Here’s How To Make Your Shoes Look Swanky

Women love buying shoes for no reason at all and they end up having many pairs that they don’t wear. Instead of having loads of shoes that you can’t wear maybe because they look to plain and boring, don’t throw them out yet I have a solution for you.

The solution is to make your old shoes look new, better, swanky and just maybe you can resell them for a better price. Did I mention that this tutorials are for nearly all types of shoes? because it is.

All you need is studs, glue, glitter, fabric, lace, string, spray paint, tape, ropes, Pins, earrings, beads and anything you may want. Before you brush me off, just take a moment and read through this article and see what the  above mentioned things have to do with revamping old shoes.

Flats – A pair of old or plain flats can get a new lease of life simply by adding a piece of jewellery on it. If the shoe is made of fabric you can use a broach to give it a new look or you can also use stick on earrings for the same purpose for shoes made out of leather or suede.

ballet shoes

 Heels – You can use glue and glitter, studs or beads to create a new look for the shoe. Apply the glue then spread the glitter around an area of the shoe that you prefer say the bottom of the heel or at the tip- toe. You can also poke holes all round and use a coloured string all round. You can also use bling to make your shoe look more appealing. Adding a bracelet or necklace will give it a much needed effect.

heels s

Heels g



heels j
Heel beads

Rubber shoes – Depending on what look you want, you can use studs,strings, glitter , crayon, permanent markers etc to revamp a plain pair of sneakers/ rubber shoes. For plain shoes you can use permanent coloured markers to change the way they look. You ma also use glue and glitters, or studs to give it a new life.

Rubbers Converse

Sandals – From fabrics, studs, to jewelry  making sandals funky has never been so easy.

sandal fabric