Mungu halali! Check out where Loise Kim lived before fame came knocking (photo)

Gospel singer Loise Kim is among the top Kikuyu best artistes.

The multi-award-winning artist has released many songs that have gained huge favor with fans.

‘Mujiari’ was the first hit by Loise Kim and it gave her instant fame.

She has powerful vocals and her choice of beats as well as lyrics crown her songs.

Her songs act as an inspiration to many people who understand the vernacular language Kikuyu.

She is also among the wealthy artistes in Kenya.

This, however, was not how she started as she is a true definition of grass to grace.

She shared a picture from her past home and left many encouraged.

She wrote;

“Our Humble beginning where our life started. That was my house, actually a rental house. Nothing can hinder you from becoming what you would wanna be. The small beginning is the foundation of your Greatness.

 Glory be to God.”

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Check out the photo;


Here are some comments;

Wanjiku Wa Kibe: Our God is an Awesome God. May He continue to expand your territories Loise and your beautiful family.

Teresia Njeri: That’s true Loise I also started renting a ka single room now I have very beautiful home praise be to God.

Kocho Kocho: True, even the lady and gentleman have grown, remembering how they were in your old videos, God is Great.

Blessed Mso: Thank you. I must go take a photo where I started and whoever is living there I gift them 5k. Jesus, you are king🙏🙏😪😪

Miano Wakaratina Rohosafi: Notice that faith is related to hope. When we have faith we believe that God is going to answer us even when we don’t yet see the result of our prayer. Faith in this way is related to Joy, we can have joy at all times because even if we don’t yet see God’s provision, or we don’t yet see the answer to our prayer we believe that we will have the answer soon. This belief keeps us sound and keeps us in a state of praise. Believe God and you will have joy.

Loise Kim with her children


Wahu releases second gospel song with a confession about family

Wahu Kagwi who was famously known for her song Sitishiki left the secular music industry recently.

After the singer/songwriter turned her life to Christ, she released her first song Sifa.

It will be interesting to see if her hubby Nameless – a secular artist – if he  he too will want to turn the tables.

After her last gospel hit Sifa, she has again released a great heart melting song know as My Everything.

The new song My Everything was inspired by a true story.

wahu kagwi

“My Everything talks of a woman who sought Gods intervention when her husband and father of her children suddenly fell ill, on an ordinary morning as the family went about their normal morning routines. At her point of desperation, and realizing that her husbands life was on the balance, she called on Jehovah Rapha, God our healer to reveal Himself …. and He did” 

The song was written by gospel artist Peterson Ngetha famously known as Pitson famously known for his song Lingala ya Yesu and  Wahu herself.

Wahu posted on social media.

“God hears us, even when we don’t think He does. He is no respecter of persons, personalities or positions. All He requires is an honest heart that seeks His face fervently. Sometimes, God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we expect, sometimes He does. But it is amazing to rest in the knowledge that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord. Make Him Your Everything, and you will be awed at how much He has in store for you!”

Her fellow gospel artist who also turned her life to Christ had to say this after she has her friend and sister has released a new song.

“Morning ig family hope you are well I’ve woken up to this powerful anointed song by God [email protected] watched the video and as it was playing i found myself crying to God and saying truely his my everything when I remember how many things he has seen me thru waaaaaa my God is my everything. Am not just posting to post this song but to get you to go watch this song let God minister to you thru [email protected] And @urembo_creations great job. I can’t stop listening to this song. I call you my reedemer my protecter. When I am so low u pick me up God you bring me back.”

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Superwoman! Size 8 Drops 3 Songs Back To Back, Teams Up With Dancehall Star Alemba As She Reveals Her RAPPING Skills (VIDEOS)

Linet Munyali, popularly known by her stage name Size 8 is not about to take a musical break anytime soon, and this time around, she has decided to surprise her fans with not one song but three mega tracks, a triple release.

The mother of one last dropped a new song about 4 months ago, dubbed Mapochopocho, and has been working on new projects after landing a deal with a top diapers brand, with her daughter Ladasha Belle.

TIMELESS LOVE! These Delightful Photos Of Size 8’s Beautiful Family Will Warm Your Heart

Things seem to be going well for the artiste as she recently got another job as a TV host for a new gospel show, Pambio, which has become very popular and is even becoming a threat for her husband’s show Crossover 101.


Now, Size 8 has released three new songs back to back, and from the look of things, she decided to take a different angle.

