‘You can kiss my derrière’ Corazon blasts fan offering her a sponsor

Corazon Kwamboka has been on a vacation in Maji Beach Boutique Hotel in the Coastal region of Kenya and it is clear that she is enjoying it.

It is not clear whether she is alone or with her Italian boyfriend Gaetano Amato, but her photos have left team mafisi salivating with one of her fans even offering to connect her to his friend who can easily fund her trips .

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Corazon Kwamboka with her boyfriend Gaetano
Corazon Kwamboka with her boyfriend Gaetano

He wrote

“anaconda7164Dont you want to visit Santorini or the Maldives or the French Riveira or the Carribean Islands out Africa on a vacation?I have some guy who would like to take you there but he says you blocked him on instagram some months ago after he shared his opinion about your conduct as a professional lawyer…..Would you unblock him to reconnect ?”

This statement seems to have angered Kwamboka who warned the guy that she does not need any man to fund her trips and cleared the air by stating that she is taken.

Here is what she wrote

corazon_kwamboka: @anaconda7164 you and your friend can kiss my a**; you will be blocked too if you come here advocating for disrespectful pathetic men, I have a man, and I sure as hell don’t need you or your friend to take a holiday anywhere in the world. It’s a warning b***h.


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In a recent post she opened up about being naughty and being subjected to constant kneeling  punishments which left her knees dark something which has left some Kenyans wondering if she has bleached her skin.

By her response it is obvious she has not and what you see is what you get.

Here is her post;

“This place was literally heaven; I’m still not done posting. Also… since every time I post a pic one beautiful girl or boy usually end up talking about my dark knees, I’ll tell you why? It’s not coz I bleached; never have never will, it’s coz in my village primary school they used to make naughty pupils kneel on hot gravel for hours as punishment; and I was very naughty, so once a week I would end up on hot Kokoto for one reason or the other.


So stop mentioning it all the time, coz that reminds me of the traumatic experience I had 😂😂😂, just kidding.. you can go ahead and make fun of them, I don’t care. You all know how thick my skin is that’s why you guys like bullying me.
Ps; today I weigh 86.5kgs… the journey to 77kgs continues “

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Here are more photos of Kwamboka enjoying her vacation




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