My stepmother mistreated us, we really suffered! Gloria Muliro sadly says

Sensational gospel singer Gloria Muliro was at the Radio Jambo studios this week and had some very fascinating insights into her life before the spotlight.

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The “Nani kama Wewe” singer described the struggles she went through in the hands of a stepmom. Muliro is the second born in a family of two and lost her mom at the age of nine, something that completely changed her life.

“My childhood life was full of problems. It was not easy. My mom died while we were so young and life completely changed. I was nine years at the time and my elder sister was around 13 years,” she said. Muliro narrated that despite her biological father staying with them that her life had been tough for them.

Gloria Muliro

She also revealed her father remarried so that the new woman could take care of the young twins who had been left behind after her mother died the morning of the birth.

“My father remarried and for sure he had to because on the day my mom died she had given birth to twins that morning,” recalled an emotional Muliro.

Gloria Muliro

That wasn’t the only tragedy that befell the Muliro family. The singer explained that those very twins died six months after their mom’s death.

“The twins died while they were six months old. One of them died first and on the burial day, the other one also died,” she added.

Like the stereotypical story of the evil stepmother, Muliro explained how her stepmother mistreated them when their father wasn’t there to protect them

“My stepmom behaved like a typical one. We suffered in her hands and although my father defended us, he was not always there for he lived far working to fend for his family,” said Muliro.

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HE’S MOVED ON: Gloria Muliro’s Ex Hubby Pastor Omba Proves To Haters That He’s Happy With His New Family (PHOTOS)

Gloria Muliro and Pastor Eric Omba were once a loving couple who lived together as husband and wife, uplifting each other’s lives emotionally and career wise, but the love didn’t make it to happily ever after.

In a shocking revelation, in 2015, singer Gloria Muliro came out to confess that her marriage was a big pretense and that she had called it off because he was physically abusing her, had an affair and misused her money.


The two have since moved on, but it looks like Eric Omba was done even before the separation after it was revealed that he  was already living with a younger woman, and had a child together.

Pastor Omba surprised everyone when he showed off his new woman and child, an adorable girl, on social media, yet he had said that he would never remarry if Gloria Muliro would not reconcile with him. But I guess he lied.

Eric Omba is currently dating a lady by the name Bella Dee, a singer, and the two were blessed with a daughter by the name Elaina Omba, back in 2016.


A lot of people have been criticizing him for living and getting intimate with a lady he hasn’t officially married but Eric Omba seems to be ignoring them and continues to show off his beautiful family to the world, proving that he’s content. He wrote this in one of the pics;

God first and family second.

Check out their recent adorable photos together, looking all merry and delighted.


WHEN LOVE TURNS TO HATE! 5 Of The Biggest And Nastiest Break Ups In The Kenyan GOSPEL Industry

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of celebrity break ups in the last couple of years in Kenya, and we can’t all help but wonder what’s going on and especially for couples who seemed like they wouldn’t part ways.

Dating while in the limelight must really be a hard task, what with all the prying eyes and scrutiny from the public judging your every move, which makes it hard for celebs to keep under wraps relationship challenges they’re facing.

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In the Kenyan entertainment industry, particularly gospel artistes have grabbed the nation’s attention because of the frequent break-ups facing them.


So which gospel artistes have sadly called it quits? Check out some of the worst Kenyan gospel celebrity break-ups below.

1. Gloria Muliro and Pastor Omba
Gloria Muliro shocked Kenyans when she came out to reveal that she had walked out of her 5-year marriage. She accused her then husband Pastor Eric Omba of emotional abuse, cheating, and mismanagement of her money. The two have since moved on and Omba already has two kids from different women.


2. Eunice Njeri and Rapper Izzo
This was one of the biggest and most controversial celebrity break-ups this year. Eunice Njeri walked down the aisle in December 2016 and on February 2017, she announced that she had annulled the marriage the same day. The singer claimed that her heart was in Kenya and wasn’t ready to settle down in the US.


3. Dr Ofweneke and Nicah The Queen
This is the latest Kenyan celebrity break up with details emerging that comedian Dr Ofweneke broke up with his fiancée, Nicah. The two have had a rocky relationship and though they tried to keep it a secret, the two have called it quits. In a shocking revelation, Nicah shared a photo accusing the comedian of beating her.


4. Pastor Kanyari and Betty Bayo
These gospel bigwigs were a couple at some point bus sadly, it ended in a very nasty separation after Betty Bayo decided to walk away from the marriage. This came after someone accused the pastor of conning church members. Betty Bayo, later on, revealed that she was pregnant with another man’s baby and has since given birth.


5. Hey Z Da Brand and Mercy Njoki
The gospel singer broke up with former Tahidi High actress Mercy Njoki aka Izareeh after dating for 6 years. He accused her of cheating on him and after calling it quits, the lady moved on with another man just a few weeks after. Sad!