STRONG WOMAN! Size 8 Makes a Shocking Revelation About Her Health, Talks Losing Weight (VIDEO)

One of the songs is titled Bless My Way, which she has worked with celebrated dancehall gospel singer and hype man, Alemba, which is all about asking God to be with you in everything;

The song is a reminder of the promises God gave us.And as King David prayed ”May you guide my steps and light my path. May you make this your prayer every day and every night.


The second song is a worship song where Size 8 has sung entirely in English, donning a beautiful wedding gown, dubbed I Can’t Imagine, which is off her album Harusi. This is what Size 8 said about this particular song;

The presence of God is so precious and so necessary that I personally cannot imagine a world without Him. The evil in this world is to toxic one cannot survive a second without the presence of our maker. 


Last but not least, Size 8 showed us another side of her talent that we didn’t know about, in her third song, by the name, Mwambie, where she reveals her rapping skills, as she emotionally sings about struggles we go through and how we should give all our troubles to him;

Jesus is here for you no matter what you are going through or what you have done. He is our saviour, healer and comforter all you need is to just give Him your burdens, repent of your sins and believe that He is the true MESSIAH. The is no situation He cannot turn around. 


Well, check out the new songs below, what do you think about them? Hit or miss?




Which one is your favorite?


Check Some of These Gospel Songs That Sound Secular Rather Than Gospel

So we all have heard songs that are supposed to be gospel but end up sounding secular to a point they leave us wondering if they are really gospel songs.

The need to get more people listening to gospel music is constantly rising as the world is being swept away by all kinds of modern ideas and opinions. These modern ideas and opinions have been inculcated into our cultures that we feel anything out of that is uncool or old fashioned.



Sadly religion is victim to this modern change as most people barely listen to gospel music. This has in turn left gospel artists with the task of getting more creative to get more people to listen to their music.

Gospel artists have made their songs more relatable to the current generation that is getting swayed by pop culture. They are producing songs that people can actually dance to just like they dance to secular music.

Hit Or Miss? Controversial Gospel Artist, Willy Paul, Drops a New Dancehall Music Video

With the rate at which pop culture is digging its way into African traditional culture, Kenyan gospel artists such as Willy Paul, SBJ, Bahati among others are producing gospel music that is turnt up so as to increase their audiences.


You could actually mistake it to be a secular song rather than a gospel song if you are not paying too much attention to the song. Some of the gospel songs have lyrics that make the song sound like a secular song.

Here are 5 gospel songs that popular gospel artists in Kenya have released that don’t sound gospel when you listen to them the first time.

1. Nyonyo by SBJ

2. I Do by Willy Paul & Alaine

3. Nikumbushe by Bahati ft Rayvanny

4. Tiga Wana by Willy Paul featuring Size 8

5. Thitima Anthem by Kymo and Stigah

She’s Glowing! 5 Photos Of Gloria Muliro That Prove She’s Doing Better After Dumping Estranged Husband

Gloria Muliro made headlines back in 2015 when she came out to reveal that she was separating from her husband, Eric Omba, after claims of abuse, misuse of her cash and infidelity.

The celebrated singer walked out of the marriage because she couldn’t fake happiness anymore. Even as much as she had tried to make amend and make it work, the controversial pastor only made things worse in the 5 years they were together.

Gloria Muliro’s Ex-Husband Eric Omba Is A Bitter And Angry Man. Find Out Why

Pastor Eric Omba and Gloria Muliro exchanged wedding vows back 2009 at a colorful ceremony. Things, however,  didn’t turn out to be so blissful, with Gloria Muliro revealing that her ex-husband mismanaged her career, as well as making claims to property that was not his.

Gloria-with-pastor-Omba (1)

At some point, Eric Omba did not want to let go of his beautiful wife and even hoped to win her back, but sadly,  Muliro had moved on and decided to turn over a new leaf.

But years on, Gloria Muliro has proved to be stronger and has been focusing on her music and rumour has it that she found a man worthy of her attention. She is currently dating him but has chosen to keep the relationship away from the public radar.

Sorry Pastor Omba, Gloria Muliro Has Moved On

On the other hand, her ex-husband has also found himself a younger woman, and they already have a daughter together. Mark you, they have not walked down the aisle, meaning he’s gotten a child out of wedlock…


But one thing I have noticed, Gloria Muliro looks stunning and is glowing even after walking out of the painful marriage. There is no doubt that she’s now stress-free and is doing better than ever.

