Uganda. I want to go to Uganda to visit Zari’s home. I am going with some of my close friends and one or two elders who are going to seek to know if we can be allowed to pay dowry for Zari.”

‘God Has Bigger Plans For You’ Ringtone Tells Zari

Asked whether he knows Zari, he quickly responded with a ‘yes’ adding that,



“I would say this Zari is wounded, and she does not want to indulge with other things but that doesn’t meant that if you feel that you love Zari you can not be able to love her, if you have not seen me with her, that  does not mean that I don’t love her.

I have loved her but I have restrained my self knowing that she is somebody’s wife.

I respected Diamond as her husband but now the whole world knows that they are not together, so instead of waiting anymore, and she is beautiful, the whole world wants her, I said why don’t I be the first to register. Adding that  “I am taking care of over a a hundred orphans so, taking care of her children it is not adopting. She only have five children and she is not a beggar, she is not looking for someone to feed her children. After all even if it was someone to feed the children, children are blessing, you do not know what they will become in future.

Bride Price Manenos: Gospel singer Ringtone gears up to handover  dowry for Zari’s hand in marriage


Asked what she thinks about her having children he said,

“Zari has not lost anything to have children, she is even more attractive to men who understand what it means to succeed in life.When you look at me, my music she will definitely have to love me, do I look like someone who can be hated by women? I am not bringing her problems, not in a bad way but God has blessed me am successful

I am going for her because she is also successful. She has been going to church and there is nobody who is devils child.

She has been criticized for taking her children to church, I know she will be a minister.

Please read as gospel singer Ringtone is dragged online for showing off his lunch

I can feed Zari, its only that I am a Christian and I do not want to be polygamous, otherwise I can marry over a hundred wives and still feed them.

I am tall and handsome and I am blessed.

I would want to tell Zari that she is a great woman, a great mother and just because she has five children, she is the most beautiful woman that i have seen in the world.she should not think that she is not attractive. She is more attractive to men who knows what they want in Life.

I am humbly asking her to consider my proposal that she needs a man of God. She has been in two marriages which had issues. She didnt experience what God wanted her to experience but in her third marriage, she is going to experience that. Naona akiwa mama mzuri sana wa kanisa. She will help me achieve her dreams and i will also her her.”

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Ringtone goes beyond borders and releases song with Nigerian Artist Ada

It seems that Gospel artiste Ringtone is putting aside his desires for Ugandan Zari Hassan to focus his attention in the land of Naija.

Well, at least temporarily as he is yet to ask for her hand in marriage. The award-winning singer has released a new hit This Year featuring Nigerian Artist Ada.

“We were to release the song a couple of days ago but Ada lost her relative and we had to postpone the date. Expect it in a few days time,” He told the Star.

The much anticipated gospel collaboration is finally out.

“This Song is a declaration of the good things that God will do in our lives this year. The chorus encourages us not to worry because God has a good plan and the time for his plans to manifest is this season, surely this is our Year.” He said

The song has so far received great comments from his followers just after a couple of days of him releasing it.

Here are some reactions on the release.

Calm Media: Naona this year umeamua tena to go international. Keep up Good stuff

Mc Stero: Ada sings in Swahili. Wow Glory to God. Now would love to hear her song in Swahili. Big tune.

Rehema Ray: Wow,,, nice song 100%Congratulations Brother

Mbuvi Mbuvi: Fire pon dis track man…. great job kakangu… way to go!!!!

Mr Reigns: This is wat we call gospel yawah my friend

Judith Philip: am in love with it Mr Ringtone


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Bride Price Manenos: Gospel singer Ringtone gears up to handover  dowry for Zari’s hand in marriage


When he declared he was ready to nyemelea Zari Hassan, gospel singer Ringtone was not kidding.

He caught us all by surprise with his announcement on social media, that if Diamond Platnumz was done, he was interested in Zari’s love. To prove he is serious, Ringtone has cows to pay for dowry. He declared his intention by writing;

Leo tumenunua ngombe 42 ambazo tunapanga kupeleka Uganda kwa Akina Zari wakati ukifika. Na kieleweke vyema KAMA MWANAMME HAJALIPA MAHARI BADO HUYO MSICHANA SI WAKE.Ama namna gani????? Na please mwambieni Diamond asimtolee Zari wimbo aende atoe mahari Kama all serious. For us tuko tayari kwenda Uganda na tulipe wala hatuogopi tunafunga na kuomba Mungu atupe ushindi.


The question we want to know is has he reached out to his new ‘lover’, and what has she said about his intentions?

Ringtone’s fans and followers were initially amused at his love declaration, calling him a ‘fisi’

sherry_dapoteracha …kusaka kiki wewe

Here’s the truth about the sexual harassment allegations against gospel singer Ringtone

trapkamoli…Unahitaji maombi ama check up

mariammohamed5495…Unatafuta kiki we.msenge ndo maana unatag stations za radio

If you are not in the know, Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz on Valenitnes day, and the black rose she posted on her social media, declaring she was done with the bongo singer, went viral.

And it seems, some mafis’s like Ringtone were silently watching and waiting their turn. He admitted as much saying;

Zari Hassan needs a man to lead her to church and to Christ. Diamond can’t offer such.Naomba namba yake Zari. inbox me asap if you have it. MWANAMME NI YULE ANAJUA YESU NA MALI ANAYO NA WAKO WENGI HAPA KENYA. By the way wakisii hawananga shida bibi akija na watoto.

He even put up a really cute photo of Zari,


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Please read as gospel singer Ringtone is dragged online for showing off his lunch

While you were at the kibanda eating madondo, all gospel singer Ringtone wanted to do was show off to his fans that he was enjoying his fancy lunch. But he made a mistake that caught the attention of social media, who were quick to troll him for a tiny mistake.

