A guide to going out alone on the weekend

If you love to fly solo, and are not sure how to go about it, this article is for you.

We want you to stay safe in this city, while at he same time have fun, venue permitting.

1. Avoid sitting at the bar

There are times you want to be alone, but there are some occasions when you don’t mind company.  Sitting at the bar or in the centre signals that you are open to being approached by anyone for chit chat.

Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.
Red and white winetasting

Sitting away in a corner or facing away signals you are here to be alone.

2. Avoid bars and restaurants at peak hours

Going to the club at happy hour, yet you are an introvert will be a buzz kill for you. Drink at hours when everyone is elsewhere, thank me later.


3. Bring a book or laptop

The benefit of rolling solo is you can keep occupied by reading a book or surfing the net in a corner where no one can talk to you.


3. Avoid popular clubs

People who like to roll solo should not go to popular night spots, or such establishment if you’re not sure where to hang out. The music will be loud, bodies will be grinding, lots of shouting to top it off.

There are lots of venues that are less popular but with a really good experience, for instance bars in hotel, where many keep off from.


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