Githeri man and other Kenyans who became instant celebrities (photos)

As we start the count down towards the end of 2018 we take a look at common Kenyan citizens who became instant celebrities for one reason or another.

From interacting with President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Below is the list:
1. Ksh 100  Wedding Couple

Ann and Wilson Mutura, became instant celebrities after spending only a 100 bob for their wedding officiated by a pastor going by the name Prince Jasper Ojwach on Facebook.
This saw companies come out to help and below are some of the offers they received
The couple during their sponsored white wedding
a. SLIQUE EVENTS PLANNER Ltd through M.D Aaltonen Jumba has offered a fully sponsored wedding to give Wilson & Anne an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.
b. BONFIRE ADVENTURES AND EVENTS through CEO Kabu Simon has offered an all expenses paid honeymoon package.
c. FINE CINEMA PRODUCTION through M.D Maureen Karee have offered make-up artist and free photoshoot on Valentine’s Day.
d. Lilian, a volunteer in U.S has pledged start-up capital for a small business whichever Anne will find appealing.
e. Moses Meingati has offered one goat as a wedding gift.
f. Geoffrey Ngari has pledged a cake to the couple.
g7. Derek Otieno, Wambui King’ori, Rosalind Njogu, Monica Chau and many others have pledged small tokens to celebrate this marriage.

2. Githeri Man

He was spotted absentmindedly enjoying his maize and bean meal as he joined millions of Kenyans braving the cold, damp weather to cast their vote in 2017.

He trended and that saw him undergo an overhaul. He was even put in rehab after President Uhuru’s intervention, he was even dressed by Uhuru’s stylist.

Unsolicited goodies started coming his way from leading mobile network operator Safaricom, while other Kenyan corporate practically fell over themselves just to get a piece of him.

He got free holiday trips and new suits that transformed him from the haggard man in an ill-fitting checked blazer to a suave, streetwise, sharp dresser.

A Head of State Commendation during 2017 Jamhuri Day celebrations capped off the roller-coaster ride had been riding.

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3. Mama Susan Mukhasia

She became an instant celebrity after Deputy President William Ruto forked out a whopping 100,000 just for tea and chapati he had at her kiosk.

Taking to tweeter Ruto wrote

“While taking refuge when the rains disrupted our public meeting at Shianda, Mumias, Kakamega County, we enjoyed nice tea and chapati at Mama Susan Mkhasia’s kiosk,”


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On Monday, former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale set tongues wagging after revealing that the DP Ruto had paid Sh100,000 for the snack.

“Yesterday a lucky Susan Mugasia served tea worth Sh 250/- to @WilliamsRuto & these VIPs at her kiosk at Shianda market in Kakamega. The Deputy President gave her Sh 100,000/- and told her to keep change!” said Boni Khalwale.

4. David Kuria

David Kuria received a surprise invitation to the State House to attend President Uhuru’s swearing-in and a State dinner thereafter. Kuria, a newspaper vendor had faithfully sold newspapers to Kenyatta along the streets of Nairobi for decades.


5. Emily Wanjiru

An encounter with the president changed the life of young Emily Wanjiru‘s family. The little girl moved the president with her poem.

Shortly afterwards, the president offered to construct a better house for the family and pay for the girl’s education. This saw the family move from a 10 by 10 makeshift wooden house in Gachoror to a decent house.

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Class Imepanda From Githeri To Chapo! Githeri Man Lands Yet Another Deal

Martin Kamotho famously known as the Githeri Man was introduced to the media when people were voting last month where a photo of him emerged carrying a transparent paper bag with githeri inside as he queued just like every Kenyan to cast his vote on August 8th.

Githeri Man

His photo went viral on social media and for the first time he managed to be interviewed and became famous in a very short span of time. He was not able to hide the joy within because he never thought a day would come when he would be on live television, considering he was just but a city council worker.

Githeri Man

Githeri Man fame made everyone want to take selfies with him and was even rewarded a mobile phone and even his wardrobe changed.

Martin has landed yet another deal that will make his bank account smile and it looks like the celebrity is now promoting flour.

Checkout reactions from fans:

Hilla: Nice one I can see so far so good

Ryzller: Goodstuff. Will buy it just because of you

Jouwie: His smile is so genuine yaaani….😍😍

Farida: Class imepanda from githeri to chapo😂😂

Githeri Man Responds To Claim That He Blacked Out In A Ditch And Lost His 100k Phone

Githeriman born Martin Kimotho who became a national sensation during the election period is living large. The once upon a time county council cleaner in Dandora is now living like a king. The father of one was showered with gifts and praise for uniting Kenyans.

Githeri Man received gifts from Safaricom where he was given a Samsung S8+ smartphone valued at Sh.100, 000 and his wife and child were given a Tecno Canon smartphone worth Sh. 50, 000.

He also received a fully paid vacation for him and his family to the Maasai Mara courtesy of Bonfire and a real estate firm –Ngong Crescent gifted him with a serviced plot worth Sh.269,000 and a title deed for a land in Karen. Well, Carol Pulei, the woman who designed Uhuru came out and offered to design his suits for a year.

Well, rumours have been going round out that Githeri man had lost his new Samsung S8+ phone after he blacked out by the roadside.

Kenyans’ darling has spoken out and distanced himself from the picture (above) and displayed his phone as proof that all is well with him.

Tukubaliane. Hakuna vile naweza waangusha chini kama wakenya. Hiyo risto ya kulewa na kupoteza simu sio ukweli. Simu zote ziko hapa. Yule anaeneza hiyo uvumi sijui ako na niya Gani. Nazidi kuwashukura wakenya wote,” He wrote

Githeri man

Adding that:

“Simu ndio hii. na yule anasema nililewa nikaporwa nimekusamehe”