Exclusive: ‘My labour pains came at 11 weeks before I miscarried’ – Size 8

Gospel artiste Size 8 has opened up on what transpired on the day she suffered a miscarriage after weeks of pregnancy speculations.

In a past interview her husband DJ MO had opened up on the pregnancy stating that is wife was five weeks pregnant at the time.

“My wife was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage.

Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well. If you love each other, that is a small thing.

All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,”

‘My married lover is cheating on me with someone else,’ cries city woman


‘I’ve cried and asked God so many questions’ Size 8 on her miscarriage

Speaking about her miscarriage during an interview on a local radio station Size 8 says

“I went to the hospital when I was a few weeks to see the doctor and he told me I have a problem. I cried first then went home.”

When the doctor broke the news to her, Size 8 thought, it would be well given that her pregnancy with Ladasha had been complicated but she pulled through.

“Just like i suffered during my first pregnancy with wambo, i thought God will help me through the second pregnancy.

So i said it will be hard for a while and then i will have a successful delivery of my second baby. “

Size 8 during her first pregnancy

‘I got infected after my miscarriage, I am on medication’ Size 8 opens up

“When i was 11 weeks pregnant, i had labor pains, I was asking myself how can this be in labor and i am only 11 weeks in. 

In the evening is when i started bleeding, i was so scared,then i called DJ Mo crying.”

Just when she thought she would get through the second pregnancy, the doctor broke the news that it was not possible.

“But that was not the case because the pregnancy was already destroyed. i cried so much. knowing i served the lord alot,  how can this happen to me?”

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‘The ma3 driver has a crush on your car’ KOT make fun of motorist who hit Dj Mo’s Range Rover

Over the weekend popular Dj Mo, did not host the show Crossover. He revealed this was due to an accident he was involved in.

He instead roped in Dj Tabz to take over and co-host with Gace Ekirapa.  Apparently a matatu driver hit his Range Rover, and he also shared the photo below.

He told Mpasho in an interview that



dj mo's range rover hit
Gospel DJ Mo shares a photo of the vehicle that hit his range rover


Read hilarious comments from his fans who couldn’t resist making fun of the moment:

David Kihiko …Alafu Dere aone ni Dj Moh. Utasikia niaje buda…tunaeza piga kaselfie??

D Jay Stopsign Kenya.. ATA USITOKE KWA GARI….BRO… Juu huyu amakufwata for a distance na amedai selfie ni lazima upende usipende…..

Melisa Biggy ..Its a month of love… Wacha magari zipendane watu wameshidwa na mapenzi siku hizi

Vaughn Doublepole.. At list amepata stori ya kunyamazisha madere kwa stage before mat ijae…zile za… *wasee mi nlishkanisha na range,bahati ilikua ule DjMo- nikajua hakatanuka juu haezi taka stori mob*…

Mburu Wa Gitau… N then the driver was like…”Ngai!!!! Ni dj Mo, ma nikio giki rora macwiri!!!!!”

Samuel Watson.. Inataka mateke….. you know who to call

Mutitu Blex ..Naona kama ni salamu tuYou must have mixed that mat driver with some music in side that rangemy guess

Peter Morris ..Hypeman I think hiyo mat was attracted to ua fine machine

Boniface Mutahi …You play “eti Leo ni bumper to bumper”? So what do you expect..

Stago Kimweli ..Ngekua DERE wa hio mat Natoka ki usain bolt,maze range sporty singoji hesabu

Titus …Sunday Kama ameiweka ka scratch,enda uipake tu make-up na usare hio story.

Emmanuel Kihush …Alikuwa anataka mix zako lakini hakuwa na attention yako sasa ilibidi amekusalamia…….

Shiro Mirriam …A simple kiss on the bum bum of your car

Rozie Fabiana …The ma3 got real crush on the range,,,thats wat you do when you meet up with your crush kiss

Marylynn Gatwiri …I think ni wewe nliona thika makongeni road……pia mm ningekuwa na probox yangu ningekufuata mbio at list nione wambo….I just love your her

Christopher Irungu.. Its smelling ua booty

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Kibandaski Of All Places! Check Out Where DJ Mo Took Size 8 For Breakfast (Video)

The Murayas are a happy family. They were blessed with their bundle of joy, Ladasha Belle, who has made the family even happier. She checked into the Muraya household in 2015.

Both of them are Christians and its natural for their daughter to embrace Christianity while still a child and previously she was seen sharing a stage with her mother on the show she airs called Pambio Live.

A video has emerged of showing how DJ Mo who hosts TV show Cross Over 101 took his wife for breakfast at a very general public place which is not their standards anyway and they both seemed to enjoy themselves.

