So Heartless! Nairobi House Help Arrested For KIDNAPPING Her Employer’s Son Then Trying To KILL Her With a Pesticide

Police have arrested a nanny who had abducted her employer’s 9-year-old son and tried to kill him.

The girl was identified as Jacinta Kanini kidnapped the child in Class Four student in Kariobangi South.

According to Buruburu OCPD, the 25-year-old house help took the child and boarded a taxi to laundry shop in Huruma where her boyfriend, Lucas Sirengo, 27, was.

The woman then asked the boyfriend to give her his house keys because she wanted to drop something there. Jacinta then locked the child inside the house and went buy a new SIM card, and registered it with an ID Card of one Batula Shariff.

“The suspect then sent a message to the child’s mother demanding a ransom of Sh 100,000, then warned her that if she reported to the police, she would kill her child, passenger,” said the OCPD to Nairobi News.


The scared mother then send her Sh 10,000 via M-Pesa to the number and pleaded Kanini to give her time to raise the rest of the cash.

It was at this time that the woman recalled that she had seen her housegirl with an ID that bared the name Batula Shariff, after sending the cash. She then alerted police who started tracing the number.

The suspect then withdrew Sh 9,000 then bought a soda and a sachet of pesticide.

The lady made the boy drink the mixture then she took him to a matatu stage, where she helped the kid board a bus and told the tout to drop him at the Eastleigh Moi Airbase.

It’s a Cruel World! Househelp Caught Breastfeeding Her Employer’s Child

“On reaching the stage and being passenger remaining on the vehicle, the conductor became hesitant and asked the boy, who appeared weak if he had the mobile number of his parents. The boy gave him the contacts of the father,” added Mr Maiyek.

The father was with the police at that time, then went to Eastleigh and found the boy with the conductor then rushed him to the hospital.

The police then traced the nanny who was found at a pastor’s house in Huruma where they arrested her, with two mobile phones, two identity cards, Confidor pesticide and Sh 5,000.

She will be charged with abduction and attempted murder.

After The Death Of a Young Female Thug, Five Suspected Thugs Shot In Nairobi All Aged Between 18 And 25

The crime wave in Nairobi is not about to stop anytime soon.

Five suspected thugs were last night shot dead in separate robbery incidents in Nairobi in the war against armed crime.

Police say they recovered two guns and knives from the slain suspects. One suspect was shot dead in Buruburu, two in Kayole, one in Ngara and one in Embakasi area.

Police say the suspects were all young aged between 18 and 25. This increased to 14, the number of suspects so far killed since the weekend.

Kenyans React To The Shooting Of Sexy Female Kayole Gang Member Marsha Minaj

Police say they have increased their campaigns against armed robberies in Eastlands. On Sunday, police in Kayole killed a female suspect who they said was wanted.

Marsha Minaj believed to be the manager of the dangerous city gang Gaza has been killed. The lass whose beauty has struck the eyes of many was a close friend to Cleah Adi Vybz and was gunned down recently by the police.


In other new, a man was found dead on a tree in Muthaiga area, Nairobi.

The man is suspected to have committed suicide or killed and hanged. His body was found on a tree in the forest near DCI headquarters. Police say they are investigating the incident and that the body was moved to the mortuary.





-Cyrus Ombati