Maina please pay my Fuliza bill! Cheeky Kenyan woman pleads

Today morning, Maina Kageni spoke about the recent statistic that Kenyans had borrowed 245 billion in one year from the Fuliza loan app.

“Sh. 245 billion borrowed by Kenyans from Fuliza in one year. What are the reasons we borrow? Are we that broke?” the host asked.

Maina and King’ang’i were both in shock at the crazy amount that Kenyans had borrowed with King’ang’i opining, “You are talking about Fuliza and there are many others like Tala and Branch. Last year was 29 billion. This year was 245 billion. 21 million Kenyans got Fuliza. Safaricom approves 6 transactions every 6 seconds.”

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The two hosts agreed that the product was a great one but that it wasn’t been used in the smartest of ways by some Kenyans.

One hilarious Kenyan woman even asked Maina to help her offset her Fuliza bill so she could get out of the loan app trap.

I have borrowed during Covid-19 and I have a friend who has been using Fuliza for me. He helped me join and I am using it now to keep up with my needs. I am extremely broke at the moment. I want to opt-out of it forever. Maina please Fuliza for me, so I can opt-out.

Most Kenyans agreed that they liked the product but that they were slaves to it at the moment considering the economic realities that were present in the economy.

Some of those comments are below:

It has helped many Kenyans. 

We are borrowing so much that people can even borrow life.

Our disease called ignorance is causing us all these issues.

It’s not because we love doing so, it’s because we are in trouble. If I need to fix my hair or buy things in the market. And I even have a problem with Safaricom. They have given me a very low limit.

Some people are even doing Fuliza for Auntie wa Koinange.

I can’t leave without Fuliza.

Fuliza is the best thing if you are disciplined.

Our president was in France last week doing Fuliza. We are a borrowing nation.

The whole country is broke. Our purchasing power is very low.

We even borrow to buy bundles.

I see something nice, I always Fuliza to buy it.

I believe they are lying. I think the amount is a lot more because of Covid-19 problems.

I have been broke the past few months due to Covid-19. I have not been able to help myself and those guys of Fuliza keep on disturbing me.

You are lucky if you have never fulizad. I had to Fuliza with my two lines to buy some clothes. Fuliza is a really big help. 

Fuliza is a great product and we should just pay back.

It’s not that we are broke. We just borrow to top up.

Fuliza is a great product. It help’s with my business.

These games of Safaricom you can’t beat them. They learnt from a Kikuyu landlord who makes sure you spend all his money on his properties. I have kopad so many things from Safaricom. We borrow because the facility is there.

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