DJ Mo stated that they were going for a church meeting and his wife took a long time applying makeup and apparently they both had no breakfast. Since Size 8 was hungry, they had to look for a place to eat and the only place DJ Mo saw was a ‘kibanda’ or a kiosk where they ordered tea and chapo.


Check out the video below:

Here are comments from fans:


Charoh: Mo u r full of udigital if u had to take such a great woman to’mtaro ya sewage’ size 8 ur very humble ..kama ni mm l would have failed the test walai ..kwanza ya vyombo

Rehinnas: Kibandaski. …. now that is Romance

Njeri: Uko ni githurai kwa 15k AMA….size8 ucjali uko Na Jaguar XE

Nancy: Hiyo ni so romantic

Ann: Good thing ulikula tu vizuri bila maringo.cheers to that

Collins: Kwa mama mwangi corner hotel

Rufina: Hapo ndipo kudos lovebirds

Faith: Do for others what you want to be done unto theee

Djeuphorique: Halo uliweza bro iyo kibanda ulikua dopeeeeee


Is DJ Mo Listening? Here’s Maina Kageni’s confession about single mothers

Gospel Dj Mo has not been having an easy time, after he castigated single mums in his latest beef with columnist Njoki Chege.

This follows an article she penned where she commented about his marriage, something that did not sit well with the gospel Dj.

Dj Mo has since apologized for saying negative things about single mums, but the internet unfortunately never forgets.

‘I Hear She Is A Single Mum, She Couldn’t Keep A Man!’ DJ Mo Fires Back At Njoki Chege

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni today wanted to know why Kenyan men have a problem with single mothers. This stems from a problem in society where young and eligible Kenyan men fear hooking up women with kids.

Maina’s question was: Guys, what do you fear about women with children?

Maina was raised by a single mum, and fully understands the challenges that single mothers go through.

A man challenged Maina to say what he loves about single women and the outspoken presenter did not hold back.

He proudly shouted, ‘Here are these men, castigating women for being single mothers, who gave them those children? Ama they fell from the sky? Why will you not marry a woman with children?

‘Why do men fear women with children? The tragedy girls is you can be 23-years-old with two children and you’ll never get married. Seriously!!’

Maina even had a confrontation with Daddy wa Murioo aka Wakanai, Classic 105’s biggest fan.

Wakanai wanted to know; ‘Wewe mwenyewe saa hii coz your such a potential, bwana anaweza olewa, unaweza oa single mother?’

Maina wa Wangui was quick to shout, ‘ Yes I can’.

KOT react after Dj Mo discloses he pretended to be broke to test Size 8’s commitment to him

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TBT: This Is How Dj Mo Looked Before Money And Fame

Popular gospel Disc Jokey, Dj Mo hails grew up in Nakuru and Nairobi. He is a Dj and first born from a family of three where he is the only son.

Dj Mo aka Sammy Muraya attended Maragua primary school and Lanet high school in Nakuru.


He graduated from high school in 2004 and started pursuing his career in music.

Being a throw back Thursday, he took to his instagram a picture of him before all the suits and money he has now. He is one of the proprietors behind the brand system unit, a gospel Dj academy.

He is a husband to the famously known musician Size 8 who ditched secular music for gospel music and together, have a daughter by the name Ladasha Belle.


Well, for those who didn’t know…DJ Mo did not become successful from the blues. He had to put in a lot of hard work to get where he is and this can be seen in his old photo that makes him look totally different from the baba Ladasha belle we have come to know.

dj mo

He is a living proof that no situation in life is permanent and having tried all ways to make ends meet, he kept his hope alive and for this reason he is now one of the most successful Dj’s in the country.

Dj Mo met his wife through a friend and after that they became friends and Mo went on to mentor Size 8 into salvation.


Here are reactions from his followers:


annkuria254: Hehehe

bettyconsultant: 😂😂😂😂😃😂. There is a God

comedian_kafei_fei: Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jehova

bencyco: Hapa haukua umeanza kula broadways 😂😂 @djmokenya

ntashthemodel: Haha aki huyu ni wewe…usitudanganye #TBT😂😂😂😂😂😊

jaytmzeiya: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 imewesa haiwesi!!! Imewesa

emzscofield: 😂😂😂😂gatho! Kutoka mbali

kijanapatpaatofficial: Bro ulijuana na God sio jana

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phyllis_samuel_frances: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

nancykaregi31: Hapa ata @size8reborn hangekunoki @djmokenya 🤗🤗🤗

matwanamatatuculture: The drive 😎

stecy_kamaa: 😁😁😁😁 wooiii anaitwa Mungu ,Aki watu hutoka far

matsalia_sharon: Ha ha huyu ni wewee Tee bee tee

its_theo254: @djmokenya hii ni tbt yako brathee look alike ni wewe

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kimberly_annita: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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princeben082: U can’t be serious this is the tbt you!!

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