Young and boujee! Celebrity kids born in 2019

In 2019, several Kenyan celebrities welcomed new babies this year.

Whether first-timers into parenthood or those who have already been through the journey, this is a list of famous individuals who had kids in 2019.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

 Gospel artist Linet  Munyali Muraya alias Size 8 and DJ husband Samuel Muraya famously, Dj Moh,  welcomed their baby number two this year.

In a video posted on Size 8’s Instagram account on November 20, the couple welcomed their bundle of joy amid fear of complications.

The musician had been admitted at RFH Healthcare prior to her delivery.

Size 8 confessed to her fans on social media that she was going through a hard time during her pregnancy.

She broke down in tears during her surprise baby shower in October saying, “Those tears are a sign of a brand new thing that God is birthing in my life and your life be encouraged”.

The celebrity couple had a hard time last year when they lost baby number two.

DJ Mo opened up about it, revealing that his wife was five weeks pregnant when the misfortune happened.

The mateke hitmaker received a flurry of congratulatory messages on the safe delivery of the second child.

Although the exact date of delivery is not confirmed, Size 8 posted a video of her daughter Ladasha Wambo meeting her young sibling.

Tanasha Donna Aketch

The radio presenter come singer and her lover, Bongo star Diamond Platinum were the most talked about parents this year.

The couple welcomed their son Naseeb Jr on October 2 which is the exact date Diamond was born.

Naseeb is Diamond’s fourth child but Tanasha’s firstborn.

The Tanzanian superstar has two children with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and one with model Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond and Tanasha had announced that they would be getting married early this year but they postponed.

Tanasha said they were taking their time to get to know each other.

Sarah Hassan

The sensational actress flouted her baby bump on social media for a long period of her pregnancy.

Soon after her surprise baby shower, Hassan went MIA on all social media.

In July this year, the actress broke the silence announcing that she had indeed given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

She made the update three months after the delivery date.

The former wedding show host and hubby, Martin Dale welcomed their baby two years after they got married.

The wedding held in February 2017 was very lavish but intimate ceremony attended by invited family and friends.


After seven years of a childless marriage, Gospel artist and show host Kambua Mathu welcomed her first child this year.A bouncing baby boy. Baby Nate.

Kambua and her hubby Pastor Jackson Mathu could not be happier.

The couple especially the lovely Songstress had gotten a lot of backlash for failing to conceive after so long in marriage.

In the past Kambua has always been candid and emotional about the subject. Yet still very hopeful.

She has constantly encouraged women waiting to be mothers through her social media.

“..For any woman whose pain was triggered by my announcement, I have prayed that God will turn your darkness into a spark of hope. I hope that your faith is renewed knowing that His power knows no bounds,” read part of her post.

She broke the news of her pregnancy on Instagram with a picture of her baby bump and her fans were overjoyed.

Diana Marua

She is officially a mother of two.

Wife to gospel artist Kevin Bahati welcomed second child on  August 14 this year.

Her son Majesty Bahati follows baby girl  Heaven Bahati who will be turning  two next year.

The reality show star took to Instagram to announce the new addition to her family.

“They call me Mama Morgan, Mama Heaven and today, my King has been born. Wednesday 14.08.2019. At exactly 1.04pm. Majesty Bahati, ” she posted.

The couple are known for their ‘unconventional’ baby names.

Bridget Achieng’

According to Achieng’, her baby  Sekani Rich Opeyemii is of mixed nationality since his father is Nigerian.

Achieng’, a star in reality show Nairobi diaries  revealed in her you tube channel that she is well equipped to take care of her baby as a single mother.

She stated that her baby daddy ghosted  her when she was three months pregnant with her baby Sekani.

Milly wa Jesus

The bubbly Milly and her husband Kabi wa Jesus  announced the birth of their daughter, Reign Taji wa Jesus via Instagram on October 11.

The couple work together to earn a living as online content creators.

