See God! Celebrities joins Kambua in celebrating her second pregnancy news

Singer Kambua is expecting her second-born child.

The presenter shared the good news on her Instagram yesterday saying;

“God of Sarah… God of Hannah…God of KAMBUA! 😭 Just when I thought you had done too much…! YOU did it again!”

Kambua has been childless for seven years after her wedding. She welcomed her miracle child Nathaniel Muhoro in August last year.

Sharing the great news, her husband Mathu reposted Kambua’s post, accompanied by heart emoji,

“My Testimony song by Marvin Sapp and a quote from the book of Isaiah.

The smallest family will grow to a thousand. The least important of you will become a powerful nation. I am the Lord, and when it is time, I will make these things happen quickly (Isaiah 68:22).”

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Kambua posing with her baby bump

Well, other celebrities came out to congratulate Kambua on her bundle of joy;

Check out some of the congratulatory messages.

Grace Msalame: And she shares the Amazing news🤗🤗🤗Ari ri ri ri🤗💛Congratulations again Mama Twins😉We love you💛”

Sheila Mwanyigha: God is amazin

Rev Kathy Kiuna: Awwwwwww so beautiful. This God is too much . He’s a great God. Congratulations darling

Kate Actress; OMG baaaaabe CONGRATULATIONS 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

Faith Muturi; Congratulations hun! Isn’t God amazing

Statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena also penned a touching message to the gospel artiste, which read;

“Kila siku ….kila saa..Mungu umwaminifu…umemwandalia meza @kambuamuziki machoni mwa watesi wake na ukampaka mafuta..hakika wema nazo Fadhili zitamfuata dada na uzao wake siku zote za maisha yao.! JEHOVAH BABA MUNGU.”

‘The enemy spoke to me loudly that night that my husband needs another woman,’ Kambua opens up

Gospel singer Kambua is one strong woman in the eyes of most of us. Her faith has been tested in different ways.

Kambua got married to her husband pastor and businessman Jackson Mathu in 2012 and since then, she waited for seven years before she could hold her baby.

Speaking in a recent YouTube interview Kambua says as a believer, she got to a point her faith was tested and she was not always consistent in believing in what God could do.

“I did get to a place of complete defeat of, okay am out of options. I told God now, whatever it will be,” she said.
“I completely let go of trying to control the situation and completely knowing that it didn’t matter when God would do it and how he would do it. I didn’t know if it was going to be ten years later. But I am okay in you. Use me as I am.”

Kambua smiling
Kambua smiling

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The mother of one says that although her baby came and she is happy about it, the biggest miracle was finding Kambua as enough in God.

“The baby came and hallelujah and I praise the Lord for that but for me, as Kambua the biggest miracle was finding Kambua as enough in God.”

She went to many hospitals and all answers were the same and frustrating.

“For many years we lived in the grey in the sense that any medical person we met and consulted we got very vague answers and that is one frustrating thing about the fertility journey, you meet specialists who told us there is nothing wrong, keep trying…”

“In Nov 2018 is when we finally got it in black and white and we finally knew this is the condition.

“It broke me in a way that I did not expect. I wanted to know but I wasn’t ready to know.”

Kambua on her wedding day
Kambua on her wedding day

Kambua recounts the days she visited her doctor and broke the news to her about her condition.

She had already given up in marriage and she says she was ready to release her husband so he could get children with another person.

“I remember, I was in my doctor’s office and she is such a God sent woman, she gave me the time to get together. We had done this so many times like I was probably expecting not a big deal answer kinda thing.”

She was alone and she called her husband who asked her where she was but Kambua says she lied to him that she was heading to the salon.

“He knew where I was going but I told him I am going to the salon. I got home and I was sobbing and showed him the resultsand I remember him saying, this is what the medical report has said? Okay but what has God said about us. He was so calm.”


Kambua with Jackson Mathu
Kambua with Jackson Mathu, her husband

Her husband loved kid all along and so the devil was speaking to Kambua to divorce him.

“The enemy spoke to me loudly that night that my husband needs another woman who can give him children and so when I get home, I am going to tell him its okay, ‘I release you to have children coz it is not fair for me to hold you back. So I had my little speech planned and he is here calmly telling me whose report will you believe,” she narrated.

Kambua added that after she told her husband about the medical report, they prayed and that was her moment of release.

“It was when I realised that Kambua can not do anything to fix it but God can in the way that He will.”

That was November 2018 and in December 2018, Kambua says she conceived.

“I remember, my doctor had told me to go back and discuss the options that I would use, I got positive pregnancy tests and she was like Kambua, your God is amazing.”

Kambua in green
Kambua in green when she was still pregnant

Kambua says her waiting journey was full of frustrations as some of her friends said insensitive things to her.
“I had people say things like you are rich, why can’t you go for IVF, very thoughtless and insensitive things from people I know and others I don’t know.”

