Man ordered by court to pay his ex-girlfriend after break-up

A man in Britain has been ordered to pay his ex-girlfriend £28,500(Sh4.1m) in a landmark ruling for unmarried couples because he promised her ‘the security a wife would have’.

David Southwell, 55, said he had never envisaged marrying Catherine Blackburn and had never promised her anything when they began their relationship in 2000.

The court heard the businessman had paid for the £240,000 home they shared in Droitwich, Worcestershire, and also covered the £100,000 mortgage, intending it should always stay in his name alone.

But the court heard Miss Blackburn and her two daughters were left stranded after the acrimonious break-down of their relationship in 2012.

Ruling on the case last year, Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins QC said that Mr Southwell was ‘shrewd, cautious and guarded’ and had not wanted to marry Miss Blackburn because he knew what she would be able to claim should they break up.

Now a judge has ruled Mr Southwell, a claims handler, should give Miss Blackburn a £28,500 stake in the property to uphold his previous promise of security.