Kabi and his wife are famous from their youtube videos.

Nimo Gachuri

On March 5, Nimo and her husband Mr Seed welcomed their first child, a boy named Gold Christen.

The model took to Instagram where she expressed happiness of delivering the normal way and not Cesarean section.

“Welcome to the world my Little star born, 3.5 kg the labour the screams were all worth it. I thank God for normal delivery and all those that took part in saying a prayer for us,” read the post.

The couple got married on August 10 this year in a colourful wedding.

Georgina Muteti

Rapper Khaligraph Jones and bae Georgina Muteti welcomed their first child together.

On June 8, Muteti gave birth to a lovely baby girl and the rapper has since taken pride in being a father.

BY Sharon Maombo

Joyous Size 8 shares first photo showing off her miracle baby

“Don’t breath near my man,” Says Khaligraph Jones’ bae, Georgina Muteti

Georgina Muteti has become an Instagram sensation since fans found out that she was dating Khaligraph Jones.

The two welcomed a baby girl six months ago and apart from that…She is funny too!

She recently took to social media to repost a photo from her friends which pictured the rapper posing with his female fans.

Georgina then revealed her funny side to fans when she ‘warned’ them against breathing too close to her beau.

She wrote;

In another post, she supported his work saying,

She and the OG had kept their dating life on the low key, they only went public with it months before the birth to their first born daughter.

Meet Khaligraph Jones’ white mother-in-law (photo)

He was so skinny! Khaligraph Jones’ wife shares TBT of the couple (photo)

Khaligraph Jones kept the secret of his wife Georgina Muteti just as well as Jalang’o, did with his wife, Amina Chao. The O.G who ‘shall be respected’ hid her so well that many were surprised when he admitted that the two were already married earlier in the year.

Since then, Georgina has become a bigger fixture in his life with the rapper not having an issue been photographed with the mother of his baby girl more frequently.

Georgina Muteti holding her daughter
Georgina Muteti holding her daughter

The rapper is very private about his relationship with her and has not spoken about where and when he met Georgina, something he keeps to himself.

Sio nguvu tu! Khaligraph Jones uses big chest muscles to breastfeed

But thank God for TBT photos that give us an idea of how far back they come from. On Monday, Georgina posted a photo of her and Khaligraph Jones back in the day.

Khaligraph with Georgina
Khaligraph with Georgina

From a cursory glance, the image looks to have been taken in the rustic coastal town of Mombasa, with two in a tight embrace, both smiling from ear to ear.

The rapper with Georgina Muteti
Khaligraph Jones with Georgina Muteti in the TBT photo

She explained that the image was taken back in 2017, hence giving their fans some idea of when the two met and how long they’ve been together. She wrote, ‘This was the first day, even as I was this beat, he still believed I was bomb. This was back in 2017.’

One can also see that Khaligraph had still not gotten swole like he is now. Not only that, the man looks better with age, or is it the money he is making?

The rapper looking swole
Khaligraph Jones looking swole

Whichever, you can see that Georgina has been the rapper even before his meteoric rise on the Kenyan rap scene. Good for her.

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Sio nguvu tu! Khaligraph Jones uses big chest muscles to breastfeed

Khaligraph Jones has built up a hardnose reputation to his fans. The muscular rapper even has a hashtag that goes in explaining the way he sees himself. The hashtag reads, ‘The o.g will be respected’.

What is fascinating about Khaligraph is that he is a big softie when it comes to the daughter he and Georgina Muteti share.  Khaligraph becomes the doting and proud father when he is around the infant.

Proud Daddy: Khaligraph Jones resembles daughter in new photos

His wife recently posted an image on her Instastories of Khaligraph ‘breastfeeding’ his daughter.