(IVF In vitro fertilisation is a process of fertilisation where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in vitro. The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulatory process, removing an ovum or ova from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a liquid in a laboratory.)
Kambua welcomed her son in August last year.

Kambua with Nate
Kambua with Nate

Birthday loading! Kambua celebrates her son as he turns 11 months

Gospel singer Kambua is a happy mum after her son turned 11 months today.

The mother of one shared a sneak pic of her son’s chunky legs and captioned it,

“My chunky legs turns 11 months today 🎉 God’s been so good to us. So good! 💝👶🏾

The mother of one has been documenting the journey of her miracle baby since the day she unveiled her pregnancy last year.

In previous posts, Kambua says her baby is a miracle.

The mother of one had been childless for over seven years of her marriage.

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She explained how grateful she is through an Instagram post.

“The encounters I have had with Him are all priceless. When the pain was gut-wrenching and my heart nearly drowned in tears, I never stopped believing that God would come through for me (whichever way He chose to),” she wrote.

“And as I hold my toto today, I am reminded that God gives good gifts. My baby Nathaniel is a miracle. He is, as my husband likes to say, a world-changer and a history-maker. And I believe His life will continue to bring glory to God.”

Kambua pregnant
Kambua pregnant

She encouraged those who are childless to remain calm.

“As you wait, my tent remains pitched right next to yours, in the land of hope. I haven’t crossed over alone. We will cross together, leaving no one behind. None of us shall be left drowning in despair. Our stories, regardless of how they unfold, will be beacons of hope along ancient paths,” she wrote.

Kambua explained how she was constantly asked when she will get a child.

“The reason it angers me is that people don’t even know what your journey is like. They don’t know what you’re struggling with,” she said.

“They don’t know if you even want to have children. They don’t know if you can have children and there are so many people, especially today, who are struggling with infertility. It’s so unfortunate that we become such a culture of being so intrusive and putting people down.”


Still beautiful! singer Kambua spotted looking all gorgeous without makeup

It’s hard to trace a media personality without their makeup on.

Well, Singer Kambua has been seen in a rare ‘no makeup’ face.

The singer did this saying that she is no longer afraid of going bare and we are loving it.

It was just me feeling comfortable in my skin. I am choosing to be unafraid to lay myself bare.

As Karen Owusu says, “there’s too much magic brewing in this skin for me to keep to myself”.

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Kambua portrait
She went on to advise young girls to feel ‘enough’.

“I’m going to walk in my truth, hoping that a young girl will come across this and realise she is enough. She is enough with makeup, and she is enough without it.

She is enough with her kinks and coils, as she is with her hair straight. She is enough in pants as she is in a skirt. She is enough because God says she is,” she said.

Kambua, like many celebrities, has also asked fans to be vigilant during this coronavirus pandemic.

“As you isolate I hope you are doing the things that make your soul happy. But I also hope you’re being kind. We have so much time on our hands-

let’s consider the effect of our words to one another. Remember, we will one day give an account for EVERY idle word that we speak.

So today I asked myself, are my words edifying… lifting… encouraging… healing?


This comes days after she revealed that she microbladed her eyebrows and put temporary locs on her hair to ease with doing her makeup.

What Gospel singer Kambua’s husband does when she is trolled


Gospel singer Kambua has not been spared the savagery that comes with trolls.

She knows all too well that this comes with the territory of being a celeb. Most recently she was forced to delete an apology when social media users hit out at her for creating drama during the Vuka New Years bash.

The Citizen TV host’s apology was the talk of town for a while, but it’s clear she moved on.

Speaking to Kiss FM’s Chito Ndlovu, Kambua spoke extensively about her marriage, and how it’s been six years on.

 Many peoples marriages are under attack, young people are beginning to feel like I don’t need to get married, because there is alot of stuff going on. How are you protecting your marriage?

A: Uhmm you know I don’t know how people do it without God, or and I’m not trying to super spiritualize this, but when you think of two people coming from two very different world, trying to merge and create one world, honestly it takes God to make it work. So, uhhmm yeah, six years into it so far so good, and I think that just learning to be friends with the person that you are married to, uhmm because you know that all that fluffly, lovey dovey feeling it kind of just 

Why gospel singer Kambua’s marriage has remained childless six years on

She continues;

‘..after you have kind of just, you’re in each others face, you’re not always feeling like oh my’re heart is not always like you know! but uhmm he’s my friend, and I love to hang out with him, I love to spend time with him, so being friend with the person that you are married to and having God as a foundation’. 


Does he read all the blogs, that refer to him as an ancestor and their marriage?

