‘I rushed into marriage’ Anne Kansime talks about her past marriage

Anne Kansime is a force to reckon with in the world of comedy.

The Ugandan comedian has in an interview opened up about her failed marriage.

Speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105 Kansime says

Life happened I had a plan on how I wanted my life to go. I wanted to study graduate, get a job, find a man and eventually settle down.

I managed to do that I graduated, found a job and met a man and I thought everything was in order.

‘They said I sold my uterus to be famous,’ Kansime painfully opens up

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Kansime adds that despite everything looking perfect she feels she rushed into it.

I rushed into the marriage. It was actually not a white wedding but a traditional one.

We had marked the dates but they kept being pushed until I started questioning myself.

Kansime added that contrary to rumors her marriage did not break because of infidelity.

There was no infidelity in my marriage on my part. On his part unless we call him to your studios so that he can tell you because I do not know.

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Asked whether the fact that she is a celebrity made them break up Kansime says

I was in the limelight before we got married so I do not think that is something that contributed to our break up.

Also it is a fact that I earned more money than he did.I am not sure whether that made him insecure.

You cannot dim your light to shine another persons light.

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‘They said I sold my uterus to be famous,’ Kansime painfully opens up

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansime has in an interview heard by Classic 105 revealed some of the worst comments people said about her.

Kansime debunked the conjecture in the lengthy radio interview.

She confesses that people out rightly accused her of sacrificing her chance at motherhood for fame.

Some people were trying to wonder why I did not have kids with my ex husband Gerald.

She adds that despite the fact that it was all lies, (she has her uterus intact. Her only issue is that she had no way of proving it to her critics.

So they said I had sold my uterus in exchange for fame.

The sad thing is that it was not true but I had no way of proving myself because there is no way you can just show people your uterus is intact.

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Kansime and her ex husband Gerald
Kansime and her ex husband Gerald

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She sarcastically adds that if she had sold her uterus she would have no qualms directing others to where she did the ‘transaction’.

I can direct people who have a uterus and feel like they want to sell it for fame to where I sold mine

Anne Kansime who is well known for her show ‘Don’t Mess With Kansime’ is in Kenya to look for talent for the recently launched East Africa Got Talent.

She is the host of the talent show.

After her breakup with Ojok, Kansime hooked up with rapper Sky Lanta.

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It Is Official! Anne Kansiime And Hubby Ojok Have Broken Up!

Uganda’s top comedian Anne Kansiime has finally come out to reveal that she and her husband Gerald Ojok are not together anymore.

For a while now, rumours had it that she had split with Ojok, four years after their traditional wedding ceremony and are now living separately.

Kansiime confirmed this during a Facebook session with fans where she asked them to ask her any burning questions about her life.

And she was honest…really honest!

She responded to a fan who asked about their split


In another response, the comedian says she is still confused on whether she is going to find love again.

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Anne Kansiime

Aww! Ann Kansiime writes a sweet message for her hubby

Check out other replies to fans about her relationships, to a point of calling her marriage with Ojok a ‘real joke’


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She’s Alive! Ugandan Comedianne Anne Kansiime Quashes Death Rumours

Anne Kansiime is no doubt one of the most celebrated and sought after female comedians in Africa.

Real name, Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne, the humorous lass has been referred to as “Africa’s Queen of Comedy” by her fans, and over the years, she’s proved that to be true.

Kansiime’s fans were shocked and left in dismay recently when swirling rumours about the death of the Ugandan comedian spread across the internet, but it turns out that it was a big lie.

The report had claimed that Anne Kansiime was performing at a concert in Johannesburg, South Africa, when she suddenly fell ill and passed away thereafter, upon arrival to the hospital.

This caused a frenzy since no other site or media outlet had reported on the death of the award-winner, prompting Anne Kansiime to come out and shut down the rumours that she had passed on.

Anne Kansiime

The Ugandan sensation slammed the death allegation from the Times Lives publication, by going to on social media to inform her worried friends, family and fans that she was alive and well.

From the post, Anne Kansiime seemed disappointed by the false reports of her death and of course she didn’t forget to add a little humour to the post, but firmly refuting the claims at the same time;

Hmmmmm….so times1ive.co.za please help me to help you! If you are going to tell my ninjas that am dead, at least tell me in advance so I back up your story. Indeed Idleness has finally become a hobby. Well, relax my ninjas, your queen ninja is not about to desert you fwaaaaaa…..I still have a lot of love and joy to give. #sharedblessings #IKnowWhoIam.

We are glad to know that the beautiful, rib-cracker is alive and in good health, and still enjoying her life with the love of her life, Gerald Ojok, who quit his job to join comedy.

Anne and Ojok walked down the aisle in October 2013 in an elegant traditional wedding. They two are deeply in love and are always sharing loving and heart-warming messages on social media and displaying affection in their photos.


Anne Kansiime