Bodaboda Operator Who Rode From Kerugoya To Naivasha To Visit Girlfriend Crashed To Death

A motorcycle operator who rode from Kerugoya to Naivasha to visit his girlfriend was on Sunday night crashed by a speeding trailer along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road.

The 30-year-old died on the spot while the trailer sped off from the scene as cases of fatal road accidents involving the operators continue to rise.

Three weeks ago, three operators were hit and killed by motorists along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway in three different cases.

In the latest incident, the operator had driven from Kerugoya over 200kms when the accident occurred near Maili Mbili center along the busy road.

A driver of a matatu Abel Mwaura said that the operator had been overtaking a fleet of vehicles before he was hit by the trailer.

“The driver of the trailer did not realize that he had hit the operator and sped off leaving the man to bleed to death,” he said.

Meanwhile, a group of passengers heading to Nairobi from Nakuru were on Sunday subjected to a three hour horror ordeal after a group of thugs carjacked a Nissan matatu there were travelling in.

The thugs who were allegedly armed with a gun and other crude weapons robbed the passengers before dumping them in the suburbs of Naivasha town.

The four thugs who had boarded the matatu in Nakuru town later fled the scene before the shaken passengers reported the matter to Naivasha police station.

The incident came barely a fortnight after another group of thugs carjacked another matatu near Kinale forest on the same highway and robbed the passengers.

A passenger only identified as Ibrahim narrated how one of the thugs called on the driver to allow him to take a call of nature before turning against him.

He said that the driver was ordered out of his seat and the vehicle was driven off the highway where they were beaten and robbed during the 11pm incident.

“The thugs even had the guts to transfer all the cash in our Mpesa to their phones before escaping with all our personal effects and cash,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the two incidents adding that in the carjacking cases no suspects had been arrested.

“We are following up the carjacking case while in the accident case the body was collected and taken to Naivasha sub-county hospital mortuary,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

‘I am tired of my boyfriend!’ cries woman after dating for two years

A 24-year woman has confessed that she’s no longer interested in her boyfriend after dating for close to two years.

The woman claims that her 28-year-old boyfriend is clueless and has no plans for the future.”

“I can’t believe I am doing this..but this seems like a last resort for me…l am so tired of my present relationship. I have been dating this guy for close to 2 years.

When I met him…He was completely clueless about what he wants out of life. He just doesn’t fit me looking at him now. He is as clueless as when we met. The annoying part is I respect him so much. He cannot boldly say He has given me ANYTHING since we started dating. I have spent stipend on him countless times.

I have my flaws which he overlooks. I am just tired of him getting angry over little things, and bringing out past offense when there is another offense. I really don’t think I can handle this again. I am totally fed up. What should I do?

Reactions include:

mz_lemons: Do what makes you happy..

damz: He’s still young please leave him alone! Women mature faster than men

cheeryblozzomstore: If you are tired leave.

peters_mith: Walk away now.

da_veid: Isn’t love supposed to forgive and forget….or how does love work again?

single_parents_in_africa: If you are not careful, you’ll join him. Dump him now if you want to stay sane.

hrh_nma: Then you break up and move on… Why do people complain about everything? Bounce if you can’t take the heat …

_thatgirl_tasha: Since he’s clueless walk out of his life a guy might not hv cash but he has plans.

Maradona girlfriend says wedding bells planned, no date set

The girlfriend of Diego Maradona says she and her former football superstar boyfriend will soon tie the knot, although no firm wedding date has been set.

“It will be this year, if we can manage it,” Rocio Oliva told reporters at the airport after she arrived from Dubai, where she lives with the football icon.

Oliva had come to Argentina to attend the birthday party of her brother, Luciano.

Asked about tabloid reports of a December 13 wedding, she said, “No, not the 13th!”

“Everything’s okay, guys. We always invent arguments,” she responded after a reporter asked about rumors the relationship was not at its best.

Celebrity gossip programs have suggested Maradona, 54, and Oliva, 25, would be married in the Vatican with the blessing of Pope Francis, a noted football fan who was born in Buenos Aires.

Maradona is currently engaged in a legal dispute with his former wife, Claudia Villafane, with whom he has two daughters, over a shortage of money in a joint account. He divorced Villafane in 2003.

He has two sons and another daughter with three other women.

Photo Credits : AFP

Man Strangles His Girlfriend To Death

A suspected casual labourer in Othaya, Nyeri county has gone underground after allegedly strangling his girlfriend to death in a love gone sour case.

The suspected man first stabbed the mother of four Priscilla Wairima, 39 before strangling her using a wire at Kihome village last night.

Neighbours said the suspect wanted to marry the woman but was very disturbed to know who the father of the fourth born was, the fourth born is only three months old child.

He later entrapped her in the rental house where he is said to have committed the offence.

The two who are neigbours works as casual labourers at Nyayo Tea Zone neigbouring Aberdare Forest where they pick tea.