A: uhmm you know one of the things I’m really grateful for is that I met a really strong man, and it’s because of him being strong that has helped me in my ministry, in my career, that he is not phased or moved by what people say, and for the moments where I’ve gone through things and felt ..ok..this has really hurt me, he has been there to speak life to me and to encourage me so you know,…how he feels about honestly..if there’s anyone who is not bothered, it’s my husband.. and I’m learning, he is teaching me how to do that, how to not care because either way, regardless of what you do, people will always have an opinion. It just comes with the territory, so yeah, he is cool. 

Gospel singer Kambua opens up about her ‘much older’ husband

She made it clear she will take things as they come.

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Citizen TV host in New Years drama with Gospel singer Kambua addresses her diva behaviour

Last week gospel singer Kambua trended on social media after being involved in drama during Royal Media’ Services’ Vuka party event on 31st December, 2017 at Afraha stadium.

Poleni! Gospel singer Kambua apologizes for her bad behaviour during New Year’s eve show


Apparently, Kambua grabbed the mic from Kuria delaying the New Year’s countdown.

Jeff Kuria

The sassy TV presenter was also accused of hogging the mic and not giving her co-hosts, Jeff Kuria, Enid Moraa and David Oyuke an equal opportunity to speak. Kambua was left embarrassed and humiliated. She then took to social media to apologize to Kenyans and she wrote;


She later pulled down the apology, raising eyebrows.

Well, Jeff Kuria has finally spoken out for the first time and in an interview with Plive, he stated that he has already moved on and there’s no bad blood between him and Kambua.

Jeff Kuria

“I have moved on to other stories, these guys are my colleagues, we all make mistakes. Pastor Mark Kariuki told us we have to forgive and move on, and I forgave myself and anyone who has wronged me,” said Jeff Kuria.

He further added that ;

“I have respect for Kambua, even before I came into the industry, when I was growing up I watched her, listened to her music and looked up to her there is no beef between us.”


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Kambua shares sweet memory of her late father

They say the love between a father and daughter is forever and I agree with that. Celebrated gospel artiste and media personality Kambua Manundu Mathu is a great example. The beautiful singer is among the few women who are or rather was close with their fathers.

Just like any other caring father, the late Professor Manundu was very supportive to his daughter and every passing year, she occasionally writes tributes to him on her social media platforms. Six months ago, Kambua penned down a touching message remembering her father who died three years ago.

“3 years my Daddy, three years since God called you home. On a day like this in 2014 I was rubbing your feet and your hands, wondering why they were getting so cold. I didn’t understand that you were slowly transitioning from this side of life.
No one will ever understand the gap you left in my life. I see bits and pieces of you in our family. Mummy is such a strong woman. You really got heaven’s best. Babu and Ndzomo, I would never trade for anything and their babies are a replica of the man you were.

I hope I make you proud with the choices I make and the accolades I earn. I hope in some way I carry your legacy with the honor you truly deserve. Sleep on my daddy. In a little while Tutaonana tena. 09/04/2017.”

Well, yesterday, Kambua was the guest on stylish pastor Robert Burale’s show (TheRBLiveShow) where they talked about the importance of Father and Daughter relationships. 


Kambua, who is yet to overcome her loss poured out her heart revealing the kind of man her father was.

“My father taught me about being a bold, a confident woman and loving God. Everything  I have become I owe to him for instilling confidence in me. Reminding me that I  was able to accomplish whatever it is I set out to do,” Kambua said.

The Bado Nasimama hit singer who got married to popular pastor Jackson Mathu who many refer to as her ‘ancestor’ due to their age difference, has never let critics deter her from doing what she loves most; singing and spreading the gospel to the younger generation.

“He led by example and saw him try on so many different things. He told me it was okay to try and fail but to keep trying.”



“He told me I was beautiful. I have never had any doubt when criticism has been thrown my way about my physical appearance, the person I am because the most important man in my life already told me I was beautiful.”


Kambua revealed that his father was her greatest support and he was always there for her.

“My dad loved people and celebrated people. I’m not only to learning to emulate him but even be a better person to make him proud. I thank him for the role that he played in my life.”

The Kubamba TV host reminisces on the great moments she shared with her father and she wished that he was alive to see the type of daughter she has grown into.

“I wish my father was alive to see the confident daughter I have become.”

Kambua also revealed that his father trusted pastor Mathu with his daughter and told him to take good care of her when he went to ask for her hand in marriage.

“Sijamfukuza, ukichoka na yeye, mrudishe,” these were Kambua’s father’s dad to her husband.

Kambua has advised fathers out here to show love to their daughters and support them.

“You’re her king, her everything and world. My father was my world. You have a role to play, to speak confidence in her life and love her. To tell her it’s ok to make mistakes and pick yourself up again.”

Kambua also called out deadbeat fathers telling hem to take responsibilities of their actions.

Watch the full interview HERE