No medicine cures what happiness can’t -Kajala

Fridah Kajala has not been happy without Harmonize.

Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala has hinted that she has finally found happiness again.

The actress has reunited with singer Harmonize who has been wooing her back in the most romantic ways,

Kajala has taken to her Instagram to say that happiness is the cure for all pain.

Kajala in a photo with a giraffe wrote

“no medicine cures what happiness cannot”

And indeed happiness is the cure for all because in another phot in the wild with Harmonize, gushes at Fridah as e singer as he kisses her forehead.

Harmonize also gushednovertheirnewnlove writing “luckiest giraffeinnthe world almost to kiss mywoman some one told me boss lady yupo vacation huo. Mama enjoy its your time”

Harmonize and Kajala dated briefly before breakingup. Thereason? He wanted tobed her daughter based onallegations made online.

Harmonize then went on todate went ahead to date an Australian girlfriend named Brianna. Briana said they broke up because Harmonize kept referring tfridah kajala while they dated. This obsession with Kajala upset Briana

His simping for Fridah Kajala started with him sending flowers to the actress but there was no response from her. That prompted him to go a step further. The singer put up a billboard with a photo of him and Kajala as another attempt to win her over but again Kajala was not moved.

He continued more desperate attempts before she gave in.

Love is a beautiful thing Classic105 fam

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Fridah Kajala reacts to Harmonize’ apology and pleas

Actress Fridah Kajala has opened up on the reason why she has remained through Harmonize’s social media ranting to take him back.

She posted a video saying once you move on that’s it.

Kajala also responded to Soudy Brown after a fake SMS that suggested they were talking and she told him off.

Fridah on her Instagram stories, tagged Soudy Brown and said ‘usione nakaa kimya ukazani mm mjinga lkn ilipofika ww kutunga msg kuonyesha jamii mm nachat na mtu umenikosea sana na umenikwaza kama una umbea wakuandika siukae kimya kwani lazima uandika vitu vy uongo daah inanisikitisha sana’

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Harmonize explains reasons behind online relationship drama

Harmonize has heard trolls online calling him childish for confessing online his relationship problems.

He has told that he wears his pain on his sleeves, and will tell his audience when he is happy or sad.

‘yes huo ndiyo mimi na umaarufu hauwezi nibadilisha hauwezi nifanya nisiwe mimi eti niume nisionyesha hisia zangu No!!! No!!! No!! nikiwa na furaha naonyesha, nikiumia pia naopnyesha rudi mama kabla hawajazijua tabia zangu zingine.’

For the last one week, Harmonize has been sharing that he misses his ex girlfriend Fridah Kajala and has severally begged her to take him back.

He also put up a billboard to prove he wants her, but she has not responded to his cry.

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I’m sick – Harmonize tells after begging Kajala to reunite

Harmonize is sick, and perhaps needs your prayers.

The singer has been suffering, begging his former girlfriend Fridah Kajala to take him back.

Over the last three days, harmonize on his Instagram has been making it clear he is miserable and in heartbreak.

On Saturday this past weekend a billboard of the two was found erected overnight. And a day later he penned an emotional note.

He first wrote ‘you can see me and you trust me, I’m not happy everyone knows in the gang I’m not happy’

A consecutive message told ‘Fridah take me back I’m sorry’

And lastly on Monday night added ‘I’m sick’

Fans are amused that he is sick in love, with many wondering what happened to his mzungu lover. Have they broken up or is it clout chasing?

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‘Tunatoa uchafu shingoni’ Fridah Kajala covers up Harmonize’s tattoo


Harmonize’s ex girlfriend Fridah Kajala shared a video in a tattoo parlor covering up a regrettable tattoo of singer Harmonize.

This comes months after Harmonize also covered up her initial tatooed on his neck.

Kajala and her daughter Paula can be heard in a video discussing hoe she is finagling getting rid of that ‘dirty’ tattoo from her neck.

Paul, the daughter says the words as Fridah the mother agrees.

When Harmonize and Kajal started dating hey got coordinating tattoos H and K on their necks with each others initials printed. But after the fall out over intimate video leak, Harmonize rushed to get rid of Kajala’s memory.


He reorganized the tattoo K to make it Konde Gang, the name of his record label.

Dear Classic 105, bae inspired tattoos can become a problem when the relationship sours, so it’s important to think things through before getting that ink job done.

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Harmonize ex-girlfriend Kajala announces she is starting a reality show

Bongo Movie Actress and Harmonize’s ex Frida Kajala  has announced she is starting a reality show.

The reality show ‘Mom & daughter “like twins” will feature her daughter Paula Kajala.

They shared their news via their social media pages

“Mom & daughter “like twins” lifestyle reality show coming soon on your tv. Cast: @kajalafrida @therealpaulahkajala….Golden bond #back2back,” read Frida’s post on Instagram.

Kajala and her daughter shot into the limelight in their relationships with singers, Harmonize and Rayvanny.

Frida dated Harmonize for a period of three months.

Gay activist Makena Njeri speaks on why she left cushy BBC job

Paula became a topic of discussion after Rayvanny shared a video of them on February 14, with the singer landing in trouble soon after.

Paula’s mother, Frida, accused the star of spoiling her daughter by getting her drunk.

The act resulted in a police case that saw Rayvanny and Hamisa Mobetto, plus the Kajala’s being questioned by police.

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Check out their post regarding to the upcoming reality show;

I can’t keep this single life! Harmonize on going back to ex-wife or ex-GF

Konde Music Worldwide CEO, Harmonize desperately needs an intervention in his personal life. Yep, the musician seems to be in the eye of a storm very often, especially as far as his relationships go.

The man revealed that he had a daughter late last year, a disclosure that shocked not only his fans but also prompted the quick dissolution of his marriage to his Italian babe, Sarah Michelloti who dumped him.


And it seemed that the singer had moved on from Sarah months later, as he was spotted with Bongo actress, Fridah Kajala.

But the man is now crying about his ex, Sarah. Yes, a week after he was exposed for sliding in the DM’s of Paula, the daughter of his ex-GF, Fridah, he seems to have had a change of heart.

Harmonize’s ex wife reacts to singer being caught in love triangle

On his Instagram stories, Harmonize says that he’s tired of being single barely a month into his break-up with actress girlfriend.

The two had dated for two months before confirming their break-up and now Konde Boy says “anataka kurudi nyumbani.”

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

But the funny thing is that he is still undecided as to who he wants to go back to. Konde boy is now teasing fans on whether he should go back to his exes or simply start afresh.

If you ask me, Harmonize should take some off from dating and focus on himself, just like Diamond did last year.

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