The suspect hails from Nanyuki area while the woman is from Tetu Sub County.

Area police boss Joseph Mwika said police has launched manhunt for the suspect.

The body was removed to Mukurwe-ini sub district hospital mortuary for postmortem.

Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Prank On Her Boyfriend Backfires (Video)

The next time you want to prank someone just make sure that they cannot outsmart you.

A woman decided to play a prank on her boyfriend and lie that she is pregnant .

The couple had been going out for three years and the woman was on the pill, well atleast that’s what the boyfriend thought.

So she calls him to have a sit down so that she may give him the news and all hell breaks loose.

Watch video here:

De Gea’s pop star girlfriend the driving force behind his potential move to Real

David De Gea’s pop star girlfriend Edurne Garcia is the driving force behind his proposed move to Real Madrid this summer, writes Tom Hopkinson in the Sunday People. The 24-year-old keeper has made no secret of his desire to return to his home city – but it seems his reasons are as much personal as professional.

Edurne Garcia

De Gea and Garcia, who is representing Spain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, plan to marry next year and she is keen to remain in Spain to further her career. Madrid will offer United up to £20million, plus add-ons, to secure De Gea’s signature on a five-year deal.

Garcia hit the headlines earlier this year, when she professed Manchester was ‘uglier than the back of a fridge’. Pablo Motos, host of evening light entertainment show El Hormiguero, quizzed her about her trips to Manchester before asking her: “I’ve been told Manchester is uglier than the back of a fridge.”

Edurne Garcia

She replied: “It’s not very nice, that’s for sure. You have to hunt out specific places, the nicer places. “But even then Spain is nicer. The reason I like it is because David’s there. With him being there, everything looks wonderful.” De Gea will reportedly call a ‘family meeting’, including Garcia, to thrash out where he will be playing his football next season.

Man gets into an accident and 17 girlfriends show up to visit him

A Chinese man had a little explaining to do after a car accident left him in hospital and his 17 girlfriends rushed to his bedside.

According to the South China Morning Post report, the Chinese casanova known only as Mr Yuan had apparently been dating all 17 women at the same time, without their knowledge and even has a child with one.

However, his numerous affairs were exposed after he was taken to hospital on March 24 following a car accident where he got non-life-threatening injuries.

Doctors contacted his ‘relatives’ and were surprised when 17 girlfriends turned up – although presumably not as surprised as Mr Yuan.

Changsha newspaper Xiaoxiang Chen Bao reports that the women were also stunned to discover the truth about their sweetheart.

One of the girlfriends, called Xiao Li, said: ‘I’ve been with him for a year and a half. [After hearing he’d been in an accident] I cried so hard I didn’t have any tears left.

‘I was really worried when I heard that he was in hospital. But when I started seeing more and more beautiful girls show up, I couldn’t cry anymore.’

Xiao says she’s now set up a chat forum for all of Yuan’s partners and she’s discovered that some of the women had been supporting him financially – one of them for nine years.

Wang Fang, the mother of Yuan’s child, said: ‘We’ve already had a son together. What can I do now? I don’t love him anymore, but I do love my son.’

Another girlfriend, Xiao Ting, said she thought Yuan had been her ‘Mr Right’ and she had already been planning her wedding.

The hapless casanova’s story has now been shared across social media sites in China, with some expressing admiration for his multitasking ability, while others are wondering how exactly he kept 17 women in the dark.

As for loverboy, the online speculation is the least of his problems – according to reports, the police have now launched an investigation into allegations of fraud.

Nigerian man pranks his girlfriend then proposes to her

A couple was enjoying a meal at a fast food restuarant before another man joined them shortly.

The second man was hired to pretend to know the girl as his previous lover, with whom they had an unfortunate fall out.

He walks in and starts drama accusing the girl of using him and all sorts of things, security is then called but the unexpected happens.

The lady who is now visibly disturbed and confused looks at her man who’s calming the situation.

He then goes down on one knee and proposes to her. Watch the video here:

Ray J pays bail for his girlfriend who beat him up

Ray J ‘s girlfriend Princess Love   was arrested in New Orleans for allegedly beating him to a bloody pulp.

Law enforcement agencies say that, it happened last Wednesday after Ray J returned to his hotel after spending the night with TV producers at a strip joint.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood”  star  told cops Princess went ballistic and attacked him, cracking several ribs, busting his lip open and tearing his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).

Someone in the hotel told cops they heard Princess scream, “I’m gonna kill you.”

It is reported that  Ray J ran out of the room and a hotel security guy saw him bleeding and called 911.

His girlfriend Princess was then  arrested and booked for domestic abuse and battery.

And sources say Ray J himself bailed her out and paid $10K for her lawyer.


Chris Brown and girlfriend in couples therapy

Singer Chris Brown has made a commitment to his girfriend Kaureche and has decided to have a happy better relationship by going to therapy.

