‘I Have My Boyfriend’s E-mail And Social Media Passwords!’ Actress Celina Declares

Katherine Kamau, commonly known as Celina, is among the few lucky Kenyan celebrities. The talented actress, who has featured in many local programmes, including the popular family drama Mother-in-Law, has managed to create a niche for herself in the flooded showbiz industry.

celina Kamau actress

The Harpic brand ambassador has been in a longtime relationship with her partner Phil Karanja, a former Tahidi High actor and now a producer, and they are staying together with her son.

Many have been eagerly waiting for their wedding but it seems now that most of their friends — the likes of Jolene Matubia, actor Njugush and Abel Mutua — are married, they will soon tie the knot.

Celina, currently the main actor in the new TV dramedy Sue na Johnnie, is a protective woman, and her posts about relationships speak a lot.
Well, Celina has made serious revelations about her relationship that have left her fans’ tongues wagging. Is someone trying to snatch Phil from Celina, or she is just sending a warning to husband snatchers out there, or amekalia Phil chapati?
“I have his Instagram, facebook and email passwords ???????? just saying ???????????? @phil_director mpenz ❤️.”

Celina posted accompanied by the photo below;’

Celina Kamau

Here are some of the comments by Celina’s fans

Wanjiru: @phil_director enyewe hii ndiyo Kukaliwa chapati. … kumbe this kind of men still exist @kate_actress uko ndaaaaani ndaaaaani kabisaaa

Cayeunel: Twangonja white wedding

Nyanda: In short hakuna kuslide kwa DM ya huyu bae… @kate_actress

Gigis: Inbox unazi receive right hand.

Does it mean she is afraid of losing her partner?

Here’s Proof That Waihiga Mwaura Chose The Best Wife, Joyce Omondi

“For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her,” so says the bible in Ephesians 5:25. 

Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura is among the few husbands around living according to this word. He is a loving, caring and supportive husband to his wife Joyce Omondi. The two tied the knot early 2016 in an invitees only that was attended by the local media bigwigs.

Joyce Omondi Wahiga Mwaura

Joyce Omondi, a gospel singer cum radio presenter is one of the most beautiful women around and as may say, Waihiga found the best wife. The sexy woman is a true definition of beauty and brains. The Conquer hit singer and her Tv presenter hubby are in love and never have we had any of them complain over infidelity.

Well, Joyce Omondi is also a great fashionista and her sense of fashion speaks volume. She is a pacesetter in the fashion industry and she is known for her unique hairstyles. Below are beautiful photos of Joyce Omondi which prove that indeed Waihiga Mwaura aliangukia, go through;


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi


Joyce omondi



‘I Give All My Money To My Husband!’ Confesses Size 8

Power couple DJ Mo and Size 8 are lucky. The two young lovebirds have bagged several endorsements deals with top corporates in the country after getting married. Size 8, an ex-secular singer, revealed how she and the spinmaster hubby, met. And the rest is history.



In a recent interview, the Mateke hitmaker spilled the beans on their marriage. Size 8 revealed things people don’t know about her popular DJ hubby.


“He doesn’t know how to cook, he is romantic, he is very quick to forgive, very ambitious and of course, he is the most handsome man I have ever met; he is hot!.”

Size 8 who is a beautiful light skinned woman, went ahead to explain how she resisted temptations from the sponsors out here and she confessed that many men offered her huge sums of money and exotic trips abroad but she refused. She was true to her hubby and father of her daughter Ladasha Belle.


The diapers ambassador during the interview also revealed that she gives all her money to her husband, a statement that left her fans surprised… But why?

“He is very structural. he doesn’t allow me to spend my money because I’m a spendthrift.”

Ladies, would you give your man all your money and savings even without him asking?

Size 8 went ahead to advise women to take care of themselves, trust their husbands and always seek God’s intervention.