These elegant photos below prove that Muliro is happier and now has peace of mind;










Hilarious TBTs Of Famous Kenyan Gospel Artistes You Just Have To See

It is quite obvious that people can undergo quite a transformation after their pockets get deeper. These gospel artists, Mtoto Wa Mama Bahati, Willy Paul the Pozze, Hope Kid the General and the famous Kelele Takatifu have hilarious TBT photos dating back to when they didn’t know what style or fashion was.

Here are photos of these artists when they were broke and dusty;

Here Is A List Of Secular Artistes Who Are More Gospel Than The Gospel Artistes

Kelele Takatifu

It is evident that in those days the two Bamba Mbaya hit makers hardly knew what glamourous was. Their old fashioned casual look can obviously tell their past.

kelele takatifu


Willy Paul

Tiga Wana! That is the song title of his latest song but can also refer to his ‘swag’ or rather lack of in this pic. He must have been performing his song Rabuka while rocking this, shiny oversized suit and studs.

willy paul(1)


It looks like Bahati hadn’t started writing love letters and was nowhere near growing bushy dreadlocks. Maybe he was actually deep into doing real gospel music… Let’s just say times and money can truly change a person.

He’s Seen The Light! Bahati Goes Back To His Godly Roots To Work On Genuine Gospel Songs



Well, he must have been colour blocking his style during those days before he got his own fashion identity. Hope Kid who now has a new hit Mzito Ni Yesu has entered the list of controversial gospel artists in Kenya after criticism over the song.


Tanzanian Gospel Star Rose Muhando Denies Allegations That She’s On Her Death Bed And Quitting Music

Top Tanzanian singer, Rose Muhando, has been involved in a lot of controversy over the past few months. This might explain why she has not been releasing new songs of late and taken a music hiatus for a while.

Muhando has been going through personal issues in the last 2 years, from undergoing a surgery back in 2014, to falling critically ill up to the point where media reports from the Bongo country claimed that she was on the verge of dying.

At some point, the super talented singer was rumored to be on drugs because her health was deteriorating, accusations she vehemently denied, saying that the propagators of the rumours were people who wanted to work with her but she turned them down.


Rose Muhando then requested reporters and media to be careful what they publish about her without her clarification because it was affecting her family psychologically, but the stories did not stop there.

The dust settled down for a while, but a few weeks ago, other claims of Rose Muhando being on the verge of her last days on earth swirled around, and this time she had enough and decided to address this disgusting headlines tarnishing her name.

‘I Don’t Abuse Drugs And I Will Never Abuse Drugs’ – Tanzanian Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Shuts Down Rumours

The Swahili singer has admitted to being ill, but not to the extent of the sickness being fatal, but didn’t reveal exactly what she’s suffering from. She maintains that she’s very healthy and that’s why she’s able to attend meetings every other week.

“It is true I was ailing, but not to the extent Tanzanian media reported. I am very healthy,” she said.


“That explains why I am able to attend far-off meetings. Our media sometimes reports nonfactual information. Whenever someone withdraws to his or her cocoon – and disappears from the public eye, you’d see them write that the person is depressed or is critically ill, “ she told Edaily

Muhando also confessed her disappointment in some people who pretend to be her allies but give media false and information just to ruin her image. She blames the media for also not doing their research well.

“Some journalists from these sides do little to verify the authenticity of the reports people feed them with. I don’t understand their intention, “ she reiterated.

Rose Muhando Condems Facebook and Twitter Users in New Song

“Some people disguise as my friends, only to feed the media reports blown out of proportion about my life. Sadly, the media ends up receiving all the flak, while it is the fake friends who should be the recipients of disapproval, “ she added.

“I don’t like how media in our country reports issues around public figures. If they make an attempt of calling you, they’ll insist in their line of questioning that you are not well, while in reality, you are fine. People who rejoice at others’ woes do not impress me at all.”

Muhando also denied that she’s quitting music, and explained why she has been away from the scene; “I have been silent because I am currently very busy. For example, I often get locked in meetings every other week; but I am currently working on an album that is slated for release in July this year.”

‘I Don’t Abuse Drugs And I Will Never Abuse Drugs’ – Tanzanian Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Shuts Down Rumours

Award winning Tanzanian female artiste Rose Muhando is among the most recognized artistes in Tanzania and beyond. Her songs are treasured and she has garnered a number of awards in the industry.