But come to think of it, you know how you type so fast that you don’t check what you typed? Well I guess, Ringtone didn’t either.

He was so excited to show off he was eating a burger for lunch, that it escaped his notice there was a major typo. Read what he wrote below, and do have a bugger free day won’t you.

Am enjoying my bugger for lunch. I take this very moment to remember all of you who may not have a chance to eat anything today. May God perform a miracle.

ringtone eating a burger
Gospel singer Ringtone trolled for showing off his Bugger not burger

Just go ahead and read the hilarious reactions;

Julie Aduma… Duncan Mosiah Kahacho Cece Wakesho Nyange come get your cousin. He is eating buggers for lunch
Ki Nya.. Don’t post a picture then wish good wishes for people. Go buy hungry people food. Jesus didn’t post selfies
Dutchess Immah… It’s such a shame, what we have become as Kenyans. Such a shame to find deep pleasure in pointing out the flaws of others. Ringtone make as many typos as you want, people here need to get lives!
Nirvana J Diesuz …Hahahaaaaa bugger haha cmon dude it burger hahaha u made mah day
Dennis Kirimi… niliona hii upus, nikakam
Harold Spiroow Irunguh… I can see a burger And a Bugger
Pierre Onsombi …You are the miracle buy 10 more burgers and give those who have nothing then your prayer will be answered
Bonkas Airwavez… Umetusi maskini indirect but ni sawa tu….. #Munguhalali
Sarah Sila… This must be the meaning of “Kizungumkuti”.
Erick Gethemo Kamonjoh… BUGGER WEWE!!!
Erick Gethemo Kamonjoh… Hio mapua inaeza ingia bugger tatu
Honi A Rosa… Kua mpole burger ni snack sio food
Maher Zain… Ok eat Bugger 😁🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 kesho utakula burger
Cindy Bonita Ogana …The only BUGGER I see is you!
Omweri Kerubo …Bugger for lunch.???? Or Burger
Florastine Juma Ewooo… it’s burger 🍔 my fren
Kimani Sarah… A bugger eating burger.
Snex Bwoy …hey people i am eating a burger.. coz i am rich.. i also have two phones.. ama hamuoni iyo iko kwa meza…??
Winnie Kadzo Yaa Yvonne… i dont know these stuff but is it really bugger or burger🤔🤔🤔
Citrine Topaz… Bugger???kula vitu umezoea apana cram vitu..slayqueen wewe

Gospel star Willy Paul won’t like singer Ringtones comments about his song ‘Jigi Jigi’

Recently Gospel star Willy Paul released a song dubbed Jigi Jigi.

The song was received with mixed reaction as some Kenyans expressed delight while others condemned him saying they were not happy with the direction his music is taking. He still hasn’t said if he will go fully secular.

The song has been labelled a love ballad, has also caught the attention of Gospel singer Ringtone, who says ‘hiyo song si ya biblia’.

Ringtone just like other Kenyans is not feeling it. Kiss FM’s Chito Ndlovu Monday night in an exclusive interview sought to know if he hates Willy Paul.

If you recall in November 2016, Ringtone took to his social media to accuse a group of male gospel artistes, claiming they were out to finish him, career-wise. He named Willy Paul, among those maligning his name because they were threatened by his rising star.

Did he really say this? ‘ Yes I did’ he responded.

What prompted his angry post? He insists there was evidence they were out to sabotage his career, but says,’ What I did to post on social media was wrong. I’m a Christian, I’m a man of God. I want to start by apologizing to the people I named, I should have let it be’.

So to the new Jigi Jigi song, what doesn’t Ringtone like about it?

Ringtone says he will never release a song like that EVER.

‘I don’t hate Willy Paul. I actually love Willy Paul.’

His thoughts on the song?

‘Willy Paul has many nice Christian songs, lakini to rate this song it’s his worst song, it’s this one. For me, sasa anazoea, coz he always sings a song about girls which is not gospel like. The gospel should not be about the breast and the hips.’

He added,’ This is my opinion as a human being. I am not being mean.’

Would he ever release a song like that? ‘Never’

He continued, ‘ I will never do songs like that. I will release songs yenye huwezi pata kwa biblia.’

‘My songs going forward, watch this space.’, he concludes.

In the meantime, listen to the song below. It has 955k views so far.

Here’s the truth about the sexual harassment allegations against gospel singer Ringtone

The devil is a liar and my enemies want my downfall, was how he chose to explain most of the allegations against him.

‘Gospel singer Ringtone has an uncanny knack of always getting in trouble whenever he opens his mouth, but that doesn’t stop him.

He has been quiet for sometime now, but it seems that controversy still stalks him.

The musician was put on the spotlight during the Maloko show with Kiss FM’s Chito Ndlovu on Monday September18th, who sought to know some of the reasons behind the sexual harassment accusations, on sliding into the DM of Tanzanian singer Ray C, the baby daddy allegations and being evicted from his multi million shilling Karen home plus much more.


Back in 2015, the Tenda Wema singer was accused of sexually harassing a makeup artiste, who alleged that he touched her inappropriately on the thighs, adding that he also borrowed 500 bob for fueling his luxury car.

The singer chose not to address those accusations, but on Monday September 18th, on the Maloko show with Kiss FM’s Chito Ndlovu, the singer came out to clear the air on the accusations.

‘To me I think the devil was not expecting me to get over it.’

‘Things were tough after that incident’, he began explaining.


The devil was busy trying to malign me, to make me look evil, I got to a point where I was giving up, I wrote on my social media that I was quitting music.’

He says that when he was going through tribulations, he prayed for help because he felt forsaken.

‘I went through stages (not depression) and I encouraged myself with the love of God.’