Below is the video of Size 8 talking about her relationship with DJ MO. Watch it

This Is The Million Dollar Wedding Kenyans Are Talking About (PHOTOS)

Days are gone when most weddings were held in the church where one worshipped. This was simply to give everyone who worshipped in the church a chance to attend whether invited or not.

It was also a chance to help increase the church ratings but nowadays things have changed.

People prefer garden or beach weddings and can invite fewer guests, unlike the previous years where one would invite the whole village, constituency or even county to witness him say ‘Yes I do’ to his partner.

 Well, on Saturday, Brian Gacari the CEO of Property Reality Company Limited (PRC) and his longtime lover Mercy Njeri said “I do” to each other at a very exclusive wedding ceremony that was attended by their family and close friends among them radio king Maina Kageni and K24’s presenter Amina.
It was an all white affair. It was simple, special and one of the best weddings that we have witnessed so far this year. Gacari and Mercy’s wedding was held at the famous Leopards Beach Resort & Spa in Diani, Kenya.
Below are photos from Brian Gacari and Mercy Njeri’s million dollar wedding, go through.
Brian Gacari (PRC CEO) and his wife Mercy Njeri
Brian Gacari
Brian Gacari (PRC CEO) and his wife Mercy Njeri
Maina Kageni and Amina Abdi pose for a photo with friends ar Gacari and Njderi's wedding
Maina Kageni and Amina Abdi pose for a photo with friends ar Gacari and Njderi’s wedding
Brian Gacari (PRC CEO) and his wife Mercy Njeri

Nairobi Woman Turns Down Mpango wa Kando’s Exotic Holiday, Still Loves Jobless Husband

Dear Kenyan men, do not generalise all women. Don’t call her promiscuous, lazy, immature, golddigger or stingy just because you dated someone who possessed all these characters at some point in your life. There are a few who are decent, loving, kind and faithful. They are ready to build an empire with you from scratch to something.


Well, a Kenyan woman has left Kenyans talking for days after she made certain confessions about her mpango wa kando (side dish). The woman, who didn’t want her identity revealed, claimed that her mpango wa kando is a wealthy man and they recently planned to celebrate her birthday in Mauritius, one of the beautiful countries in Africa. But she ‘pulled out’. The married woman further went ahead to confess how she loves her jobless husband and children and won’t ruin her marriage just because of money.


“Good morning mums
I need advice.. don’t bother running to my profile it’s protected.
So I met this guy sometimes last year.We’ve always been in touch just casual greetings until early this year he showed interest in me. He knows I’m married, he’s married too but still wanted us to have a relationship.

I refused but 1 week ago I gave in after looking at the bright side of it. This man was going to transform my life I felt it. He’s development conscious and not this kawa sponsors. We’ll we’d even planned a vacation to Mauritius, and I was to get a car from him on my birthday(BTW he’s very rich). But something behind has been telling me all this is wrong…. so last night. I looked at my beautiful children, my husband (who is jobless by the way) and decided wacha tuteseke but ain’t going on with the relationship. I sent him a long text and ended things which he accepted like a gentleman..

I sent him a long text and ended things which he accepted like a gentleman..Now tell me ,did I throw away an opportunity of a lifetime ama I did the right thing? NB I haven’t slept with him.

NB I haven’t slept with him.
No judging me please…..thank you,” she posted.

The post attracted a lot of comments with many fellow married women congratulating her for the brave decision. Check out some of the comments.

Lynn: You made a very wise decision dear, may God protect your marriage.

Ruth: Kudos dear, the money factor is very tempting, but never let it get into your head.God will reward you, just be patient Continue reading “Nairobi Woman Turns Down Mpango wa Kando’s Exotic Holiday, Still Loves Jobless Husband”

Have You Seen These Beautiful Photos Of Kawira And Her Hubby?

Joy Furaha popularly known as Kawira is one of the best and talented local actress around. Kawira who is commonly known for her naive character – a village girl from Gakoromoni, got married 2 years ago and since then, her life has completely changed. Continue reading “Have You Seen These Beautiful Photos Of Kawira And Her Hubby?”