According to Hollywoodlife , “He’s put his ego aside and that was extremely hard to do but he’s doing it and it’s constantly a work in progress. Between work, touring, and his court obligations, he’s been seeing another therapist with Karrueche and they’ve secretly been doing couple’s therapy to kick off the New Year. He really wanted to begin the year off right with Karrueche and she’s mentioned this to him several times in the past and it’s finally set in. He wants to do this and he is.”

He also adds that he doesn’t want to be like his step father and will therefore not want to take his anger home.

Reporter quoted him saying , he doesn’t want to be a monster anymore. He wants to open his heart and really experience love.

He wants to give it and receive it and he’s not been able to do that with anyone in his life other than Karrueche. Even more so than his mother, Karrueche has really stolen the boys heart and is making it beat differently.”


Diego Maradona secretly filmed beating his girlfriend

Diego Maradona has been accused of beating his partner Rocio Oliva in a row over her mobile phone.

His girlfriend secretly filmed the episode which shows the former Argentina legend shouting at her for using her mobile and then apparently hitting out at her twice.

Maradona has denied attacking 23-year-old Rocio Oliva but has admitted to knocking the mobile out of her hand.

“I sent the phone flying but I swear by my children that I never raised my hand to a woman,” he said. “The story starts and finishes there.”

The video was shown by Argentine TV, Oliva can be heard pleading with Maradona to “stop hitting me”.

Maradona starting dating Oliva in 2013 and got engaged to the former women’s footballer earlier this year.

See more:

NBA’s Greg Oden Arrested for Allegedly Punching Ex-Girlfriend in the Face

No official charges have been filed yet

Greg Oden, a free agent NBA player, was arrested on Thursday in Indiana on charges of misdemeanor battery after allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend.

“He punched her in the face,” said a witness, who identified herself as the victim’s best friend, according to a police report. The incident occurred at around 3:30 a.m. at a house owned by Oden’s mother.


Girlfriend lured man to park for date so her boyfriend could rob him

A honeytrapper and her boyfriend lured a man to a park over Facebook so they could attack him with a meat cleaver for his money and mobile phone.

Haseena Aziz arranged to go on the ‘date’ in order to give her 29-year-old boyfriend Afahan Hussain a chance to rob the victim.

The 28-year-old tempted the man to meet her in a park in Birmingham by flirting with him in a series of messages over the social-networking site.

Gentlemen Pay Attention…Man Breaks Down Scientific Formula For “Wifey Material”

You may recall the Hot crazy Scale from How I Met Your Mother Watch as The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix or UHCM is used to definitively allow you to decide whether or not that woman in your life is a keeper…..

10 Relationship Deal Breakers

Most of us want to be good to our romantic partner. We want to show them love and respect and make them happy, but sometimes our emotional issues get in the way of our doing the right thing.

If any of the following behaviours apply to you, you’re relationship my be in serious trouble:

1. Selfishness: putting your needs and feelings ahead of your partner’s will not endear you to them. Being selfish leads to alienation and disconnection and breaks down the intimacy in a relationship.

2. Contempt. The reason to be with someone is because you care about them. This means that you should also like them, respect them, enjoy their company and be glad to know them. Ideally, you should be best friends as well as lovers.

3. Shaming. People are very sensitive to shame. Being in a relationship is supposed to build each person’s sense of self-worth and increase their confidence, and if you humiliate your partner in front of other people, consider this to be the kiss of death for the relationship.

4. Nagging. People want to feel like their relationship is their refuge, their “safe space.” If you continually nag your partner, they’ll feel harassed and will want to withdraw from you.

5. Lack of Support:  Your partner should feel like they can depend on you. They should trust that you’ll encourage them when they need a boost and that you’ll be there for them when they’re down.

6. Controlling Behaviour:  One of the advantages of being an adult is that we finally get to be autonomous and self-regulating. Most adults relish this independence and don’t want it taken away. If you’re very controlling toward your partner, they’ll feel oppressed and become resentful.

7. Unfavorable comparisons. Your partner wants to believe that you’re with them because you see them as a unique individual with wonderful qualities. When you compare them unfavorably to other people, they become demoralized. It’s unlikely they’ll want to stick around with someone who makes them feel this way.

8. Never being satisfied with anything. One of the nicest things about a relationship is the feeling that someone gets when they realize they can make you happy. It gives your partner great pleasure and a sense of empowerment to know that something they’ve done has lifted your spirits or has improved the quality of your life.

9. Lack of commitment or cheating. A major reason for being in a relationship is to feel loved and secure. If you refuse to commit, you’ll cause your partner to feel vulnerable and unsure of your true feelings. Their growing anxiety will lead to conflict.

10. Abuse (verbal or physical). Some people believe that being in a relationship gives them license to take out their hurt or angry feelings on their partner. Loving someone means that you should treat them at all times with consideration and respect.