But last year was probably not her year after rumours started swirling that she was addicted to drugs. She vehemently refuted the allegations in different platforms.

It seems people are just not letting this issue go as the rumours have yet again risen from the dead as she is still being accused of drug abuse.

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Rose Muhando is definitely not going to let her name be tarnished yet again as she has come out once more to shut them down.


She went ahead and cleared the air with a Tanzanian publication, Mwanaspoti Magazine.

She said, “I don’t abuse drugs and I will never abuse drugs. If that is the scandal my enemies thought would bring me down musically, then their efforts are futile. The propagators of those rumors asked me to work with them but I refused’’

She continued, “I am not indulging in drugs in any way, and the more they talk ,the more it affects my family psychologically and emotionally.I am a mother to three children ,I have relatives. The rumor-mongers know very well I don’t have anyone who would come to my defense.’’

Too Hilarious! DJ Soxxy Shares a Rare Photo Before All The Fame And Money

Gospel disc jockey and TV host DJ Soxxy is one of the biggest entertainers in the Kenyan music industry.

The popular and down to earth deejay has over the years established himself as one of the best, and has in the past revealed that he puts God first in everything he does; including his career.

DJ Soxxy – real name Jackson Kamau – is also a family man who married the love of his life, Anne Wanjiku, in June 2011 and they were later blessed with a beautiful daughter years later after his wife’s infertility struggles.


How Touching! DJ Soxxy’s Wife Reveals Her Struggle With Infertility And Her Husband’s Undying Support

Soxxy’s daughter, Eliana Wairimu turned 2 years recently, which was such a great joy to her parents who call her “the miracle baby” because she was their first bundle of joy after they almost gave up on getting a child.

Well, this year, the lovely couple welcomed a new member into the family when DJ Soxxy’s wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Ethan Wambage Kamau, on the 2nd July 2016.


This was like a double blessing for the beautiful family and it is a clear show that patience, hope, and prayer do work. Soxxy is no doubt at a good place in his life, with a good career, an amazing family, and financial stability.

Never Lose Hope! After Her Struggle With infertility, DJ Soxxy’s Wife Gives Birth To Their Second Child

But Jackson Kamau has his share of hustler days before all the fame. He recently shared a throwback photo from way back in the day, which is also very hilarious.

The celebrated entertainer and mentor looks slimmer in the pic, while clad in oversized jacket and a sun hat. Another noticeable thing in the pick is an old school ‘kabambe’ Motorola phone, which was one of the first mobile phones in the market back then.

He shared the old photo with this caption: “Ebu nitafute hapa. I see you 😂😂😂 #TBT”

Check out the picture below of Soxxy years back. What a rib-cracker!


Gloria Muliro’s Ex-Husband Eric Omba Is A Bitter And Angry Man. Find Out Why

Popular Gospel singer Gloria Muliro has been separated from her husband and former manager, Pastor Eric Omba, for almost 13 months and things seem to be going very well for her.

She has been releasing songs and tracks which all become hits receiving massive airplay from local TV and radio stations. She has also had a massive physical transformation and looks more beautiful, healthy and is glowing more than ever, which means she has moved on and is happy.

Gloria Muliro married Pastor Eric Omba Miko back in 2009 in a colorful wedding, but walked out of the marriage, claiming he was a control freak who was cheating on her and misusing her money.

On the other hand, her estranged husband Eric Omba doesn’t seem bothered by the allegations and has been posting posts on his social media that are suggestive, including an old photo, where he is seen hanging out with groupies he has been accused of cheating with back when he was married to Gloria.


This time round, the controversial pastor, video and music producer has taken to his Facebook to rant about the media, blaming it for the negative publicity and bad reports he has been getting.

In the post, Omba admits to having made mistakes in the past, and is upset that people still hold it against him despite being a mentor to youth and his charity work.

Here is the bitter post;

Hi Am Eric Omba .I support Children’s Homes,Supporting some Youths who are addictate to alcohol, drugs Etc…. through the word of God and I support Upcoming gospel musicians, by Shooting their video and promote them for free AND NONE HAS NOTICED THAT and Publish it How I give back to the community especially to the less fortunate .
But when I commit one single Mistake ,TV ,News papers , Bloggers the whole world Know & Publish it in Negative way.