UVA light used in gel manicures is responsible for cancer, study reveals

Gel manicures may come with risks – such as infections, aging skin, and skin cancer.

Dermatologists suggest taking some precautions to protect yourself.

Studies on gel manicures are scant, largely given that technique varies wildly between salons.

Speaking to Daily Mail Dr Chris Adigun a dermatologist in Chapel Hill Carolina says

‘There’s enough for us to recommend to patients to protect their skin,’ 

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Gel manicures are set using LED lamps that emit UVA rays.

While UVB rays can give you a burn (as from the sun), UVA is the kind responsible for aging, skin damage, and cancer.

And though there are studies on gel manicures, it’s hard to quantify how well they reflect real life.

‘The problem’ for understanding how risky gels are, Dr Adigun says, ‘is that there’s no standardization as to how this treatment is carried out from salon to salon.’

What we do know about skin cancer risk is based on the sun, not LED lamps placed at varying distances from our hands.

Sometimes once a year, once in a lifetime, once a month, or even every two weeks.

Now that you know be very careful not to risk your health at the expense of beauty.

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