‘Getting saved is something I had postponed for years’ Confesses Amani

Gospel artiste Amani has revealed that she has had to turn down lucrative shows since she got saved more than two years ago.

Amani who was well known for her secular songs ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘My Baby’ explained,

Getting saved was a personal decision. My personal decision affected my career. If I was a nurse or an engineer my personal decision to get saved would not affect my music.

Amani adds,

Getting saved is something I had postponed for sometime and I have no regrets.

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Amani adds that she is glad she made the decision to become a Christian and to grow a better relationship with God and those around her.

I get promoters asking me to perform secular songs. This is despite the fact that I am now a gospel artiste but I turn them down because I have to be firm in my decision.

Amani also admits that she intentionally kept news of her getting saved away from the limelight until she felt the time was right.

When I got saved, people found out after two years. I even went back to a bible school to refresh my knowledge on Jesus.

The singer continued,

I turned down shows after getting saved. Funny enough I do not regret not performing my old songs.

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Everything you need to know about Gospel singer Anastasia Mukabwa

Anastasia Mukabwa shot to fame when she released the song Kiatu Kivue together with Tanzanian songbird Rose Muhando.

While she maintains a private life, we do have a few facts about her.

She is a three time award winner in the best gospel category.

She has repeatedly said she is inspired by Rose Muhando and the late Angela Chibalonza.

She is married and has two children.

Anastasia was born in Kakamega, and later lived in Mombasa where it is said she met her husband.

Here are some beautiful pictures of who Maina Kageni considers as one of the best Gospel singers.

On his show on Thursday May 9th, Maina praised Anastasia saying ‘I love her. If you know her tell her Maina Kageni loves you’,

anastasia kiatu kivu

anastasia in blue dress


anastacia mukabwa 12

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