Khaligraph with Georgina
Khaligraph with Georgina

The image showed the pumped Khaligraph aping the way lactating women normally feed their infants. Muteti was incredulous about what her man was doing. Even her caption was one of surprise and awe mixed in one. The screenshot is below;

Khaligraph breastfeeding
Khaligraph breastfeeding

Can men, even men who have big breasts like Khlaigraph breastfeed?

Yes, in theory, men can breastfeed. Male breasts have milk ducts, and some mammary tissue. They also have oxytocin and prolactin, the hormones responsible for milk production.

There have been reports of men who were able to produce milk through extensive breast and nipple stimulation, but no one knows whether the milk was of the same composition or quality as the kind women produce.

Using a pump, or a feeding tube (a small silicone tube attached to a plastic bottle filled with formula) at his breast, he might be able to get a baby to latch on and suckle, but how long it would take to produce even drops of milk is anyone’s guess.

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Khaligraph Jones called out for his ‘terrible’ parenting by netizens

Khaligraph Jones is under attack despite his career and his personal life experiencing a purple patch. And what for? His parenting.

Khaligraph Jones
The OG

A section of Kenyans are unhappy that the rapper seemed to be holding his infant daughter in a video he shared on his Instagram page. In the video, the singer is seen celebrating his new song ‘Leave me alone’ while rocking his baby girl to sleep. The video is below;


The onslaught was started when a commentator going by the names of Binti.di castigated Khaligraph for shaking his daughter. while he held her.
binti.di; dont shake the baby till its brain is fully developed🙄😰😰kwani nyinyi ni wazazi wa wapi

Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter
Khaligraph Jones with his wife

That comment alone opened the floodgates with some others also agreeing with her. Their comments are below;

alesso.marie; @khaligraph_jones mtoto ni wa jamii @binti.di has a point Manzee just say cool
kathuremuia; @binti.di you spoke like a parent would ,I saw that too
nancyndekere; @binti.di @khaligraph_jones but she is right… Its called shaken baby syndrome. Their fragile brain moves back and forth inside the skull. This causes bruising, swelling and bleeding
rosemaryogambe: @khaligraph_jones sincerely speaking amekwambia ukweli usipuuze…. Katoi badokanakuwa usikatingishe hivyo….we love you and your baby to….. Nivyema kuskiza

A henched Khaligraph Jones in white
The henched rapper

hamfoh_; @binti.di People like omolo walitoroka shule, they don’t even understand brain development,
1dmcjacci; @khaligraph_jones no need of kuongea matope.. Na hata hujui uchungu WA kuzaa.. Nkts… The baby is not even a month old na unamtingisha Kama uji… Usipochunga utajua hujui….
remmykip; Wewe OG unaadvisiwa unafura kichwa. You’ll remember her comment.
kerubojessica; @binti.di don’t worry dear you were just concerned about the baby lakini ameamua kuleta maringo mingi na hata DNA haijafanya😂

Khaligraph took no prisoners in his response and was unapologetic responding to the Binti saying;

khaligraph_jones; @binti.di wewe mbona Hukua Shaken Ukiwa Mtoto lakini Ukiwa Mkubwa akili Imejaa Uji, Si uzae tu wako uwachana na wa wengine

A henched Khaligraph Jones
The rapper under attack

This is the second time this week that the Khaligraph and his wife are being attacked for their parenting technique. His wife Georgina was attacked by some followers for clothing her toddler in blue instead of blue.

Khaligraph Jones and Georgina Muteti, his wife
Khaligraph Jones and Georgina Muteti, his wife in a file photo

What do you think about the criticism? Valid or just nonsense?

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‘She is my daughter!’ Khaligraph Jones’ wife Georgina to critics

Khaligraph Jones was blessed with a baby last month. The rapper’s wife has become a bigger fixture in the limelight after she gave birth.

And she is using her bigger status to shun critics who have a problem with the way she is raising her child. One of the issues some of her critics have with her is that she is dressing her baby girl in blue instead of the traditional pink.

Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter
Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter

She made it clear that she will dress her baby with whichever colors she likes and just because she gave birth to a girl does not mean she has to own pink clothes.

She wrote on her Instagram page;

Y’all for real gotta start minding your business for real, for real 🌚. Ati why do I dress my child in blue clothes🙄🙄! First of all, she is my daughter and she finna wear what I want her to wear! Two, she will wear every color ever invented. Three, who said blue should only be for boys🌚


She also refused to reveal whether she gave birth via CS or by normal pushing, saying that all deliveries are normal.

Georgina isn’t the first celeb to be attacked for how she is raising her child. It comes with the territory when you are a public figure.

Last year, people called out Kim Kardashian out for posing topless with her baby in her arms for a makeup campaign with some finding it unappealing that Kim used the image to share eyeshadow from her KKW Beauty line.

The photo that was criticised of Kim Kardashian
The photo that was criticised of Kim Kardashian

In 2013 Gisele Bündchen shared a photo of her then 8-month-old daughter, Vivian, showing that her ears had been pierced. Many blasted the model for piercing her baby’s ears at such a young age.

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Khaligraph Jones speaks about when his wife is giving birth (exclusive)

Khaligraph Jones has been in the news recently for all the right reasons with his song, ‘Superman’ ruling the Kenyan rap charts.

Another reason is that his wife Georgina Muteti is heavily pregnant, a fact that the rapper is very proud of.

Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan 1
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan

We recently spoke to him about the pregnancy and his wife. We asked him why he had decided to finally show off the face of his wife, Georgina.

He quickly responded that he did not like speaking about his wife in media interviews. But we cajoled him. He refuted the claim that people could see her face and said that the image obscured her face well enough.

Khaligraph with his wife
Khaligraph with his wife

We also asked the rapper when his baby was due. He was cagey, saying that we would know it when Georgina gave birth. After some persuasion, he revealed that the due date was ‘any time from now’.

Khaligraph-Jones-with Georgina
Khaligraph-Jones-with Georgina

We also spoke to the rapper about his new song, ‘Superman’ and the impact it has had on his reputation. He insisted that any song that he releases does well, saying,

The song I released before Superman was with Masauti and it served its purpose. The same thing with ‘Superman’. We knew exactly what we wanted to achieve with it and we did. The positive aftermath is visible.

A henched Khaligraph Jones
The henched rapper

He added that he was going to America later on in the week for a couple of events, revealing that the reason for his success was the cumulative work that he had been putting in over the length of his career.

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Khaligraph Jones shares cute image of expectant wife Georgina

Khaligraph Jones shared an image of his pregnant girlfriend on his social media page yesterday. It showed a proud and muscular Khaligraph standing behind the mother of his soon to be child.

Khaligraph with his wife
Khaligraph with his wife

His caption also seemed to suggest the rangi ya thao was starting to notice the gains he had been making in the gym. Something he did not do was, however, reveal her name to the masses but us sleuths were able to unearth the rare gem of a woman who had got the heart of the buff rapper.

Georgina Muteti
Georgina Muteti

Khaligraph’s wife’s name is Georgina Muteti and the rapper confirmed that he was married to her in an exclusive interview on earlier in the year.

This is the second photo that the rapper has released showing that there was a baby on the way. The first images were hospital scans showing his wife’s uterus but no photos of Georgina herself.

Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan 1
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan

This year has already been a great one for the rapper. His new song, ‘Superman’ has been doing very well on the charts with many seeing him as the arguably the face of Kenyan rap. (Yes, even despite King Kaka’s prestigious visit at Cannes).

King Kaka at Cannes Film Festival 2019
King Kaka at Cannes Film Festival 2019

Although one must not forget the ugly allegations that bedeviled him from ex-girlfriend Cashy about him being physically abusive towards her.


Cashy also went on several interviews to accuse Khaligraph of trying to steal her shine as she was also expectant and has since birthed a healthy baby.

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